14Riverdale: A Teacher Gets With A Student

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Riverdale is one of the craziest shows on television right now. It’s willing to go crazy when the situation calls for it, creating a show where the usual teenage drama that people would expect to see from this kind of show can also sometimes include the owners of a maple

syrup company being involved in the drug trade. But the show went in a completely unexpected direction when Archie, the nominal star of the show, found himself in a romantic relationship with one of his high school teachers. But it’s not just that the muscular Archie fell in with his teacher, but that the teacher turns out to not even be the person she claimed to be. It turns out she’s on the run and a serial liar, spinning a story about hiding out from a dangerous ex-boyfriend before going on the run again. It was an early indicator of the level of crazy our heroes were going to have to deal with going forward, and the kind of thing that makes audiences realize they can’t prepare for anything in this series.

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