15 Ugly Husbands With Hot AF Trophy Wives

Have you ever been flipping through a magazine or watching some red carpet fashion show and spotted a couple that looked mismatched (for lack of a better word)? Did you think to yourself, "How did a guy that ugly marry a girl like THAT?!"

If you have, don't feel guilty. You are definitely not alone. Does it make you a shallow person for having these thoughts? Well, the sugar-free answer would be you are absolutely shallow AF! But, the sugarcoated answer would be no way. You? Shallow? Ridiculous. You are just an observant and brutally honest human being. In the words of Mary Poppins, you are "practically perfect in every way."

Although some might not like to admit it, but to some degree, we all have a little bit of shallowness to our character. This list is meant to appeal to that side of us. We'll define the word "ugly" as someone that has either an unattractive physical appearance or has a very unpleasant personality and demeanor (or both) which in turn makes them ugly AF.

Also, let me ask this question, "What's a hot AF trophy wife?" Well, a hot AF trophy wife is a woman that is turning heads wherever she goes and is absolutely stunning. She's someone that a guy is super proud to have on his arm. He enjoys parading her around social events and taking every opportunity he can to show off his beautiful arm candy. Think Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison and the teen-bride-turned-reality-TV-star, Courtney Stodden. Doug could have been Courtney's father and he most certainly wouldn't be mistaken as Brad Pitt. Did he have inner beauty that appealed to Courtney or was it perhaps his pocketbook and B-list acting status? Without further ado, let's take a look at 15 Ugly Husbands With Hot AF Trophy Wives!

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15 Salma Hayek

Actress Salma Hayek married French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault in 2009. Francois-Henri isn't just any businessman. He is a businessman with a jaw-dropping net worth of 17.3 billion dollars! Yes, that's right. The leading lady of movies like Desperado and Frida bagged a multi-billionaire!

Not only does Francois-Henri have a very crooked nose and asymmetrical facial features, but he also seems to be a bit of a lothario. While married to Salma Hayek, Francois-Henri cheated on her with supermodel Linda Evangelista. Unfortunately, Linda fell pregnant with Francois-Henri's child! Francois-Henri had to come clean to his wife. Somehow, perhaps done for publicity reasons, Salma and Francois-Henri mended their marriage. He has one child with Salma, one child with his mistress (Linda), and 2 other children from previous relationships.

Francois-Henri is definitely one ugly dude, both inside and out!

14 Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard isn't quite Channing Tatum with his larger-than-average nose and crooked smile, but he seems to have attracted the attention of a beautiful actress by the name of Kristen Bell. Dax and Kristen met at a mutual friend's party in 2007. By 2013, they were already ready to tie the knot.

Dax and Kristen share a lot in common—both were born in the suburbs of Detroit and both advocate equal rights for all people. They also both have quirky senses of humor and aren't afraid of what other people think of them. In Dax's case, what counts is definitely on the inside.

13 Vanessa Bryant

NBA star Kobe Bryant fell in love with 17-year-old Vanessa Laine while she was still in high school. This caused some heavy controversy in the media, with his family, and teammates. Nobody believed he should be marrying at 21 years old and especially not to a 17-year-old. Everyone told them it would not last.

Gorgeous Vanessa had to go through many rocky years in the public eye but she did so with grace. She stood by Kobe's side as he publicly admitted to being unfaithful to his young bride. She also famously received an enormous diamond ring for his supposedly terrible behavior—cheating on her.

They said it wouldn't last but 16 years have passed and Kobe and Vanessa are still together. They also have 3 daughters who thankfully take after their beautiful mother in the looks department.

12 Marisa Miller

Stunning Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller married a lifeguard in 2000. That marriage failed after only 2 short years. Marisa then found love again with music producer Griffin Guess, in 2006.

Marisa got started by modeling in the buff for men's magazine Perfect 10. Luckily with her wholesome all-American girl looks, she was able to easily transition to modeling for Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated. She has been ranked as the hottest woman in the world by various entertainment news outlets and magazines like FHM. All the buzz surrounding her definitely hasn't gone to her head. She could have any guy she wants and she chose Griffin Guess. Griffin has a teenage-punk-rocker-stuck-in-the-90's vibe going on and it doesn't do him any favor. He's ugly AF.

11 Christina Hendricks

Geoffrey Arend is best known for his role in the 2001 low-budget comedy Super Troopers. He is definitely not a lady-killer leading man type of actor. He's more of that affable sidekick.

