15 Times Young Cher Was Actually Hot AF

She reminded us, “I got you babe” before she asked, “Do you believe in life after love?” And those are just some of her most memorable moments. The songstress and movie star has had so many times that confirmed she was the ultimate babe. Whether it was her bone straight hair and iconic bangs (she could definitely rock the big, curly look too), or her stylish sense of fashion that dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, Cher is without question someone that has been looked up to for decades, and will continue to be an icon in music for decades to come.

We haven't even mentioned her amazing cheek bones that celebrities would probably pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for. And when it comes to her timeless music, many of her songs have gone on to be themes and anthems for love and acceptance. That, along with the rest of her oldies but goodies, could be one of the reasons she has been dubbed the official “Goddess of Pop.” Long before the days of belly jewelry and NSync vs. Backstreet Boys (and of course Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears), it was Cher who brought the mainstream and pop sound to the airwaves and to the small screen with unforgettable music videos. She was pretty much the definition of the pop era in the 70s and 80s but is still sitting pretty with a crown gracing her head when it comes to her music, fashion, and even personality. So take a look at some of our favorite moments that make Cher the ultimate babe.

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15 Her Hairdos Were Seldom Don'ts

Via: Harpers Bazaar

Cher could easily rock any hairstyle with confidence and ease! In the late 60s, she was known for her sleek hair with bangs. It was such a beautiful and natural look for her that it let her real beauty shine through regularly. She opted out of the bangs but kept the long hairstyle well into the early 70s. That was certainly another win for her too. And this whole section would be incomplete if I didn’t mention her long ponytail that she donned on the regular as well. As Millennials say today, “Yaaas, Cher is queen!”

And she proved it just months later when she still wore a ponytail, but traded the sleek style for a big, curly one and showed us just how diverse she could be. Other favorite hairstyles from Cher include the short bob and the two braided pigtails she often wore when she was fulfilling mommy duties.

14 Her Belly Button Made History

Via: ITV/REX (804510dc) 'The Glen Campbell Show' - Cher. ITV ARCHIVE

We’ve seen plenty of photos with Cher’s belly button exposed. I mean, anyone who has a physique like that would want to show it off whenever they got the chance. But, did you know that Cher was the very first person to show a naval on television? The Hays Code of 1930 banned belly buttons from being shown on television until Cher exposed hers in 1975. Considering it was such a progressive move, she revealed that she got in lots of trouble for it as the network was afraid this could become a regular thing. She once said, “There were so many things that were censored— ideas and words,” of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. “All I know is I got in trouble for showing my belly button, and every time I turned around after I went off the air, all you saw were Cheryl Ladd’s boobs.” Well, at least she made history.

13 When She Graced Vogue Magazine

Via: Youth Quakers

It's no secret that Cher reached a very high peak in the early days of her career; that includes the multiple times she was in Vogue magazine. The photo above is from the December 1972 issue. One time alone would be enough for a star, especially one who wasn't a professional model, to feel as if their fashion life is complete. But Cher went on to makes several appearances in the magazine known as the fashion Bible whether it was on the cover or featured in a special edition thanks to the daring outfits and gowns she donned at high profile events like the Oscars and the Met Gala (which definitely seems like the perfect dress-up situation for the singer). Her style in the magazine has been said to influence the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Kendall Jenner. As for Cher, she was inspired by none other Elvis Presley in some of her unforgettable outfits.

12 When She Became an Academy Award Winner

Via: CBS News

Cher expanded her brand and became even more of a babe when she took home an Oscar for her role in Moonstruck in 1987. She played the main character, Loretta, who was also a widow, but shortly found herself accepting a proposal from her boyfriend, who was played by Danny Aiello. Still, the story got even juicier when she started to catch feelings for his little brother, portrayed by the one and only Nicolas Cage. Who said classic movies couldn’t have a little drama? A little known fact is that she was actually afraid to play the lead. Even though she had already been nominated for an Oscar for her role in 1984’s Silkwood, she had concerns that fans wouldn’t see her as a real actress. It looks like they did because Cher won the Best Actress Award at the Oscars for her portrayal of Loretta in Moonstruck. Her most infamous line was, “Snap out of it!” when she slapped Cage in the face.

