15 Times Victoria's Secret Models Rocked Yoga Pants

People often give yoga pants a bad name since so many moms tend to use them as their go-to ensemble when dropping off their kids at school or waiting in line at the local Walmart. While there is definitely an argument to be made about how moms should put a little more time and effort into their appearance, since it gives a negative example for kids when their parents decide that it’s just not worth it to take pride in their regular appearance. Yet, just as not all yoga pants are made the same, not all women are made the same either. When picking out a pair of great quality yoga pants, who better to fully exemplify how they should look on the female form than the women that endorse them in the Victoria’s Secret catalog?

Victoria’s Secret models often come under fire for their impossible standards set for the female form, but it’s hard to deny that the lingerie and fitness apparel looks much more appealing when sported by some of the most beautiful women in the world. While the sexy teddies and bra and panty sets are definitely a great part of the catalog, sometimes it’s the fitness apparel that makes the most impact. From the sexy cut sports bras to the matching yoga pants, the form-fitting products help to accentuate all the right curves in all the right places. Check out our list of the 15 times Victoria’s Secret models rocked yoga pants both on and off the glossy pages of the catalog, and see how this fitness product can be even sexier than the signature brand’s lingerie.


15 Candice Swanepoel


South African model, Candice Swanepoel, is one of the blonde beauties that grace the pages of the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Her supermodel status has allowed her to grace the covers of some of the most prestigious magazines like Vogue and W. While she pretty much looks great in anything she wears, her yoga pants moments are definitely worth checking out. Swanepoel was one of the models featured in "Train Like An Angel 2014: Full-Body Workout," the video Victoria’s Secret released on YouTube. She wore a lime green sports bra with high contrast geometric print yoga pants with an ultra feminine twist. She was a great pick to feature on the workout routine since she’s no stranger to working out in her regular life. Yet, things were put on hold for a bit while she was pregnant with her first child with fiancé, Hermann Nicoli. Yet, now that the two have welcomed their son, she will undoubtedly be hitting the gym once more and getting back into Angel-ready form.

14 Behati Prinsloo

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Behati Prinsloo is a Victoria’s Secret model that actually started off with the PINK fitness and lounge brand prior to moving on to become a full-on Angel. While there were some that became familiar with Prinsloo for her stellar good looks and undeniable sex appeal, others became acquainted with this Namibian model after the controversy regarding the circumstances behind meeting her husband. Lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, was well on the way to becoming the next Leonardo DiCaprio in regards to his love of models, but Prinsloo was able to steal his heart. The pair were married and welcomed their first child in September 2016. While there is undoubtedly a great deal of pressure for Prinsloo to get back into fighting form after giving birth, the numerous photo sightings of Prinsloo sporting sexy yoga pants while hitting up the gym have proven that she will surely bounce back. In the meantime, her stick-figure form was the perfect jumping off platform to ensure her body will be ready to again pose for the catalog in no time.

13 Sara Sampaio

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Although there is a good mix between blondes and brunettes within the Victoria’s Secret roster, Sara Sampaio has a more exotic look than some of her fellow Angels. The ebony hair and dark features creates a smoldering look with incredible sex appeal, and the rest of the world has sat up and taken notice. Starring in Sports Illustrated and Vogue, Sampaio has created a career that is beyond her stint as a catalog model. While she’s been a favorite to depict in various yoga pant ensembles in the catalog, she’s also seen sporting these sexy fitness pants during her off-time. In fact, some of her sexiest looks have been personal photos posted to her social media accounts. Showing off her flexibility and her phenomenal backside, Sampaio is definitely a model to watch as a future supermodel. She takes her fitness seriously, and she sure looks good while working out in those yoga pants.

12 Jasmine Tookes


Jasmine Tookes is a classic case of a career model, since she started in the modeling world at the tender age of just 15-years-old. Tookes was no stranger to the world of fashion since her mother made a career out of being a celebrity stylist. Yet, it wasn’t just her mother’s celebrity connections that helped open the doors to Tookes’ budding modeling career. Her exotic look makes it difficult to accurately gauge her nationality, which only makes her even more appealing in the world of modeling. She has walked numerous runways and was the perfect addition to the Victoria’s Secret roster since there is no one else in the catalog that looks quite like her. Often appearing in the VSX line, Tookes has the long and lean form that helps give due justice to the hugely popular athletic brand. She has been featured in a number of fitness videos that have been released online, including the “Ultimate Couple's Workout Challenge” with her model boyfriend, Tobias Sorensen.

11 Monika Jagaciak

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Polish model, Monika Jagaciak, is one of the newer models that represent Victoria’s Secret but she has already garnered attention for her signature look. While Gisele Bundchen was marked as the supermodel that did away with the heroin chic look, her strong features has made for a whole new definition of beauty in the modeling world. Yet, Jagaciak (nicknamed, “Jac”) features an amazing cross between the heroin chic, Kate Moss, and the strong-featured beauty, Gisele Bundchen. Perhaps this will be an all new genre of model that will be the next big thing in fashion because it is definitely working for Jagaciak. She has been featured in the signature Victoria’s Secret yoga apparel for the catalog, but she is often seen sporting it in her off-time as well. She obviously needs some sort of ensemble to help maintain her impossibly fit body, and the yoga pants definitely works on her while she brings on the sweat.

