15 TV Shows That We Wish Would Just Go Away

While some series have hung on longer than they should have and others just managed to stink from the beginning, they still manage to make the lineup

You know those TV shows that were really great in the beginning of the series and you couldn’t wait to watch every time there was a new episode? How about the ones that stayed on the air a little longer than they should have? If you have answered yes to the first two questions, then you also clearly know that there is yet another category of TV shows that have managed to completely and totally wear out their welcome with viewers! Once upon a time, there were only a few networks, thus making the programming much more selective. Now, with literally thousands of networks worldwide offering programming and competing for an audience, there is a show for virtually any genre!

So with all this programming to fill the day, there are some shows that have been produced that most folks wish had never existed. Even some of the mainstream networks have managed to put together some real clunkers. While some series have hung on longer than they should have and others have just managed to stink from the beginning, they still manage to make it into the lineup. So after sifting through a lot of garbage, here are 15 shows that we wish would just go away already!

15 Fuller House

Designed as a follow-up to the iconic family sitcom from the 80s and 90s Full House, this show on Netflix, follows the grown-up DJ Tanner, played by Candace Cameron Bure, Stephanie Tanner, played by Jodie Sweetin and the infamous Kimmy Gibbler played by Andrea Barber. The first episode featured the original cast (minus the Olsen twins) and spent an awful lot of time pandering to what they perceived the audience would want. You know, the obligatory “how rude,” “have mercy” and “…” that each character just had to say after more than 20 years. But after this got out of our system, we’re left with a show that just falls flat and really doesn’t do anything for us. Nevertheless, it’s still on and isn’t showing signs of cancellation. Have mercy!

14 Keeping Up With The Kardashians

How this show has managed to last 13 seasons is absolutely shocking! The show follows the Kardashian/Jenner family back when Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner was the most famous one on the show. It was one of the first reality shows based solely upon following a family around during their day-to-day activities. Admittedly, it was an interesting idea at first and it wound up being a huge hit. But fast forward ten years and several spin-offs later and the idea is played out! The family is too big for this mess now and there is nothing normal about any of them. It has gotten to just be a long hour of self promotion. Viewership has lessened in recent seasons, but alas, it appears that we’ll be keeping up with them all the way to the nursing home.

13 The Real World

Credited as being one of the first and perhaps longest running reality television series on the air, The Real World has been on MTV for 32 seasons! Starting in 1992, the show has taken several strangers in their late teens or early 20s (all are over 18) and put them in the same home, filming them constantly. The show has been a huge hit over the years and it was interesting to see how these people would interact with one another and with the changes involved with being in a completely new place. But over time, the show has become a formula for the same predictable behavior...lots of alcohol and lots of sex! People are always getting drunk too often, somebody throws a fit (often times several fits) and people are always hooking up. As fun as it once was to watch, it’s just gotten old at this point. Next!

12 Real Housewives of...Wherever

There have been so many incarnations of this concept, it is pathetic! Take a city, get several interesting women that look good on camera and have a larger than life personality and film them at home and at work and you’ve got a show! Apparently, the formula works, because it has been applied to a variety of cities and created a number of fresh reality TV stars. But the formula is worn out and it is honestly time for this concept to go away. At this point, they are just creating a factory for minor celebrity. We all have better things to watch and better things to do than keep watching this stuff. Get some guts and put an end to this concept and bring us something a little more original.

11 Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil McGraw is the pop psychologist that first got his start appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He became a popular guest presumably because of his witty common sense approach and his Southern drawl. In 2002, McGraw got his own daytime television show called Dr. Phil. Over the years, Dr. Phil has gotten a lot of criticism from scholars in the field of psychology. He has taken the dive into not just self help and psychology, but weight loss products as well. Now, he is the one we can all thank for bringing us the monster that is Danielle Bregoli (AKA: Cash Me Ousside Girl). Dr. Phil is one of the highest paid stars on television and we can’t figure out why. After 15 years, it may be time to hang it up.

10 New Girl

The lovely Zooey Deschanel does what she does best in this quirky comedy on Fox. She acts goofy and is unapologetic for her unconventional ways. Deschanel plays a bubbly teacher that is suddenly in need of a new place to live when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. She moves in with three single guys and of course, you can imagine how she turns their world upside down. Yes, it is funny and yes, it has been a big hit. But the thing we move into the seventh season, the new girl is not so new anymore! Sometimes sitcoms like this tend to wear out their welcome and last a little too long. Unfortunately, this one has also gone a few seasons longer than it ever should.

9 The Jerry Springer Show

Sadly, The Jerry Springer Show has aired over 3,800 episodes over 26 seasons, which is about 25 seasons more than it should have gone. This daytime talk show shows the worst of humanity and exploits it for the purpose of entertainment. Sure, he tries to make a plea for common sense at the end with his final thoughts, but we all know that the producers just love the drama...real or fabricated. Springer is a former attorney and politician turned talk show host that has gone to new lows with his show. But people have gobbled it up, tuning in to see how much crazier it could get. But after 26 years, and with Springer at age 73, it is well past time for this show to call it quits!

