15 Twists From Movies And TV In 2017 (And Their Explanations)

Remember the season premiere of The Walking Dead in October last year? That was the most shocking and tear-jerking moment of many people's year. For those who haven’t seen it, we won’t tell you exactly what happened, but it was devastating and the biggest shocker since Lori’s death years ago. But that doesn’t mean that 2017 doesn’t have some scenes and twists that were even more shocking and confusing than that one. But don’t worry, we will break down those twists and confusing plots for you. But beware, if you haven’t seen these movies TV shows, you will be spoiled. Severe spoilers are to follow, so read at your own risk. From DC movies to Netflix shows, we cover every major plot twist thus far in 2017. We all have questions, so it’s more than relieving to have them all answered and rated in one place.

The explanations may surprise you. There will be comic tributes, actor decisions, and religious parallels that you never saw coming. We will get to every question you have, but if not, let us know and we’ll be sure to include your option on our next list! Are you ready for fifteen movie and TV show twists from 2017, and their explanations?

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15 Get Out’s Racism


Get Out is the kind of movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and you are never completely sure of what is going on. Black photographer Chris Washington decides to meet his white girlfriend Rose's family in Get Out. When racist remarks and epileptic seizures from the only other black people in the area rise to the surface, he becomes suspicious. When he finds out that all of Rose’s past boyfriends were black, despite her saying he was her first, things start to get a little crazy.

In the end, the "family reunion" was actually a gathering of people that kidnap black victims. They believe in “pseudo-immortality” where the brains of older friends are transplanted into young black men, who they deem “useless” otherwise. The whole movie is extremely strange, but the super surprising twist is worth it. It might be a little over the top and freaky for some, but the way it uses racism as a major plot point is fascinating. It is disturbing to see a group of people that see young black men as vessels rather than humans.

14 Game Of Thrones' Finale

via: businessinsider.com

Was there anything that wasn't completely shocking in the Game of Thrones season finale? The season was full of surprises, but that finale trumped them all. The biggest of all was that Jon Snow was Aegon Targaryen. As a result, he is both a Stark and a Targaryen, a wolf and a dragon. What’s worse is that he and Daenerys become intimate for the first time, right after we officially learn this information. The hints that Daenerys may not be barren also make this a little bit shocking. Jon just might be both a cousin and a father to the same child. Ew.

But all of that is meaningless now, since the “great war has begun.” The White Walkers invaded and Jon is the primary heir to the throne. We think that’s enough GoT twists for today. But it does make us completely befuddled as to what will happen next season. This may be even more surprising than when Jon “died” back in season five.

13 IT Ending

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IT is one of the best movies of the year. Most people believe that Stephen King would be proud, as it truly did his book justice. But, after watching the movie, there are so many questions that people were left with. Who exactly is Pennywise? To explain this, you must understand that he is not a clown. He’s an evil entity older than you can imagine that feeds off of humans, especially their fears. The original Pennywise was a spider-like creature. That is indeed his true form. Now we are all left wondering what will happen in the second half of this story. It has been admitted that this is just Part One, so what is Part Two about? The kids “defeat” Pennywise in IT, but vow to come back in 27 years if he returns. But why wait? Where does Pennywise go? If the movies follow the book, then he will return to his home, the void known as the Macroverse.

12 Twin Peaks - Diane

via: 25yearslater

The 2017 reboot of the 1990 Twin Peaks series has been a hit! The show is full of twists, turns, and unexpected moments. The fact that viewers had to wait decades to finally see one of the main characters of the series was astounding. So much so, that some still believe she is a figment of Agent Cooper’s imagination. Maybe she always has been. Early on, Cooper says that Diane is an "interesting cross between a saint and a cabaret singer.” But we never thought we’d ever see her. She sent him flowers, but we didn’t see her until this year. Her appearance was rather quick, so the question is: will we see her again? Was she real? The directors want us to believe that she is.

