15 TV Shows You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

Nothing says quality family time like grabbing the old folks and popping a squat in front of the good ole boob tube (also known as a television). One of the best and easiest ways to spend quality time with the family is to watch tv with them. Back in the day, it just meant a couple hours of watching a movie together, but thanks to television shows being even more accessible than they used to be, we can spend an entire evening with them by binging on a tv show. Thanks to the birth of streaming services like Netflix, any and every television show that we can think of is just a click away.

However, not every tv show is so easily accessible -- or at least they shouldn't be in the presence of our parents. Some shows, we just cannot stand to watch with our parents because it's just too awkward. There might be too many sex scenes, too much gore, etc. Whatever the reason may be, here are just a few key examples of television shows that you should never even try to watch with your parents.


15 Game of Thrones

After seven seasons and counting on the air, Game of Thrones is HBO's biggest hit show on the air. Between all of the violence, gore, and bloodshed that lay afoot on a regular week-to-week episode, it happens to also feature a dash of gratuitous sex that pops out of nowhere during every episode. Essentially, the show is Dungeons and Dragons with a harder sex drive. Nearly every episode features a graphic sex scene. If you or your parents have yet to experience an episode of Game of Thrones, it would be best if neither of you tried to catch up on the show together. It could make for an awkward experience. It doesn't help either that a lot of these sex scenes happen to be featuring a sexual assault in the scene.

14 True Blood


At the height of its time on the air, True Blood was considered the sexiest show on television -- certainly the hottest, steamiest show to appear on HBO in a long time, which says a lot, considering that most of the program has always run on HBO. True Blood always had a certain charm to it that separated it from any other sexpot series. The show used supernatural mythos to tell compelling tales about addition, pain, loss, etc. The show used subhuman qualities to tell human stories, and it worked. Viewers may walk in for the sexy storylines and even sexier sex scenes, but they stuck around for the well-told stories. Unfortunately, those stories aren't told well enough to warrant sitting through sex scenes with the parents.

13 Shameless

Showtime's hit show Shameless is based on a British series of the same name, but somehow, this version manages to be even lewder than its predecessor. The premise of the eldest Gallagher daughter singlehandedly taking care of her five siblings and her alcoholic deadbeat father remains the same. However, the United States version has managed to sneak in even more sexual scenes, situations, and references than the United Kingdom version ever contained, which says a lot for those who've seen the original version. It's probably for the best for those interested in watching either version of the show to not watch it with their parents.

12 American Horror Story


American Horror Story has had a different storyline every season, but one thing that hasn't changed is the high levels of sex. The setting may be a murder house, a hotel, a circus, an asylum, or a politically disturbed climate, but regardless, there was always a series of sex scenes that the show decided to throw in at random and in full-nude glory. With that said, the sex isn't the only reason why you shouldn't be watching a show like this with your parents. It's because, well, it's just downright terrifying. American Horror Story contains some of the most disturbing pieces of television to ever hit the silver screen -- not something that screams quality family entertainment.

11 Big Mouth

Big Mouth is the most recent Netflix original release. The show is an animated comedy that follows a group of teenagers slowly going through puberty, mainly through frequent visits from the Hormone Monster. By the way, the Hormone Monster only appears whenever one of the teens feels h---y enough to want to masturbate. With plotlines and characters like that, Big Mouth is essentially Sex Ed in animated form. It's a great way to teach those young Netflix viewers who may need a lesson or two, but none of these lessons should be viewed alongside a parent. It might help if the youngster has a question or two, but it'll just make things awkward, we assume -- more awkward than necessary.

10 Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl was never a show that catered to any parental demographic. It certainly lived up to its tagline of being "Every Parent's Nightmare." Despite the fact that the show had its restrictions on The CW network, that didn't stop its writers from trying to push boundaries by sexing it up on a weekly basis. The boldness on behalf of the staff didn't sit well with many parents as the Parents Television Council actually tried to boycott the show and tried to get one of their episodes taken off the air in the wake of a threesome subplot featuring Hilary Duff. Seeing how these parents were so up in arms about the show, you would be wise to keep this show away from your own parents' eyes.

9 Insecure

Insecure is HBO's latest hit comedy series. Issa Rae created, writes, and stars in the series about an awkward black girl trying to navigate her love life and her career. There are just as many sex scenes on Insecure as there are laughs to be had. The sex scenes on Insecure look so graphic that many audiences have questioned whether or not the actors are actually doing the nasty, especially after the rather convincing scene between Jay Ellis and Dominique Perry during the Season 1 finale. The show just wrapped up its second season and managed to be even more sweat-inducing with its sex scenes. We'll have to wait until next year to see just how the show decides to up its sexiness game for Season 3.


