15 TV Shows That Started Out Great But Then Became Garbage

Over the years we have seen many TV shows come and go from our television screens. Some of them have been amazing and others we could definitely do without. Some however, seem to start off great and then the more that we get into them, the worse that they get. There is nothing worse than getting into a show and investing an hour each week into it only to be disappointed when the newest season drops and you're left wondering what the heck you just watched. Unfortunately, this happens way more than we would like it to. Producers put shows out there thinking that they know what direction that they want to take the show in, only to change their minds a few seasons in and go a completely different way, which confuses and saddens the viewers.

It can be quite annoying and this also happens a lot to shows that have been around for a few years. Sometimes it seems like the show runners just gave up on the show and they go downhill. For example, a show that had started off really popular was Charmed. Then after a few years, it’s like everything became incredibly unbelievable and people started to hate it. There are so many examples of this happening. In this article we will go over fifteen shows that everyone loved when they first started out, but over time turned to complete trash. Some of them are still on the air today, even though we can't seem to figure out why, and others were cancelled because of how truly horrible they had become. Here are 15 shows that started out strong but quickly became complete trash.


15 Lost 

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Lost is probably one of the most talked about shows next to The Walking Dead. It had viewers drawn in from the very beginning. The pilot was very well-received. There was a plane crash and people were scattered over an island trying to make sense of what had just happened and over the next couple of episodes, they came together to try to find ways to survive until help arrived. It really did seem like it would be a great fictional show about survival in a horrible situation, but after the first season, things just started getting ridiculous and nothing made sense anymore. It went from this awesome survival show to complete trash in a matter of a few episodes, but viewers held on and continued to watch in hopes that maybe everything would come together and make sense in the end, only to be disappointed when the series had ended.

14 The Last Man On Earth

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The Last Man on Earth is a post-apocalyptic comedy show that focuses on the life of “the last man on earth,” Tandy (whose original name was Phil). He quickly discovers however, that he is not actually the last man on earth when he comes across his now wife and baby mamma, Carol. There is now a whole group of these survivors, and they continue to find more with each season. The show started out pretty well, even though it was slightly hard to watch. It quickly became totally ridiculous and impossible to watch. This is probably due to the stupid humor and ridiculous take on a post-apocalyptic world. There is not a serious note in this show, which would be fine if the humor was funny, but it’s actually just really hard to watch. Well, it’s hard to watch the actions of Tandy, anyway. It is hard to imagine how this show is still going, but maybe it is because it is one of those things where it’s so bad that you just cannot stop watching.

13 Catfish: The TV Show 

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Catfish the TV show originated from a movie that the main host, Nev, made about his experience being "catfished." After his movie debuted he received an outpouring of emails and letters from other people who had also been lured into false relationships with people pretending to be someone else, which is what inspired him to make the show. He hoped he could help others meet the people that they had been talking to online. Catfish was cool, shocking, and drama-filled for the first season or two, but now that it is about to go onto its seventh season it really is just played-out and predictable. Some people have even started to question whether or not it is as real as they claim that it is. Of course, with the internet being how it is, there will always be stories of people being catfished to talk about, but there is only so much of it that you can show without becoming old news and boring.

12 Grey's Anatomy 

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Grey’s Anatomy is a very long-running drama that focuses on the lives of a bunch of surgeons, the main character being Meredith Grey. This show still has a lot of loyal viewers, and they are probably wondering how on earth this show could have ended up on this list, but bear with me, because you might end up agreeing with us. The show started out really strong. Rhe first few seasons were perfect and there is nothing like a good old episode of Grey’s to end your day, but the newer seasons just are not the same. With only two of the original interns left and all of these new faces, less medical stuff being shown, and way too much drama, it is nothing like it used to be and fans everywhere are asking to bring back the old Grey’s. Then again, what would you expect from a show that has been running for more than 300 episodes?

11 Family Guy 

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Family Guy is a long-running animated comedy series that follows the lives of the Griffins, an animated family and all of their neighborhood friends. A typical episode of Family Guy consists of crude humor, loads of shenanigans, and ends with a lesson learned for the family in almost every episode. The first few seasons of this show were hilarious and everyone seemed to love it. It was always a good way to unwind and have a good laugh after a long day, but in recent seasons it has started to seem played out and the humor just is not what it used to be. In fact, Family Guy’s ratings have drastically dropped over the past few years, but that really is not that surprising. Everyone we knew used to watch the show and it was very talked about, but now the only time you hear about Family Guy anymore is when you are flipping through your TV guide.

10 Charmed 

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Charmed is drama/fantasy show that followrf the lives of four sisters who seem to lead a fairly normal life. They work regular jobs and seem like your average everyday girls, but they have a secret that no one knows about. They are actually witches; in fact, each of them has their very own special super power and they have to fight evil on a daily basis. The show started off pretty well and a lot of people were intrigued, but it quickly grew old when all of the episodes seemed to generally be the same, just with different villains. Even though it managed to last for an entire eight seasons, it probably should have been shut down after season two because at that point the ratings were low and the reviews were not good at all. That being said, we do believe that there was true potential behind this show, had it been given a better storyline for each episode.

9 Doctor Who 

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Doctor Who is a somewhat complicated sci-fi show that had a very large audience. The show is still running to this day, but its ratings have tanked. The first season was amazing; watching the Doctor’s relationship with Rose blossom as they traveled through time and space and fought off alien life captivated viewers everywhere. The show’s rankings went down big time, however, when the Doctor left Rose, and they began introducing new female companions now and then. How can you make viewers get so attached and invested in a character and a relationship between two characters and then just get rid of one of them out of the blue with no warning to prepare us? This was definitely a deal breaker for most of the people who watched the show, but there are still quite a few loyal viewers out there today. Doctor Who is still going, and despite not being nearly as good as it once was, it is still going strong.


