15 TV And Movie Chicks You Would Sleep With (Even If They're Insane)

Hey all you guys out there, do you like bad girls? Now, before you answer that question, let me try to explain what I am talking about. The bad girls that I am talking about are not just your normal b

Hey all you guys out there, do you like bad girls? Now, before you answer that question, let me try to explain what I am talking about. The bad girls that I am talking about are not just your normal bad girl types. I am talking pretty extreme bad girls. Some of them are just total lunatics and completely crazy, and others might even well, kill you. So I can tell already that you are changing your mind and maybe now, all of a sudden-like, you don't like bad girls nearly as much as you said you did before.

Oh, but wait a minute, I forgot to explain the most important thing. These chicks are hot. All of them are just incredibly hot- so hot in fact, that you are still going to want to bang them even though they are incredibly insane. So you may have to go visit her at the insane asylum in a few months, or possibly she might be visiting you at the cemetery after she does you in.

Still though, it could be worth it. You only live once- how do you want to spend it? Alone, or with a woman who you are not really attracted to, or do you want to spend it with a complete lunatic, who also happens to be the hottest thing you have ever seen?

What follow is a list of 15 women from film and TV who are completely crazy,  but are so hot that you would do the deed with anyway.

15 Rebecca Evans- The Roommate


Leighton Meester plays Rebecca Evans in The Roommate, which was a psychological thriller released a few years back in which she turned into the worst roomie ever. How bad was she? Bad to the extent that she held her roomie Sara down in the shower, pulled out her belly button ring, and even killed her cat. She then killed Sara's ex-boyfriend and eventually tried to stab her to death. Oh yeah, and she looked super hot doing it the whole time. While it may be a bit of a stretch that guys would get turned on by someone that would kill our cat, our exes and then try to kill us as well, it really is not. Pro tip for all you ladies: most of us just look at how hot a woman is and then ignore all the bodies piling up. And Leighton is definitely hot.

14 Jessica Hamby- True Blood


Most of you know of Jessica Hamby of True Blood. She is played by Deborah Ann Wolf. Jessica is a newly turned vampire, who has to learn how to deal with all of the changes in her life that being a vampire brings. Deborah Ann is just hot enough to make us think that the vampire life just might be worth living if we got to spend a little time with Deborah Ann. Although let's face it, a lot of us already kind of want to be vampires anyway. Jessica had a hard time in life before she became a vampire too, so she comes by her crazy naturally. Only a certain type of guy is going to be attracted to a hot female vampire who had a rough upbringing, but I can promise you they are out there.

13 Nina Sayers- Black Swan


Natalie Portman played the role of Nina Sayers in Black Swan, which was a psychological thriller, about ballet of all things. But it really was not about ballet so much as it was about the pursuit of artistic perfection. Both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis starred in this movie, so if you like good movies check it out, and if you like hot chicks, well, it's worth checking out for that reason, too. If you have not seen it, Nina literally loses her grip on reality because of the pressure she feels competing for a role. But even as we see her descend into madness, there is still a big piece of most guys watching the movie going "I would hit that." Hey ladies, we went to the ballerina movie with you, we have to get something out of this deal.

12 Jean Grey - X-Men


Jean Grey might not be what you first think of when you think the word "crazy" but one certainly would have to admit, she sure is complicated. I mean she is a mutant with serious telepathic powers, and one has to admit that does not quite scream out "normal." But in this case, just like all the others, it is not so much the "crazy" that we are interested in, it has way more to do with how hot she is. Although Sophie Turner did Jean Grey a good turn, what really lets most of us get past all of the issues of hanging out with Jean Grey is picturing her being played by Famke Janssen, who is so darn hot that most of us would want to sleep her even if she were playing a bag lady on the street.

11 Chloe- Don't Trust The B-In Apartment 23


Most of us know Krysten Ritter as the really hot chick that Jesse fell for on Breaking Bad that died next to him in his bed, and that Walter could have saved but did not. She was hot as hell then, and could have made the list through that role as well, but I am going with her role as Chloe in Don't Trust the B In Apartment 23. Chloe has a nice little scam going on; she  keeps her apartment by inviting roommates to move in, asking for rent up front, and then acting like the worst roomie in the world until they leave. I have to say I really can't imagine her acting so badly in any way that would make me want to move out. Personally, I have a really high tolerance for nutty roomies that are incredibly hot.

10 Georgina Sparks- Gossip Girl


You have to love Michelle Trachtenberg; how could you not love someone who was in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and also stars as Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl? Of course, it does not hurt that she is hot, not even a little bit. The character of Georgina was different in the novel of the same name, where she is harmless and friendly although she has a problem with drugs, while the television show presents her as mean and manipulative and bent on creating havoc in others' lives. No matter how she is presented on the TV show, there is one thing that no true blooded man could deny- pretty much of all of us would ask her out if we could, no matter how badly she acts to those around her.

9 Marion Silver- Requiem for a Dream


Requiem for a Dream was a film from the year 2000 that was based on the excellent novel of the same name written by Hubert Selby. But hey you don't care about any of that, all you care about is which hot woman is next on the list? Well, wait no more, the incredibly hot Jennifer Connelly played the role of Marion Silver in this movie. Marion was not just a bit on the crazy side but also had a raging drug problem on top of all that. If you have never gone out with a heroin addict, the only thing to really say to that is "good job," but if you are going to go out with a heroin addict, which again we simply do not suggest, we do recommend that you attempt to go out with one that is as hot as Jennifer Connelly.

