15 TV Shows That Need To Be Cancelled ASAP

Some are short-lived and exciting while they last, while others seem to drag on for years and years.

Let's face it: not all TV shows are created equally. Some are short-lived and exciting while they last, while others seem to drag on for years and years without gaining much momentum. There are even shows that we love that have been on air for far too long (Grey's Anatomy, anyone?). Living in such a fast-paced generation, where new and current things are all the rage, we tend to suffer from short attention spans. This means that we want new entertainment on the regular. Give us a new car, a new job, a new show to watch. Just think about many TV shows are you currently following? If you asked me during peak season, my number can range anywhere from 3 to 12. That's a lot of TV! Not to mention, the rise of Netflix and other streaming websites afford us the luxury of binge-watching entire seasons of shows in mere days.

Ah, the 21st Century. Where television is higher on the priority list than physical exercise, human connection and education (or at least a very competitive side-project to these things!). Don't get me wrong, I am a huge TV junkie, and I can totally appreciate the artistic and creative efforts that go into making a hit series. The past decade has brought us some epic shows that have sucked us in and blown our minds (Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men, to name a few). But for now, let's leave the classics aside and look at the shows that really should have their days numbered. Here are the 15 TV Shows That Need To Be Cancelled ASAP.

15 Catfish: The TV Show

So this was a fun show when it first aired on MTV in 2012. Based on the docu-reality film Catfish, the TV show follows cases of people being duped online by people hiding behind false identities. These "catfishes" are more common than you'd think, and its entertaining and also eye-opening to see how easily we are manipulated through our computer screens. Despite this, the show should have an expiration date...of now. The sixth season just kicked off, and that's great and all, but let's not make it seven? I like Nev and Max as hosts, but the actual catfishers and catfishees are often super lame. Overly desperate women, codependent gay name it- this show has got all the sad sacks getting taken advantage of. Not like MTV provides high quality programming to begin with, but this show has had its day.

14 The Bachelor

I watched the most recent season of The Bachelor. I admit, I got really into it, and couldn't wait to feed my guilty pleasure every Monday night. But you know what? This show is fit for the pit! We are basically teaching our daughters, girlfriends and all of humanity that it's totally cool if a douchebag wants to come along and make out with 30 women at the same time, then rate them and give them a red rose if they should be so lucky to make it to the next "round". The concept is far from progressive, but millions of viewers tune in anyways. The US version has already aired 21 seasons since 2002, and now similar concept shows are appearing on networks in China, Brazil, Australia, Thailand and most recently, Vietnam. Eyeroll. Great confirmation that chauvinism really is universal.

13 Keeping Up With The Kardashians

OK can anyone actually disagree with this choice? This ridiculous E! production follows the Kardashian klan as they talk about their bodies, what they are going to eat for lunch and how mean some people are. OMG. Throw in some majorly douchebaggy husbands and a fame-obsessed momager and you've got yourself a hit show! The fact that KUWTK has managed to air for a decade (and counting) is a sad testament to our generation. Why do people care so much about this boring family? They're actually not funny, entertaining or inspiring in any way shape or form. Just a collection of over-privileged people with too much mascara on whining about whether to stay in a hotel or a loft on their next Miami vacation. Ugh. Can we please get rid of this garbage? I actually would prefer to sit through a million episodes of Caitlyn.

12 2 Broke Girls

Sometimes I'm shocked when I see how many viewers tune in to really bad shows. Let's face it, 2 Broke Girls sucks! It's so terrible, I really don't understand how anyone can get through an episode, let alone 6 seasons. 10 MILLION people watch this terrible show? And that's not counting any streaming websites. Why?! At least I know that quite a few people agree with me on this one- Rotten Tomatoes gave it a mediocre rating of 59% and Metacritic gives it 66/100. Just another one of those lame shows that relies on bad sexualized humour and gender stereotypes for laughs. I sort of do like Kat Dennings, so it would be refreshing to see her in a new, less-ridiculous role. The good news is that CBS has yet to confirm whether the show will return for a 7th season. Based on the declining ratings, it's definitely on its way out!

