15 Tinder Hacks That Will Even Help Losers Get Matches

Internet dating isn't what it used to be. It used to be ridiculed and looked down upon. People thought it was only for people who were total losers and couldn't get dates. But nowadays, more and more people are turning to online dating services like Tinder, and it's becoming very mainstream. Many people have met their long-term partners through Tinder, and some of these relationships have resulted in marriages. Of course, there are still those people that use Tinder just for easy hookups, but the app works perfectly for that too. Whatever you're looking for, Tinder can help you get it.

But not everyone finds it easy to navigate the world of Tinder. It's a deceptively complex app, and there's a very specific way in which the app's algorithm ranks you and matches you with potential partners. For some, it can seem hopeless when no one matches with you and you're left feeling even more desperate than you did before you started using Tinder. But there are many ways you can use this algorithm to "hack" the dating app, increasing your ranking and guaranteeing many matches and even dates. Some of these hacks are based on pure logic. Others take into account the way Tinder works on a very technical level. All of these hacks are easy to understand, and will make your Tinder game better than ever before.

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15 Like A Lot Of Facebook Pages

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A feature of Tinder that many people don't know about is its link with Facebook. Tinder automatically links with your Facebook profile, and there's nothing you need to do to make this happen – it's all automatic. But there's a lot you can do to make the most of the way Tinder interacts with Facebook. For one thing, you can make your profile a little bit more geared towards romance and dating. That means changing a few pics and making it seem more respectable. Another great thing you can do is like more pages on Facebook.

You shouldn't just go out and like every single Facebook page an interest, but you should definitely make sure to like everything that you're interested in, and make all of your hobbies and interests known on your Facebook. Tinder will analyze this and match you with other people who have liked similar pages and have similar interests to you.

14 Stretch The Truth

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While lying is obviously not the right thing to do, stretching the truth a little never hurt anyone. After all, pretty much everyone does this in their resumes when applying for jobs, and in a strange way, Tinder is like a job searching site for relationships. If you're a first year medical student, is there really any harm in saying you're a "junior doctor?" Let's say you volunteered at a kids camp once. Is there any harm in saying you work with underprivileged kids? Stretching the truth is okay as long as you don't go overboard.

Of course, if all you're looking for is a one-night stand, then you might want to just blatantly tell the biggest lies in the world. Tell people you're a fireman, cop, a brain surgeon, whatever. As long as both you and the girl are just in it for a simple hookup, they won't really care that much, and they probably won't ever find out that you were lying.

13 Make It Seem Like Tinder Is Endorsing You

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So far, we've just touched on a few minor tips to make your Tinder profile get more matches, but here's a real hack. People have been getting really creative with their profile pictures, and it's a great way to make sure you get lots of interest on the dating site. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and most people will make a decision of whether they want to date you within a few seconds of seeing your pic. It's your first impression, and you need to adjust accordingly.

One journalist posted an article where he explained an awesome Tinder hack. He fooled people into thinking he was somehow being endorsed by Tinder by changing his profile picture. He put Tinder's logo around his face, and added in the caption "match of the day" below. Of course, there is no such thing as "match of the day," but people saw this and assumed that he was being chosen specially by Tinder as one of the best options. This trend has now caught on and tons of people are doing it.

12 Swipe Left For Everyone

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Recently, a female journalist and marketing specialist tried an experiment on Tinder to see whether she could hack the algorithm. And she was extremely successful. It all comes down to something that was previously mentioned; one of the factors Tinder uses to rank you. This factor is choosiness and pickiness. The people that are most picky when it comes to partners are automatically ranked the highest. Tinder's logic is that if you don't like the majority of people you see, you must be really hot or desirable.

So what this woman did was swipe left for as many people as she could within a short amount of time. She did this for many days, and started to see insane results within just a few hours. She got hundreds of messages and matches within four hours. That number doubled in eight hours, and then rose exponentially until she had so many matches and messages that she had to delete her Tinder profile. This was definitely an interesting experiment, and it all resulted from swiping left on everyone.