11 Alien: Covenant, The Most Mysterious Movie Of 2017

via: MovieWeb

This one was super confusing. Either most of us are extremely dumb or extremely smart, because the ending seemed pretty inconsistent with the rest of the movie. There are no twists here when there should be. The “twist” we were waiting was the revelation that Walter is actually David. And with this knowledge, we wonder why David is helping Daniels and Tennessee in the first place. Why not just kill them? Speaking of the humans,  how did they not notice that “Walter” wasn’t healing? Also, why are they so keen on sleeping after their loved ones have just been killed?

But most of all, is David or Walter alive? If it’s Walter, why lie? If it’s David, why spare any humans? The only explanation is that he wanted them as test subjects. That would explain his actions, but it still won’t explain why the xenomorphs are so strong, nor does it explain how the Engineer got himself into that situation with them in the first place.

10 13 Reasons Why, And That Shocking Bathtub Scene

via: After School App Blog

13 Reasons Why is no doubt the most controversial series of the year. It’s a tale of teen suicide, which is a very serious problem in the world right now. The most controversial scene of all was the extremely graphic scene in which Hannah kills herself. The fact that she does this is not a twist, and it is the central premise of the show. But what is shocking is that it shows every single graphic detail, and it is made many viewers sick. It’s not artistic, nor is it poetic.

The directors said there was a very good reason to do it the way they did. They didn’t want the terrible act to be glorified; they wanted it to be dark and blunt. We understand the point they were trying to convey, but it was quite a shocking and unexpected thing to see.

9 Split, Crazy On Crazy


This thriller had us on the edge of our seats the entire movie. The beginning of this movie makes us think that Kevin is an evil serial killer who terrorizes young girls. But the plot thickens quickly when we realize the man has multiple personalities. Some kind, some pure evil.

After some time, a new personality surfaces, one that some of the other personalities he has are trying to release. When it is released, it is revealed to be superhuman. Something that no one thought possible. The revelation is mind-blowing. His disorder had unlocked the true human potential. The cause behind his disorder was revealed to be that he was abused as a child. When he discovered that his would-be victim Casey had also been abused, he didn't wish to harm her and spared her. Saying she was "pure", meaning that she had been touched wrongfully. The movie is exquisite! So much depth and so many hidden secrets you couldn't possibly catch the first time.

8 Orphan Black Goes Where We Never Thought It Would

Via: IBTimes

Orphan Black doesn’t kill clones needlessly like zombies. So it was extremely shocking when one of our favorite clones M.K. was killed so brutally. The way Ferdinand killed M.K. when she was disguised as Rachel was unlike any other.

This happened for two reasons. They needed to prove that no one had a free pass to the end of the series. And they needed it to be Ferdinand that killed her considering the two had such “bad blood.” Although M.K. hardly tied into this, considering it was Rachel that he was taking his frustrations out on. The whole issue of male violence when women hold out on them was something the producers thought needed to be addressed as well. Ferdinand was angry at Rachel, and resorted to extreme violence

7 Logan Dies

via screenbuff.com

I guess we kind of saw it coming, but it didn’t make it any less dramatic. We were waiting for Logan for years and when it finally came, we were sure to be disappointed due to our own high standards. For most people, Logan actually somehow exceeded those standards. We saw him in a light we never knew existed. We saw him bond with his daughter in a way that we haven’t seen him bond with any other person. It was fitting that he would meet his own end to save her life. Many saw this coming, but others were shocked at the twist.

So why kill off such a beloved character we once thought was immortal? In short, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine now. He’s been playing him for seventeen years, so he is no longer the best option for a character that is never supposed to age.

6 Rayna Leaves Nashville

via: Rolling Stone

What was most shocking about Rayna’s death was that she had just dodged getting murdered by her stalker. We even saw the knife we thought would kill her just before we saw her escape. One of the major protagonists on the show leaves in the very next episode. The idea of her dying wasn’t the producers idea, but Connie Britton's, who played Rayna. She knew that the show would be switching hands soon and wanted the world to see what Nashville would look like without her. What would happen to her husband? What would happen to Juliette? What would happen to her fans? She’s excited to see the direction it will take but is ready to move on to other opportunities.

