15 TV Kids Who Were Complete Brats And You Shouldn't Feel Bad For Hating Them

These days, we get tired of entitled individuals like Danielle Bregoli (the "Cash me outside" girl). She was literally the worst thing to happen to America this year…well, second worst. Anyway, we are irked when we heard interviews full of ignorance from Jaden and Willow Smith, children of two very intelligent people. God knows that few can stand Justin Bieber and many want him out of the spotlight for good, if not worse. And most of us cannot see one more post from a Jenner or a Kardashian, or anyone else who gets paid for living.

But you know what is even more annoying than these real-life brats? Those brats from TV shows that we really could not stand, the ones that made us grit our teeth and curse their names. In reality, that was just good writing to make characters that brought forth an unknown fury. But to us, it was torture to watch them. The best part is, they weren’t real so we have every right to hate them. We don’t feel right about saying, “I hate that Danielle Bregoli girl.” You’d rather say, “I really can’t stand hearing about what that Cash Me Outside girl did. She needs…she is a pretty awful human, but maybe I’m just being judgmental…”

However, when it comes down to characters on TV, we can hate them as much as we want. They were designed to be loathed. Plus, it lets you release all that pent-up anger! Here are fifteen TV kids that were the worst and you really shouldn’t feel bad for hating these brats.


15 Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

So, honestly, I’ve never seen the show, but just hearing about him or seeing his face on my news feed really annoys me. The actor who plays him has the best “spoiled evil brat” face. Think about every bad personality trait that you can imagine. Now put them all together into one awful human being…that’s Joffrey. His favorite thing to do is watch others suffer. He is evil, mean, arrogant, sadistic, egotistical, malicious, narcissistic, and tyrannical. He was the literal worst person in the world. And he was just a kid.

He really does make all of these other kids seem like well-rounded, kind children who deserve “well-behaved child” awards. Take every bad quality each of these kids have and multiply it by 1000, and you get a 1/1000th of the brat that Joffrey was.

14 Dawn Summers – Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Most of the time, I don’t mind Michelle Trachtenberg’s characters. But in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she is the most self-centered person on the planet. Buffy did everything for her. Originally a mystical object, she was transformed into a human to protect her from a deity from hell. She sure did adapt well to being a teenage girl…a really annoying one.

Sure, in the end she was selfless and showed that she did care about others and the pain she had caused. But when she was just living as a normal teen, she sucked. Buffy was just off saving the world and Dawn was there complaining about her older sister and how awful her own life was. Typical self-centered teen who needs to learn what matters, fighting those demons!

13 Dana Brody – Homeland

You can’t have a most-hated list without including Dana Brody of Homeland, the typical annoying angsty teen who needs to calm down and grow up. She has one of the worst attitudes in TV history. I feel bad for the actress since everyone hates Dana so much. But the faces she makes are just over the top.

She plays with other’s emotions and is the typical depressed, suicidal teen, begging for attention. And how many times can she say “Dad. Dad? Dad!” before we’ve had enough? The answer is one. How many times has she said it? About a thousand. People literally quit watching the show because she got too annoying around season two. That is a really sad character that could make people quit watching the show!

12 Cousin Oliver – The Brady Bunch


How many times can a character on a show spawn a new syndrome? This one is known as Cousin Oliver Syndrome and it is the result of adding a new character to a show when they need to appeal to a different demographic. Because, you know, everyone is getting old and they can’t just replace the whole cast. Whenever Cousin Oliver Syndrome is added to a show, it means it’s the last season.

Who was the first Cousin Oliver? Um…Cousin Oliver, who was meant to be cute but was really more annoying than the Problem Child. Since The Brady Bunch, it has happened too many times to count, especially in the 80s and 90s. But none of them will be as annoying as the original, the real Cousin Oliver.

11 Caillou - Caillou

He’s just a kid who’s four, guys. Growing up isn’t so tough for him, unless he’s had enough. Enough what, Caillou? Cash ME ousside, Caillou, how bout dat? Let’s show you what enough is. You woke up on the wrong side of the bed, well then go back to bed until you can act like a four-year-old instead of a mentally unstable spoiled adult who needs to be locked up.

There is no doubt in my mind that 99% of people who have seen this show despise this kid. Even kids who watched it knew that Caillou was a brat. All of his friends, who of course included someone from each ethnic background, were decent kids. Even Rosie wasn’t bad. But Caillou was the worst and none of his guardians (parents or grandparents) did a thing about it other than pat him on the back and say, “good job!”

10 Angelica Pickles – Rugrats


Your typical spoiled brat. She was more manipulative than Caillou, but honestly, I liked her more than him. She would actually stick up for the babies on occasion and had her moments. Still, the worst part about her was that she represented every spoiled kid you knew. The other worst part? That her counterpart, Susie Carmichael, the other kid her age, was pretty much perfect. It shows you the differences in how a three-year-old can be. The only character more annoying than Angelica was her mom, the reason that Angelica was the way she was.

You know, not a single soul didn’t like this show and not a single one of those viewers like Angelica. Yes, it’s okay if you secretly wanted to flush Cynthia down the toilet.

9 Sarah – Ed, Edd, n Eddy

Ed was so innocent, as dumb as he was. Then we have his awful sister Sarah. Jimmy, the spoiled brat was bad. Kevin, the bully was unlikable. But none of them trump Sarah. She was the worst! The show was pretty stupid, no one can argue that. But you still watched it, so I think Cartoon Network wins on that one.

Sarah was abusive and manipulated everyone around her, even her mother who hated Ed and spoiled Sarah.

