15 TV Cops Who Can Handcuff Us Any Time

There’s something about women cops that just appeals to men. A hot lady with a badge, handcuffs and a gun just exudes authority and something special and many a man is intrigued by that. Television has used that for decades as a female cop adds something special to a show and a great way to bring people in. From the days of Angie Dickinson on Police Woman to the slews of series today, ladies in law enforcement are a great highlight to any TV show. It’s easy to state that many are far too attractive for real cops and most obviously chosen by looks alone. However, the right actress can make the role better, believable as a tough cop and thus ground the series more. But this is TV and so the hotter the lady, the more the role stands out.

There have been slews of female authority figures on TV over the decades in all branches. But just cutting out federal agents (which can be a whole other list), there are some very hot women who look terrific packing a gun and a badge as they go through their job. With cable offering even more choices, the pack gets a lot more plentiful but some stand out better than others. Here are 15 of the hottest female police officers on TV today, from patrolwomen to detectives and how fans would love to get pulled over by them sometime.


15 Stacy Sheridan, TJ Hooker

In between his iconic role of Captain Kirk and his Emmy-winning turn as Denny Crane, William Shatner starred in this hit ABC series. He played the title role of a former detective who goes back to being a patrolman as he enjoys being back on the streets and helping rookie cops. In her breakout role, Heather Locklear played Stacy, a rookie cop who Hooker was unsure about but soon respected. The show had already been a success in its first season but the addition of Locklear in the second helped make it a real hit. Her massive mane of hair was perfect for the time, maybe not what a real female cop would wear but it sure helped her when she was on screen. This being Locklear, the actress got to show off a bit, including bikini scenes and some “undercover” work such as an exotic dancer. As pretty much the only woman on the show, she got the majority of hot scenes and did great with them. It was the role that made Locklear a name in Hollywood and her Stacy a cop viewers hooked onto fast.

14 Joss Carter, Person Of Interest


Taraji P. Henson already had experience playing a cop on the Lifetime series The Division. She had roles in various movies and TV shows before joining CBS’s procedural drama which morphed into a gripping modern sci-fi tale. Carter was a top detective investigating a mysterious man named Reese (Jim Cavizel) who was stopping crimes. At first, she was hunting him but eventually realized they were better off working together. Carter was tough as nails, a single mom doing her best to help her kid and not above bending the rules to get the job done. She could get some hot stuff such as showing off in a club in a hot dress to draw out a predator. This was also a woman who could pack a grenade launcher to take on the Russian mob. She was shockingly killed off having taken down a band of corrupt cops which fans were rocked by. Henson can’t complain as it freed her up for her role as Cookie on Empire. Yet Carter is also a favorite part of a woman who sure kept viewers interested.

13 Chloe Decker, Lucifer

Most thought Fox’s adaptation of the Vertigo comic would flop. The Devil coming to Los Angeles and helping the police solve murders? A stupid concept yet the show has instead become a hit due for a third season this fall. From the start, the connection has been between Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker. The daughter of a B-movie actress, Chloe had tried her hand at acting and became famous for a hot nude scene. She realized it wasn’t for her and became a cop, handling marriage to a fellow officer amid various scandals. Lauren German gives the character a sardonic air and rolling her eyes at the antics of her partner (she thinks the “I’m the Devil” line is just a routine) and has to put up with him.

From the start, the show has focused on how Chloe is the only woman who’s not instantly attracted to Lucifer and he actually likes the challenge. She gets some hotter stuff like a drunken bar brawl and even came on to Lucifer when drunk but he turned her down. A new story arc indicates Chloe was set up as his partner as part of a cosmic scheme but Lucifer clearly wants something more from her. You can hardly blame him as under her cool demeanor is a woman who can get make even the Devil hot.

12 Dani Reese, Life


NBC’s series had a good push and drive but was undone by a few factors. Its first season was cut short by the 2007 writer’s strike. Its second was marred when star Sarah Shahi became pregnant and had to be written out and was cancelled soon after. Which was a shame as Shahi helped make the show something to watch. Dani had been a top cop but got too far undercover in a drug gang and an addict herself. While she got out of it, it still haunted her and led to become a woman prone to one-night stands and throwing herself into danger too much. Always ready with a sardonic line, Dani still had good insight and skills to help her partner (a pre-Homeland Damien Lewis) out and their odd bond of both being broken helped them grow.

Shahi was well cast, giving Dani an exotic air, gorgeous yet insisting on keeping to the job and not playing off her looks much. The sight of her in a tank top and jeans was always alluring and a memorable scene has her seducing her captain by stripping nude before him. While Shahi’s pregnancy kept Dani out of much of the second season, it did make her appearances more memorable and how she brought true life to this show.