11 Asking Her If She Wants To Grab Coffee Is Proven To Be The Best Method To Succeed

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So let's assume you've been matched up with a girl, you started messaging her, and she seems to like you. Now it's time to seal the deal, and go in for the kill. We're talking about asking her out of course. But what's the right way to do this? Honestly, this is one of the hardest parts about Tinder, but with the right tools, you'll be able to get at least a few dates. First of all, don't beat around the bush. Too much casual conversation will bore the girl, and she'll start ignoring you. Most girls appreciate it when guys cut to the chase after a few messages sent back and forth.

But what do you say when you ask girls out? Studies have shown that the most successful date requests are the least threatening. Girls probably don't want to go to a fancy dinner on the first date. They prefer something a little less formal, and less threatening. That's why statistically, guys who ask girls on simple dates are the most likely to succeed. The best example of this is asking a girl to grab some coffee.

10 Use As Many Pictures As Possible

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Your Tinder profile typically allows you include 6 photos. Use all of them. Don't just settle for one photo, as most people get suspicious when they see this. They begin to think that it's just a fake photo you found off the internet. Having more than one photo shows that it's really you, and it also gives Tinder users the opportunity to take a closer look at you. When they see more photos of you, including your body, they'll be more appreciative of you.

Some people might be suspicious of a really good-looking profile picture. They might think that this was just a perfect photo where the lighting was spot on, and the angle was just right. Other photos show people that the photo wasn't just a fluke, and that you actually look like that. So be sure to fill up your Tinder profile with as many photos as possible.

9 Learn The Algorithm

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At first glance, Tinder may look like a pretty simple dating site. This is only true on the exterior, because inside the Tinder app is a rather sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm is responsible for matching you with people, and ranking you as desirable or undesirable. But just like any computer code, it can be hacked and exploited. Once you understand how it works, you can use it to your advantage.

The algorithm analyzes three things: desirability, activity, and your own personal preferences. Desirability is pretty straight forward – this is how many women swipe right on you, and what type of women seem to be interested in you. The second factor, activity, is also pretty straightforward. This is the amount of time you spend on Tinder, and how often you check your profile. The third and most interesting factor is based on your own personal choices, more specifically how picky you are when it comes to potential partners. All these three factors are used to determine your ranking. You may not have any control over what women think of you, but you do have control over the other two: activity and your choices. This is how you can hack the Tinder algorithm: check Tinder every day, and message every girl your matched with.

8 ALWAYS Message Them First

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One of the simplest things you can do to ensure that you hook up on Tinder is to message them first. A lot of people don't realize that the vast majority of Tinder don't bother with messaging people first; they wait until they themselves are messaged. If you take the initiative and send them a quick hello, it will vastly increase your chances of getting a good result. You can only message people you are a match with, so if you're feeling nervous remember that you already stand a good chance of getting a good response. The whole point of matching you with someone is to minimize your chance of getting rejected.

We'll delve more into how you should message someone later on in this article, but the first thing you should do is just message them. As long as you message them first, you stand a better chance of getting something out of the situation than if they messaged you.

7 Get Help From Female Friends

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Guys may think that they know what women want, but they're often horribly misguided. What they might think is a hot or cool profile picture will actually get laughed at by most women. So how can you find out what women want? Easy – just ask a woman. Most guys have female friends they can trust, and chances are they'll be more than willing to help you out when it comes to building your Tinder profile. The number one thing you'll need their advice for is your profile picture. They'll be able to choose one or two that women will respond to.

They can also help you with other things like building your bio or even how to message girls and ask them for a date. Some guys don't have girls in their life that they can trust, but you can always ask your sister or even a friendly co-worker. Having a female set of eyes to go over your profile is crucial.

6 The Tools For Tinder App

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Of course, if you're really lazy, you can always just rely on a computer program to do everything for you. That's where the Tools For Tinder App comes in. This app actually allows you to get matches without doing anything. It automatically likes everyone in your area, and it can set you up with thousands of matches within a few seconds. There is literally no thought involved in this, as the app has an "auto mode" that does all your work for you all while your phone is sitting in your pocket.

