15 Ugly Singers That Get By With Their Hot Bodies

We all know that a lot of female celebrities are famous because they have hot bodies. It is not really a secret that quite a few famous women are only famous because of their rocking bodies and the way they show them off. Yes you might say the women on this list are talented, but they are no more talented than millions of other women out there. I know a lot of you are also going to say that these women are not ugly, but hey, if they are not ugly, then they are pretty close. You pick a word if you want: average looking, mediocre, garden variety, I don't care what you call them; these chicks are only superstars because of how hard they push their sex appeal.

Now I am not blaming them for that; if they are smart enough to use their hot bodies to be famous, as opposed to their beauty and their skill, then hey, more power to them. Women have been using their bodies to get ahead for years; why should these women be any different?

So go ahead, buy all of the albums that these women put out, you can even pretend that you really like them, but deep down we all really know the score - if you are a woman, you like these singers because they have the image that you want, and if you are a guy, you only like these women because their bodies are so banging. I mean come on, if you are a guy and buy any music these women have done you need to turn in your man card.

Here are 15 singers with super hot bodies...which is the only reason anyone cares about them.

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15 Geri Halliwell


Geri Halliwell has long gotten by on the fact that she has a pretty rocking body, and is not afraid to show it off. Even way back in the day when she was in the Spice Girls, it was not that she was ever particularly talented, or even that she was all that good looking. No, what she did well was always giving off the vibe that she was super confident, and also probably would shag you if you bought her a drink. Geri has the kind of face, not to mention talent, that would lead one to believe she would be a waitress, or in some administrative pool somewhere, and not a member of a very famous band, albeit one that was pretty awful. No matter how you slice it, Geri certainly belongs on this list.

14 Amber Rose

Amber Rose is a little bit more complicated than most of the woman on this list. First of all we need to actually establish that she is a singer. I mean what is she? Sometimes you hear her mentioned as a model, or a rapper, or maybe she is just a personality of sorts. Who knows really? Then to top it all off, this is a piece about women that get by because of their hot bodies. Is it really possible to say that Amber Rose has a hot body? There are some people that think so, but a lot of people don't as well. I mean how the heck is she even famous? And what is she famous for? One thing for sure is that she likes showing her body off, and she would not be famous otherwise. That, and the undeniable fact that she is not all that lovely, mean she makes this list.

13 Iggy Azalea

I already know what a lot of you are going to say, "Iggy Azalea is like totally gorgeous, what is she doing on a list like this, oh Leon you are so mean, you sure better be good looking to make fun of Iggy." On and on and on. Listen, Iggy Azalea is moderately talented. Iggy Azalea has a ridiculously hot body, if you are into that kind of thing. And yes, Iggy is not very pretty. At all. She is not world famous because of her face. She is not world famous because of her talent. She is world famous because she shakes her big booty around all of the time. You may say I am wrong, but that shows that you have fallen victim to the hype. If it were not for Iggy's body, and the way that she uses it, she would be working at the mall.

12 JoJo


JoJo is another woman who has a body that just won't quit, and a face that you wish quit a very long time ago. She has a decent enough voice, and is reasonably talented, and in fact started off as a child star after competing on America's Most Talented Kids. In fact, she was the youngest person to ever have a number one hit, which happened when she was just 13 years old. When she became an adult, two things really helped her move forward in her career: the fact that she has really good producers, and the fact that she has a really smoking body. Those two things will cover up for a lot, even the fact that one may not be the most blessed in the face department. Her hot body is the number one reason she makes it.

11 Lady Gaga


You don't have to be any sort of genius to know that Lady Gaga was going to be on this list. She pretty much epitomizes the entire thing. She obvious has a good body, there is no doubt about that, nor is there any doubt that she is more than willing to use it to get attention. For an ugly chick, that is just reasonably talented, she really has come a long way. And hey, I didn't mean that to be an insult, I am actually super impressed at how well she has done in spite of her obvious limitations. She has now reached the point where she performs at the half time of a Super Bowl, and people actually sit around, excited to see her! So I know you want to say I am a jerk, but be honest, if she did not have a hot body, would she still be a big star? Nope.

10 Fergie

Okay so I am going to be honest: it is not so much that Fergie is ugly, but rather that her body and her face are at opposing ends of the beauty spectrum.  Sure, she is reasonably talented, and yeah, she is not the ugliest woman that you would ever see in your life, I will give you that. But still, there is no doubt that the fact that Fergie has such a banging body is pretty much the entire reason that she is a big star, that and the fact that she undeniably has a bit of charisma. But listen, you and I both know that what I am saying is true, even if you don't want to admit it. She has some credibility because of her time with the Black Eyed Peas, and she is not totally hard to look at. But yeah, she gets by because of her body.

