15 Tweets That Prove T-Swift Is One Ugly Gal

Taylor Swift is sometimes called America's Sweetheart. The teenager who hit the scene with her self-written song "Teardrops on My Guitar" about her adolescent crush who just doesn't seem to requite her feelings made a lasting impression and she is one of today's most highly paid and recognized pop star. Some people say she is the Madonna of this generation, that she'll characterize teens and young adults in this generation for decades to come. Her cute smile is beloved everywhere by the young and old, and her innocent face looks like she could hardly hurt a fly.

Except here's the thing- Taylor Swift is a star and master player in show business. You know what that means? That this sweet and innocent little girl thing... it's all an act. Taylor Swift is no cute and nice girl- she's as ugly as it gets, from her oily forehead down to her dark heart and soul. We hear all the time about feuds she gets into with other celebrities and everyone shakes their fingers at the people picking on poor little Taylor when really, we should be seeing that the common denominator of every feud is the provoking and antagonizing Taylor Swift!

Don't just take our word for it. We've plenty of evidence proving that Taylor isn't so sweet and innocent when you get down to plain facts, and plenty of celebs would stand in our corner saying that she is a selfish, shallow, bratty little child celebrity who is used to getting her way in all matters. Here are fifteen tweets that show just how ugly Taylor Swift really is.

15 When Yung Skeeter Had to Be the Feminist She Should've Been

Yung Skeeter was a long time tour mate of Katy Perry. He's a DJ, rapper, and recording artist that likes to dabble in a little bit of everything- not for the money, but for the joy of doing his art for a living. He's a really cool guy, and he's not really afraid to call out his peers for their hypocrisy and low blows. That's exactly what happened when Taylor Swift released her music video for "Bad Blood." He took to Twitter saying, "Using a group of women to take shots at another woman... let's be good to each other." It's unfortunate that Taylor Swift consistently falls short of the feminist label that she claims to be and that other people have to take up the helm in her stead. She plays role model to a lot of young people; it's a darn shame she has been a terrible one.

14 When We All Made Fun of Her For Writing A Bad Song

Let's all be honest, Taylor fans and haters alike: Taylor has written some pretty bad songs. Sure, a lot of those songs are fun to bop around to or scream while you're driving in your car or when you're taking a shower at home alone, but the songs aren't exactly good. A lot of her music is like The Jersey Shore or any of the Real Housewives shows- none of them are very good or well constructed entertainment, but we watch them anyways. Well, we just got further proof of mediocre song-writing abilities. Calvin Harris came forward and admitted Taylor Swift wrote much of his recent song "This is What You Came For," praising her abilities. Well, the rest of us ragged on her with some spectacular tweets about her poor abilities. Perhaps the best was one saying that Taylor either writes love songs to one of the men she's with or to herself.

13 When She Couldn't Let Sh*t Go

Maybe she wanted to claim that she was joking. Maybe she was going tell everyone that she was just poking fun at a happy couple celebrating one of the best days of their life. Maybe she meant it all in good fun. But we're doubtful and this is one of the shittiest moves someone could pull on a day that could be one of the happiest of their lives.

On the day that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed into the world their first born child, North West (yes, it's a terrible name but that's not what we're talking about right now), Taylor Swift decided she was in just the right mood to ruin the best day of their lives. She tweeted directly at both of them, "Yo I'm happy for you and Imma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best labors of all time," recalling the rude behavior of Kanye's 2009 VMA interruption. First of all Taylor, let it go. Second of all, don't even dare compare the happiness of winning an award to that of having a child. Third of all, just... why do you have to be such an ugly, crappy, rude, jerk?

12 When Kim Kardashian Exposed Taylor's Lying Butt

Taylor claimed that she never approved lyrics to Kanye's song "Famous," as Kanye claimed she had. Kanye and Taylor were totally prepared to duke this battle out the way they've been doing it for the past eight years- through scattered, late night tweets, usually fueled by exhaustion, caffeine, booze, and whatever else celebrities are taking these days. They were set to continue as they'd been going- but Kim Kardashian was done with the bullshit. She's recorded phone calls, taken to snapchat, and blasted all over Twitter with her new hashtag: #KimExposedTaylorParty. Fans have been loving the celebrity debate, but everyone's just really happy Kim isn't putting up with the crap anymore. There's a lot of great memes out there definitely worth finding- it's perhaps the first time Kim's broken the internet with her clothes on and one of the few times a fellow celeb has caught Taylor in a big fat lie.

