15 Times The Stranger Things Cast Had Better Fashion Taste Than We'll Ever Have

One of the entertainment industry’s most extraordinary traits is the glamorous and hugely influential celebrity fashion scene, which demands a significant chunk of the digital and print publications. Simply put, we can’t get enough of the fabulous, high-end, and often outlandish garments worn by our favorite celebrities and athletes. It makes sense because fame offers a platform that embraces a good panache. Because of the received attention by these celebrities, high-end designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Cartier are clawing at a chance to dress today’s most popular celebrities during high-profile events like award shows. Today’s most prevalent actors would certainly include the cast of Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things. On that, there’s a lot to be said about the fact that a Netflix series includes a cast that earns as much praise on the red carpet as the film and television A-listers.

Netflix’s is a turn-of-the-century innovation that did for the film and television industry what Henry Ford did for the automobile industry — it optimized it. Just like Ford’s assembly line radically reduced the price of cars and changed the future of manufacturing, Netflix’s streaming and mailing services provided unlimited film and television across all platforms (even your cell phone) for less money than one and a half movie tickets. Believe it or not, Netflix’s success is now affecting the fashion industry. To explain, Netflix means more celebrities, more celebrities means more fashion influence, thus establishing a contingency between the industries. In other words, Stranger Things provides us with a remarkably stylish cast, which means we get to enjoy a plethora of amazing outfits we wouldn’t see otherwise. Here are 15 times the Stranger Things kids out-dressed the rest.

15 Finn Wolfhard Is A Fan Of Designer Brands

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Finn Wolfhard is a Canadian actor from Vancouver who recently played Richie Tozier in the 2017 blockbuster adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Although Finn appears to be banking on a blossoming film career, we’ll all remember his far from humble beginnings as Mike Wheeler in Netflix’s Stranger Things. The best way to describe Mike Wheeler’s position in the friend group is to call him the mediator, but, in real life, Finn is also a musician and plans to release an EP with his band, Calpurnia, in 2018. Aside from already winning a Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in Stranger Things, Finn is earning praise for his fashion sense, as well. For instance, Finn was on a December issue of Seventeen Mexico magazine and an earlier issue of Dazed magazine where he struts designers in the likes of Burberry, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Prada. On that, Finn certainly out-dressed us wearing a Just Cavalli sweater and Pierre Balmain t-shirt during the Seventeen shoot. Whether it’s music, movies, television, or fashion, Finn Wolfhard is a talented kid with a promising future.

14 Millie Bobby Brown Out-Dresses The Best

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Among the entire Stranger Things’ cast, British child actress Millie Bobby Brown appears to be the most inclined towards fame — the child actor does not shy from the spotlight as she evidently adores the public’s obsession with the telekinetic superhero she plays on the show, Eleven. Considering Millie Bobby’s passion for chic looks like the leather Calvin Klein dress she wore to the Season 2 Premiere of Stranger Things, it makes sense that the kid chose to pursue a path in modelling in addition to her acting career. Brown truly has a knack for it, because she signed with the IMG Models agency in 2017 and she’s a frequent favorite in leading style magazines like Us Weekly and Teen Vogue. Each one of Millie Bobby’s 13.2 million Instagram followers has their own choice for which looks she wore best, but most of us agree that her metallic polka-dot Rodarte dress that she wore to the 2017 VMA’s was than anything our friends wear to parties.

13 Fan-Favorite Gaten Matarazzo's Many Styles

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The New Jersey-born child actor best known for his role as Dustin Henderson on Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo, began his career on Broadway before his breakthrough role on the Netflix series. Gaten’s good-humored neighborhood bicycle-kid character he played on Stranger Things is a sure fan-favorite and this landed him a commercial deal with Verizon embracing the same persona. Moreover, Dustin’s newfound friendship with Steve on the series was arguably the season 2 highlight, and their bond was partly built by fashion as Steve teaches Dustin grooming tips like using “two puffs of Farrah Fawcett spray” for his hair (the spray is real, by the way). Although he doesn’t seem interested in a fashion career, during public appearances and red carpet events, Matarazzo always looks the part. At the Golden Globes 2018, for instance, Gaten gave Daniel Craig a run for his money on who could best rock a black tuxedo — we give the win to Matarazzo, here. No word on whether the kid used a couple pumps of the spray.

