15Chris Jericho Insults Sister Of CM Punk For Addiction Issues 

It is not always WWE management who takes things too far, sometimes it is the superstars themselves. We saw an example of this in the 2012 rivalry between CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Two of the best talkers in the

business, both of these men sought to outdo each other with the insults in their promos. Y2J took this a step too far when he began discussing CM Punk's sister's real life drug addiction. This was part of the storyline where Jericho was insulting Punk for his "hypocritical" stand on drugs and alcohol. Punk and Jericho were friends at this time, so I would guess that Y2J cleared it with his opponent before going this personal. Either way, Jericho's comments went a little too far and turned this rivalry uglier than it needed to be.

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