It came as quite a surprise to Hollywood entertainment news outlets when word of Geoffrey's marriage to perhaps the most famous redhead in Hollywood today spread like wildfire! Voluptuous Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks tied to the knot with Geoffrey in 2009.

In 2010, Christina Hendricks was called the "sexiest woman in the world" by Esquire magazine. Her amazing figure and glamorous style have had many people drawing comparisons to Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake. Quite the compliment!

10 Carla Bruni

Supermodel and singer/songwriter Carla Bruni married former French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008.

In the '90s, Carla modeled for high-end fashion houses such as Givenchy and Christian Dior. She was one of the highest paid supermodels of the time.

Carla met twice-divorced President Nicolas Sarkozy at a party and they married less than a year later. Carla is Sarkozy's third wife and he is her first marriage. Beautiful Carla is admired almost as much for her exquisite style as she is for her humanitarian efforts. Carla supports PETA and organizations that protect and support mothers and children. Carla and Nicolas had their first child in 2011. Carla has another child from a previous relationship.

There was some controversy over whether Carla had undergone a botched plastic surgery operation. Even though her youthful supermodel looks have indeed changed making her looking a little 'frozen' due to perhaps overuse of fillers and botox, she is still a stunning woman! Her husband is one lucky man to be married to this multi-talented woman!

9 Elizabeth Kucinich

Politician Dennis Kucinich is married to a total stunner! Elizabeth Kucinich has vibrant red hair and a beautiful smile that exudes charisma and charm. Elizabeth holds various degrees and titles from many international universities. She's heavily involved with charitable organizations such as Sean Penn's Haitian relief organization.

Many magazines have said with Elizabeth's exquisite good looks, breaking into Hollywood or modeling would have been a natural fit and a breeze for her. Elizabeth first met her future husband at his office while she was on a business trip. Dennis and Elizabeth have both described the moment they saw each other as love at first sight. Elizabeth said it was like "soul recognition."

Dennis, being 31 years her senior, is not as charismatic or as elegant as his youthful wife. "Opposites attract" is definitely true in the case of Dennis and Elizabeth.

8 Christine Taylor

Comedian Ben Stiller is mostly known for his slapstick comedies like Meet the Parents. His wife, Christine Taylor, is best known for her role as Melody in the '90s television show Hey Dude which aired on Nickelodeon. She also starred as Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch films.

Christine is a petite blonde bombshell who's also an equally stunning and hot girl-next-door type. Ben is...well...friendly-looking. His nose is a bit large for his face and his eyes bug out when he's trying to act serious but he isn't too scary-looking. He's just funny-looking. It's easy to see why he won't be playing the lead in any romantic dramas as his face and facial expressions would make you crack up laughing whenever he appeared on the screen.

7 Beth Ostrosky

Howard Stern is a radio show host and television personality. He's a frizzy-haired, six-foot-five inch, creepy-looking guy that wears dark glasses to hide his tiny eyes. Howard is known for having a foul mouth, making s*xual comments, and telling crude jokes to guests on his show. Being a 'shock jock' is all part of Howard's brand.

Howard has been married twice. After his first marriage ended in 2001, it took him 7 long years to find love again. He did find love again in beautiful blonde Beth Ostrosky. Beth was a devout Roman Catholic who moved from Pittsburgh to NYC to pursue her modeling dreams. She immediately captured the attention of many prominent fashion photographers and did very well for herself.

Howard and Beth are quite the pair. They definitely prove that opposites attract. Beth is beautiful and vibrant. She almost looks ethereal. Howard is dark and has a dreary energy about him. Hopefully, Beth continues to sprinkle her fairy dust on Howard and make him a little happier-looking.

6 Amber Tamblyn

In 2012, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star Amber Tamblyn married actor/comedian David Cross who is over 20 years her senior. Amber's brunette locks and cherubic face put her in the ranks of Hollywood's most beautiful women. Even with her often eccentric, quirky fashion sense, she is the English rose of Hollywood. She had a leading role in the television sitcom Two and a Half Men as well as the horror film The Ring.

David also has an eccentric, quirky fashion sense but unfortunately, he doesn't have the same English rose looks of his blushing bride of 5 years. David could be mistaken for a homeless person with his unkempt hair and beard. He's slightly overweight and not really the type of guy you would imagine a glamorous actress to be married to. You might recognize David from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. He also did voice over work for the '90s MTV cartoon Daria.

