15 Times The Spice Girls Left Us Begging For More

In the mid-1990's, there wasn't a single person who could have predicted that The Spice Girls would become an unstoppable force in the music scene. The group's debut single, “Wannabe,” ripped through music charts around the world, and it helped launch the career of the group who would become the bestselling female group in history. Despite the group only releasing three studio albums, The Spice Girls would go on to sell 85 million records, and that number has yet to be matched by any female group in the history of music. They cranked out one smash hit single after the next, and even their reunion tours have generated unfathomable amounts of money.

Consisting of members Melanie Brown, Melanie Chrisholm, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham, The Spice Girls, even when they are not performing, continue to be major celebrities in their own right. Each member of the group had a unique and distinctive style and personality that help them shine as individual performers, and their nicknames in the group were fitting of their personalities as well. Because the five women were so drastically different from one another, male admirers of the group were sure to find one that they found more attractive than the others, and this was a huge reason why the group was able to achieve so much success. There was a Spice Girl for everyone, and their catchy songs helped make them stars. For our list, we went ahead and tracked down 15 of the hottest pictures that you will ever see of the biggest-selling women's group of all time.

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15 Emma Bunton Is A Babe

via ign.com

As the young blonde member of the group, Emma Bunton, who performed under the name Baby Spice, attracted a huge male fan base due to her looks and bubbly personality. She was plenty cute back in the mid-1990's, and judging by this more recent picture of Emma Bunton, she has turned into a legitimate s*x symbol and is clearly hotter than she has ever been. Bunton is currently 41 years old and has two children, although this has had no effect on how good-looking she is. She is a natural beauty who was instrumental in the success of the group back in their heyday.

She made sure to show off plenty of skin in this photo, mainly choosing to show off her gorgeous legs. All of those years she spent dancing on stage in front of millions of adoring fans have truly paid off, and Bunton still sports an incredible pair of legs after all these years.

14 Victoria Beckham Cranks Up The Heat

via hautepeople.net

Victoria Beckham, who performed under the nickname Posh Spice during her time with the group, is a performer who continues to get better-looking as she gets older. Back during her Spice Girl days, Beckham was one of the more talented singers in the group, and her high-profile relationship with professional soccer player David Beckham took the world by storm. The pair would end up getting married in 1999, and they have since had four children together. They remain one of the most powerful couples in the world, and Victoria Beckham is still as hot as ever.

This incredibly provocative photo here of Victoria Beckham taking care of the house is one of the hottest pictures you will ever find of the star. One of the more impressive aspects to Victoria Beckham is her slender and fit body, and she made sure to show off plenty of it in this photo. She may be 43 years old, but Victoria Beckham is still a total babe.

13 Mel B Slaying On The Red Carpet

via gotceleb.com

Melanie Brown may, in fact, be the most underappreciated member of The Spice Girls. She performed under the nickname Scary Spice, and looking back at it now, she might be the hottest member of the group. Outside of performing in The Spice Girls, Mel B has also embarked on a solo career and has served as one of the judges on the series America's Got Talent. Before The Spice Girls had their breakout year, Mel B had already begun an acting career in 1993 when she appeared on the series of Coronation Street. She may not get the recognition that she deserves, but there is no denying that she is one of the busiest women in Hollywood.

If you couldn't tell from the photo above, Mel B is as gorgeous as any singer on the planet, and she also happens to be working with some truly impressive assets. Although she has been involved in a number of high-profile relationships, Mel B continues to be a force in the entertainment industry.

12 Gerri Halliwell's Beach Body

via fabzz.com

As the performer who was dubbed Ginger Spice, singer Geri Halliwell provided a much-needed aggressive attitude for the group. Her fiery red hair helped her stand out in the group, and she served as the de facto leader for The Spice Girls. She has a very outspoken personality, and she was exactly what the group needed to truly break out during the 1990's. She also happened to be insanely gorgeous, and judging by the photos that we have found of her, not much has changed.

Even though England isn't really known for having incredible beaches and plenty of sunny weather, Geri Halliwell is making us feel like taking a trip across the pond in this photo. She looks amazing for her age, and her body is one of the best in the business. Her hair might be a little lighter in this photo as opposed to the fiery red that helped make her famous. But, that doesn't change the fact that Geri Halliwell is smoking hot.

