15 Tinder Mistakes Every Girl Repeats That Make Him Swipe Left

There is a myth out there that girls have it much easier than men when it comes to dating. While that may be true in some ways, that is certainly not always the case. There are many variables that come into play when it comes to online dating that may affect how women fare online. Although there are many popular dating sites and apps, Tinder stands alone with millions of daily users. It is probably the only app where you are guaranteed to have people to match with in every single area.

And when it comes to Tinder, it's well-known that plenty of people use it for hookups rather than serious relationships. That is especially true for women who are just looking to get the most out of it while putting in an only minor effort. But in recent times, it has no longer been a platform for one night stands as Tinder has welcomed people with different intentions, including those who are seeking a serious relationship. When it comes to men's profiles, we are all aware of the mistakes that they commit that guarantee them to not get any dates but not many discuss what women may be doing wrong.

We all strive to do our best on Tinder and we would love to have hundreds of matches to pick from, but that is not always the reality. It is presumed that if you look good then you are guaranteed to have men swiping right on your profile, but that's far from the truth with increasing cases of catfishing that have made men wary.

With today's list, we will go through 15 Tinder mistakes that girls repeat that make guys swipe left.

15 Having An Empty Bio

We can't overstate how crucial it is to have a bio in your Tinder profile. There is a general belief among women that they don't necessarily need one since they will always get matches. But it's important to keep in mind that quantity matters very little in this case and the focus should be shifted towards quality. To get the most of your Tinder experience then a bio is a must-have. You want to attract the best potential matches out of thousands of candidates, and while some men care very little what you have to say as long as you look good, that's exactly what separates the real men from boys.

A bio could have enough personal information to let your matches get basic details while also stating some of your interests, and what you do in life. A bio could have enough personal information to let your matches get basic details while also stating some of your interests, and what you do in life. Otherwise, every conversation is bound to sound like an investigation.

14 She Doesn't Have Anything But Group Photos

When it comes to online dating, one of the major rookie mistakes is uploading only group photos with your friends. Some men genuinely believe that less attractive women do so to confuse men and attract more matches. While that is true or not, that is the perception out there if your profile is filled with group photos. One is more than enough as you basically show the world that you are not a total loser, but you're overdoing it with multiple photos.

And it's not like your potential match cares to see what your friends look like, so it really makes no sense at all as to why so many women insist on showing off their cliques. Tinder is all about conveying confidence to strangers and group photos accomplish the exact opposite. Tinder is all about conveying confidence to strangers and group photos accomplish the exact opposite, so please make sure to keep them to a minimum on the app.

13 Too Much Information In Her Bio

While an empty bio is the absolute worst thing to have on your Tinder profile, there's such thing as providing people with too much information. It's hard to believe but some people do use Tinder as their personal diary where they spam strangers with details that nobody wants or cares to know. The bio should be straight to the point, containing basic information that interest readers.

Nobody is in the mood to read an essay about someone that they have never met the only thing that is guaranteed to accomplish is turn off someone who may have been interested prior to stumbling across your bio. Some people absolutely hate small talk and want to get it out of the way, but that's never the way to go. And not to mention, these are complete strangers who are reading your bio so do you really want them to learn everything that there is know about yourself?

12 Uploading Mirror Selfies

I get the appeal of mirror selfies, I really do. Some people hate having to ask their friends or family members to take photos of them, while others just prefer to be in control of the way they take a shot. But like most things in life, too much of anything is bad for you. If your profile is filled with mirror selfies, three thoughts immediately come to mind with the first being that you are narcissistic.

The second is that you lead an uninteresting life since you don't have any photos in public, and others may think that you are quite simply a loser. Prior to having a conversation with your match, the only idea they have of you is the one they gathered from your profile, which is why it's important to present yourself in the best possible way.

11 Not Connecting Her Instagram Profile

We are all aware of the term catfish by now, it's referring to someone who takes on a different online identity to trick people. There are plenty of catfishes around so one has to be wary as nobody wishes to be in that situation, which is why men aren't exactly jumping at any empty profile with hot photos. That's where bios come into play to assure your potential matches that you are in fact a real person, but there is another important feature that you must use.

Tinder allows users to connect their Instagram profiles to their account, so a couple of your photos will show up at the bottom of your account. Some women don't want creeps to follow their Instagram accounts, which is certainly understandable, but that's why you make your profile private in the first place, right? So it shouldn't really be any problem to those who value privacy as they get to do just that.

10 Claiming She Is Only There To Check Out The App

This is one of the worst Tinder mistakes that is guaranteed to get a large number of men to swipe left. We always see profiles of people claiming that they are only there to check out the app, but that angle is played out by now and paints you in an insecure light. At this point, nearly the entire world is connected online and a large number of people have used online dating, so there is no reason for anyone to be ashamed of being on Tinder.

In some cases, it may be true that you have only signed up to check out the app rather than get into a fling or a relationship. But the majority of the time it's simply an insecure person who is afraid to admit that they may be interested in meeting someone but don't want to come across as desperate. That's why it should be emphasized that there is no shame in using a dating app!

9 Coming Across As Rude

We have already established that not having a bio is by far the worst Tinder mistake, but putting up one for the sake of it is not the brightest move. You have to pick your words carefully to deliver your message in the best way possible to readers. If you happen to be a person who relies on their tone or sarcasm, then you are more likely to be prone to fall for this mistake.