With David's rough appearance and Amber's porcelain skin and youthful demeanor, it's definitely what's on the inside that counts.

5 Luciana Pedraza

86-year-old Hollywood legend Robert Duvall is married to a smoking hot actress from Argentina. Luciana Pedraza is a gorgeous brunette who met Robert by chance in 1996. She was a young marketing executive when she saw Robert, 41 years her senior, walking down the street in New York City. She approached him to get him to come with her to a party. She didn't know he was an actor then. Let alone the legendary actor of such greats like To Kill A Mockingbird, Sling Blade, The Apostle, and Gone In 60 Seconds.

Obviously, Robert said yes and the rest is history. Robert and Luciana cast their ages aside and got married in 2005. Luciana's stunning exotic looks makes her one of the most gorgeous women on every red carpet event she attends with her elderly husband. She is often seen helping Robert maneuver upstairs and supporting him as he walks down the red carpet. Not only is she outwardly gorgeous, but she's heavily involved in various charities. A beauty inside and out!

4 First Lady Melania Trump

You can't have a list talking about ugly men and their hot AF spouses without including President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Knauss-Trump!

Melania is a gorgeous retired supermodel. Her exotic looks made her a highly sought-after model when she was working. Melania started modeling at the young age of 5. She appeared on the covers of Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, and many others.

Melania met Donald in 1996 and started dating after his marriage to wife no. 2 ended in 1996. They dated for many years until they got engaged and were married in 2005. Her wedding dress cost an eye-watering $200,000. Their wedding was the social event of the decade, attended by the likes of Matt Lauer, Simon Cowell, and yes, even the Clinton family!

In Melania's native hometown, a wine was created in her honor called "First Lady" wine. Cheers to many wonderful years to this extremely odd-looking but "happy" (?) couple!

3 Crystal Hefner

Hugh Hefner is notorious for his plethora of arm candies. He gets by with no less than 2 girlfriends on each arm at most big social events. His constant lady love since 2012 is none other than Playboy Playmate Crystal Hefner. Crystal replaced his girlfriend #1, Holly Madison, and then transitioned from girlfriend to wife! Holly had spent years trying to get Hef to propose and marry her so it came as quite a shock when he married so quickly after their relationship ended.

Crystal married Hugh in 2012, when she was 26 and he was 86! Crystal, like all of Hugh's girlfriends, is a blonde bombshell with a perfect California tan. She is Hugh's third (and final?) wife.

Hugh is old enough to be Crystal's great-grandfather. His looks have long faded and he's definitely not the charming, suave guy he once was. Decades of partying and a hedonistic lifestyle have taken their toll on him. It's difficult to imagine what 26-year-old Crystal sees in him but it makes you wonder if she has some father issues, or perhaps it's all about the benjamins?

2 Shannon Tweed

Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed is a 5'10" knockout! Shannon was Playboy Playmate of the Year 1982 and appeared in a record-breaking Playboy issue as a centerfold alongside  her equally hot sister Tracy Tweed.

Shannon met the legendary KISS rocker, Gene Simmons, while living at the Playboy mansion. It wasn't until years later, however, that the two would fall in love and get married.

The years have not been kind to Gene, but that seems to be the case with many hardcore rockers from his day. On top of his heavy partying, he's had decades of thick theatrical makeup applied to his face. A night of dancing around in super high heels, drinking, and headbanging might sound like a typical college kid's Friday night, but Gene is definitely not 21 anymore! Can you imagine your grandpa partying like that except with every night being a Friday night?!

Gene found a super hot trophy wife in the stunning Shannon Tweed and Shannon found her Dr. Love.

1 Sheryl Goddard

Alice Cooper is hailed by millions to be "The Godfather of Shock Rock." He's had a very long career putting on jaw-dropping, impossibly high energy shows for the masses. He's also had his fair share of gorgeous ladies. Alice famously left '60s s*x symbol Raquel Welch for a ballet instructor.

This beautiful lithe ballet instructor was none other than Sheryl Goddard. Sheryl and Alice met while Sheryl did choreography work on his tours. In 1976, Alice and Sheryl got married. They have survived some very dark years but they are as happy as ever today, four decades later! Sheryl is still a brunette knockout who looks half her age. Alice looks a few years older than his 69 years.

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