5 Michael Permanently Breaks Up With Jane The Virgin

via: Vulture

Even after they were no longer a couple, Michael and Jane obviously continued to care deeply about each other. So, it isn’t surprising when they got back together not long afterwards. Things seemed like they were going great. He was a main character up until that fateful night. He gets shot an entire season before he dies. We are led to believe that he makes it, until all of a sudden he collapses due to an aortic dissection. This means that his blood pressure spiked from the wounds caused by the gun shot injury the prior season. This was the most shocking moment ever witnessed in Jane the Virgin.

4 Ares And Zeus

via: IGN

Let’s talk about how relevant Zeus is in Wonder Woman. In the movie, Zeus created the world and the Amazons along with it. To rival that, Zeus’ wayward son Ares massacred the Amazons. In an effort to "kill the bad guy” Diana decides to go after Ludendorff. It doesn’t take long to realize he isn’t the true enemy. But the man who is made out to be a symbol of peace, Sir Patrick Morgan, is in fact the God of War, Ares.

He wanted to prove that mankind is corrupt and will always choose the selfish path. This is all proven true. Ares and Diana are siblings, so we have a whole Thor/Loki thing going on here.

3 Dwight "Didn’t Know"

via: Business Insider

The Walking Dead is constantly adding new characters and getting rid of old ones. One of the best, most dynamic characters of the last two seasons is Dwight. He was often described as Negan’s righthand man. We assumed he was self-serving and corrupt. But it wasn’t long until we found out his motive was only to protect his wife. But after she escaped, he no longer had a purpose, and it is believed he started becoming who he was pre-apocalypse. The first sign was that he betrayed Negan, joining Daryl and the others in hopes of stopping Negan once and for all. It was believed that Dwight led the Saviors to the group, as at the end of the last season, they are invaded by the Saviors. But a wood-carved figure with the words “didn’t know” carved into it signifies that he did not betray them. He didn’t know the Saviors were coming. He was still Daryl’s ally.

2 K Is Not The One In Blade Runner

via: mundotkm.com

One of the best action movies of the year, Blade Runner 2049, really lived up to its prequel. Through much of the movie we are led to believe K is the chosen one, and that he is the son of the former Blade Runner. After the first movie, Rick and Rachael ran away to an underground shelter and Rachael gave birth to a child. Although she died, the child miraculously survived. The child was believed to be K, who was being hunted by Niander Wallace (the counterpart to the Resistance). Funnily enough, they were all wrong. The real child was protected by being “adopted” by normal parents, despite her suffering from an autoimmune disease. Her name was Ana Stelline.

The twist in itself is mind-blowing, but that isn’t the end. The whole idea that Deckard is given life by “dying” represents the fact that K himself represents love and life. He isn’t the chosen one, and he isn’t who he thought he was. He’s just your average replicant, but his role is as important as any. The entire movie is a sort of Biblical parallel on life, love, and self-discovery.

1 What Was Mother?!

via: Vox

The movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and directed by her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky has received more questions than any other movie of 2017. No one understands anything about this creepy film. Let’s confirm one thing first: Mother is indeed Mother Earth. That in itself is odd. What they don’t know is that Javier represents God. Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris represent Adam and Eve.

This is further explained by the fact that Harris coughs up a part of himself, which can represent his rib the day before “Eve” shows up, who is obsessed with the crystal (the fruit from the Tree of Life). As for Mother, yes, she is one with the house and the house is one with her. The disturbing ending represents Mother Nature being tortured by mankind. Then there’s the baby, who represents Christ, who is taken and devoured by man. The end where Mother gives herself away is a tribute to the Hindi belief that God has destroyed the earth many times, only to rebuild it. The allegory of the movie is an amalgamation of many religions.

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