12 Caleb McLaughlin Could Become A Fashion Icon

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New York state-native, Caleb McLaughlin began his career on Broadway in The Lion King before playing Ricky in The New Edition Story on BET. McLaughlin is most-known for his role as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things and was another standout in season 2 with the addition of the new-girl-at-school, Max Mayfield, which added more character dynamic. Caleb certainly earns his spot in the Stranger Things ensemble and he shows a lot of range, which speaks volumes about his potential. More than that, Caleb’s gaining attention for his off-screen style; he was even featured in a fashion editorial for Schon! Magazine. Considering some of the trending kicks we’ve seen McLaughlin wearing, and the fact that Knicks Center Enes Kanter gave him a pair of his own, it’s safe to assume the kid’s a sneakerhead. Regardless of his shoe-fandom, McLaughlin has proven capable of serious suit game. One of his most impressive looks was the paint-spattered Phillip Lim suit that McLaughlin wore to the AMA’s that most of us would struggle to pull off.

11 Natalia Dyer Embraces The Eighties

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The Nashville-born up-and-coming actress Natalia Dyer began her career with Disney in Hannah Montana: The Movie, and then she disappeared from the mainstream until landing the role as Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things. Although Stranger Things takes place in the 1980s, Nancy Wheeler gets a lot of credit for her fashion sense, and coincidentally, Dyer earns a lot of style street cred for her own modern red carpet looks. In a recent interview with InStyle, Dyer addresses her personal love for 80s fashion trends such as terrycloth clothing and she says, “I don’t think there’s any 80s trend that I don’t like… it’s just a lot of fun, a lot of whimsy.” Dyer might be onto something with her retro throwbacks because she’s a recurring feature in magazines like Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. There’s many, but if we had to choose one time that Dyer out-dressed everyone we know, it’s the zodiac-themed Dior dress she wore to 2018 SAG Awards — the traditionally designed gown adorned with mythological creatures and shooting stars perfectly suits Dyer’s appreciation for the whimsical.

10 Charlie Heaton's Known For His Rebellious Style

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English actor Charlie Heaton was more seasoned than a lot of the other Stranger Things kids before landing his role as the angsty Jonathan Byers. Heaton had a few years of television experience and appeared in several feature-length films. You’ll often spot big brother Byers looking spiffy on the red carpet with his girlfriend and co-star, Natalia Dyer. However, the rebellious Englishman gains a lot of attention for his fashion sense, as well. For instance, Heaton landed the cover of GQ Italia, and his featured photos prove that he’s comfortable in designer vestures as he sports a Prada jacket. Because of Heaton’s supreme capability for swag, Gucci chose him for one of the subjects in their short-film series, The Performers. There are a lot of unbeatable looks from the Gucci series, but Heaton’s gold and velvet Gucci slippers that retail for $1,050 are his most enviable item.

9 Joe Keery's Making Casual Cool Again

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Massachusetts-born actor and musician, Joe Keery, a.k.a. Steve Harrington, is considered one of the most popular characters in Stranger Things. In season 2 of the Netflix series, Keery’s screen-time was significantly increased and people couldn’t get enough of his new bond with the gang, especially his mentorship of Dustin. It’s safe to say that Keery is channeling his own real-life style tips to play Steve because he claims they share a lot of similarities such as tight jeans and slick jackets. In fact, Keery’s recent spread for GQ Magazine was all about the jacket. He was featured wearing Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, and other head honcho designers. While Keery has a solid grasp on the "everyday trendy guy" look, the Molly’s Game actor scores with his red carpet style’s as well. However, it’s hard not to look good in a John Varvatos tux like the one he wore to the 2017 Emmys, which landed him on the event’s best-dressed list.

