15 Times WWE Divas Revealed Too Much

Women that star professionally as WWE wrestlers, by nature, reveal a little too much. While guys get to be tossing and jumping about the ring in long pants, the women in the biz are usually scantily clad in costumes resembling underwear or bikinis. If a lady gets to wrestle in pants, she can count herself lucky. At least, that way, she's less likely to have a major wardrobe malfunction that reveals all her private goodies to the world.

Not that we're complaining! These women are in such tremendously great shape, we fans are grateful any time we get to see what's going on underneath those costumes (whether we swing that way or not). It's kind of a beautiful moment, actually. In the midst of such anger and carnage and tough veneers, something happens that reveals a subtle vulnerability about these women. It's touching, really, to see how these women can be so formidable and bad ass while also being so delicate and graceful. What a nice thing it is to have a moment of innocence and sweetness in such an aggressive, assaulting atmosphere.

Then again, sometimes, we get a bit more than we bargained for. While some accidental flashes and flickers of too much skin can be gorgeous, surprising -- even sexy -- some are just shocking moments where you want to turn away out of consideration. They are ladies, after all. So be warned: you've got the good and the bad headed your way, and you never know which is next! Here are fifteen WWE divas that revealed way too much.

15 Dawn Marie's Booty Cameo

It really seems like so many WWE Divas don't have costumes that are built to be wrestled in. It's ridiculous! How are women expected to wrestle in bikinis and thongs and high heels and clothes with silly slits and cuts? Even Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez would look at some of these outfits and laugh, saying, "There's no way I'm performing in that."

Well, Dawn had a bit of a struggle with one of these poorly designed costumes. While wrestling with Torrie Wilson, her pants (which had the weird hip slit on the side, as pictured above) burst at the seams, and her pants suddenly had a butt flap. Obviously, Dawn decided to go skimpier on the underwear that day (why would she need undies when fighting in pleather pants?), so we got a full view of all of her toned cheeks and her thong in the front. She went on wrestling for a moment with nothing covering her up, so we had plenty of time to savor the moment.

14 Sasha Banks and her Atomic Wedgie

We're having trouble not cringing just looking at the picture. Poor Sasha. Off. Take five and walk it off, honey.

Sasha Banks, cousin to the spectacular rapper Snoop Dogg, is kind of new to the world of Raw and the WWE, but that doesn't make her irrelevant. Don't go dismissing Sasha. She will lay you out (and not in a fun and sexy kind of way). She's usually not someone to go messing with... unless, of course, your name is Charlotte, and you are hardcore, merciless, and hold nothing back. While Charlotte was tossing Sasha out of the ring in a tough match, she grabbed her by the panties and yanked up -- hard. Poor Sasha probably lost her breath for a solid minute, and not because of being thrown. On the bright side, she's got an amazing back side that we were all glad to see! Here's to hoping for more wardrobe malfunctions but fewer wedgies.

13 Eva Marie and Her "Accidental" Top Pop

If you hadn't yet figured it out, a lot of the "wardrobe malfunctions" in the WWE aren't really unfortunate accidents; many (possibly most) are staged and planned. Well, Eva Marie is one of our favorite WWE Divas to pick on because her biggest wardrobe malfunction seemed to be ridiculously planned. It seemed like Eva was trying to stay out of the ring for a while. Whether it was because of a moderate hamstring injury or because of a wardrobe malfunction, she kept avoiding fights. Well, we enjoyed this excuse the most. Eva's top just didn't seem to want to stay on (we didn't want it to either, so it all worked out) and, even before the match began, it just seemed to pop right off. She covered herself up quickly by grabbing her chest, then frantically looked to the ref for help before bailing on the match -- too bad for us.

12 Nikki Bella and her Wardrobe Malfunction

Nikki Bella is not the easiest lady to take down. She's one of the best known WWE Divas, and it's all for her kickass style, gorgeous looks, touch costumes, and killer moves. She's pretty damn near the perfect Diva. Well... not perfect. No one is perfect. Even the great Nikki Bella has made mistakes. Her nip-slip from only a few years back is the perfect example of when she's let some of her brand slip out of her control. When she was in a match pitted against Stephanie McMahon, as well as a few other Divas, she was taking quite the beating and got herself rolled out of the ring. She lay on the floor, moaning in "pain" and when cameras got a bit closer, we got a good view of her nipple poking out of her shirt. Um, Nikki? Is it cold in here? Those look like they can cut glass...