9 Haylie Duff


Haylie Duff is the older sister of Hilary Duff, and that is pretty much her claim to fame. She is kind of known as an actress, and is sort of thought of as a singer, she released a few songs back in the day. The thing is though that Haylie is certainly not very pretty, without a doubt she is not as good looking as her sister is, and there is no way that she got her recording contracts because of her talent, there are a lot of other women out there who are way more talented and never got a deal. You don't have to be Columbo to figure out she got to record some songs because she has a famous last name, and because she has a pretty smoking body. No, she does not look like a supermodel when it comes to her body, but she is close enough.

8 Pink

Pink is pretty much what this entire article is about. I mean if I had time I could just write the whole thing on her, instead of adding in all of these other women; it would not bother me at all. This chick is reasonably talented, but not all that much, and her face is okay, but be honest, if you were to see her on the street then you would not think a whole lot about how gorgeous that she is. Why? Well because she is not all that pretty at all, not even a little bit. Pink has two things going for her. One, she acts like she is super hot, so therefore people see her confidence and figure out there has to be some reason for it. But secondly, which is the reason that she is in this article, her body is smoking, no one can take that away from her, and that is why she is a star.

7 Aubrey O'Day


Gee, do you think that Aubrey O'Day is just famous because of her hot body? It certainly is not because of her face. Some might say that she is not actually ugly, and in fact, some might say that about any of the women on this list, but hey, ugly is in the eye of the beholder, and I am saying that Aubrey does not have a whole lot going on above the neck. Aubrey of course first got famous as a member of the band Danity Kane, and I use the term "band" very loosely. The band broke up in large part because of a fight that Aubrey got into in the studio with another member. If  I were to guess, much of that fight probably had to do with which one of them was hotter. Aubrey would be nothing if she did not have a rocking body.

6 Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus would not be working at the mall, under any circumstances. This is not because she is super talented, but it is because she had a very famous dad who helped her get a job as a child actress. Now Miley I do have some respect for. She is not very good looking, nor is she very talented, but my goodness, she sure has a lot of guts. She will take it as far as she possibly can, and always pushes the envelope. She is kind of like Pink in that she figures that if she acts like she is super hot, than people will think that she is super hot. The thing is, though, she is not pretty and she is not talented. One thing she does have is a pretty rocking body; as long as she keeps in shape, she will probably stay in the public eye.

5 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is someone who is one of the most successful female musical performers in the world, she is also someone that actually gets called ugly a lot, publicly. In fact one time so many people were calling her ugly on her Instagram, she started posting photos of their faces as well, and needless to say a lot of them were ugly. Here is the thing though, Nicki, you are out there shaking your butt around and trying to look totally hot. Most people are just sitting around on their couches eating Oreos and watching reruns of Room Raiders on MTV. They aren't trying to be all hot, and you are. But I digress. Nicki does have a super good body, if you like that kind of body that is. And I do. See Nicki? All is not lost.

4 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez


I know this may be in bad taste, a little bit anyway, as Lisa has left this world, after she was killed in a tragic car crash. Before that, she got a bit of fame when she set a huge fire in the home of her boyfriend, Andre Rison. She of course was known for being a member of TLC, which was a very successful rap and singing duo back in the day. The other two members of the band were without a doubt hotter than Lisa, and it didn't help that Lisa always wore a patch over her eye, which was a rather obvious attempt to be cool. And hey let me be clear, Lisa is not exactly ugly, but the whole thing with the eye patch kind of made her so. She did have a very nice body though, which overcame what was going on with the whole funky eyepatch thing.

3 Lil Kim


When one brings up Lil Kim in the same sentence as "Hot body" it does not seem to make a whole lot of sense, now anyway. She without a doubt does not have that kind of thing going on these days. But here is the thing, when she first started out she without a doubt traded off her assets to become famous. She would not be famous now, if she looked like she does now back then. Sure she works hard at it, and is reasonably talented but the bottom line is she has never been particularly blessed when it comes to her face, so she used to try and pull off this kind of "Hey look at my body" sex symbol kind of thing.  Did it work? Well it worked well enough so that she is still kicking around now, long after she should have gone away.

2 Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne always got by on being kind of the cool chick, the one that you wanted to go skateboarding with, and then make out with afterwards. Her music and her talent have never been particularly overwhelming; she has always gotten by with being someone that girls think it would be cool to be like, and guys think it would be cool to be with. And why is that? It certainly is not because of her face. While not quite ugly, she also is certainly not someone that one would call gorgeous either. Well I will tell you why. Underneath all of those loose tee shirts that Avril wears is a totally rocking body, that just will not quit. Her body is something she does not mind trading off to put her, and keep her, in the public eye.

1 Amy Lee

Amy Lee has struggled with her weight in the last few years, but back in the day when her band Evanescence first came out she was all about showing off her rocking body. Let's face it, the band was pretty average, but because of Amy showing off her body, they became huge anyway. Same kind of story as always. Chicks were like "Wow, Amy is so cool" and guys were like "Wow, I sure would like to sleep with her." She never was all that good looking in the face though, but hey, she was the lead singer of a rock band, and she had an amazing body, what more do you want? Two out of three is not bad, as they say. One thing is for sure, if Amy was as chubby then as she got recently, that band would never have made it big.

Source: Wikipedia

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