11 When She Had Her Fan Base Mutilate a Great Artist

Ed Droste, the leading man and main songwriter for the hit indie band Grizzly Bear (you've likely heard their songs "Two Weeks," "Knife," and "While You Wait For the Others"), is no fan of Taylor Swift. It kind of goes to show that her cliques and cattiness extend far beyond the upper tiers of Hollywood fame. Once, Ed posted a clip from a magazine comparing her to Regina George due to her vicious, cliquey nature. That's all he did. Her fans proceeded to verbally harass and threaten him, calling him a "faggot, ugly, dirty Jew, and the works." Wow, TSwift fans sure are a classy bunch. He had first hand experience with the young music artist and says he was treated "like a monster" by her, thus his opinions were valid. Well, these fans that only know her from her music videos were happy to fight her battles for her- kind of proving Ed right.

10 Tweet Battles With Kanye

If you haven't been aware of all the Twitter-drama between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, you've either been very lucky or been living under a rock. Kanye and Taylor have had beef with each other for ages, even before the 2009 Video Music Awards when Kanye robbed Taylor of her first big crowning moment in the pop music industry. The two have harbored loathing for each other ever since and frequently sling mud at each other, though both like to play the innocent party. Taylor loves to play the victim, acting like she's a kitten that's been stomped on. About a year ago in 2016, after the release of his song "Famous," Taylor told everyone he was being misogynistic and hateful towards her. He fired back on Twitter that "First thing, I'm an artist and as an artist I will express how I feel with no censorship." He followed up quickly saying, "I did not diss Taylor Swift and I never dissed her." This was also around the time that he was saying the word "bitch" was an endearing term, but hey, he could be telling the truth. Taylor's no innocent party, if she helped him write the lyric like he claims she did!

9 If John Mayer Hates You, You May Deserve to Be Hated

It's not like John Mayer is a great guy. While he used to write sweet songs that made ladies swoon and clamor for him, these days he's writing more music about his propensity to sit around all day getting high and strumming familiar chords on his guitars. So when this lame guy, rapidly approaching his forties and still acting like a teenage boy, starts slamming you on Twitter, you might consider how shitty of a person you actually are. John Mayer, a former boyfriend of Taylor Swift (they only dated for, like, five months, but that's still enough time to make Taylor want to destroy your life in penance for a failed relationship), tweeted on her birthday that the day was conceptually "the lamest day of the year." Coming from one of today's lamest men. Of course, T-Swift fans were all up in arms but hey- if you had to spend five months with Taylor, you might grow to hate days associated with her too.

8 When No One Bought Her Support For the Women's March

There's more here than meets the eye, but we'll try to catch you up on where Taylor Swift has been the past few months. A lot of celebrities showed a lot of love when the Women's March happened in the short days after Donald Trump took presidency. Women around the globe gathered and marched against the man that promised to take their rights away. Some very famous people joined the march, including Lena Dunham, Lin Manuel Miranda, America Ferrera, Zendaya, Melissa Benoist, Katy Perry, and Amy Poehler. Guess who wasn't there? Taylor Swift. She did, however, deign to tweet out her support to those who did march, who all promptly replied with tweets of "screw you," and more hilariously "something wrong with your legs? Why aren't you marching?" Guess women's rights and equality aren't enough to get this starlet out of her pajamas and away from her den of cats.

7 When Katy Perry Called Her Out

Katy Perry isn't always the classiest or most high-brow lady. She actually started her career as a Christian rock artist and quickly converted to pop songs about kissing girls and irresistible Californian girls when she realized it'd make her more money. Sounds a lot like Taylor Swift, young country star turned pop star for all the glamour and fame, doesn't it? The two have had moments of tightly bonded friendship, but probably just as many moments of seething hatred for each other. Katy has openly hated on Taylor's bratty butt, tweeting that she finds it ironic how Taylor Swift uses the flimsy women versus women petty arguments to capitalize on the take down of other women in her song, "Bad Blood." Say what you want about Katy, but at least she's not using her music career to loudly sling mud at other celebs- the closest she's ever gotten are a few songs pining after lost loves.