11 Mel C Looking Lovely

via bustle.com

As the major sports fan in the group, Melanie Chrisholm, better known by the nickname Sporty Spice, is the final member of the group that we have yet to cover. Although she wasn't as regarded as Emma Bunton or Geri Halliwell during her time in The Spice Girls, Mel C was one of the more talented members of the group, and her contributions to The Spice Girls cannot be overstated. Outside of the group, she has had an incredibly successful solo career that has seen her sell 20 million records, bringing her overall career total to 105 million records sold.

She didn't have as big a male following as some of the other members of the group, but Mel C is gorgeous. Some of the other women in The Spice Girls appeal to a broader audience, but those of us who had a crush on Mel C growing up know that she is completely underrated. In this more recent picture of her, Mel C looks absolutely stunning, and she is aging just as gracefully as her colleagues.

10 Emma Bunton Has Legs For Days

via reddit.com

We just couldn’t help ourselves in bringing you all another picture showing off Emma Bunton’s legs once again. When you have a physical trait that is so impressive, it only makes sense to flaunt it for the entire world to admire. The dress that she is wearing in this photo is pretty revealing, leaving the imagination to work itself up into a frenzy. Despite this, all attention will immediately head straight for her gorgeous legs. It is incredible to see that a woman this naturally beautiful also takes such great care of her body, and she has done so for years.

With Emma Bunton, her magazine shoots constantly crank up the heat for viewers, and this picture is relatively tame compared to what we have in store for you with her final picture on this list. If you think she couldn’t get any hotter, then you better brace yourself because it only gets hotter from here.

9 Victoria Beckham Looking Posh

via millenniumforum.com

Victoria Beckham is a truly beautiful woman, and her talents in fashion and modeling have truly shone over the last 10 years. Many performers take a stab at designing their own apparel, but few have had truly breakout success. Victoria Beckham has slowly but surely turned into a force in the fashion industry, and her body of work is truly impressive. Even though her time with The Spice Girls opened up plenty of acting opportunities, Victoria Beckham has chosen to focus on music and fashion since becoming a household name in the 1990's. Despite this, she appeared in the film Zoolander back in 2001, and she lent her voice to SpongeBob SquarePants back in 2010.

This photo, while dramatically less seductive and provocative as her last entry on this list, is as beautiful as any you will find of Victoria. She has an incredible way of switching from sexy to sultry in the blink of an eye.

8 Mel B Hits All The Right Notes

via kanyetothe.com

Now that we have reintroduced you to each member of the group, we can go ahead and direct our focus to their incredible photos. Because Mel B has been a primary player in the spotlight for so many years, she has worked diligently to look as best as possible when making public appearances, and this photo is yet another example of how gorgeous she truly is. Not only are her hair and makeup on point, but the dress that she is wearing is revealing in all the right places. Most women couldn’t pull this look off, but that’s why Mel B is considered such a beauty.

Mel B’s personal life has been a hot subject in the media lately, which isn’t all that shocking considering her celebrity status. Nevertheless, Mel B continues to balance an incredibly busy schedule with her judging responsibility on America’s Got Talent and her presenter role on Lip Sync Battle UK.

7 Gerri Halliwell Was Meant For The Beach

via mixmelody.com

While we make an effort to bring you a diverse set of photos, we could not help ourselves when we decided to double-dip in bikini shots of Geri Halliwell. Then again, can you really blame us? Her body is far too nice to ignore, and we commend her for showing it off as often as she can. She has been a beauty for as long as she has been in the spotlight, and she is hotter than ever. Much like Mel B, Halliwell was involved with acting before she became a global superstar. Prior to the release of the first Spice Girls record, Halliwell had appeared on the television show Dance Energy and in the film Foggy Notion.

Her bikini in this photo might not be as patriotic as her last entry on this list, but it is just as hot and provocative. We promise you that her final photo won’t be a bikini shot, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t be just as hot.