At times, we might have innocent intentions that end up coming across in a completely different manner. One of the biggest turnoffs, whether on Tinder or real life, is coming across as rude to people. That is one mistake that is guaranteed to not get you a date, at least not someone worthy of your time. The way we converse online is different than real life, so always keep that in mind when writing a bio.

8 Lying About Her Age On Her Profile

There are many ways to create a Tinder profile with the simplest being connecting to your Facebook information, which basically takes what is already on your profile such as gender and age to fill in the blank. But there are people who have randomized their age on Facebook, so a 28-year-old may be shown as 18 simply because they didn't properly set up their Facebook account in the first place.

That will certainly change your potential matches and you will be looking at a completely different range of people than you might like. You can also sign up for Tinder by verifying your phone number, which then allows you to provide your own personal information. Some users are quick to put in anything just to get it over with, not knowing that you can't change it later on so you get stuck with a different group.

7 Overly Revealing Photos

The way you portray yourself on Tinder will determine the type of matches that you get. If you happen to be someone who posts overly revealing photos on the app, then your inbox is guaranteed to be flooded with men who are looking for a one night stand or a fling at most. If that is your intention then go for it, but if you happen to be seeking a true connection then it's time to get back to the drawing board and start the process all over again.

Revealing photos are fine but they are guaranteed to attract the thirstiest type of men who probably aren't looking for a commitment anytime soon. It is possible to be sexy without having a bunch of booty shots on your profile, as tempting as that may be, or else you are more than guaranteed to end up with hundreds of "DTF?" messages.

6 Too Offensive And Snobby In Her Bio

We understand the thought process of women who want to filter their matches. There are definitely some catches on Tinder but all women are naturally wary and want to filter out the bad apples, but there are ways of doing so without being offensive or downright snobby. There are plenty of people who list out their ideal match while claiming they would never date someone who doesn't meet their standards and let's be honest, they are usually plain offensive.

For instance, if you prefer a taller guy, it is not necessary to list it in your profile since it makes you appear shallow. We all have our preferences and that's understandable, but you may be turning off the perfect match for you by simply appearing to be too demanding. There are some things that are better off left off your profile and one must realize that not all of our thoughts have to be typed out for all to see.

5 Having Close-Up Photos

Men are usually quick to swipe left on someone who only posts close up photos since they immediately assume that person is overweight. Instead of trying to give a different image to strangers, we should all be proud of our bodies. There are plenty of men who prefer heavier women and that is perfectly fine. Regardless, it's never a good idea to just upload close up pictures since the perception may be that you are insecure.

That's why one must be proud of showing off their body at all times so you can match with people who love you for who you are. When it comes to bodies, men also have their personal preference just as women do, therefore they are always curious to see what you look like in full body photos. It could be a major difference in the number and quality of matches that you get on Tinder.

4 Duck Faces

Duck face is the one trend that never seems to completely go away as a large number of women insist that it's cute. That is fine but don't be surprised when you realize that men have been swiping left on your profile. Not only it's well-known that most men find it unattractive but if it also gives the impression that you aren't exactly the brightest apple out there.

For many years, duck faces have gathered a bad reputation since they make you look immature in your photos. While you are free to do so in a group selfie with your friends, do you really want that to be one of the few photos displayed to the world on your Tinder profile? There is an overwhelming amount of people who believe that doing a duck face makes you look trashy as well, so it's not exactly the brightest idea for someone attempting to find a serious partner.

3 "Only Here To Make Friends, Not Looking For A Relationship"

No one should be surprised if men choose to pass on swiping right if you happen to have those words in your bio. Tinder is a dating app where people are either seeking a serious relationship or a fling, there's no way around it. Men aren't there to befriend you and listen to your boyfriend problems, their intentions are straightforward. There are thousands of better places where you can make friends if that is truly what you are after.

Most people who include these words in their bio tend to use Tinder to boost their ego by getting attention from their matches. If you are only shopping for compliments then more power to you, but you can't complain if the matches are far from what you expected upon signing up. When you tell someone that you aren't interested in a relationship, you have likely already turned them off.

2 Blurry Photos

Some users underestimate the importance of presenting yourself in the best possible way. Your profile is basically your resume in the dating world and you have to be at your best to compete with other candidates. If you happen to upload blurry photos, chances are that men will be quick to swipe left. That's why it's important to determine what are the best photos that you have of yourself and upload them to the app.

In some cases, you may not be someone who takes plenty of photos but this is a great opportunity to change that for at least a moment by having a friend snap some shots that will surely turn heads on Tinder. There are plenty of women who are highly successful in the real dating world but can barely get a match on Tinder since they fail to present themselves the way that they should.

1 Uploading Irrelevant Photos

Your photos play the most important role in determining how you fare in the online world, especially your main one. And that's where mistakes are usually made, and it is sadly much more common than one would think. So many women out there are quick to upload photos that men simply couldn't care less about, such as their pets or favorite quotes. Your Tinder profile is not your Instagram or Tumblr, save the cat photos for later as they can surely wait.

You must be present in every single photo, that is the only time it is acceptable to also include your pet. Regardless of how cute your pet may be, your potential match who is a complete stranger to you at this point simply doesn't care to see before they get to know you. And please don't even try to be a comedian by uploading memes, that will only make matters worse.

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