Of course, you still have to actually message the girls you've been matched with, so this means that you will have to do at least some work. And if you were paying attention to the previous point about Tinder's algorithm, you know that you need to message every girl you get matched with to get a good ranking. So this could end up backfiring if you're not careful.

5 Put Your Hobbies In Your Bio

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Your bio is one of the most important things when it comes to getting good matches and dates through Tinder. Some people simply put four words in their bio, and those four words are their four main hobbies. Obviously you want to flesh it out a bit more, but putting your hobbies in your bio is always a step in the right direction. Hobbies not only help you get matches, but they also match you up with people you're genuinely going to get along with, and that's really important if you're looking for more than just a one-night stand.

Be careful when choosing hobbies to include in your bio. You don't want to choose hobbies that are potentially unattractive. For example, hunting might be your favorite thing to do in the world, but including it in your bio might be a turn-off to all those cute animal lovers everywhere.

4 Use The Two-Option Approach

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When it comes to pick-up lines, there is one method in particular that is going to give you great results. This is known as the Two-Option approach, and it can be used in a multitude of different ways. The general gist of this approach is to give your Tinder match options. They will feel less trapped and cornered if you give them some choices. For example, instead of asking them out on Friday, you could say that you're free on Saturday or Friday, and give them the option of which day you guys will go out. This has been proven to be very successful.

You can take things one step further with even more imaginative methods involving this approach. One guy invented a "cheat code" for Tinder that supposedly works every time. He starts off with the question "pancakes or waffles," then asks them "coffee or tea," and finally asks them "bacon or eggs." Then he gives them a message saying they've won a date with him, asking for them to "input their number." If they don't give him their number, he sends them another message saying "error. Number not recognized, please try again." Apparently this works every time.

3 Never “Super Like” Someone

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Tinder just added a new feature called the "super like." This feature allows you to show that you really like someone, and many people are not sure what to think about it. It's the same as swiping right, except that the person gets a special notification to show your extra level of interest. Although this is a cool idea, and many people have been getting on board with it, there are a few pretty major problems with this. A few women in particular have been vocal in pointing out its issues.

More than a few women have complained that the super like option is creepy and they don't like it when guys "super like" them. They see it as a warning sign that this person is obsessive and clingy. Some women have had these worries confirmed when they dated someone who super liked them. One woman said that she broke up with him, but he kept messaging her and wouldn't stop. He was super attached. So if you don't want to come across as creepy, you should probably refrain from "super liking" people.

2 The First Message Is Very Important

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When sending the first message to your Tinder match, proceed with caution. This is perhaps even more important of a first impression than your profile picture, and you stand the greatest chance of being rejected here if you're not careful. If what you say is boring and cheesy, they will undoubtedly ignore you and perhaps even block you. You need to come up with something that's really going to grab their attention and guarantee a response. This can be achieved in a wide variety of different ways.

If you're really lazy, you don't necessarily need to put a lot of thought and effort into your pick-up lines. One Reddit user swears that all he ever does is send his first name followed by an exclamation mark, and 60% of women respond to him. But putting in a little bit more work will result in better results, and you can get inspiration from the many clever pick up lines that are littered throughout the internet.

1 Things You Shouldn’t Include In Your Profile: Guns, Uniforms, And Animals You Hunted

via: cosmopolitan.com

There are a few general rules when it comes to profile photos. Following these simple rules will make your Tinder profile much more attractive. One thing that comes up a lot is the use of animals in Tinder profiles. Sometimes this is cute, other times it's a massive fail. Too many people use pictures of animal faces as their profile picture. Someone who doesn't want to reveal their face is a huge red flag that will turn people off, no matter how cute that puppy is. Another strange choice by many people is to include dead animals in their profile pics, like fish or dead animals from hunting trips. This is another general turn-off, and should be avoided. Even if someone isn't an animal rights activist, they're still likely to be grossed out by a picture of a dead animal. It's just not appealing.

Finally, you should try to stay away from posting pictures of yourself in uniform if you're trying out Tinder. Some girls are super turned on by cops and firemen, but many of them get kind of weirded out when they see something like this. It seems almost unprofessional and strange.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com, reddit.com

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