15 Times The Simpsons' Mrs. Krabappel Was The Hottest Teacher On TV

The incredibly crazy Mrs. K! Edna Krabappel will forever be the most influential TV teacher of all time. Ms. Crabtree may have had the rascals smiling, and Miss Bliss may have had the teens droolin

The incredibly crazy Mrs. K! Edna Krabappel will forever be the most influential TV teacher of all time.

Ms. Crabtree may have had the rascals smiling, and Miss Bliss may have had the teens drooling, and while Ms. Frizz always showed her students a good time in the most wholesome of ways, Mrs. Krabappel showed the town of Springfield a good time, and anyone who visited it (including the worldwide audience), all while showing herself a great time. If that's not one of the most attractive qualities one could ever ask for from a teacher, then one has never fantasized about one's teacher.

She may be animated, and she may have, in reality, been only a week shy of seventy one when she passed away, but the sort of spirit, and spunk that Mrs. Krabappel carried with her all the way to the end was awesome. A true teacher, willing to educate her students about the harshness of reality, and willing to show, time and again, that those lessons can take years of life experience to truly grasp. Mrs. K is the Uber teacher: she was always there when Springfield called on her, and was always a cheaper ride than one might expect.

15 She's Just The Sweetest

Above is a great photo of Marcia Wallace, also known as Mrs. Edna Krabappel. Who would think that this beautiful, wholesome, incredibly large-haired woman would, after pounding the pavement in New York, performing Off-Broadway, getting regular work on The Bob Newhart Show, and working as a supply teacher in Brooklyn, head on down to California, feature on all manner of game shows, play several different types of teachers, to then finally end up playing the sarcastic, sardonic, yet strangely sentimental Mrs. K on The Simpsons?

Marcia, a fantastic improvisational actor with a hankering for playing the dry-witted, landed that role right at the outset of production, and began her career in the second episode ever of the famed cartoon series. For 24 years, Wallace helped create the fabulous Mrs. K, even in the midst of breast cancer, which she educated many about in real life, having survived it from 1985 all the way to her death in 2013, from pneumonia, sepsis, and complications of breast cancer. The true teacher, Mrs. K, taught us all in TV, and/or reality.

14 Ready To Bare It All For Her School

At an edu-tainment talent show for the teachers of Springfield Elementary, the illustrious Mrs K. arrives on stage in nothing but pink heels, black collar, blue earrings, and a slew of pink balloons...nothing underneath. She struts the stage singing the song Fever by Peggy Lee, popping the balloons as she dances, giving her signature "Hah" when the opportunity arises. As the balloons continue to pop, the entire audience, save Bart Simpson, look on in shock (but who knows if it's horror-filled, or not). Besides the fact that this would clearly get a teacher fired in reality, the fact that Edna's disregard for what people think is that incredible, and likely her hopes for going home with someone that night are that high, goes to show how much of a little minx Mrs. K. really is. Picture any teacher one's ever had the hots for, and then picture them doing closed.

13 Grade School Confidential...

Invited to Martin Prince's birthday party, Skinner and Mrs. K commiserate about where their lives have ended up, and while Skinner's mother assumes she has also been invited out to the party, the two educators hide out in Martin's pink playhouse, where they discover they have feelings for each other. Caught by Bart, they enlist him to keep their secret, which of course only lasts for so long. Found out, having fun in the janitor's closet, the town hears all sorts of stories, leading to immortal phrases like: "Father! Uncle Apu! A teacher was in the closet with the principal and had as many arms as Vishnu and they were all very busy." Managing to convince the town that they did not have sex, and that they should be able to keep their relationship, they convince Bart they have broken it off, and do secretly sneak away back to the janitor's closet to have sex. Clever, conniving, convincing, and a cougar...