11 The Jerry Springer Show

I knew Jerry Springer had been on for a long time, but I didn't realize that it first aired in 1991. 26 years and 25 seasons later, Jerry Springer is still the most obnoxious talk show host on TV (closely tied, England's Jeremy Kyle). It was funny in high school, but there are only so many times you can sit through Jerry saying "you are not the father" before it gets old. Not to mention, the show is definitely scripted, which makes it that much more depressing. So these people are real, but only minimally exaggerating their real life situations? Meanwhile, I did find out some interesting factoids about Jerry. He's 73, he used to be the Mayor of Cincinnati (weird) and his net worth is over $45 million. Take the money and run, Jerry. Go retire on a beach somewhere.

10 The Dr. Phil Show

This guy can go too! How is Dr. Phil even taken seriously?! He is responsible for the rise to fame of ridiculous "accidental celebrities" like Cash Me Ousside Girl. And he calls himself a doctor?! This guy is just a total fraud who capitalizes off of the exploitation of naughty teenagers, unhappily married couples and people struggling with weight loss. Haven't we seen enough? The show has been airing since 2002 (too long! too long!!!) and is scheduled to continue until at least a 19th season in 2020. What the heck! That's actually ridiculous. It used to be a guilty pleasure (in 2002, when I was 16) but now it's just a depressing reminder of the visual junk that we consume. Oprah, why did you leave us with this clown? Someone book him and Robin a one-way ticket straight to Mars and give CBS some new life!

9 Judge Judy

Here's another show that I shamelessly watch almost everyday. But, you know what? I almost wish I didn't have the option to, because it's so bad. I didn't even realize that they were still producing current episodes, because Judge Judy has looked EXACTLY the same for 21 seasons. And you know what else? Each season has 160 episodes. That's a hell of a lot of episodes, no wonder she's so grumpalicious. But seriously, let's let Judy go home! She's 74 years old and has $290 million to spend. She can't do much about that if she spends all of her days in civil court. In 2011, she had a mini-stroke while filming an episode. I think it's time for her to retire. And not to worry, Judy, you've left us with 3360 reruns that we can binge watch during every sick day for the rest of our lives.

8 Pawn Stars

Here's another "reality" TV show that's gone on for far too long. The History Channel first broadcast Pawn Stars in 2009, a cross between Antiques Roadshow and Las Vegas. It was fun at first, seeing people bargaining with the staff of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, usually getting low-balled and walking away with no dignity left. That kind of fun wears off really quickly, however, and no one asked for 12 seasons of this ridiculousness! It seems like no matter what channel you check, whenever you are looking for something to watch, Pawn Stars is there, like an old friend with nothing to do. The Harrison clan get really annoying, really quickly. Their quirky sarcasm and endless bickering make me want to bang my head against a wall. If I have to see the grumpy grandfather b*tching and moaning about who's turn it is to clean one more time...ah. Just get rid of this garbage! Go to a real pawn shop or yard sale instead! You're guaranteed to find better entertainment.

7 Grey's Anatomy

I have been a long-time Grey's Anatomy fan. I didn't jump on board when it first aired in 2005, but a few years ago I caught up by spending winter nights bingeing on the medical drama. The thing with this show is that it's not bad, per se, but it's also not super fantastic. Yes, there have been super extraordinary seasons that kept us intrigued, but there have also been some very boring and slow seasons. The show has been running for 13 seasons. It's still not cancelled. It's been renewed for a 14th season. All but 3 or 4 original cast members have left the show. Queen Shonda is running out of ideas. As much as I am still following, this is one series I would be OK with saying goodbye to. At this point, it feels more like an obligation to watch, and not something that I genuinely look forward to. Time to shut down the hospital and write another show more like Scandal, Shonda!