11 Did I Mention Her Oscar Fashion?

Via: Cher News

If taking home the award made Cher an ultimate babe, her style choices at the Oscars definitely needed a section of their own. She made quite the splash for her first appearance at the Oscars when she donned a two-piece outfit in 1974. Then, she was presenting to Marvin Hamlisch. She might have called him the wrong name, but she looked great doing it. She tamed it down in 1980 but it was definitely still sexy and revealing as it was a sheer halter dress. While she looked gorgeous in her beaded dress in 1984, it was her outfit in 1986 that was one of the most memorable. She wore a huge black Mohawk-style wig/headdress with a two-piece black, sequin dress. She definitely made a statement when she wore a sheer dress in 1988, when she won for Moonstruck. Even though she said she didn’t like the dress she wore in 1998, it was still a gorgeous one. She opted for a more casual look when she wore sequin denim in 2000.

10 We Want To Turn Back Time Too

Cher’s "If I Could Turn Back Time" video was absolutely amazing, as was the song. It was released in 1989 and came from her hit album Heart of Stone. She showed love to the Navy as she walked through a sea of men in the beginning of the video that featured a live performance. The video for the upbeat song also showed Cher wearing a sexy outfit that included fishnet tights with cutouts around her knees and a leather jacket, and of course a deep v bodysuit that didn't cover much of her body. Her dance moves are probably still seen today. She recently spilled secrets about the video during a recent appearance on The Talk in February. "I had such a good time doing that, and I was working with all the sailors and they were calling me 'ma'am.’ That was where they signed the peace accord. I was on a boat, like a speed boat, and I was in a carriage, it was a whole thing and then they cut all of it out and said 'That's what we want to see...get on that cannon baby.'"

9 Cher vs. Madonna Was Classic

Via: Pinterest

It was kind of inevitable that Cher and Madonna would go head-to-head a few times considering they were both considered heavy hitters in pop at the same time. They were beefing with one another before the word “beef” was even used to describe celebrity feuds. One fan asked her what she did for Madonna’s birthday and she offered up the best unbothered response ever and told them she got a “colonic.” If you’re like me and had to Google that, the word alone kind of reveals it wasn’t a positive response. If you’re still wondering, it’s related to a colon cleansing.

Dude, Cher is hilarious. She also clarified that she never had an issue with Madonna but rather just thought she was rude. Still, it was nice to see the ladies bury their differences for the Women’s March this past January. Maybe they’ll work on some music together! I would definitely be here that.

8 She Has No Problem Exposing Her Beauty Secrets

Via: Pinterest

Cher is without a doubt an ultimate babe even at 70 years old! And she’s okay with spilling her secrets to the younger generations who want to know how she does it. She was spotted getting driven around Malibu a couple of years ago, but she was nearly unrecognizable as she wore a white face mask while closing her eyes. On top of wearing the mask that many of us would be afraid to leave the house in, she credited her good looks to not smoking or drinking, along with great genes. Still, she was very vulnerable about her daily beauty regimen once. “There’s a team of five dozen people, and it takes them two hours. That’s the truth.” There has been speculation that she has received plastic surgery, but if she has, she went to the right doctor because she is still the ultimate babe and style icon that sets trends and makes unforgettable fashion statements.

7 Sonny & Cher Were #RelationshipGoals

Oh, Sonny and Cher. Let’s take a moment of silence to reminisce about their beautiful relationship. They did damage with their song "I Got You Babe" in the 1960s and even if readers aren’t sure of what the title is, the tune is instantly recognizable once you hear it. Another hit they had in that decade was “The Beat Goes On.” But many of us didn’t get to see the beauty of their real-life relationship in person as it ended in 1975. Still, it’s safe to say millions heard stories from their parents and their friends about how lovely it was while it lasted. It seemed like they had just hit their prime together because on top of major hit songs, they were stars in their own variety show that made it to the top ten spot when it was on the air in the early 70s. Their divorce became legal on June 26, 1975, marking the end of the beloved Sonny and Cher.