12 Looking To Pick Up Green Day

At the opening of The Simpsons Movie that released in 2007, Green Day plays a concert in Springfield, which they use to leverage a moment to talk about the environment (which doesn't go over well as they lose the crowd, and their barge dissolves out from under them, leading to a Titanic-esque scene before they plunge into the lake and are never heard from again), and as the crowd is scanned over in this closing of the hilarious intro, Edna, perched atop Skinner's shoulders, pulls open her green sweater, revealing a shirt that states, "Not my boyfriend" with an arrow down to Skinner. What is far more interesting than the shirt, is the incredible enhancements pressed against the shirt that had, until this moment in the Simpsons universe, not been seen. Apparently Mrs. K paid out to be able to put out more in Springfield. Of course this is the only time Edna looks so...ample, but it goes to show that, in spite of all that's happened to her, she still aims to please...mainly herself, but anyone who joins her as well.

11 Edna's Last Dance

In season 25, at the end of episode 13, Ned Flanders is seen at a dance hall with Edna. The married couple stand there, watching others dance the tango, whereupon Flanders states that the only dancing he does "is square", but coaxing him on, Ned caves, and it is soon revealed that Edna and Ned are a very savvy dance couple. Unfortunately the dance is merely a fantasy as Ned sits in his chair, black mourning band around his arm, looking at a photo of Mrs. K. Nelson comes to the window at laughs at him, and then confides that he also misses Mrs. Krabappel. Such was the power of this exhilarating educator: she could un-tame Flanders enough to marry him, and get him to dance the tango, even if only in a daydream, and she even held the hearts of her students, though it may not always seem so. That signature laugh could make any man want to be noticed by her.

10 Mrs. K Knows How To Keep A Guy Interested

Looking for love, and an escape from the yo-yo craze at Springfield Elementary, Edna puts out a lonely hearts ad with the title: Save Me. Bart, of course, finds this ad, and responds, calling himself Woodrow, after former president Woodrow Wilson. Doing his research by reading some of Homer's old love letters, and watching classic romance films, Bart captures Edna's heart, and a little something else, as she sends him a photo of her in some sexy black lingerie. He responds with a photo of Gordie Howe, and sets up a date at the Gilded Truffle, where Bart intentionally pranks Edna with a no-show date. Realizing, however, just how heartbreaking the experience was for her, Bart rights the wrong by working with his family to craft the best possible farewell letter from Woodrow. Sad for her loss, but content with the end, Mrs. K takes Bart outside to play out the last day of his month-long detention. Willing to put herself out there, and accept defeat, Mrs. K can even relent, and grace her students with some sweetness, for which they have always been better off.

9 She Inspires A Lot Of... Interesting Art

The above photo is perhaps the tamest of fan art that could be found online of one Edna Krabappel. Apparently many take the idea of her being a hot teacher to the nth degree and enhance certain, and obvious parts of her body, while posing her with very little to "nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all!" In addition, there are some very bizarre, and incredibly illicit photos of Mrs. K, in an unbelievable number of position with Groundskeeper Willy, Seymour Skinner, Nelson Muntz, Jacques, Bart Simpson, and often a combination of all of these men and boys, doing...very filthy, cartoon thing. Not needing to have seen any of this, it was made very clear to this author that, in spite of the educational, sarcastic, and incredible vocal work on the character, some  decide to take an impress long jump over the line, and sexualize Mrs. K in a way that apparently many do care to see. If that is not an indication of how hot people think Mrs. K is, then one is encouraged to try and find similar artwork of Ms. Frizz (FYI, there's hardly any).

8 Hot For Teacher

Another Grade School Confidential scene above, Edna and Seymour nurture their love on the dance floor that is the Springfield Elementary cafeteria. Bart looks on with disdain, and while much of that does come from the secretive couple using Bart an errand boy to share messages, it seems to be that Bart also has a little bit of a soft spot for Mrs. K. To be fair, he kisses her when she passes his history test, he carries on a love affair of letters with her, and he even uses the famous opening sequence chalkboard to tell the world how much he misses her. yes, I think it's safe to say that, no matter how much they've been through, or rather because of all they've been through, Bart has harboured a little crush for Mrs. K. That aside, in Grade School Confidential, after sneaking away in the playhouse, and the janitor's closet, as well as dancing all across the cafeteria, the outed couple locks themselves in Springfield Elementary in a beautiful show of affection, in order to bolster their love, and others' support of their relationship.