6 Big Bang Theory

I know, I know. A lot of you die-hard BBT enthusiasts are not going to agree with this, so I apologize if your feelings are hurt. But...truthfully? How many episodes of BBT do you need? I'm not a fan or an anti-fan, I fall somewhere in the middle. If it's on in the background (hubby is a big fan) I watch it and find it moderately amusing. Other than that, I can totally get on with my life if I never saw another episode again. Maybe I'm just averse to Chuck Lorre shows. I hated Two and a Half Men, yet watched almost every episode just because it was the only English show I could access when I first moved to Europe. That's a story for another day. The good news for you BBT junkies is that it will not be cancelled, at least not anytime soon. The show is renewed until at least the end  of season 12, which brings you to early 2019.

5 Coronation Street

No disrespect to England, a country that I love, home to a big part of my family and friends. But, um, exsqueeze me, Coronation Street has been on for over 60 YEARS?! I know the Brits love tradition, but isn't a 60-year-old shitty soap opera crossing some lines?! The show is so old that it's not clear how many actual seasons were filmed...they keep track by episode number, which is creeping up on 10,000. Can you imagine deciding to tune in for the first time and going back to Episode #1? It seems like a torture technique to get war criminals to confess to their crimes. Anyways, I have never watched more than a fleeting moment of the show, so I might be missing out on something great...but I don't think so. They should get this off the air before another 60 years go by.

4 The View

Oh, The View. Another one of those beloved "daytime" programs that seems to have been on since I was 12 (that was just  guess, but in fact it has been on since 1997, and I WAS 12 that year). So there you have it. 20 seasons, over 4,000 episodes. Necessary? Nope! It's fine to have these "panel" shows, where a group of people discuss political, economic and entertainment topics...but in all honesty, do we need to know what Whoopi Goldberg thinks about politics? I can live without that insight (nothing against Whoopi, she's great, but seriously...) The cast has changed so many times over the last two decades that Whoopi is literally the only recognizable face, and I don't like her enough to watch her talk for 42 minutes every weekday. Anyways, the point is, we don't need The View. Twenty years is a long time. Move on ABC!

3 So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance has been on air since 2005, with a total of 13 seasons completed. Our generation sure loves talent shows with semi-celebrity judges. It's one of those things that was kind of fun in the early 2000's, but now has lost its charm due to oversaturation of the market. How many "can you sing/dance/do cool things better than that guy" shows must we be subjected to? How many?! Maybe if I was a dancer or cared at all about choreography, I could appreciate this show more. But, I don't. A steady decline in viewers (from 10 million during the first season, to about 2 million in the 13th season) indicate that I might get my wish granted sooner rather than later. Yeah! Move over Simon Fuller, your time as a tyrant/TV Producer/judge is over!

2 Nashville

Nashville has been one of my favorite shows for the last few years. I was actually devastated when ABC decided to cancel the show after its fourth season. CMT picked it up for a fifth season, and I rejoiced. But, soon I would realize that sometimes its OK to let a dead horse die (is that even an expression? Don't know but you get the point). What happened in Season 5 (so far) has made me feel differently about the show. Yes, I know they are bringing in a whole new slew of characters, and that might revive the dying plots, but still. It's getting redundant and recycled. I'm starting to feel like it's an obligation to tune in, and not a pleasure, as it was not so many moons ago. Less than a million people tuned in for Season 5 (down from roughly 6 million in Season 1), so it might be on its last legs. Lets see what CMT can do to revive this...if not, cancel!

1 The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race, one of the founding reality shows (let's not forget Survivor!) first aired on CBS in 2001. Since then, 29 seasons have broadcast. The concept is super fun, a bunch of mini teams of people race against each other in an International competition that tests their brains, athleticism and common sense. Often, the pairs are either real-life couples, family members or celebrities. We are treated to up-close, candid fights, disagreements and meltdowns that are usually the result of jet-lag and race stress. Despite this, we have had enough. 29 seasons is more than enough to get us by for the rest of time. We can always revisit old seasons if we so desire. Otherwise, let's call it day and stick to one or two reality shows?

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