15 Times Your Favorite Nerd Put The Books Down

You wouldn't be alone if one of your top qualities when it comes to finding a woman attractive is the size of her brain. Below we have 15 of the smartest female characters to step in front of the screen, be it television or films, that surely helped (or continues to help) captivate the attention of any viewer watching.

But just because some of these so-called "nerds" were all about that book life in the show, doesn't mean that these aren't also 15 of the sexiest women in Hollywood.

After all, as you'll find with many of these women, once they put that book down they exchange it for some lingerie or some revealing outfits and poses that will make you look at these characters in an entirely new light. Whether they are sitcom favorites like Danielle Fishel or Melissa Rauch, or some big screen beauties like Margot Robbie and Emma Watson, we're sure you're going to recognize every entry on our list.

These are the 15 most provocative and captivating times that these actresses ever elected to make the intelligent decision (at least we're sure in your eyes) at letting the world see how beautiful they are when they step out of the classroom.

15 Alison Brie - Community

It's definitely disappointing that Donald Glover stepped away for part of the series Community but if you needed a reason to stay peeled to every episode, Alison Brie is as good as any.

The energetic and smart Annie Edison, we're sure the group would have had significantly fewer days at Greendale without her ability to help motivate the group into studying and paying attention (at least within reason!).

When it comes to the above photo though, it's clear that the main thing that Alison Brie was focusing on was looking drop dead gorgeous, and there's no way you wouldn't give her an A+ for that one!

Brie is a talented actress but has also lent her voice to projects such as BoJack Horseman and The Lego Movie.

14 Cobie Smulders - How I Met Your Mother And Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

There is no denying that Robin Scherbatsky was committed to her career, just ask Ted Mosby who found himself on the wrong end of the stick several times throughout the series. Though don't feel too bad for him because he does finally get her in the end.

Though it's not like that's the only time Smulders has played a character with an intelligent side as you don't get to become a significant member or S.H.I.E.L.D. by being an idiot.

You better be careful with your compliments around her, however, as it's clear she isn't any stranger to kicking some ass!

Smulders will be taking on the sitcom format yet again with an upcoming series Friends from College which will be a Netflix original and is created by Nicholas Stoller.

13 Kristen Bell - Veronica Mars

You have to admit that Veronica Mars would have made a pretty crappy private investigator if she lacked an intelligent side, but thankfully the talented and captivating Kristen Bell was outstanding in helping bring a believable character to the screen.

While the series was canceled after a few seasons and 64 episodes, fans got behind a Kickstarter for the movie and raised $5.7 million to help get it funded. Sadly the support for the actual movie was less strong as it earned only $3.5 million at the box office. Thankfully the disappointment wasn't enough to derail her career including rocking out on another sitcom The Good Place which premiered back in 2016 and will be coming back for a second season.

We're sure you'd agree that any good place is one where Bell is nearby!

12 Melissa Rauch - The Big Bang Theory

When Melissa Rauch was first appearing on The Big Bang Theory she was being introduced as "a hot chick" but it didn't take long before it became clear that there is more to Rauch than just a pretty face.

Plus we've also learned that she isn't afraid to let her feelings be heard loud and clear, so Howard best watch himself if he ever has any intention of talking down her intelligence.

Rauch, along with her coworkers, has been nominated for 4 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

While you won't be able to see her beautiful face, you can also hear Rauch's rendition as Harley Quinn when she took on the character in the direct-to-video film Batman & Harley that was released this year.

11 Emma Watson - Harry Potter Franchise And Belle

Harry and Ron may have sometimes teased Hermione for her intelligent and perhaps at times overbearingly passion towards education, but there is no denying that the trio would have been significantly worse off if she wasn't there to help save the day.

Watson is working hard at making sure she's remembered for more than just Hermione, taking on the role of another intelligent character of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. While both of these franchises were going to make sure her clothes remained on her body, Watson is clearly becoming more comfortable letting the world check her out in photo shoots.

Unfortunately, the world also got to check her out without clothes on her body when leaked photos of Watson emerged earlier this year.

10 Zoe Saldana - Star Trek

When it comes to kicking some serious ass on the big screen, you better not find yourself on the wrong side of Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Not only is she a tremendous fighter on her own (who prefers knives and swords, yikes) but it's not like she's going to be alone.

When it comes to straight up intelligence and Zoe Saldana though, we're going to give a nod to her other space-bound character Uhura from the Star Trek franchise; which if we're honest, allows us to check her out without her being green which you'll probably agree is a plus.

One thing is for sure, you won't be the only person running to theaters to check her out in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. 

9 Margot Robbie - Suicide Squad

It's really too bad that the Joker had to come around and mess up Harleen Quinzel so badly. After all, prior to becoming Harley Quinn and all kinds of crazy, Quinzel was a talented psychiatrist and was clearly fascinated by the human mind.

Perhaps that's why she became so obsessed with someone who truly is like no other person out there!

While Quinn may be crazy and have plenty of tools at her disposal, one thing is clear that Margot Robbie would comfortably be able to use her sexuality to help save (or perhaps more aptly, ruin) the day.

