15 TV/Movie Babies: What They Look Like Now

Without considering allowances or generous gifts, how old were you when you made your first dollar? Most people have to wait until they are through with college to make their first income, an acceptab

Without considering allowances or generous gifts, how old were you when you made your first dollar? Most people have to wait until they are through with college to make their first income, an acceptable trend in society today. However, some people start making money as soon as they are out of their mother's womb, and the bulk of such are baby actors. The problem with being a baby actor is that you have no say in whatever happens to you, and this has nothing to do with the contract, it is just because at the time you don’t even know how to speak.

Hollywood celebrities live lavish lifestyles that only a handful of people in other professions can afford, a lifestyle that every parent would want for his or her child. This is the reason you will find dozens if not hundreds of parents responding to a casting call for a production that requires baby actors.

In almost every movie out there, chances of having a baby actor are very high, but more often than not, we never get to know whom the babies are or how they got the part. Most audiences tend to remember child actors more than they remember baby actors because child actors get to say their lines and look so adorable as they do so.

The baby actors on this list are those that manage to win the hearts of audiences just by being part of the movie. Most of these are now grown men and women and some even have families of their own. A larger percentage of these baby actors never got to act in another movie, appear in an episode on TV, or even do a commercial, probably because they were not cut out to be actors. Here are images of how the baby actors we loved on screen look like today.

15 Aaron Smolinski - Baby Clark Kent in "Superman The Movie"

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Aaron Smolinski could very well be the only character to appear in almost all Superman movies since 1978 since he is the original and possibly, only baby Clark Kent that DC prefers to use in their movies. Since he appeared as Baby Clark Kent in Superman, Superman II (both 1980 and 2006), and Superman III, he got a different role in Man of Steel, where he got the role of the communications officer. Just as you would expect Superman to grow up, Aaron was excellent in most sports, participating primarily in ice hockey, soccer, and gymnastics, specializing in gymnastics in favor of acting later in his school years. However, Aaron did get back into acting after studying child psychology at the University of Calgary, since he has had numerous acting engagements on TV and in movies, with his current engagement being a movie called Astronomy Walkers which is set to hit the big screens in 2019.

14 Toby Froud - Baby In "Labyrinth"


If you were to list down all the actors you know, whether their real names or their stage names, would the name Toby Froud feature in your list? Chances are that you might not remember him, although if you have watched the movie Labyrinth, then you have seen him in action. Toby Froud played the role of an adorable baby who is kidnapped by the goblin king, a role played by David Bowie. Although most of the movie focuses on his character's older sister Jennifer Connelly, who at different instances in the movie encounters talking dogs, faeries, and goblins, which she has to either avoid or work with in order to rescue her baby brother. Toby's father, Brian Froud, came up with the concept and design of the film while his mother Wendy Froud built the puppets. Today, you might know Toby as the experienced stilt-walker or dancing bear, roles that have landed him in the Muppet Workshop in New York and in the Lord of the Rings films.

13 Sofia Coppola - Baby In "The Godfather"

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Sofia Coppola looks nothing like the way she was when she first appeared in a movie, a role she played as an infant in at least seven films, all of which were directed by her father. Her role in The Godfather, where she was the baby in the baptism scene called Michael Francis Rizzi is where most people remember her for her earliest work. In addition to being an actress, Sofia is a producer, director, and screenwriter whose work in the comedy-drama Lost in Translation earned her an Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay. Sofia Coppola's skill as a director earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Director, making her the third woman in history to receive a nomination for such an award. In 2010, Sofia became the first woman to win the Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival's top prize, owing to her amazing writing and directing in Somewhere, an American Drama film starring Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning, and Michelle Monaghan.

12 Kaitlyn Hooper - Baby In "Addams Family Values"


Kaitlyn Hooper and her twin sister Kristen Hooper started off their lives as baby actors, acting the same role interchangeably in the comical gothic-type movie Addams Family Values. Her character's role as a member of this weird family went through some things that normal babies do not go through, such as being thrown off the roof, growing a mustache, and going blonde. The role that Kaitlyn and her sister played was the role of a baby boy, but the two girls were so perfect that no one really noticed that they were girls or the fact that they were two and not just one baby as was in the film. The twins went ahead to star in an episode of Home Improvement, one of the most successful sitcoms in the United States in the early 90s, which ran from 1991 to 1999. However, unlike most baby actors, Kaitlyn Hooper, and her twin sister were never to return to acting but they both became star softball players in high school and University.

