15 TV Characters That Would Make The Worst Best Friend

They say that as an adult it becomes more and more difficult to make new friends. Not just new friends but to find that special person who "gets you" and claims the title of your best friend. A lot of adults will say that they haven't had any true best friends since they were younger; maybe the idea of friendship changes as you grow up or maybe it's just easier to make friends when we're younger. Whatever the reason, a lot of people's best friends have been their friend for years.

Whether that's good or not is a different topic, but the fact is we keep our best friends mainly because we've known them for so long and not because we particularly like them any more. We feel that a lot of friendships on TV are exactly the same, otherwise why would anyone be friends with these people? Some characters were just such awful friends that, if they were real, we would never want to be friends with them! Here's our list of 15 TV characters that make terrible best friends and you would avoid them at any party in case they latched onto you!

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15 Rachel Green - Friends

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We start our list with arguably one of the most popular sitcom characters, from one of the most popular sitcoms, in the last 20 years or so. Friends told the story of 6 New Yorkers living their lives and trying to find love. Well actually, it was 5 New Yorkers, who were all quite happy in life, until Rachel Green burst in on them, after leaving a man at the altar! Still in her wedding dress, she demanded to stay with Monica and since then she has been pretty much ruining all of their lives.

It may be interesting to know that, originally, the writers of Friends wanted Monica Geller to be the central character of the show. However, it soon became clear that Rachel Green took center stage. The writers say they changed it but we think that the sheer selfish, drama queen, daddy's little princess that is Rachel Green actually took over the show. After all, she's pretty much taken over everyone else's lives within the group.

14 Piper Chapman - Orange Is The New Black 

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There's no denying that Orange Is The New Black was a bit of revelation of a TV show when it hit our screens via the giants of streaming, Netflix. Taking a normal and everyday woman and having her end up in prison became addictive viewing. Obviously because this is a prison drama at its heart, the characters, especially the character of Piper Chapman, are going to change and be completely different from what they started out as. After all, that's kind of the idea of the show, to watch a "normal" woman react and change to a different and harsher environment.

However, it's fair to say that from the very beginning of Orange Is The New Black, Piper Chapman was not only a terrible friend but a terrible wife and person too. Not only did she hand herself over to authorities without consulting her loving husband, who she then spent the rest of the time whining and complaining about, and, in fact, blaming him for everything. She also pretty much destroyed every person around her who was trying to help. Piper plays the innocent victim but she's a true bitch at her core!

13 Fox Mulder - The X Files 

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Fox Mulder is a compelling and interesting character to watch. Having had such a bizarre and difficult childhood, Mulder's search for the truth pushes him to extremes as he is desperate to bring down anyone and anything that knows the truth. Whether that's government conspiracies, aliens, or the supernatural, Fox Mulder is a man on a mission and he won't stop until he's finished.

These qualities make him and The X-Files much watch TV. However, over the years, his treatment of his partner Scully has been truly awful. He has used his work connection with her, their friendship, and even their relationship to get what he wants. He has pushed Scully to breaking point, over that point and then back again more times than we can count. All Mulder really wants is an audience, someone who will listen to him, believe him, and give him a pat on the back for doing a good job. As an agent, he's one of the best, but as a person, friend, and lover, he is truly terrible.

12 Ted Mosby - How I Met Your Mother

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Ok, so let's get this out of the way first: many people have been split over the years about whether How I Met Your Mother was actually a good show or not. It's fair to say that a man telling his kids the story of how he met their mother could be considered an interesting take on the whole sitcom format, even though it took him so many years to tell the story. If they were normal kids they would have gotten bored long ago and found something more interesting to do!

However, we're not here to talk about the show itself, we're hear to talk about its main character, Ted, who is not only the worst friend but pretty much a terrible human being. Ted is not only selfish and self-centered (he is those things, but we could forgive him for those traits since he is the main character!) but he's also a complete tool to his friends and he whined, moaned, and complained constantly to them. He was so annoying to them that they couldn't do or be anything else as they had to drop their lives in order to help Ted with his.

11 Carrie Bradshaw - Sex And The City

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As with our previous entry, Ted from How I Met Your Mother, the responsibility from being the lead character in a show can be a heavy burden to carry, as your story trumps everyone else's and therefore they become selfish and self-centered by default. However, there are some characters that take this too far and there's no excuse for the way they treat their friends and everyone around them.