6 Mel C's Candid Snapshot

via pinterest.com

There is something to be said about a beautiful woman who doesn’t get the recognition that she deserves. Mel C is so gorgeous, and she often flies right under the radar, which is an absolute outrage. One of the standout elements of this beautiful black-and-white photo is the gorgeous grin that Mel C has on her face. This is an intimate photo that doesn’t need to do anything special to show the world how beautiful Mel C is. The photo is simple, subtle, and it is the perfect way for the world to appreciate Mel’s natural beauty.

Given that this is the second photo of Mel on this list, you better believe that the 3rd and final photo that we will show you puts this one to shame. Having said that, go ahead and take a moment to enjoy this lovely photo of Mel C. She has released new music, and we hope to see more photo shoots like this make their way online.

5 Emma Bunton Showing More Than We Can Handle

via sexiest-presenters.com

We tried to warn you all, but you just didn’t believe us. To find a top picture for Emma Bunton, we had to find a picture that heavily featured her legs as well as her incredible body. While this first photo that we showed you was red-hot, the photo that was chosen as her number one on this list is simply on another level. Considering that she is wearing almost nothing, Emma Bunton is coming dangerously close to making some dreams come true in this photo. Even though she didn’t really everything, she showed off more than we could handle.

Bunton has been a fixture on the radio for some time now, and her work on the airwaves has garnered a ton of acclaim and recognition. Even though she has done well for herself on the radio, we feel that she is way too beautiful to not be in front of a camera.

4 Mel B At The Beach

via pinterest.com

We would feel absolutely terrible if we didn’t include a photo of Mel B flaunting her body in a bikini. So, in an attempt to make ourselves feel better, our final picture that we are presenting for you all features Mel B letting it all hang out. From head to toe, Mel B is one of the baddest women on the planet, and her years of hard work in the gym have paid off in a tremendous way. She may have been trying to enjoy some quiet time on the beach, but a woman of her status and beauty will never be left alone, and we just want to thank the lucky photographer who snapped this picture.

Many people are familiar with the tattoo on her arm, but this photo reveals the tattoo that she has on her midsection. The tattoo further serves to make Mel B even hotter than she already is.

3 Victoria Beckham's Ever-Changing Style

via hawtcelebs.com

After showing off two diverse and beautiful photos of Victoria Beckham, we wanted to make sure that we chose a red-hot photo for her last entry. We could have gone a more conservative right, providing you all with an artistic and captivating photo of Victoria Beckham that would have fit well on this list. Instead, we decided to crank up the heat and select a photo that was sure to get your blood pumping. After all, Victoria Beckham’s impressive list of modeling photos run the gamut of looks, and this photo of her attending an event felt like the right choice.

She may have a slender frame, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t sporting some eye-popping assets. Given how her assets catch your attention, she really didn’t need to show off much else in this photo. With the three photos that we chose, it is easy to see why men everywhere have been enamored with her for years.

2 Mel C Showing Off More Than Usual

via tvtropes.com

When it comes to pictures of Mel C, we have been pretty reserved with what we have shown you. We spent plenty of time letting the other members of the group crank up the heat, but it is about time for us to gift you a photo of Mel C showing off a little more than most are accustomed to. Because it is her 3rd and final photo on this list, we went ahead and tracked down a photo that was more provocative than the rest, and this photo here was the best of the bunch. While she is still wearing a dress and sports a more elegant look, this is one of the hottest photos of Mel C that you will ever have the pleasure of seeing.

Even though she hasn’t gotten nearly enough praise over the years, we have a feeling that Mel C’s feature on our list will help fans appreciate how beautiful she is.

1 Ger Halliwell And Her Incredible Legs

via picture-and-images.net

With our final photo of Gerri Halliwell, we wanted to make sure that we delivered a photo that was different from its predecessors but just as hot. Finding a photo of Halliwell that isn’t insanely gorgeous is next to impossible, but finding one worthy of our list was a pretty tall order. But, we plowed ahead and eventually found this hidden gem of Halliwell showing off her bottom half. Sure, her toned midsection is worthy of having its own list, but this photo was far too impressive to omit from this list.

Regardless of her age, Gerri Halliwell will continue to be one of the hottest women around, and should The Spice Girls decide to tour again, you better believe that her incredible body will be on display for the world to see once again. Of course, you can always enjoy the lists that we have put together that feature Halliwell.

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