There are plenty of reasons to hate on Suicide Squad, but Robbie's looks aren't one of them and we're sure fans will welcome the character back to the big screen in the near future.

8 Rachel Bilson - Hart Of Dixie

Rachel Bilson's dream of becoming a heart surgeon gets slammed down in season 1 of Hart of Dixie, but her character is a talented doctor who has 4+ years of residency experience and then goes and works as a general practitioner.

If she's not smart, that series ends a lot sooner with a lot more tragedy as people find themselves constantly dying due to her failures. Though if that was the case, thank god she didn't get the job as a heart surgeon!

The series ran for 4 seasons and 76 episodes before the CW decided to pull the plug.

Bilson's character also has an intelligent element to her, including being part of why Ted is attracted to her when she makes her cameo appearances on How I Met Your Mother.

7 Danielle Fishel - Boy Meets World

When it comes to crushes that you may have had if you grew up in the 90s, Topanga Lawrence on Boys Meet World portrayed by Danielle Fishel definitely would be on plenty of people's lists and it's definitely well-known that Topanga knows a thing or two about book smarts.

She clearly also made what you would probably call a smart decision when she elected to strip off her clothes for Maxim, which is something that we're sure would not fly on the show!

No wonder Corey was so antsy to finally get to bed with her. With the recent cancellation of the series spin-off Girl Meets World, it is unclear what direction Fishel's career will take, but we're sure you wouldn't mind starting to see her make an appearance in movies.

6 Olivia Wilde - House

Olivia Wilde is considered to be one of the best looking women in Hollywood, but she was unable to save her recent television series Vinyl from getting canceled though fans of the show did get to check her out in her birthday suit. She had much more success with her time on the series House where she played the Physician Remy "Thirteen" Hadley.

Wilde has kept herself busy off the screen in 2017, appearing in a Broadway version of 1984 which you have to admit may be appropriate given the situation going on in America!

If you're left stunned over the photo of her that we've included above, you wouldn't be alone in hoping that she still makes some time out of her year to pose for various magazines.

5 Ariel Winter - Modern Family

Ariel Winter started out on Modern Family back in 2009 with a much different public perception than the one she has now as she was only 11 years old. Now at the age of 19, Winter is well aware that she is considered to be one of the sexiest young stars in Hollywood and just in case people have any doubt about that, she makes sure to keep her Instagram updated on a regular enough basis to keep her 3+ million followers entertained.

Her character on Modern Family at the very least is plenty ambitious in the classroom and while she failed to get into Harvard, is still attending school at Caltech.

Winter recently lent her voice to the big screen movie Smurfs: The Lost Village and Elena and the Secret of Avalor.

We can hope once her time on Modern Family is done that she'll be able to make a transition to the big screen.

4 Alyson Hannigan - American Pie

Alyson Hannigan Photos

This one time, in a photo shoot, Alyson Hannigan was looking super hot! While she may have solidified herself as a fantastic actress on the small screen with characters like Lily on How I Met Your Mother and Buffy the Vampire slayer, but no character of Hannigan's embraces her inner geek more than Michelle on the series American Pie.

The perpetually nervous, but endearing character, Michelle increasingly gets more attractive throughout the series (including the 4th American Reunion filmed years later), but you probably aren't going to be able to think of a moment in her film career that is hotter than then one we've tracked down for you above.

Hannigan's most recent role returns her to the small screen as she hosts the television program Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

3 Tina Fey - 30 Rock

Tina Fey drew a lot of inspiration from herself when creating her character of Liz Lemon on 30 Rock and her time working as a head writer for SNL. Which was great for fans of the series because Fey is beautiful, hilarious, geeky and all around one of the most entertaining women to ever step in front of a camera.

And just because you rarely got to see Fey show off her sexuality on the series (though she does dress up as Leia!), it's clear from the photo that we've selected above that she's definitely comfortable showing off her body when the right opportunity presents itself.

While Fey is staying off the screen, she is an executive producer on a brand new NBC series Great News which premiered in April.

2 Mindy Kaling - The Mindy Project

Don't worry guys, we aren't going to try and make an argument that Kelly Kapoor is the smartest cookie around. I mean sure, she'd be great if you need to get your gossip on, but that's more like putting the magazine down and not exactly the books.

That, however, isn't the case for her character on The Mindy Project in which she plays an OB/GYN and needs to be much more effective at her job.

Sure, she still has her ditzy moments that get thrown in there for comedic value but she's definitely no stranger to studying, after all, you don't get to be a doctor by looking good, but if you did judging by the above photo it's clear that she would be successful in those efforts as well.

1 Nicole Kidman - Batman Forever

Given that Nicole Kidman is Australian, perhaps that's why she felt all the sexier on the day of the above photo shoot which she took for the Australian version of Vogue. When it comes to displaying smarts on the big screen, Kidman's biggest claim to fame may come from her role in Batman Forever in which she played Dr. Chase Meridian

While Kidman's role ended up being similar to a damsel in distress, she still had the title of Dr and worked as a criminal psychologist which definitely means she got familiar with books.

We're sure she's hoping her next venture into the DC Universe when she portrays Aquaman's mother in the upcoming film goes better, though it's not like DC has the best track record going for it.

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