15 TV She-Villains So Hot They'll Bring You To The Dark Side

Some of the most compelling characters on television, everyone loves a good she-villain. Simultaneously the hottest and coldest women on television, people love she-villains because although they might be bad girls, they are typically extremely good at it. No matter if they are sorcerers, vampires, or just regular ol' high school students, these chicks are masters at stirring up drama as well as the loins of men (and women) across the globe. In addition to that, they are often comical and can even have a hidden compassionate side making them all-around awesome chicks.

Moreover, in a time in which equal rights are taking center stage, some even argue that many of the she-villains of the world are arguably tougher and more brutal than their male counterparts. Either way, no matter where you stand on the gender debate, there is no denying that she-villains make for compelling television. And, of course, things are far more entertaining when she just so happens to be ridiculously hot. We all have our favorites and we could debate until the cows come home with regards to what is considered “hot” and what is…not but honestly there is no need for that. For the purpose of this post, let’s just say that “hot” means women who are not only physically attractive but also seem to have other worldly powers that give them a serious edge over the mere mortal women you encounter on a daily basis. That said, the following is an overview of 15 of the hottest she-villains to ever appear on television.

15 Faith (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

More of a "working class" vampire slayer, many favor Faith due to her seeming ability to relate to the average person. Hailing from Bean town, Faith is a bad a** little lady with a troubled past. Although she is a fairly sympathetic character, fans were jolted back onto the right side when Faith decides to wreak havoc on Buffy's entire existence. After a series of unfortunate events, Faith lost her grip on reality and rather than staying true to her new ally, Buffy, she did everything she could to try to end her. Of course, this was to no avail. Nevertheless, her personality, relatability, and smoking hot looks have landed her on the "fave" list of many unofficial Scooby Gang member from across the globe.

14 Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)

A wealthy little vixen with a taste for drama, Katherine quickly became one of the hottest she-villains of television for a few reasons. The original "Teen Mom OG", Katherine was 16, pregnant, and unwed, in a time in which this was virtually unheard of. Moreover, after having her child, her father made her abandon her child and subsequently abandoned her for having the child, which certainly seems like overkill, to say the least. Nevertheless, with her burdened heart in tow, she attempted to move on to bigger and better things though, as one might imagine, her past never totally goes away. Surrounded by a new set of unsavory characters, Katherine narrowly escapes being sacrificed. Either way, things still don't go her way when she realizes her whole family was slaughtered in retaliation. Oh, and did I mention she eventually transitioned into a vampire? Well, yeah...I wouldn't let her leave any hickies...Just sayin'.

13 Hannah McKay (Dexter)

A cute little lady with a murderous past, flirt with Hannah McKay all you'd like but you don't want to get on her bad side. Although she seems to be a fairly normal woman, it is quickly discovered that she is anything but. An unofficial felon who barely missed a bid in prison, Hannah's past includes helping to brutally murder numerous people with her boyfriend, Wayne Randall, which led to her being forced to testify against her ex beau as well as his subsequent jail sentence. In an attempt to make a new start, she relocates ending up in Dexter's cross-hairs. Although he initially wanted to make her a victim, her cutesy charm wouldn't allow it. Eventually, she establishes herself as a love interest. However, Dexter disappears leaving her to fend for herself...and his offspring (what a jerk!). So, if you like the MILF with a rap sheet persona, she's all yours, fellas!

12 Gretchen Morgan/Susan B. Anthony (Prison Break)

A former soldier and high-ranking operative, Gretchen is the epitome of a fall from grace. After a series of misdeeds and egregious acts, she eventually becomes a prisoner herself. Specifically, she is in jail for murder. Not wanting to rot in prison, she almost immediately forces her way into a circle of women who had been planning their escape. However, although she initially uses intimidation to gain their attention, her softer side is eventually revealed. Rather than having some grandiose plot for revenge, her true reason for leaving prison is that she wants to see her daughter and give her a necklace she handmade herself. Awe, she has a softer side. Remember that when she pulls out the weapons, though it might be the end for you...

11 Abaddon (Supernatural)

One of the last known Knights of Hell, Adabbon is a ridiculously devilish vixen who single handedly defeated the Men of Letters. A bit of a throwback, she actually arrived in the present via time travel in order to attempt to retrieve the key of the Order of the Letters, to no avail. Moreover, with Hell officially in shambles without one of the baddest chick ever to steer them all in the wrong direction, she abandoned her earthly mission to return to her homeland and once again wreak havoc. She also had an evil accomplice snatch a few innocent souls to turn into demons and help her with her grand takeover of the underworld. Certainly not one to be messed with, but if you choose to, I'd definitely wear protection.

10 Georgina Sparks (Gossip Girl)

A gorgeous little vixen with evil intentions, although she may be a tad young, Georgina Sparks is a she-villain in her own right. Incredibly charismatic yet cruel and manipulative, odds are, by the time you figure out this chick is working you over it'll be way too late. Using her beautiful looks as a weapon, she is a relentlessly manipulator that stops at nothing to get what she wants. Moreover, although she is not very well liked, she is extremely well respected. Despite the drama and turmoil, she has caused, the girls readily admit that her ability to scheme, plot, manipulate, and sabotage is second to none. In other words, if she wants you, she will get you! It's probably just best to not fight it...

9 Glory (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

A goddess who literally hails from hell, there aren't too many she-villains that measure up to the craze level of Glory. I mean, how screwed up do you have to be to actually want to go back to hell?! In fact, a history fiercer than Lucifer himself, Glory was actually 1/3 of a hellish trio tasked with terrorizing their dimension. However, a bit too good at her job, the methods and decisions she made made her partners so fearful of her wrath that they decided to strike against her first. Narrowly losing the battle against the duo, Glory has been banished to the Earth realm where she still has her fun wreaking havoc. A fan favorite for sure, men and women were lined up to witness this ball of fire in action.