11 Mae Young and the Bikini Contest We Wish We Could Forget

We warned you that there would be some not-so-savory wardrobe malfunctions on this list. Don't blame us when we gave you every preliminary caution. You're the one that's still reading.

Mae Young is in her 70s now (not so young anymore), but is still one of the most badass chicks out there and deserves all of our love and affection. She was fighting back in the 30s when women fighting was legitimately a scandal. This tough sucker has been sticking it to the men in every way possible since before you were in diapers, so don't you dare make "ew" sounds when we tell you that she had a wardrobe malfunction at a WWE bikini contest. We guess her swimsuit wasn't tied quite as tight as she thought it was, and it fell off her chest, revealing her in all her glory. All things considered, she's looking pretty good for her age. Maybe she should've even won.

10 Rosa Mendes and Her Coppertone Butt

Rosa Mendes has nothing to be ashamed of with this wardrobe malfunction. It wasn't her fault at all. It wasn't her costume designer's fault either. It wasn't even a move of hers done wrong. It was just a funny accident that turned out to be majorly sexy. When this Puerto Rican beauty (who's billed as if she's fresh off the boat, but is actually more Canadian and Czech than Puerto Rican in nationality) was in the ring with Natalya, Summer Rae, and Layla back in 2014, she was kicking ass. When trying to get back into the ring to exact more fury upon Natalya, Layla grabbed her by her tight little bikini bottoms to prevent her from winning. In that moment, we got a beautiful view of her gorgeous booty before Rosa continued on in her battle -- but that moment will stick with us a while.

9 Becky Lynch's Camel Toe

Becky Lynch loves to play up her heritage, even if it isn't really entirely authentic. Becky sells herself and her brand as if she's just stepped off of a plane from Ireland... but she's not exactly fooling anyone. She plays up her accent a whole lot, and she's certainly not fooling anyone with that dyed hair that was intended to look red but looks more like a flaming orange. But we don't care -- she's a fun change of pace and we love rooting for the Irish!

Well, while in a fight that she was faring pretty well in, she was caught up in a choke hold while stuck sitting on the ground. Eeks. Her legs were spread wide and the camera was angled right in between them. Double eeks. Her tights were leading up to her bikini bottom and... well, some goodies may have poked out. Triple eeks! Not exactly the typical luck of the Irish...

8 Stephanie McMahon Bent Over and Falling Out

Stephanie McMahon is the wife of famous wrestler Triple H, also known as Paul Michael Levesque. Can you imagine the weird relationship dynamics between two professional WWE wrestlers? Family arguments must be settled in weird ways under their roof...

Anyway, these two had a fight back in 2002 and were pitted against each other. (Of course it was staged, don't go freaking out about domestic abuse.) Well, in the fight, Triple H put Stephanie into a tight grip and laid her out in a pedigree. She came at him, grabbing him around his thighs so he could move her swiftly into the move, but she must have come at him a bit too fast. One of her breasts just slipped out of her costume- and right before the epic move too! Of course, they fixed the wardrobe malfunction as quickly as possible. (Triple H didn't want anyone ogling his wife for too long.) But it was still a funny moment!

7 Nikki Bella and Her Off Duty Wardrobe Fluke

We've seen plenty of wardrobe malfunctions that have occurred while these girls were in the midst of battling their opponents, or right when these Divas were entirely focused on nailing a move in order to subdue their foes. Alright, that's fair. They've got a lot on their minds, and they don't want to have to worry about things popping out left and right. But when it's your day off and you show up at work anyways only to have a wardrobe malfunction? Come on, honey; you can do better than that.

Nikki Bella and her twin watched ringside at the 2015 Raw match between Paige and Alicia Fox. Once Paige won the fight, the twins hopped into the ring to spray paint her in celebration of her victory. Nikki didn't realize, however, that her high cut dress would reveal just a bit too much from the low angles of those ringside cameras. Oopsie daisy!