8 Chicago Justice

I’m going to say this one time and then I’m not going to say it again…"Give the legal dramas a rest for about a decade!” The number of legal drama television shows that has been aired on television in the last three decades has been absolutely shocking. The newest of these is Chicago Justice which does nothing at all different from the usual formula, but still has the expectation of success. In this case (very recently) it was announced that the show will not be back for a second season. Thank goodness the network knew when to throw in the towel. That is probably not going to stop everyone in the television industry from thinking they’ve got the “next big thing” and put out another of these very tired legal dramas. It’s like a virus that you just can’t shake.

7 Emerald City

Can we just stop trying to do stuff with The Wizard of Oz?! There have been some valiant efforts to get creative and expand upon this magical land written about by L. Frank Baum. Ever since the success of Wicked, everyone has been of the opinion that all the Oz fan fiction in the world should become a wildly successful movie or show. This series in particular is just not working though. It is really dark and kind of takes the original concept to some wild places that we just don’t really want to go. The show had a ten episode season one and the rumor is that it has not been renewed for a second season. So perhaps now will be the time when television executives will put the Oz revivals to rest once and for all!

6 Shameless

To be clear, Shameless has been a wonderful show loved by the general public and critics alike. Having said that, I’m going to politely say that it is about time to wrap it up. What began as a chronicle of the lives of disadvantaged Southside Chicago kids fending for each other, overseen by their loving, but in over her head oldest sister Fiona, has now morphed into following a bunch of young adults for the most part. We are starting to see so many subplots, twists and turns because each sibling has grown into doing their own thing, that it’s almost like watching a bunch of different mini-shows. It’s all still interesting, but when looking back at what it was, it has become something very different. The word is that it has been renewed for an 8th season. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye and try the spin-off avenue.

5 The Big Bang Theory

When a massive hit of a sitcom comes along, there comes a point where it gets almost too big. In the case of Seinfeld, it became apparent that they could keep it going much longer if they wanted, but opted instead to leave at the height of their popularity. In the case of The Big Bang Theory, we have a show that is and has been huge and is going to keep riding the wave! Now, it is being renewed for another two seasons, taking the total to 12, making us all wonder how far will it go? Sure, it’s funny and still has the same characters we all love, but as the formula begins to get stale, they start adding a few extra twists into the mix. As much as I hate to say it, these next two seasons could be a real disappointment.

4 Storage Wars

You may be looking at this thinking to yourself “are they still making this show?!” Because you can find reruns of old episodes on television frequently, it is easy to think that it has been canceled. It is still going full force though. The show has been criticized for planting valuable pieces in the lockers for the sake of television, which has taken some steam out of the concept over the years. But really at this point, it’s the same old thing each episode. The same arguments among the bidders, the same strategy for winning a locker and the same process of clearing out the junk and going to “see your guy to tell you what it’s worth.” With over 200 shows now, we are pretty sure we’ve got the point and may be ready for the next thing in reality television.

3 Judge Judy

With 21 seasons in the books and nearly 6,000 episodes, Judge Judy has been one of the top courtroom reality television shows since 1996. Given the fact that Judge Judith Sheindlin is now 74 years old, coupled with the fact that we’ve heard her chew out plaintiff’s and defendant’s nearly 6,000 times, I would say it is getting a little stale. In fact, it was getting stale several years ago, but the camera kept rolling. Judy is known for her sharp tongue and blunt attitude in the courtroom, which made for great television. Now, though the series has been extended through 2020. She is a real attorney and was a real judge, but so much of her actions in the courtroom simply wouldn’t fly in public court. Enough is enough...let’s let the constant butt chewing stop while we really don’t care.

2 The Celebrity Apprentice

Before Donald Trump became our President, he was known as a billionaire real estate mogul and the host of a little reality television series called The Apprentice. When it began getting stale, Trump pivoted and put washed-up celebrities in a situation where they are doing a variety of team oriented tasks to earn money for a charity of their choice. The show had some interesting concepts and some really great seasons. But it has certainly worn out its welcome, now painfully changing hosts to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The kicker is that Schwarzenegger isn’t even going to be back in the next season to host! They still aren’t giving up, despite the fact that most of us really don’t care to keep watching. Perhaps they could get Trump to host live via satellite from the White House.

1 American Dad!

Seth MacFarlane is something of a comedic genius. With the huge success of Family Guy and feature films like Ted, he has earned the respect of his colleagues. Piggybacking off of the success of Family Guy, MacFarlane tried another cartoon show about a highly conservative and blissfully ignorant CIA agent and his family. The show worked and had some successes, but has obviously fallen short when it comes to substance. There is only so much you can do with a situation like he created in American Dad! For 14 seasons now, we’ve endured the same general concept and what started out pretty funny is now old and tired. But it is coming back for a 15th season. Time for something else Seth...let’s give this one a much needed rest.

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15 TV Shows That We Wish Would Just Go Away