11 Jacob Worton - Baby Bink In "Baby's Day Out"


As is the case with most baby roles in the movies, identical twins play one character interchangeably. Such is the case between Jacob Worton and Adam Worton, who star as Baby Bink in what is possibly the funniest movie of the early 90s, Baby's Day Out. The twins were born in late 1992 in Newark, Delaware, and before they could even learn how to walk properly, they were film stars in this movie, which hit the big screens on July 1, 1994. This movie revolves around three incompetent villains who kidnap baby Bink, only to end up having a very hard time trying to catch up with the baby after he escapes. Although Jacob and his brother Adam did not become movie stars or even become part of any other film project since then, they are believed to be living normal lives, with Jacob apparently a master when it comes to handling a Saxophone.

10 T.J. Kuhn - Baby Nathan In "Raising Arizona"

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T.J. Kuhn is one of those movie babies who grow up to take a very different path from that of being in the movies later in life. Of course looking at him today you would never imagine that he was a baby actor until you look at him standing next to the image of the baby in the movie. TJ was in the 1987 movie Raising Arizona, an American crime comedy film starring Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter. In the movie, Nicolas Cage's character "Hi" McDunnough and his wife "Ed" McDunnough kidnap baby Nathan Arizona Jr. to raise him up as their own because they cannot get any children of their own. This film did not start off as a blockbuster at the time but audiences around the world have come to love it to the point of it achieving cult status. TJ grew up to become a real estate agent in Phoenix, not a movie star or the football star the movie had predicted the character would become.

9 Kristina And Michelle Kennedy - Baby In "Baby Boom"

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Kristina and Michelle Kennedy are identical twins who played the role of baby Elizabeth in the 1987 romantic comedy film Baby Boom, which was a success in every way. The movie starred Diane Keaton as J.C. Wiatt, a business executive who discovers that she has inherited a six-month-old baby from a late long-lost cousin as an inheritance. The twins were the first to audition for the role and from that point, they won the hearts of the directors who fell in love with them and invited them to play the role later after the auditions. The twins, who did not feature in any other movie or pursue a career in acting after the movie chose a career in teaching, one that they love deeply. When they were in college, they planned to surprise Diane Keaton at a book signing in New York, when they came with a photo of her with them back when they were shooting the movie and she made the connection.

8 Lisa Blair And Michelle Blair Ontonovich - Baby Mary In "Three Men And A Baby"

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Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair Ontonovich are a pair of twins who also featured in just one movie, and stole the hearts of so many people for so many years. These two identical twins took turns to play the role of an infant called baby Mary, who came out as the surprise star of the movie Three Men and a Baby, a rib cracking American comedy film that was released on November 25, 1987. The three men here are Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson. As is the case with most movie babies here, they only realized just how famous they were when they got to their teenage years, over a decade since they did the actual acting. Surprisingly, the twins got to audition for the part just because their mother was on maternity leave and apparently was bored at home. Since the twins did not choose the path of acting as a career, Michelle Blair works in the insurance industry while Lisa Blair works in customer service.

7 Grant Holmquist - Baby In "The Hangover"


Almost everyone who dares to think that they know even a bit about movies has watched the Hangover movies, or at least just one of them. The 2009 Hangover movie is ridiculously hilarious, starring Justin Bartha, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis, who drive to Las Vegas for a stag party two days before Doug's (Justin Bartha) wedding. The men wake up from a hangover which they cannot remember a thing about the previous night and realize that they have a baby with them and that they lost the groom. The baby with the sunglasses is called Tyler/Carlos, a role played by at least eight babies, seven of whom were girls and the only boy being Grant Holmquist. Grant played the lion's share of the scenes and even came back for the third Hangover movie released in 2013. One of the reasons there were so many babies playing this role was that Grant and his twin sister arrived two days after shooting had begun, and the two took over from there.