8 Once Upon A Time 

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Once Upon A Time is a fictional show that takes all the typical Disney princesses, princes, and villains, and puts them into a unique fantasy show that takes place in a magical town known as Story Land. It seemed like a great idea, at first. It was cool to see all the originals like Cinderella and Snow White come into play, but they have most certainly taken things way too far. They are now introducing every character they could ever think of and the storyline is out of hand. In fact, we are kind of shocked that it has not been canceled yet. It was somewhat easy to follow in the beginning with all the right drama, romance, and suspense thrown into it, but now it appears to be just a bunch of random fighting thrown into a pointless episode that leaves you feeling as if you just wasted an hour of your life.

7 2 Broke Girls 

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2 Broke Girls was about exactly what the title says: two broke girls who move in together and try to make a living, although one girl was not always broke. The tall blonde of the show was originally a rich spoiled brat, but when her daddy went to jail, they lost all of their money, thus leading to her having to move in with her best friend. The first season was nothing to brag about, but since it was new, we gave it a chance and the humor was dull yet still kind of funny, but we held on in hopes of something better. Boy, were we disappointed when things just kept going farther downhill with this show. The show has recently been canceled, which really is no surprise to us since they could not seem to figure out where exactly they wanted to go with the storyline and the ratings were poor from the beginning.

6 Fuller House 

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There were a lot of really big hopes for the show Fuller House, which is a spinoff of the classic show Full House. The show features just about all the original cast all grown up and married with children of their own, but focuses more on the lives of the two daughters and their friend Kimmy. When word first came out that this show was going to happen, people were psyched and the first few episodes were awesome, making us feel all types of nostalgia. That feeling quickly faded, though, when the show ended up being extremely cheesy and unoriginal. As the season went on, it became harder and harder to watch and now we are not even looking forward to the upcoming season, because it ended up being a huge let down for Full House fans everywhere. Maybe there is some hope that they will put a little more effort into the new season.

5 Jane The Virgin 

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Jane The Virgin, a romantic comedy television show about a young woman who gets accidentally artificially inseminated, left viewers on the edge of their seats for the longest time. The romance was strong, the conflict was intense, and they knew just how to keep us coming back for more each week. This, however, changed when Jane’s husband Michael was killed off shortly after their wedding. After that episode, things have just been dull and overplayed; the drama about who owns the hotel is getting old and it is all starting to seem very redundant. Even though this show has somewhat gone from good to bad, there is still so much hope for it. If the producers would just find new things to put into the story and get off of the subject of Petra and the hotel, then it really could do very well. Until then, however, there is no reason to watch it.

4 Sleepy Hollow 

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Sleepy Hollow was an amazing book that was turned into a movie and then a TV show. The TV show had a very handsome actor playing Ichabod and the female detective who was by his side from the beginning wasn't bad either. That girl, however, who was there from the beginning as one of the main characters was killed off early on and things began to spiral downwards from there. At first things seemed to be going well for this show. It was very mysterious and intriguing, but after the first season they ventured away from the original story and things started to get confusing. When Abby sacrificed herself, many of the viewers all but gave up on this show. Ratings tanked, critics chimed in, and then it was canceled. It is such a shame to see that it went this way because there was so much potential behind this show, but maybe someone else will give this story a go one day.

3 Survivor 

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The show Survivor contains 18 contestants (different contestants each season) who compete to survive on an island and partake in daily challenges. At the end of each week they endure an elimination round where the other contestants can vote on who they want to be sent home. The show was very interesting at first and viewers loved watching the drama unfold as these people were stuck on island together. Fights arose, romances were formed, and every season seemed to be relatively the same. After the first couple of seasons, though, many seemed to lose interest in it because they started running out of ideas for new challenges and just started to repeat old ones. It is hard to stay interested in a show when week after week it feels like you are pretty much just watching repeats, which is probably why the show has taken a hit in terms of ratings.

2 The Apprentice 

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The Apprentice was an American TV show that tests the skills of business men and women. It ran for a strong 15 seasons, but started losing viewers after about season 10, although many cannot see why it had any viewers to begin with. This show is boring, uneventful, and just absolutely pointless. We just cannot see how it made it for an entire fifteen seasons before it was canceled. The people who did watch it, however, claimed that it was pretty good at first, and they enjoyed seeing the end result of each season, but after a while, things just got boring for them. It was not exciting anymore and it just started to feel very played out, like old news, so to speak. The Apprentice really did fail in the entertainment department and it is clear to us why it is no longer on TV.

1 Weeds

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Weeds ran from 2005 to 2012 and was about a single mom trying to make ends meet as she cared for her two boys after her husband’s unexpected death. This was when she “secretly” began growing and selling weed to all the neighborhood dads, but things quickly got out of hand, as she started using her kids to help her sell on the school campus. This show was actually really cute at first. Seeing this innocent-looking housewife start to dabble in the world of drugs and dealing was really amusing and original, but it quickly started to look as if the producers were taking things way too far and it started seeming a lot more unrealistic than when it first aired on TV. Like many TV series that go from good to garbage, this one was great for the first two seasons, but after that, you might as well just move on to a new show because this will just be hard for you to watch after a while.


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