8 Designer Pierre Balmain Suits Noah Schnapp

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Aside from Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, the most demanding role in both seasons of Stranger Things was the role of Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp. Anyone familiar with the series knows that Will disappeared into the ‘"Upside Down" in the first season only to be found and then possessed by a creature for the second season. In other words, Will Byers had it quite rough, and Schnapp deserves exceptional praise for his acting-chops for his flourishing performance — it’s no surprise that the kid’s first role was for Steven Spielberg alongside Tom Hanks in Bridge of Spies. In addition to his blossoming acting career, Schnapp wisely chose to consult with stylist Philippe Uter before attending the 2018 Golden Globes Awards. Considering the all-black attire adorned by most attending the Globes this year, Uter and Schnapp properly embraced the Time’s Up Movement without sacrificing the child actor’s innocent public appearance. When it comes to dressing for the occasion, it’s hard to look as sharp as Schnapp did wearing a Balmain tux for the high-profile award show.

7 Sadie Sink Doesn't Skimp On Her Wardrobe

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There were several new additions to the Stranger Things crew in season 2, which included the apathetic gamer, Max Mayfield, played by Texas-born Sadie Sink. The Duffer Brothers were clever with their insertion of new characters because they each had their own conflicts and inner struggles, as opposed to merely using new characters to drive season 2’s story for the pre-existing cast. That said, Sadie had to hit the ground running for her performance in the Netflix series and the young actress delivered, but she also has some notable looks outside of her skater-kid hoodie and Levi jeans as Max. Just as much as Max solidified her spot in the friend group, Sadie earns a lot of respect for her looks on the red carpet. The kid isn’t simply looking cool with some fresh kicks, either — Sadie Sink’s Chanel and Comete jewelry she wore to the 2018 SAG Awards is worth over $80,000, and that didn’t include her Chanel dress.

6 Dacre Montgomery Has An Eye For Design

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Another distinguished new addition to the Stranger Things cast in season 2 was Max Mayfield’s cruel step-brother, Billy Hargrove, played by the Australian newcomer, Dacre Montgomery. Dacre Montgomery began acting as a child and is recognized by many as the Red Ranger from the 2017 reboot of Power Rangers. As Billy, Montgomery’s performance in Stranger Things is electric as he angrily terrorizes the children of Hawkins. Thankfully, Montgomery seems much more down-to-earth than his character Billy and there certainly haven’t been reports of him bullying anybody. Dacre’s range and off-screen “every guy” style resemble that of Colin Farrell, and, considering his recent popularity and entertainment industry pedigree (both his parents worked in the Australian movie industry), we may see much more of Montgomery along with his fashion sense. For now, his best dressed moment is considerably his grey two-button suit he wore to the season 2 premiere of Stranger Things. Interestingly, Montgomery told People Magazine that he’s completed an interior design program and plans to explore the field.

5 Natalia Dyer Has Timeless Style

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With the start of a new year comes new faces on our favorite magazines and online publications. The celebrities each magazine chooses for the beginning of the year is often an indicator of who we’ll be seeing a lot of in the upcoming year. For 2018, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Natalia Dyer, who played Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things. Dyer’s already on the cover of January’s issue of Clash and has appeared in January issues of Glamour and Allure. Although Dyer is admittedly a fan of eighties fashion, her chic, modern apparel is equally impressive. For instance, take a look at Natalia’s red Miu Miu Dress she wore to the 2017 SAG Awards, her champagne Prada dress from the 2018 National Television Awards, or her $11,900 Giambattista Vallie heart motif dress she wore to the 2018 Golden Globes Awards after party. Among her most enviable and celebrated ensemble is the jade green Vera Wang dress that she wore to the 2017 Emmy Awards and, if her rising popularity and impeccable fashion sense is any indicator, then expect to see her wearing something equally glamorous to this year’s events.

