15Castle and Kate (Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic) From Castle

In the real world, it’s pretty rare for someone to fall in love with a person whom they hated the first time they met. For whatever reason, though, this seems to happen all the time on TV, and Castle wasted no time in having its main characters go from enemies

to lovers. Of course, the only reason Detective Kate Beckett initially hated author Richard Castle seems to be his profession, as she feels that a mystery novelist doesn’t have much insight to offer the NYPD. Once they get to know one another better and she sees his personality, they slowly come to understand one another and, in time, even fall in love. In contrast to this gradually developing love story, by the time Castle was nearing a close, Stana Katic apparently couldn’t stand to be near Nathan Fillion. Well, that’s what the tabloids want people to believe, anyway. All we really know for sure is that Katic was prepared to leave the show after season eight, whether ABC renewed it or not, while Fillion was happy to stay on board, and most insiders believed her departure was due to mounting tensions between the two.

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