It's interesting that the character of Carrie Bradshaw has been held up as one of the most important female TV icons in recent years. It's true that her lifestyle and fashion sense almost defined a generation of women, but her personality? If this is what women aspire to be then we're all in trouble. Carrie Bradshaw is quite possibly the worst protagonist in TV history as she is spoiled, selfish, emotionally stunted, and has no interest in what her friends have to say unless it involves her. Who would want a friend like that?

10 Matt Murdock - Daredevil

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Part of us can relate to our next entry and why he's such a bad friend. The role of a vigilante hero can be a very difficult and dangerous thing and once you've made that choice to run around at night time beating up bad guys and thugs, then you want to do everything you can to keep the ones you love safe. Even if that means treating them like crap so they stay away from you. We know that, deep down, Matt Murdock always does have the people's best interest and safety in mind.

However, what we're focusing on for this entry is Murdock and Foggy. The fact is that from the very beginning of this Netflix show, and in fact from the very beginning of their friendship, Foggy will do anything for Murdock. He always goes above and beyond for his best friend, even when he gets nothing back in return. Once Foggy found out that Murdock was Daredevil, he was a little annoyed at first, but then soon came around and even provided alibis and excuses for his friend's constant absences. What did Foggy get for his troubles? Constantly being lied to and basically treated like he wasn't important enough to Murdock. Foggy can do better.

9 Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time 

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Once Upon A Time is a magical TV show in which the characters and stories from the most popular fairy tales get trapped in the real world and they're all waiting for a "savior" to come and rescue them and to save both worlds. That savior is Emma Swan.

As with any person or character that is given the title "Savior" or "Chosen One," the responsibility and pressure of that title, as well as everyone treating you like some kind of god, can go to your head and that's definitely the case with Emma Swan. Not only does she think she's above people but all the fairy tale folk that she's trying to save constantly go out of their way for Swan and is she appreciative? Absolutely not. Also, she is constantly getting help and advice from her friends, which she ignores and she doesn't seem to take anyone's feelings or thoughts into consideration. It may be tough being the "Chosen One," but as a friend, Emma Swan sucks!

8 Fred Flintstone - The Flintstones 

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With our next entry we go back to the golden days of TV. Way back in the 1950s and 60s, everyone had good morals and values. We always hear about the "good old days" and how everyone respected everyone, a time when you could leave your door open and no one would come in and everyone was just a better person in general. What a time to be alive right?

Not really, especially when we take a look at the TV shows that were on at the time. Taking the popular Flintstones cartoon and the main man himself, Fred Flintstone, we can see what kind of age this was. Fred Flintstone is a bully, there's no other way to say this. He's always putting down his best friend Barney and takes out all his life's problems and shortcomings on his best friend, who is always there for Fred, even when he's awful to him.

7 Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock

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As we've already mentioned on this list with Matt Murdock, the life of those characters with... let's just call them "gifts," can be difficult and challenging. Although Sherlock Holmes isn't a vigilante and he definitely wouldn't call himself a hero, he is nonetheless a man who helps people and can do things that others can't. His vast intellect and powers of deduction make him see things that no one else can and because of this, his view of the world is very different to the rest of us.

It's no surprise that Sherlock Holmes doesn't have any friends, after all, he himself puts human emotions and connections at the bottom of his list. But he does have one faithful companion that would follow him to the end of the world and back: Dr. John Watson. Sherlock's treatment of Watson is appalling, as he constantly puts him down, and doesn't take his feelings or even safety into consideration. It's not as if Sherlock can't do these things either as when he needs something he can be friendly, charming, and even lovable but more often than not he chooses to ignore these human qualities.

6 Brian Griffin - Family Guy

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Family Guy is full of silly, ridiculous, and downright terrible characters. Stewie Griffin spent the first few seasons of Family Guy trying to kill his mother, take over the world, and pretty much do anything horrific to anyone. Peter Griffin is an alcoholic bum who has no consideration for people around him or his family. He often gets fired from his job for being lazy or incompetent and therefore can't support his family. Lois Griffin is a self-centered, whiny person who shouldn't really be a mother to three children, and the rest of the residents of Spooner Street each have their faults and issues. But that's what makes Family Guy such a funny and surreal show.

However, the character of Brian Griffin has no excuses for being such a terrible friend. Brian was supposed to be the sensible voice of the show. In fact, he was the voice of the audience and when everything around him was stupid and silly, he would be the voice of reasoning, reacting to what was happening onscreen. However, over the years Brian has been terrible, particularly to Stewie. He constantly thinks he's better and puts Stewie down, unless of course he needs something then he's suddenly Stewie's best friend. Stewie does everything for Brian, including taking him on several time traveling trips, and Brain never shows his appreciation.