4 Noah Schnapp's Fashionable Rise To Stardom

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If we’re using Stranger Things as the primary example and disregard Winona Ryder, then Noah Schapp is the most capable actor on the show. Aside from Schnapp’s role as Will Byers, the kid’s acting chops are on notice because he’s just signed with the Creative Artists Agency, better known as CAA, which is one the best agencies in the entertainment industry. Schnapp is almost equally noticed for his fashion — he even joined Caleb McLaughlin in Esquire’s “Century of Style” feature. The young up-and-comer has some great looks which include trendy items like his Stella McCartney bomber jacket, Gucci sneakers, and even a fanny pack. One of his boldest looks Noah pulled off was during his attendance at the 2017 Emmy Awards when he wore a velvet jacket with embroidered slippers by the Balmain fashion house. Between Schnapp’s fashion sense and acting talent, his rise to stardom should continue as long as the kid makes the right choices in roles because his signing with the CAA will provide numerous options.

3 Finn Wolfhard Is Successful In Fashion And Film

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2017 was an exceptionally eventful year for Finn Wolfhard. He enjoyed a shared fame with the rest of the Stranger Things cast because of the wildly successful second season, he signed a record contract with his band named Calpurnia and joined the cast of the 2017 adaptation of IT. Though, it’s difficult for us to speculate on which pivotal accomplishment on the year that Finn’s most proud, we can assume landing the role in IT was the most beneficial, financially speaking (IT was history’s most successful horror film, grossing over $700 million). Unfortunately, the young talent had the flu and missed the SAG Awards because of it, so, we were deprived of Finn’s likely enviable look. On the plus side, there’s already plenty of events and magazine features where Finn earns major style cred. More than that, one of Finn’s most memorable fashion moments was during his battle with Caleb McLaughlin on Lip Sync Battle, where Finn lip syncs Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” with the boots to match.

2 Caleb McLaughlin Has A Future Career In Fashion

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Most of the kids in Stranger Things are ahead of their time and their age when it comes to their fashion sense — one of the trendiest of the crew is certainly Caleb McLaughlin who plays Lucas. More to that, Lucas was recently highlighted in Esquire Magazine’s “A Century of Style” article, which gives credit to male celebs with distinguished fashion senses over the past 100 years like Lenny Kravitz and Willem Dafoe. McLaughlin earned the spot on the said list with looks like his blue Thom Browne suit with Tod’s slippers from the Esquire shoot, and the avant garde stylings from his Schon! Magazine feature. With that said, (aside from the paint-splattered suit discusses earlier) the young fashionista earns the most praise for his purple, fuchsia, flower-patterned Garcon Couture suit he wore to the 2017 Emmy Awards. Caleb’s "Champagne Toast Double-Breasted Jacket" is priced reasonably at $649, though it’s likely tough to pull off as well as this kid does.

1 Millie Bobby Brown Becomes The New Face Of Calvin Klein

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One could argue that even if Stranger Things wasn’t the hugely successful show that it is, Millie Bobby Brown would still have surfaced as a star among the next generation of famous child actors. Simply put, Brown’s role as Eleven in the Netflix series is iconic and proof of said status the fact that she helped establish the popularity of Stranger Things Halloween costumes, last year. Aside from the show, Millie Bobby is no one hit wonder when it comes to the fashion world, either. The child actor/model is slaying every public appearance yet, wearing clothes by designers like Kenzo, Armani, and Calvin Klein. Brown’s passion for fashion is more than just a hobby and even the most prestigious designers agree. For example, in a recent interview with Italian designer, Giorgio Armani said, “working with Millie Bobby Brown was really inspiring.” Although Brown is the youngest model to front a Calvin Klein campaign, her best look to date is likely the red, white, blue, and black Gucci ensemble she wore on her Good Morning America appearance last October.

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