6 Collin Hymes - Baby In "The Untouchables"

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The Untouchables is one of those movies based on a true story that you can never forget. This two-hour long crime/drama film was released on June 3, 1987, starring some of the best actors then and even today. Robert De Niro played Al Capone, Kevin Costner played Eliot Ness, and Sean Connery played Jimmy Malone. This movie is about the efforts, obstacles, and drawbacks that Eliot Ness and his elite group of lawmen faced while trying to bring down Al Capone's criminal empire. In some of the scenes, a baby in a carriage can be seen to maintain his cool even when cruising down a flight of steps, a baby we know today by the name Collin Hymes. Collin was the son of the then stunt coordinator Gary Hymes, a baby who executed his role perfectly, especially when he is recovered by Eliot Ness and gives him a smile and an almost cheeky wink. Collin stuck to the stunt business like his father and has appeared in that capacity in movies such as The Town (2010), Gangster Squad (2013) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016).

5 Daniel And Joshua Shalikar - Baby In "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid"

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Did you watch the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? This was one of the most successful Disney Movie of all time since it remained the highest grossing live action Disney film for five years following its release. However, Daniel and Joshua Shalikar were not part of this movie, but in its sequel Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, which hit the big screens on July 17, 1992. As you would expect from the title, the role of the "Kid" here was played Daniel and Joshua Shalikar when they were just babies, a role that they exchanged throughout the movie. The baby was accidentally exposed to an industrial-sized growth machine that led to him growing to an enormous size. These two grown men both volunteered as firefighters at some point in their lives but Joshua is now a digital Technologist while Daniel is a Webmaster and designer.

4 Clint Howard - Baby In "The Andy Griffith Show"

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Most of the people who are familiar with Clint Howard's acting both on TV and in movies know that he has been acting for a very long time and he is very good at it. One of the most recognizable roles is when he appeared in a few Star Trek episodes when he was just seven years, and more recently made an appearance in Heroes, Hawaii five-0, and The Birthday Boys. However, he is on this list because even before he was two years old, Clint Howard featured in at least five episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, where he was the boy at Church Social. Since Howard's brother - Ron Howard - who is both an actor and a filmmaker, had confidence in his smaller brother's acting skills, he included him in 17 films in which he directed. The first movie Clint was directed by his brother was a short film called Old paint, and at this time Clint was just 10 years old.

3 Keisha Knight Pulliam - Rudy Huxtable In "The Cosby Show"


Keisha Knight Pulliam is an American actress with a lot of acting experience and a myriad of fans. Most people remember her child acting days as Rudy Huxtable, the youngest daughter of Cliff and Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show, a funny NBC sitcom that aired for eight years starting in 1984 when she was just five years old. However, Keisha begun her acting career far much earlier when she was nine months old in a Jonson &Jonson advertisement, she made appearances on TV commercials, and TV shows, she also appeared in Sesame Street, and in the movies The Last Dragon and Polly among others. She received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a comedy series at the age of six in 1986, making her the youngest nominee at the time. Keisha continued acting throughout her life, making her one of the most successful baby actors on this list.

2 Ali And Susanne Hartman - Baby Emma In "Baby Daddy"


These are the youngest twins on this list and most definitely the most adorable today. These two girls no longer qualify to be called baby actors but child actors, and they are on this list because of where they began not where they are now. Ali and Susanne Hartman were born in August 2011, and by 2012, they were already famous actresses, appearing in sitcoms and TV series. We remember them in their role as baby Emma from 2012 to 2015 in Baby Daddy and their over 15 appearances in Bones as baby Christine between 2012 and 2013. The twins also made appearances in The Office in 2012 and in Parenthood as baby Nora Braverman in 2012, but their first appearance on TV was in an uncredited episode in Grey's Anatomy as Baby Emma in 2011 when they were just a few months old. These girls future in acting looks bright, but they should not feel ashamed to choose the path that their hearts so desire.

1 Angus T. Jones - Jake Harper In "Two And A Half Men"

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The name Angus T. Jones might not sound too familiar even with the most committed TV and movie fans. However, when you mention Jake Harper, then almost every sitcom lover in America will know whom you are talking about. Two and a Half Men was one of the most successful series of all time, such that in 2012 it was the fourth-highest revenue-generating program, making $3.24 million every episode. We have seen Angus Jones grow from as far back since he was a child, to the close of the series when he was eighteen and had changed quite a lot. Jones at one time became the highest paid child actor on TV since he was earning approximately $300,000 per episode. The interesting thing is that Jones had already begun acting before joining the cast of Two and a Half Men, since he was a baby actor in a film called Simpatico, and had some supporting roles in See Spot Run, The Rookie, Bringing Down the House, and George of the Jungle 2, among others.


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