10 Romee Strijd


Romee Strijd may be one of the newest models in the Victoria’s Secret roster, but that doesn’t mean she is an unknown in the fashion industry. Strijd has walked the runways for everyone from Michael Kors to Yves Saint-Laurent, so it isn’t that she doesn’t have experience as a highly sought-after model. Yet, her time with Victoria’s Secret has made her a more noteworthy face in the world of fashion and modeling in general. While she worked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2014, it wasn’t until 2015 that she truly solidified herself as an official Victoria’s Secret model. Her Dutch background gives her an exotic look that is only emphasized by her blonde hair and button nose. Yet, those aren’t the characteristics that people gravitate towards when they catch a glimpse of Strijd in a pair of form-fitting yoga pants. The feminine curves and sultry style has helped to let her stand on her own alongside some of the most beautiful Angels on Earth.

9 Martha Hunt

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While Martha Hunt has appeared in numerous Victoria’s Secret annual fashion shows, she wasn’t officially made an Angel until 2015. Her career has been a bit slow-going in comparison to some of her fellow models in the Victoria’s Secret roster, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t garnered quite a bit of attention on her own. While other models have walked the runways for some of the hottest designers in fashion, Hunt has aligned herself with the bohemian brand, Free People. It’s not clear whether or not Hunt is happy with her understated status in comparison to her fellow Victoria’s Secret models, which has become even more speculative since this past Halloween. Hunt dressed as Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in the gangster film, Scarface, and she made the decision not to wear undergarments under her ensemble. As she walked into the star-studded Halloween party, photographers snapped photos of her and got a little more than they expected. The slit on her dress rode up so high that she flashed her lady parts for all to see, and some unsuspecting photographers caught it on camera. While people thought they were lucky just to see her in yoga pants, Hunt might have been looking for some added publicity in hopes of getting more name recognition in the fashion world.


8 Lais Ribeiro

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Lais Ribeiro has taken a completely different route than some of the other models that have worked for Victoria’s Secret. While other models start off young and pose for the signature lingerie brand prior to having children, Ribeiro actually got the job with Victoria’s Secret despite already having a child. Born and raised in Brazil, Ribeiro began her modeling career already being a mother, and began walking the runway for some of the most coveted designers in the fashion industry. Everyone from Versace to Chanel have sought out Ribeiro to walk in their runway shows, and Victoria’s Secret knew that there was something very special in this Brazilian beauty. Her long and lean form lends itself perfectly for the athletic apparel offered by the fitness brand, and Ribeiro seems to like it enough to sport it while out and about on the town. While everyday soccer moms don’t exactly make yoga pants look glamorous, somehow Ribeiro makes it look glamorous and suitable for any occasion.

7 Stella Maxwell

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As another relatively new Victoria’s Secret Angel, Stella Maxwell didn’t officially earn the title until 2015. While this blonde bombshell may appear like the perfect California girl, Maxwell is actually from Northern Ireland. She obviously doesn’t have the same hang-ups on nudity like some of the other girls in the Victoria’s Secret roster because she seems to thrive on showing off her famous derriere. Her Instagram page is filled with either close-up shots of her face or full-on nude shots where her entire backside is exposed. So, obviously she shouldn’t have any problem modeling some form-fitting yoga pants either behind the lens or in front of the camera. Whether it’s striking a pose for the magazine or striking a pose for her personal collection, Maxwell takes great pride in showing off what her mama gave her in those tight fitting yoga pants. While she may not look like the typical Irish maiden we’re used to thinking of when referencing someone from Northern Ireland, she sure makes up for it when we see her in poses in those body-hugging fitness pants.

6 Josephine Skriver


Although there are some models that have an extensive background in various roles and endorsement deals, there are others that have shot to fame in a relatively short time span. Josephine Skriver may not have had to work at the grind year-after-year in order to reach the top of her field, she has more than made up for it since she first made her modeling debut in 2011. This Danish model has quickly made a name for herself in the short amount of time that she’s been in the modeling business, and has also made quite an impression on those following up-and-coming Victoria’s Secret models. As she is now an official Victoria’s Secret Angel, Skriver is often highlighted for her fitness look. While not everyone can look ultra sexy posing in athletic positions like the push-up stance or downward facing dog, Skriver has proven that she has the type of body that can seemingly make anything look good. Those yoga pants are able to hug her curves in all the right places, and the poses are definitely worth checking out!