8 Fiona Gallagher- Shameless


Fiona Gallagher is one of the main characters on the TV show Shameless, played by the actress Emmy Rossum. Fiona is a different kind of crazy than a lot of the other women on here; she is more just insecure and doesn't feel adequate- especially around men. This all makes some sort of sense; a lot of women have these issues, but a lot of women do not look like Emmy Rossum.  It is kind of hard to think of Emmy having these particular kind of issues, because she is so sizzling hot. I do know there are all sorts of really beautiful women that feel insecure out there, and that this is not all that rare, but at the same point let's be honest, Fiona has some pretty serious issues going on.

7 Regina George- Mean Girls


Regina George was one of the main characters of the movie Mean Girls, which I do not have to tell you if you are a female under the age of 35. Seriously, is there a single woman of that age in the world who has never seen that movie? Regina is controlling, a liar, belittling, and mean, and she does anything to get what she wants. This sounds like an awesome person to hang out with, right? Honestly who would ever go out with someone like that? Oh yeah, but she is played by Rachel McAdams, who is one of the hottest women that one can find anywhere. So let's be honest here, Regina George can pretty much do whatever she wants, and we will still want to go out with her, because she just looks that good.

6 Niki Sanders- Heroes


Niki Sanders of the show Heroes is afflicted by Dissociative Identity Disorder, which used to be known as Multiple Personality Disorder. I have to think they changed the name simply because Multiple Personality Disorder just sounds so darn bad. Niki gets some benefits for being so crazy though- when her other personality, who is named "Jessica" is in control, she has superhuman strength. Niki is played by Ali Larter, and although Ali does not have superhuman strength, she does have superhuman looks. In other words, Ali Larter is gorgeous. So as a guy you have to ask yourself, would I go out with a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder with superhuman strength? Well, if she looks like Ali Larter, sure why not? What do you have to lose? Don't answer that.

5 Tiffany Maxwell- Silver Linings Playbook


Tiffany Maxwell, who was played by Jennifer Lawrence, was one of the protagonists of Silver Linings Playbook. Tiffany is a bit nuts and has some depression going on; the movie depicts her falling for a character played by Bradley Cooper, who is afflicted with bipolar disorder. This presumably was to show the American public that it is possible to be mentally ill and also be hot like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Either way I have to say I was on that train all along. Depression and bipolar disorder compared to looking as hot as Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence? Heck, I know we men get a bad rap, but I can tell you that I cannot imagine a single woman out there passing on Brad Cooper if he had bipolar disorder in real life. Sometimes this stuff works both ways.

4 Gloria Cleary- Wedding Crashers


Wedding Crashers' Gloria Cleary was played by Isla FisherGloria was hot, of course. I think it would be rather impossible for Isla Fisher to play any character that was not. She was also a tad psychotic and was totally obsessive. After Jeremy, who was played by Vince Vaughn, slept with her on the beach, it was pretty much all over for him. Speaking of weddings and crazy women, that is pretty much the perfect place to get lucky with a woman. Weddings are simply crawling with single women who are looking to hook up. Hence the movie, I suppose.  Although let's face it, a crazy woman who looks like Isla Fisher would have gotten snapped up a long time ago.  She truly is gorgeous.

3 Jennifer Check- Jennifer's Body


Jennifer Check is played by Megan Fox, so you already know that you are going to overlook any sort of issue with her. She really is that hot. The movie that Jennifer Check was in is called Jennifer's Body, in which Fox plays Jennifer, a demonically possessed high school girl who kills her male classmates while her best friend tries to stop her. The main point of this movie is the main point of this whole list- Jennifer is so hot that all of her flaws are overlooked, including the fact that she keeps killing people. "I think what I loved about the movie is it's so unapologetic and how completely inappropriate it is at all times," Fox said about the movie. I think what most guys like most about the movie is that Megan Fox is in it.

2 Hannah McKay- Dexter


Hannah Mckay is a character from Dexter who is played by the totally hot Yvonne Strahovski. Hannah was a teen when her boyfriend Wayne went on a killing spree.  She spent six years in juvenile detention for being his accomplice. She then meets Dexter, who at one point plans on killing her, but ends up doing the deed with her instead. See what I mean? Even Dexter can't handle it; she is just way too hot. They actually end up being a couple for a while, and even fall in love, although neither one of them had ever been in love with anyone before.  I mean, seriously, how sweet is that?  Yvonne, you could pretty much do any horrible thing that you could ever want to, and pretty much all of us guys would still want to get at you.

1 Santanico Pandemonium- From Dusk 'Til Dawn


Have you ever seen From Dusk Til Dawn?  If the answer to this question is no, then check it out. There are all sorts of reasons to do so. First of all, it is a Quentin Tarantino flick and those are always worth checking out. Next, you get to see George Clooney play Seth Gecko, in what is probably the coolest role he has ever had. But most of all, From Dusk till Dawn has Salma Hayek playing the role of Santanico Pandemonium, who is the Queen Vampire of the "Titty Twister", a strip club in a deserted part of Mexico. Salma Hayek is always hot, there is no doubt about that at all, but in this particular role it goes so far into hotness than you would even think possible. She might be a queen vampire, but you are not going to care. She is the epitome of the woman who is crazy, but too hot to be ignored.

Sources:  eonline

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