6 Cher Shined On The Sonny And Cher Comedy Show

Via: GetTV

It might have been called The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour but Cher was certainly the star! She had so many standout moments during the entire run of the series since it first aired in August of 1971. It went off the air after 1974 on the brink of the high profile split between the two former lovers. The show  featured not only music and Cher’s scandalous outfits, but let fans see the hilarious side of Cher in many of the comedy sketches. Of course, one of the most unforgettable episodes was when Sonny and Cher (you have to say their names in that order every time. It just doesn’t work the other way around) sang their hit song I Got You Babe together. Another memorable moment is when their daughter Chastity (now known as Chaz) joined them on stage. It was extremely adorable to see their lives together as a family. The show later returned in 1976.

5 When She Came For David Letterman In The Most Hilarious Way

Via: Hollywood Reporter

I love David Letterman and can’t deny his legendary status when it comes to late night television, and just the small screen in general. But I also loved the moment when Cher stood up for herself and offered him up the ultimate clap back during an appearance on his show.

She recalled the moment she called him an “asshole” and said it happened when she first met him, and of course it was all on the air. “In the ‘80s when I first went on Dave’s show, I remember him looking at me on the sofa as he sized me up, and it was as if he was saying to me, ‘Tom, right now we are working as a comedy team, but let me be clear: I am the major stockholder here sooo… if you are not funny, I will use the ejector button and you will find yourself in another time zone.” Interestingly enough, it was just revealed that Letterman paid Cher $28,000 for her first appearance on his show. That’s how it’s done!

4 She’s A 100 Million Album Baby

Via: Amazon

Can you guess how many solo albums Cher has sold? I’ll help you out a little – it’s probably much more than you thought. It turns out she has sold more than 100 million albums! That right there is ultimate icon status. Her album Believe from 1998 sold about 12 million copies. Her second most popular album is Heart of Stone that sold nearly 5 million. Of course her greatest hits album, called The Very Best of Cher did pretty well too and sold 3 million in 2003. That did even better than her first compilation album called The Greatest Hits which sold 2.5 million in 1999. Her release of Love Hurts in 1991 got her 2 million album sales. And these are just the top five. This success has landed her on the list of one of the top selling artists of all time. What else would you expect from someone who has celebrated more than 50 years on the Billboard charts?

3 Her Role In Silkwood

Via: Dallas Voice

Silkwood might not have gotten Cher an Oscar, but it certainly gave her recognition through a nomination. The film, released in 1983, also starred heavy hitters like Meryl Streep and Kurt Russell. Fans might remember it was based on the true story of a woman named Karen Silkwood, played by Streep. She, along with Russell’s character, Drew Stephens, and Cher, who played Dolly Pelliker, were employees at a nuclear facility. Cher’s character ended up being the one to raise awareness about the potential harm the chemicals could do to them along with their coworkers. Her heroic portrayal landed her an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress. It was certainly an all-star cast as Streep was nominated for Best Actress and the film was nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Cher once said she hoped that Silkwood would be a turning point in her career. It looks like it certainly was.

2 She Was One Hot Mama

Via: Cher.com

If Cher could rock any style from the Oscar Awards red carpet to looking amazing just walking down the street, it’s only right that she looks amazing donning maternity gear. And that she did during both her pregnancies, her first being with Chastity, who is her and Sonny’s child, who now goes by Chaz Bono, and the second being Elijah, who she was pregnant with shortly after her split with Sonny. Cher had moved on with her second husband, Greg Allman. Interestingly enough, Cher was pregnant with Allman’s child when she and Sonny returned for the second installment of The Sonny and Cher Show. She made many statements as she toted her baby bump for viewers to see. She opted out of her usually revealing clothes because apparently executives didn't think she should be wearing sexy clothing considering her recent divorce with Sonny. If only social media was around in these days.

1 Hat's Galore!

Via: Pinterest

Cher has become known for not just her style but her headwear that she uses to literally top off the outfit. She wore a white matching one that looked like it was a huge boa back in 1970. Word is she could barely stand up. That same year she switched the white to red for what became known as the “crazy disco bird” outfit. That hat was sequins complete with a big, red feather sticking out of the top of it. Cher could even rock a baseball cap and look amazing. But she did when she was spotted wearing one, also in 1970. She opted for a huge, shiny gold one for the 1978 Disco Convention Banquet. Of course we can’t forget the purple faux hawk look she rocked on the top of her head for the premiere of The Bride in 1980. And I have to make mention of the humungous head dress she wore for the 1986 Oscar Awards. She wanted to make a major statement after she was snubbed for her role in The Mask.

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