5 Bart Simpson - The Simpsons 

Bart Simpson: the original bad boy and cool dude that set the standards for kids and teenagers in sitcoms for this generation. With his sling shot, skateboard, and multitude of catchphrases, Bart Simpson was the main reason we all tuned into The Simpsons at the beginning. After all, we all remember "Doin' The Bartman" don't we?

However, although Bart Simpson may be a poster child for Generation X, with his dislike and rebellion of authority and his constant pranks, but Bart Simpson is also a terrible friend. When it comes to his best, and possibly only, friend in the whole world, Milhouse, Bart is truly terrible. He is always keeping Milhouse down and not letting him out from his shadow. Not only that, but whenever Bart  finds something better or more interesting, he ditches Milhouse and then picks him up when he needs to. However "cool" Bart is, Milhouse can do a lot better and we wish that he would.

4 Phoebe Buffay - Friends

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Now, we've already had Rachel Green on our list of TV characters that make terrible friends, but our next entry is the worst friend of all the Friends characters. Phoebe Buffay is quite possibly one of the worst characters ever created. Yes she's quirky, flakey, and her hippy lifestyle makes her seem likeable and even lovable but the fact is that Phoebe is deceitful, manipulative, and an outright bad friend.

She constantly pushes her values and opinions on the group and dismisses everything they have to say, and not only that but puts down their opinions. Although she has been known to do some selfless things, such as being a surrogate mother for her brother when he and his wife couldn't have kids, which is obviously a very nice thing, she goes on and on about it, making everyone around her feel bad and suffer. She even goes as far as ruining Ross' wedding. Okay, so he screwed that up by himself, but when they got back from London she banned them from talking about it because she wasn't involved and therefore it wasn't important. The list of Phoebe's bad traits is so long that it could warrant a list all by itself.

3 Xander Harris - Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

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It's a weird thing but being a normal character that is surrounded by supernatural beings and heroes, makes you into a complete tool. Xander Harris has been in the middle of a supernatural battle most of his life. Being the best friend of Buffy the vampire slayer can certainly have its drawbacks, especially when you think about how his friends, such as Buffy, Willow, and Oz are all powerful beings and become even more powerful over the years, and Xander never changes. That can be difficult.

Although Xander doesn't ever have any power, he still battles with his friends and he'll do that till he dies, which is a good and noble quality. But as far as being an actual friend goes, Xander Harris is one of the worst. He spent the first few years toying with his so called best friend Willow, constantly dangling his affections over her until one day she was finally over Xander and met a new guy, Oz. Xander didn't like being replaced so he went out of his way to break them up, which resulted in the two of them getting it on! This didn't only happen with Willow, Buffy has had a few big loves across the seasons too, and with each new man that comes along, Xander instantly dislikes them and goes out of his way to put them down and drive a wedge, or stake, between Buffy and her men. Someone really needs to grow up!

2 Marnie Michaels - Girls 

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To be fair, we could actually include any of the characters from HBO's Girls on this list. We could actually have a list dedicated to how terrible the characters are to each other and just how bad at being friends they are. But for the sake of this list, the worst of them all, in our opinion, is Marnie Michaels.

Throughout the run of Girls, all the characters had their issues and problems in life and yet Marnie's were always bigger and more important than anyone else's. Everything that went wrong in her life was always someone else's fault and never hers. She would constantly shoehorn her life and problems into everyone else's life without any regards to what is going on with them. It's fair to say that the character of Marnie lacks the most basic human qualities such as compassion, empathy, understanding, and even listening.

1 Eric Cartman - South Park

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We all love Eric Cartman. The number one entry on our list of TV characters that would make terrible friends is the king of South Park, Eric Cartman. We all know that Eric Cartman is a truly terrible person, in fact he is probably the worst cartoon character to ever be created.

He's homophobic, anti-semitic, racist, aggressive, a bully, the list could go on and on! Over the course of the show South Park, Eric Cartman has treated his friends like crap and that's just the nice side of Eric Cartman. He has also started a hate group and fascist regime in which he wanted to kill Jewish people. He killed a school kid's parents and fed them to him as chili because the kid "tricked" Eric out of eighteen dollars. He abuses his mother on a weekly basis and does anything he can to get what he wants, no matter what the cost to people or his friends. It's fair to say that Eric Cartman is a truly monstrous and terrible person and an even worse friend, but for some reason we all love him for it and he is probably the reason why a lot of people still watch South Park.

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