We really wish that we could let the frightening Kanker sisters loose on her. Remember the bully girls who were obsessed with the Eds? The literal only person she is remotely nice to is Jimmy and occasionally Double D, who she often has a crush on. All around though, she’s the most annoying character on the show.


8 Megan Parker – Drake & Josh


Megan. That is pretty much all that is needed. Just a simple…Megan. You know who I’m talking about: Drake’s bratty younger sister. Sure, it’s easy for her to abuse Drake and Josh because Drake is an idiot and Josh has no common sense. But really…we all disliked her strongly, so much so that no one wanted to watch iCarly when it came out, because it also starred Miranda Cosgrove.

In general, she doesn’t seem to have an evil heart, and she has been seen helping her brothers out. But she would deny this to no end and is seen trying to cause them as much misery as possible the majority of the time. The worst part is that her brothers are still protective over her and she hides everything she does as she feigns innocence in front of their parents.

7 D.W. Read – Arthur

So, truthfully, D.W. does love Arthur, she just has an awful way of showing it. And Arthur really isn’t nice to her either. But, there really isn’t any excuse for her actions. She isn’t just annoying to Arthur in every way, but she is beyond dramatic when she doesn’t get her way. To make things worse, she watches shows like Mary Moo Cow and listens to songs like "Crazy Bus" that drive Arthur crazy.

She is the first in the series to throw a more dramatic style of a Caillou fit. She has good points, such as her kindness to her sister Kate, after the initial shock of not being the baby anymore. But still, if you watched the show while you were Arthur’s age, you no doubt hated the girl.

6 Max…and Ruby – Max and Ruby


This one has to be a tie, so I’ll put them as one. Max and Ruby. Ruby and Max. Who is more annoying? For one, what kind of four-year-old can’t talk? What kind of four-year-old will not listen to a word you say and runs around teaching the real four-year-olds that they should act like one-year-olds. He does whatever he wants!

Then there’s Ruby, who thinks she’s 32, and no one likes that 6-8-year-old who thinks they should have adult privileges. But you have to hand it to her, she is pretty much given sole responsibility for her little brother. Still, she’s super whiny and bossy and is constantly not letting Max do anything. But does this really make her more annoying than the one-word-speaking Max who has no respect?

5 Veruca Salt – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This one isn't from TV, but she was so bad we had to include her. The epitome of a spoiled, overprivileged brat. Most of us know the version of Veruca from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 1971, the one where she was said to be a bad egg by the factory and thrown in the garbage disposal. Win for us.

Many of us couldn’t help but laugh at all of her antics with wide eyes, thinking, “If I ever acted like that, I don’t even know what my parents would do.” She was unruly and as much as her father loved her, he really didn’t like her. Charlie was the only one who saw any good in her, thinking that her parents must really love her if they give her so many gifts. Her mother must really not care about anyone but herself if she lets her act like this, Charlie.

4 Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead


Stay in the house, Carl! Please! The kid has caused more trouble than anyone on the show. He is always trying to prove something and has never once listened to anything anyone has told him. He even tries to be brave, getting him into more trouble than before. Sure, he had his moments and his seasons, but those first seasons were the worst, and he’s had quite a few awful moments these last Negan seasons too. Does he even know that whatever he does affects Rick greatly and will cause Rick to do irrational things? The man has been through enough and is fairly mentally unstable these days. Whatever he does will affect the entire group. No group equals no show. So please, just stay in the house, Carl.

3 Randall J. Weems – Recess

Recess was such a good show! We all loved it. Every main character from the group was just so lovable, and admit it, you had a favorite. You are allowed to like any of them...except Randall. He was just too awful. Seriously, no one likes the kid who spends all of his time with a teacher and is labeled a snitch. We all know what snitches get! Everyone dislikes him, which cannot be said for anyone else on the playground.

The Ashleys were annoying, but they were nothing compared to Randall. Then we have bullies like Kurst the Worst and Gelman who are less hated than the tattle tale. I challenge you to tell me a Recess character who even comes close! It’s not as easy as it sounds! That show rocked.

2 Nanette Manoir – Angela Anaconda


Common, remember her? “Hi, I’m Angela Anaconda, and I hate Nanette Manoir!” So do we, Angela, so do we. Why must all of these kids be rich? I guess you have to be rich to be spoiled? Who knows! Nanette is the teacher’s pet due to her ability to manipulate people. She can often be seen tricking adults into thinking Angela did something that Nanette herself actually did.

The worst part about her isn’t her nastiness but her ability to hide it from those around her. She treats the other children badly and only a few adults can see through her. The show was pretty annoying all around and a lot of people don’t even like Angela. But the typical rich kid with a valley girl accent who acts like an angel around others…yeah, she deserves no praise.

1 Bella Swan – Twilight

Okay, we have one more entry that isn't from a TV show, but she's still pretty awful. There are annoying helpless screaming little girls like the role Dakota Fanning played in War of the Worlds. There are borderline series-ruining roles like both kid Anakin Skywalker and teen Anakin Skywalker. Then there’s Bella Swan. Sure, she’s not a “kid” in most of the Twilight movies, but she sure acts like one. And in the first movie, she’s just a teen, anyway.

She acts like the overly withdrawn, never smiling (don’t even) teenage girl who wants everyone to think she cuts herself. Besides the angst, she’s also weak, flirty, and has no ambition. Oh yeah, and she leaves her entire life behind for a man. Again, with the no ambition. But more than anything, I’m saying it again, it’s that frown that just won’t turn upside down.

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