8 Black Sails


Before Starz canceled Black Sails this year after its fourth season, the show was often praised for being one of the diverse shows to be on the airwaves of any network not only because members of the cast come in a various array of colors and sizes but also because there are several sex scenes throughout the show, all of which more diverse than the last. There's a reason why many still look back at Black Sails as one of the sexiest shows in tv history. When it comes to sex appeal, Black Sails had a little something for everybody: gay sex, straight sex, lesbian sex, threesomes, etc.

7 You're the Worst

Previously airing on FX (now FXX), You're the Worst is a show that follows two incredibly toxic and self-destructive individuals, Gretchen and Jimmy (Aya Cash and Chris Geere) who miraculously fall in love, for better or for worse, even if neither of them believes in love. In addition to being one of the funniest shows currently on the air, it also happens to be one of the sexiest, as there are several sex scenes interspersed across each episode in between laughs. The show has enough sexual references and positions onscreen that the show could fit right at home on Skinimax -- sorry, we meant Cinemax -- without the show changing a thing about its content.

6 House of Lies


House of Lies was a show on Showtime that fairly recently wrapped up its fifth and final season. Before it ended, it was an unapologetically vulgar and graphic series starring Don Cheadle, who won a Golden Globe for his role as Marty Kaan, an immoral business exec who would pay any and all costs to get the deal that he wants. Anyone who may have had the awkward misfortune to watch this with his or her parents would know that the very first scene of the show starts with a naked Marty falling into the bare buttocks of his ex-wife following the first of many one-night stands between the two. That's only a small dosage of all of the unadulterated madness that proceeds during the five seasons of House of Lies.

5 The Deuce

The Deuce is HBO's latest drama and it's already looking to be a hit even after only a few episodes have aired so far. The show stars James Franco in perhaps his most ambitious role yet, as he plays a set of twins who get strapped for cash from the mob, all while the p--- industry is beginning its major boom at the height of the '70s. The show's already received praise high enough to warrant a second season. It has everybody talking, but try to keep from talking about it with your parents. Considering this takes places just as the adult-film industry gets going, it goes without saying that the show is rather graphic and, above all else, not for the faint of heart.

4 Orange Is the New Black


It would be safe to argue that Orange Is the New Black singlehandedly helped catapult Netflix into the online streaming empire that it is today. There are several reasons why the show became such a success. The crisp direction, the captivating storylines that make you want to binge on every episode in one sitting, the award-winning performances from the cast (especially the supporting ones), etc. There also happens to be a lot of sex. Sex helps, too. It sells after all. There's enough sex on the show that we have to warn our readers not to try to binge on any of it with the parents, but it provides eye candy for the viewers who are into that sort of thing. Since it helped the show get five seasons, expect more sex in Season 6 next year.

3 Power

There's a reason why Power has remained Starz's most-watched show on their network. It isn't just because of the impressive performances, the gripping storylines, or the shocking twists. Granted, these are all reasons why the show has remained on the air and has been a success for four years and counting, but there's an even bigger reason afoot that stands above all these other reasons. That reason being the constant sex. There seems to be a barrage of sex scenes occurring on a weekly basis every episode, often at random moments. It makes the show feel like a softcore adult film. Definitely not something to watch with the parents present.

2 Skins


Skins was a controversial series from the UK that featured stories about teens starring teens. On one hand, it was refreshing to see teenagers actually play teenagers when teenage roles nowadays often get filled by actors in their mid-late 20s. On the other hand, since much of the actors were under the age of 18 while playing sex scenes, this can be uncomfortable viewing at times. What would make this an even more awkward viewing is watching it with parents and knowing that if you happen to be a teen yourself, you know your parents will be quietly watching the sex-laden and drug-addled escapades of the teens on the show and fearing that's exactly what you're doing in high school. Best to keep this away from them at all costs.

1 The Leftovers

The Leftovers is a short-lived HBO drama of biblical proportions that focused on a world reeling from an unparalleled event, where 140 million people vanished from thin air out of the world and never returned. In the wake of the event, major religions declined and there was an outpouring of cults. The show received some major critical acclaim in its three years on the air, and now that the show's finally wrapped up, some have hailed it as one of the greatest shows to never win an Emmy. Since the show just finished up this year, now would be the perfect time to binge on it in all of its complete glory -- preferably not with your parents, though, considering the show has plenty of nudity and sex.


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