8 Huntress (Arrow)

An angry young vixen dead set on destroying her father's criminal empire, it's clear that blood is not thicker than water to Ms. Huntress. Once a happily engaged young lady, in an attempt to turn her father in to the authorities, she began collecting information. However, in true she-villain fashion, her plan backfired and her fiancé is killed once her father suspects that he is the one who put her up to it. Now hellbent on revenge, she goes to Sicily where she joins forces with a team of assassins and begins to sleep with a few of them to solidify her spot on the team, of course. However, rather than having them do her dirty work for her, she simply has them teach her their methods so she can take the empire down herself. Certainly not a chick who's afraid of getting her hands dirty, I'd stay away from this one if you're already involved in crime; Doesn't seem to sit well with this one...

7 Madison Montgomery (American Horror Story)

A 19-year-old starlet with diva tendencies, Madison Montgomery has trouble in situations that don't work out in her favor. However, once she is left at Miss Robichaux's Academy, things take a turn for the worst. Tasked with being the breadwinner of her underprivileged family, Madison took on a great deal of responsibility at a very early age. Moreover, struggling with matters such as cocaine addiction and much more, she has certainly never seemed to be on the track to righteousness. However, her biggest "claim to fame" came when she murdered her director after he criticized her acting skills by dropping a spotlight on his head. Either way, have as much fun as you want with her but keep in mind that there's literally no escaping her wrath once you cross her!

6 Cersei Lannister (Game Of Thrones)

The Queen of Seven Kingdoms with an evil streak, Cersei Lannister is one of the hottest she-villains ever to appear on television. However, if you're waiting for a chance with her, you may be waiting quite a while. She has a secret incestuous relationship with her twin brother, who is also secretly the father of her three children. As is this isn't disturbing enough, the affair actually began in childhood, making it a much stronger bond than anything she could possibly build with any other man. In short, you may be able to have a bit of fun or even be a figure head and sit as her acting king. But in the end, remember you are all just acting and her true loyalty lies with Jamie.

5 Lutessa Luthor (Smallville)

A forgotten daughter (and sister of Lex Luthor) who was given up by her parents at age nine, Tessa certainly isn't made of the same sugar and spice as those who grew up without the abandonment issues. Nevertheless, a strong woman who lands on her feet, once she was sent to the orphanage, ran by Granny Goodness, she was taken on as a favorite of the old woman who began training her to become the leader of a league of warrior women. However, things don't always run so smoothly for the teacher's pet, so little Lutessa certainly tried her hand at getting far away from the orphanage. However, this was to no avail. In the end, she ends up adopted by a new family, abused by her new father, and ends becoming a secret agent of the government agency, Checkmate. Subsequently, her fate is incredibly grim. Nevertheless, you don't get much hotter than a chick with the capacity to occupy someone's brain...even after death. Good luck getting rid of her later!

4 Amanda Woodward (Melrose Place)

One of the world's most favorite bad girls, Amanda Woodward is every good girl's worst nightmare. A well off woman with a troubled past filled with domestic abuse and parental neglect, once it is revealed that her wealthy father was frequently absent during her childhood things start to make sense. In short, she's the hot chick with the "daddy issues" you just can't wait to exploit. Moreover, after faking her own death to survive her abusive husband, she was resurrected as a more fierce business owner who stormed onto the scene taking names and firing employees. However, in a nod to poetic justice, she is eventually arrested due to the wasted energy exerted in an attempt to frame another woman for her illegal activities. You know what they say, if you're gonna dig a grave for somebody else...at least be as hot as Heather Locklear.

3 Sophie-Anne Leclerq (True Blood)

As far as she-villains are concerned, you don't get much hotter than the queen of vampires. Despite her overall childish demeanor, Sophie carries herself like true royalty. Especially prone to roaming off on random tangents, (indeed, what could be hotter?!) when she is not demanding your undivided attention, she seems to prefer little to no attention at all. So, in short, she's totally that chick who is crazy enough to keep it hot in the bedroom but far too psycho for a full-on relationship. Experts speculate that she may have ADHD or bipolar disorder. Either way, you know what they say about crazy women. Yep...they're crazy! Nevertheless, shown to be much more compassionate than other monarchs of her caliber, if you manage not to make her angry, she may just let you leave without sticking her fangs in your neck. Though, I really can’t make any promises.

2 Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)

A gorgeous, wildly seductive, yet very robotic infiltrator, Number Six is essentially the prototype of the new generation of Cyclons, which are capable of adapting to human form as well as emotions, Number Six is a glorified Fembot with much more impressive features. For instance, like other Cyclons, she is able to retain memories even after her body has been destroyed. These memories can then be downloaded into another body. Moreover, perhaps most impressively, her body was designed to mimic the human body down to the cellular level. This means she is almost undetectable even during testing procedures. In addition, she even has human-like emotions and experiences. In short, she's kind of like a blow-up doll come to live but keep in mind, she will kill you.

1 Sister Mary Eunice (American Horror Story)

A nun who works in a sanitarium, Sister Mary Eunice is a sister with a mean streak. Although we do not get a full history, one of her most defining and traumatizing moments in childhood occurred when in her teens years (during the 1950's) when she was the victim of a cruel skinny dipping prank that left her lady parts on front street. Oh, and did I mention she's possessed by Satan himself? Yep! That's one of her many charming characteristics. Moreover, her transition is likened to foreplay. Rather than just jumping head first into evil, she took her time and slowly warmed up to it before diving into the fire and unleashing her inner Lucifer. She'll have you making self sacrifices in no time!

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