11 Jules Callaghan, Flashpoint

Amy Jo Johnson will forever be remembered as Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Power Ranger. But she’s carved out a pretty good career since that show. She played a college student/singer on Felicity, a selfish bed-hopping jockey on Wildfire and a rookie cop on The Division. Her biggest role has been as Jules on this hit Canadian drama. A member of the Strategic Response Unit, Jules has to handle high-tension situations of hostage taking or raids. The SRU try to resolve things peacefully but Jules knows it can get bad and is ready to go into combat.

Johnson was actually pregnant when shooting the first season, so much of the second had Jules off-screen recovering from a gunshot wound. She came back quickly, still ready to rappel down a cable to attack a bad guy and yet also caring enough to talk a troubled woman off a ledge. She and teammate Sam had an on-off relationship for more steamy stuff and the series ended with them married and expecting a child. While she’ll be Kimberly to many fans, Johnson also made Jules a standout role only she could play.

10 Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Fox’s wild Golden-Globe winning comedy focuses on a New York station house that’s run more like a frat house. Andy Samberg gets the majority of fun stuff as Jake, the cop who acts like a 12-year-old much of the time. His cast of goofball partners is highlighted by Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa, a former ballet dancer who’s now the toughest cop in the division. She also scares the hell out of everyone as she’s prone to exploding in anger or cold rage, threatening anyone who finds out about her and seems to be paranoid. She states she never stays in her apartment more than a few days at a time and lives under an assumed name. She wears jeans and a leather jacket with an almost permanent scowl on her face and refuses to do anything remotely “girly.” But when she has to don a dress (usually on assignment and under protest), she can be very hot and her lack of charm makes her more appealing. While she may be a bit dangerous to know, Rosa’s appeal makes up for her lack of people skills for one very sexy officer.

9 Victoria Moretti, Longmire

Based on the best-selling books, this series (first shown on A&E then moving to Netflix) focused on the title character, the sheriff of a Wyoming town who acts like a guy from the Old West. Backing him up is his loyal deputy Victoria played by Katee Sackhoff. The actress was best known as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica but proved she could do great in a modern setting as well. That tan uniform looks very tight on her but Vic has proven herself as tough as any man in the town. She can play on it such as a scene where she does a dance at a strip club and as soon as she gets everyone’s attention, starts interrogating them. She started the series married but her husband realized she was more into her job and they divorced.

Vic has survived beatings, shootings and more with grit and determination and the fact she doesn’t play herself as a damsel certainly helps (she actually showers with a gun close at hand). It also helps to have Sackhoff always ready with a sardonic line and proving that she doesn’t have to be in a sci-fi setting to get viewers going nicely.


8 Andy McNally, Rookie Blue


A major hit first in its native Canada and then on ABC in the U.S., this drama lived up to its title, focusing on a batch of new cops. Andy was the daughter of a homicide detective who burned out and so determined to do right by the job. A smart gal who was a top student, she had a bit of a learning curve on the job but did her best. Missy Peregrym had a nice air for the role, bringing a youthful exuberance to Andy as well as a nice hot streak. She had some very steamy hook-ups as the series went on and often shown in her underwear to showcase a very nice body. Andy was the focus of the show and a reason it did well as her struggles and acceptance into being a good cop won viewers over. She ended the series getting married and finding herself now the lady ready to train a rookie of her own. Through it all, Peregrym made sure that when it came to being a hot lady, Andy was certainly no rookie.

7 Carrie Wells, Unforgettable

Few things could top a perfect memory in making someone a great cop. In the series (which ran two seasons on CBS and two on A&E), Poppy Montgomery played Carrie, gifted with a rare condition that allowed her to remember just about everything in her life with stunning detail. Needless to say, this makes her quite adept at solving crimes in New York City. Poppy Montgomery had already played a blonde-haired FBI agent in the long-running Without a Trace and so had the chops to be a cop. But dying her hair a fiery red made Carrie even hotter and boosted the role up big time. She had a fun sense of humor and some nice bits like putting on hot dresses to make money gambling (her memory great helping her count cards). Her usual outfit was jeans and a leather jacket that helped her stand out and many fans were upset when A&E canceled the show. But thanks to her hot hair, fun humor and her sexy way with crime scenes, Carrie remains a hot cop to forever remember.

6 Jane Rizzoli, Rizzoli & Isles


For seven seasons, fans adored the chemistry of the two leads in this TNT drama. Angie Harmon played Jane, a tomboyish cop who happened to look like a super-model. The genius was how she carried herself, dressed in jeans and t-shirts more than anything revealing and preferred a beer and a ball game over a fancy ball. Her banter with best friend Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) was so great that it gave rise to the idea they were more than friends. While her Texas twang seemed off for a Boston cop, Harmon still gave Jane a wonderful aura, handling the various aspects of the job, including a brief pregnancy that ended badly. This was a woman shot a few times, fighting a serial killer and more yet never backing down. That friendship with Maura was better than any of the romances she got into but when Jane cut loose, Harmon made her a hotter knockout than women half her age. While the show is over now, Harmon made sure Rizzoli remains one half of the sexiest TV crime-solving duo in recent years.