5 Elsa Hosk


While the dark-haired beauties definitely have their place in Victoria’s Secret, sometimes you can’t get much better than a blonde bombshell. Elsa Hosk is a Swedish model that has quite an extensive career background that has included some of the hottest designers in the fashion industry. While she’s appeared in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year since 2011, she didn’t officially become a Victoria’s Secret Angel until 2015. Some of her favorite appearances for the catalog have been for the PINK brand since she definitely knows how to rock a stunning fitness look. From the sexy sports bras to the ultra form-fitting yoga pants, Hosk is a beauty to behold even when she’s in workout gear. During her off-time, she continues to sport the Victoria’s Secret look while heading to the gym, and even dares to wear non-print products. While many models tend to head towards the geometric prints to try and take the focus off of all the girly bits, Hosk wears her plain black yoga pants with confidence and doesn’t seem to mind the stares.

4 Lily Aldridge


Lily Aldridge is one of the younger models in the Victoria’s Secret Angel roster, but her fresh-faced look and girl-next-door appeal has helped to propel her forward in the modeling world. She has been fortunate enough to be highlighted in the 2014 issue of Sports Illustrated and has appeared alongside such powerhouse celebrity beauties like Chrissy Teigen. While she has an exotic look with the dark hair and dark features, fans will be surprised to know that she’s a California girl born and raised. She is a favorite by Victoria’s Secret for her fitness look, and has some ultra sexy poses that were featured in the Summer 2014 Victoria’s Secret lookbook. Whether it’s her athletic build or her smoldering good looks, there aren’t many women that can boast looking this good in a pair of yoga pants. Yet, Aldridge makes it look easy with her slim build and proportional form. While others have tried to diminish how difficult it is to stay lingerie-ready, Aldridge has never kept it a secret that she needs to work hard to stay in tip top condition. Prior to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Aldridge performed in a “How to Work Out Like a Supermodel” video to show fans what kind of workouts she did to maintain her perfect body (and she showed off some great shots in yoga pants while she did it).

3 Gisele Bundchen

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Gisele Bundchen is thought of as one of the original Victoria’s Secret models, since she was an Angel from 2000 to 2007. Yet, her look has always been considered much more glamorous than that of catalog model. While Bundchen made a huge name for herself in the modeling world, her most coveted role came when she married her NFL superstar husband, Tom Brady, in 2009. She’s been seen rooting her man on during the games, and Brady has gone out of his way to talk about how well she has fallen into the role of wife and mother. Brady guest starred on an episode of HBO’s Entourage, and invited another couple (Turtle and Jamie-Lynn Sigler) over to their house so that Gisele could cook for them. This seemed like an impossibility to believe that a supermodel like Gisele Bundchen could be hosting dinner parties and whipping up fabulous meals, yet this is the persona that she has been able to embody in the public eye. Her most notable public photo was when she posted a photo of herself “multitasking” to social media. Breastfeeding while getting her makeup, nails, and hair done, Bundchen took a bit of heat for depicting an unrealistic portrayal of a multitasking mother. Keeping up with the portrayal of the perfect woman, Bundchen has bounced back after giving birth, and did it while wearing some ultra sexy yoga ensembles. Showing off her flexibility and her still-bangin’ body, her Instagram posts make sure to prove that she still has her Victoria’s Secret form.

2 Adriana Lima

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Brazilian model, Adriana Lima, is one of the most notable Victoria’s Secret Angels and has a huge following on social media. With 8.5 million followers on Instagram, Lima has a fan base far beyond the glossy catalog of Victoria’s Secret. Although she is a favorite by the catalog for modeling their sexy bra and panty sets, she’s also featured in a variety of yoga pants. She definitely puts her discount to use during her off-time because she constantly sports those same Victoria’s Secret yoga pants while at the gym. While her Instagram page has a variety of different shots from glamorous to risqué, her love of fitness definitely shines through. Not afraid to work up a sweat, Lima can be seen working her tail off while sporting those ultra tight yoga pants. She’s often photographed by the paparazzi when she’s going to-and-from the gym, but she usually tries to show off her upper arm strength rather than her famous derriere. It’s a good thing that fans can always turn to her Instagram page when they want the full view!

1 Alessandra Ambrosio

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Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the more popular Victoria’s Secret models to come out of the catalog, and not just because of her stellar good looks. While supermodels aren’t always known for their compassion and winning personality, Ambrosio has stepped out of this narrow-minded box and proved that she is more than just a lingerie model. Filling her social media sites with inspirational quotes and serving as an ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Ambrosio is a woman with heart that even regular women can relate to. When Victoria’s Secret first started delving deeper into fitness and lounge apparel, Ambrosio was the first Angel that was picked to be the spokesmodel for the PINK line. She is a huge fitness enthusiast outside from modeling the line, and is often seen hitting the gym in her sporty Victoria’s Secret gear. Whether you see her donning yoga pants on the street while heading to the gym or flip through the PINK pages to catch a glimpse of her in those tight fitness pants, Ambrosio has proven that yoga pants are definitely made for her Brazilian body!

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