15Fargo: The Space Ship

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Fargo has been a relatively low-scale series. The second season of the show takes place in the 1970s, exploring the events that were hinted at during the first season of the show. And it call comes down to a climatic gun battle between the police and crooks known as the

Sioux Falls Massacre. The battle sees most of the characters we’ve come to know on both sides of the law battling it out in and around a small motel. It all comes down to Patrick Wilson as hero cop Ed on the ground, one of the last crooks choking the life out of him. But just when everything looks at its bleakest, three lights fill the sky. A damn spaceship hovers over them both, drops a spotlight over them, and gives Patrick Wilson the chance to shoot his attacker in the head. And then it just, leaves. It’s an insane twist that leaves viewers gasping in shock as soon as it happens, and pretty much the rest of the night.

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