5 Erin Lindsay, Chicago PD

Some viewers joke on how NBC has gone a little crazy with their “Chicago-verse” shows. However, you can’t deny how they pack them with some hot ladies. Chicago PD has one of the best in Sophia Bush as Erin. Growing up with an alcoholic mom, Erin was into trouble, getting arrested and taken under the wing of tough cop Hank Voight. Because of that, she sees him as a father figure and became a cop under his unit. Tough as hell, she’s also amazingly hot thanks to Bush’s own beauty and that raspy voice adds another layer of heat to her. She’s had tough times, however. When a young woman she was mentoring was murdered, Erin fell into her old drinking habits with a bit of drug use and needed tough love from Hank to break it. She’s had a very steamy relationship with her partner and in the field, has proven she can handle a gun and knock out a guy easily. No matter how cold it can get in Chicago, Erin on the job is a great way to heat the Windy City up.

4 Olivia Benson, Law & Order SVU


For seventeen years, Mariska Hargitay has been the heart and soul of what remains the last part of the once great L&O franchise. She’s changed her looks a bit, going from more of a tomboy to a more feminine look. What hasn’t changed is that Olivia Benson is still handling the worst types of cases in New York City. She’s seen it all, from brutal sexual assaults to kidnapping and more but still comes in to seek justice for those who need it. The job is her life, she openly acknowledges it and knows the cost it carries. Benson has had a few boyfriends but really she’s married to her work and knows it. She has adopted a child and doing her best balancing that with her brutal job yet it’s tough when she sees the worst of humanity so often. Benson is tough, handling being captured by a brutal killer and doing great bouncing back from it. She doesn’t show off that much which actually makes her sexier as that steely gaze and cool drive are a key reason fans keep tuning in to make this rough show a lot more watchable.

3 Kate Beckett, Castle

Intended to be just a filler spring series, Castle turned into a huge hit that ran for eight season on ABC. The first episode had Nathan Fillion as the title character, Richard Castle, a mystery writer trying to find a new muse. Enter Kate Beckett, a detective needing his insight to a case. Soon, the two were working together to solve murders. Stana Katic was fun in the role, making Beckett a tough cop annoyed at Castle hanging around but they found a good partnership. From the start, the obvious tension drove the series and the banter between the two won over viewers. Finally, in the fifth season, the two got together to begin a fun romance that gave Beckett more chances to show off a sexy side. They were eventually married with Beckett showing her tough side from solving her mother’s murder to standing up to terrorists to a bit where she’s shot and stitches the wound herself.

The show ended amid controversy when Katic announced she was leaving and it came out she and Fillion had been fighting on set for years. Thankfully, the network realized fans wouldn’t want the series without her and canceled it on a good ending. That speaks volumes to how loved Beckett was as most thought she was the true queen of this Castle.

2 Kono Kalakaua, Hawaii Five-O


From the start, CBS’ reboot of the classic cop series has been winning over viewers with its exciting episodes set in the island state. Naturally, ladies are shown looking very hot on this show and Kono is a prime example. Grace Park was well known for her role as Boomer/Athena on Battlestar Galactica that gave her some very sexy stuff. Kono was a former surfer whose pro career was ruined by an injury. She thus graduated the police academy and soon recruited into Hawaii Five-O. Naturally, Park is given plenty of chances to show off in a bikini, including one episode where she actually gives chase to some female bank robbers on surfboards. She also dresses up in hot outfits for various undercover assignments.

However, Kono is also tough as nails (one episode has her fighting to stay alive when marooned in the ocean) and her marriage shows a softer side to herself. While it’s easy to say she’s there to look great, Kono is able to pack plenty of punch to go with her sexiness and is as alluring and exotic as the islands themselves.

1 Detective Harlee Santos, Shades Of Blue

It is absolutely astounding that Jennifer Lopez looks as hot as ever at the age of 47. Having conquered music, movies and social media, J’Lo made her first regular starring TV role in 2016 in this NBC drama. Harlee is hardly a great cop, however. Yes, she’s good on the job but she and the rest of her unit are all on the take, pressured by their boss Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta) who sees Harlee as a daughter. A single mom, Harlee is willing to look the other way to help provide for her daughter and thus sees skimming off of crooks and drug busts okay. This bites her when she’s busted by the FBI who force her to become an informant on her team or she gets sent to jail.

Lopez looks amazing in the role with great sexy stuff as she has to handle drug busts, an FBI agent obsessed with her (he hires escorts to dress and act like Harlee) and her abusive ex. Indeed, the first season ends with Harlee killing the guy when he attacks her and covering it up. Lopez gets some very sexy scenes with some hookups and showcases that amazing body. Anything Lopez does is hot as hell and she makes Harlee one of the sexiest cops on TV today.


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