6 When Katy Took the High Road

It's so easy to want to play into shenanigans and shallow arguments, especially when you've got good argue buddies. Taylor Swift is surprisingly great at engaging in, antagonizing, and provoking Twitter battles- it's practically how she's making her living at this point. While Taylor and Katy used to be great friends, things hadn't been that way for a long while. But you know what the trump card is in any high-fueled, much watched, long-running, heated argument or debate? Taking the high road. If done carefully, giving the impression that you're not running away from a fight but rising above the crap, you'll win and look so much better than the other person. And that is exactly what Katy did. She released her song "Rise," all about how you can rise above all the nonsense and bullshit and stupid, shallow arguments... revealing Taylor as the petty, superficial child that she is.

5 When Ex Calvin Harris Called Her Out

So we all know now that Taylor Swift helped Calvin Harris with his latest hit single, "This is What You Came For." However, Taylor's ex-boyfriend wasn't all sunshine and daisies when sharing the information with the public. He started off nice, tweeting that she's very talented as both a singer and songwriter, then went on to explain that he still wrote the music, wrote the song, produced it, and cut the vocals. Then things started to get ugly. He called out TSwift and her bratty clique for trying to make him look bad, as if he were trying to keep her work secret and take credit for it- when she'd asked for it to be kept that way in the first place! He insinuates in his tweets that maybe she's not so happy in her new relationships, if all she's doing is focusing her energies on making him miserable.

4 When Nicki Minaj Called Her Out

Racism is absolutely engendered and institutionalized into the inner-workings of this country, whether you want to believe it or not. Nicki Minaj bold-facedly shed light on some of the racist bullshit and hypocrisy a while back. Once Spotify launched, essentially offering all artists' music to audiences for free, Taylor Swift removed her music from the site claiming that she was defending musicians' rights to earn money for their hard work. Yet, when Nicki and other artists launched Tidal, their own streaming site that protected their work and intellectual property, they were criticized harshly by media outlets. Note that Nicki didn't hate on Taylor, just the hypocrisy of the media. Well, Taylor extended a note of love and support but emphasized to headlines that Nicki wasn't returning the sentiments, saying she "took a jab." Um, Taylor, this kind of isn't about you right now. Stop turning civil equality issues into white girl probs.

3 When Nicki Called Out Taylor's Terrible Videos

Nicki Minaj is a great musical artist, having made a ton of money off her labels, features, and, of course, her videos. However, Nicki hasn't won that many awards for her videos- unlike our good friend Taylor. But none of Taylor's videos are all that remarkable, nor is her music trying to do anything or make any kind of difference! Let's be real: Taylor's music career is essentially a diary in recorded form: "people don't like me, but I'm gonna shake it off. People are mad at me on Twitter and now we have bad blood, so I'm going to destroy their lives. Some guy broke up with me so now I will sic my fan base on him and make him regret ever having met me." And so on and so forth. Nicki called out her videos and the hypocrisy of her getting awards for such sludge: "if your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year." Hate all you want, T-Swift fans, but we'd rather watch the "Anaconda" video over the "Bad Blood" video any day of the week.

2 When Zayn Checked Her Privilege

Zayn Malik, one of our favorite Brit boys from One Direction, totally slammed Taylor Swift when she made the decision to pull her music from Spotify. He compared her legitimate reasoning, which was that she felt she deserved payment for her intellectual property, to that of Miley Cyrus, who said she'd made her money and didn't need excessive amounts more per song purchased. He didn't say anything more initially, just drew a contrast- that is, until Calvin Harris (who was still dating her at the time, the dummy) came to her defense. Collectively, Zayn and Calvin Harris incidentally made an argument in defense of Spotify, claimed places like that needed to be supported for struggling young artists fighting to be heard, not so that people like Taylor could be "refreshing their teen choice awards." While they were totally at each others throats, they were generally fighting for the same cause- and neither were really in support of Taylor's selfishness.

1 When Her Own Fan Shamed Her

It must take a lot of strength and determination to go after Taylor Swift on social media. Obviously, she takes Twitter wars seriously (absolutely way too seriously, if you ask us). Hating on Taylor Swift in an international, all-accessible forum is almost like a death sentence to your social life (at this moment, the writer of this article questions everything and wonders why she is writing this- but she continues nonetheless). But that didn't keep her fans from speaking up against her.

A brave young woman named Alyssa tweeted directly at the pop star, shaming her for being a feminist of convenience- saying she supported women and women's equality, but not speaking out when it matters most. Her example of primacy was against Donald Trump. Taylor never spoke up against the sexist politician, just encouraged her followers to vote. Alyssa proudly spoke up, saying, "You only claim to be a feminist when it befits you." All the applause and snaps, Alyssa. It's a shame to see our idols fail us, especially when our idols are garbage celebrities like Taylor.

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