6 Stacy "Kat" Carter and the Nasty Prank Pulled On Her

Stacy Carter, also known as The Kat, is a pretty badass lady. But that's not really why we love her. We love her because she really could not give two sh*ts. She's totally kick ass and knows it. She's not afraid to put you in your place, and she is absolutely unashamed about calling her opponents out on their BS. Case in point: when she arm-wrestled Terri Runnels back in 2000, of course The Kat won (duh), and in her brief moments of celebration -- which wasn't even gloating, just being proud of her achievement -- Terri walked up behind her and pulled the ties on her bikini top. Kat caught her top just in time but was still momentarily caught in a moment of disbelief at Terri's juvenile tendencies. Then she proceeded to call Terri out on how jealous she must be of a good female wrestler. Terri really almost had it there -- although, in the end, she didn't -- but we were all kind of grateful for the attempt anyway.

5 Naomi's Super Sexy Nip Slip

Naomi is incredibly sexy and honestly looks like she could be much more successful in another realm of entertainment. Nevertheless, we still love watching her take her opponents to the mat when she's hard at work, so we're not complaining. Naomi isn't exactly one of the most scandalous wrestling Divas out there. In fact, instead of wrestling in bikinis and thongs, she normally prefers to wrestle in clothes that more securely hold her lady parts in: pants, well-fitted sports bras with some razzle dazzle on them, the like. So when she had a nipple slip in her fight against Jey and Jimmy Uso, our breaths certainly got caught in our chests. Between being drop kicked in the chest and being handily knocked to the ground and being pinned, her top slid aside for just a moment -- one shining moment -- before autocorrecting itself. But what a wonderful moment it was. It was a quick nip-slip, but still one worthy of applause.

4 Jacqueline and Her Bikini Probs

Is it any surprise that Jacqueline has ever had any wardrobe malfunctions? It shouldn't be. This WWE Diva, who plays the Diva card better than almost anyone else, loves to choose the most revealing, skimpy, and tiny costumes possible. Don't get us wrong; we're not at all judging or upset! Hell, if we had to pass a judgment, we'd be nothing but happy about her outfit choices. After all, we're the ones who get to watch when they come sliding off!

Jacqueline hasn't been shy about removing articles of clothing -- like when she jumped on the shoulders of her referee -- but there have been a few instances when it wasn't quite intentional. For example, she once had a bikini contest with Sable and things didn't exactly stay on the way she'd intended. But can she really be surprised that her girls didn't stay put while she was dancing around on the stage?!

3 Melina & The Day She Should've Worn Undies

Melina has a thing for the splits. We don't know why, but she has a thing for always whipping into the splits while under the watch of a camera. She looks great when she slides to floor in her skin tight pants, don't get us wrong. In fact, we're genuinely and truly not complaining about this flexible and acrobatic woman showing off all of her great skills. Clearly, from all of the YouTube compilations of Melina sinking into sexy splits, no one is upset about this. It's just an interesting skill she likes to showboat far more than any other.

Not every split she has done, though, has been as sexy as the last. There was one occasion when she tossed her leg up on the side of the ring, teasing her flexibility, as usual, when perhaps she ought to have been more modest. After all, she was in shorts with no undies...

2 Mickie James and Her Spanking Good Time

There are some wardrobe malfunctions that are painful to watch, that make us cringe in our seats. Then there are some that trigger our impulses to quickly look away, either out of embarrassment for the person or out of the sheer terror of seeing what had just been exposed. But the best kinds of wardrobe malfunctions are the kinds that keep our attention and flabbergast us with just how wonderful and sexy they could be.

Mickie James had one of the best wardrobe malfunctions we've seen to date. Torrie Wilson was taking her down in a fight and decided to go the extra mile on Mickie. She slammed her down, pulled back her mini skirt (to reveal plenty of booty action barely covered by her sexy, strappy thong), and gave her a good spanking. If every guy in the building got a little quiet at that moment, we can all guess why.

1 Aksana and Her Glorious Show

With a name like Aksana, how can this lady not be sexy? Her real name is actually Zivile Raudoniene (good luck pronouncing that) and she's from Lithuania, which has a bad wrap for producing women that look "oxy" or built. Well, this women looks like a goddess that could fight alongside Thor. She's completely badass and tough, while also being slender and sexy and downright gorgeous. One of our favorite moments of hers, of course, was a three-part wardrobe malfunction. Back in a match in 2013, the bottoms of her outfit (which was kind of like a one-piece jumper) was pulled to keep her from escaping the close clutches of her foe. When the fabric was grabbed, we got a nice peek down her pants, at her curves and cheeks. Then, while stuck on her knees, we also got an amazing view of her side boob. Finally, once she was flipped over, one of her breasts just popped out. Way to put on a show, honey!

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