7 Edna Can Dress Up, Even For Heartbreak

Yes, Bart The Lover has already been touched on, and the lingerie has already been revealed, but what's even more enticing about Mrs. Krabappel is that, underneath her dry wit, and sweetly sarcastic humour, she is a woman who does want to be loved, and will spend hours in front of the mirror in classic rom-com fashion, trying to choose the very best outfit for her would-be lover. Knowing that Mrs. K. has got both those sides to her, and is not afraid to show either, or even the third, far more risqué side, is certainly a few steps in the right direction towards her being one of the hottest teachers on TV. Miss Bliss, Ms. Crabtree, and Ms. Frizz all have something going for them, but when it comes to depth of character, willingness to share deep, dark, personal secrets (including photos of lingerie modelling), and a trenchant desire to be completely honest in one's misery, Mrs. K. takes all of them down: the others being only relatively vapid characters that served fairly stock trope purposes. Edna breaks the mould.

6 Looking To Pickup Aerosmith

When Homer shares the recipe for his once-upon-a-time signature drink, Moe steals the idea, and Flaming Moe's becomes a booming business where everyone wants to be, flashing money, and booze, and sex all over the place. Attracting such classic bands as Aerosmith to the bar, who grace the new stage with a stellar performance. With their own private booth, Mrs. K. slips her way in, with her alluring rocker-chick outfit, and entices drummer Joey Kramer, nibbling on his drumsticks. It does appear, from only this episode, that Kramer might be more concerned about having to play the gig, than playing with Edna, but come the 22nd season of the show, Kramer makes another guest appearance as a former partner of Mrs. Krabappel's. So not only is she around to catch a member of Aerosmith while they're still relevant, but she also manages to make a go at grabbing one of the Green Day boys. Of course she doesn't manage any of them, as they all tragically die in Lake Springfield, due to pollution.

5 And Here's To You Mrs. Robinson

For any readers who have not seen The Graduate, then this most famous of Simpsons scenes, featuring Dustin Hoffman, will have been completely lost in reference. Yes, Edna has always been a flirt, and yes, she would have made a move on this supply teacher anyway (because he's hopping from town to town and Mr. Krabappel has been out of the picture for some time), but the shot-for-shot reference to The Graduate features Mrs. K as the infamous Mrs. Robinson, a middle-aged cougar who has a torrid affair with a young Dustin Hoffman. Hell, Simon & Garfunkel even wrote a song for the incredible character of Mrs. Robinson! Comparing Mrs. Krabappel to the fiery Mrs. Robinson, gives the savvy audience a clear understanding of just how much of a seductress Krabappel really is, and how...forward she can be. "And here's to you, Mrs. K!"

4 Edna Loves Love Letters

In spite of how dry she appears, and how hard she comes across, Edna, as shown in her bedroom above, is quite the feminine character. Of course that's made obvious in every one of her sexual exploits, but here there is a softness to her, not before seen. Reading a letter from her brief lover Woodrow (Gordie Howe/Bart Simpson), one can see bright shades of pink, purple, and blue, as well as an interestingly purple cat. So for all of those cat lovers out there, here is another reason to find Mrs. K. an attractive catch. It must also be said that, even though she is infamous for giving men only one shot with her, if her heart is captured, she throws caution to the wind, and really does work at being a good lover. And who can say she's done a bad job? One dares to say that the majority of her failed relationships were not so much her fault as the men she partnered with, or the devious little student who has a crush on her (Bart Simpson).

3 Nighty Night, Mrs. K.

Every chance Edna Krabappel can get, she is working the crowd, trying to find the lucky guy to make her feel like a lucky girl, and while she is not always successful, she certainly is more often than not. Yes she's animated so it is perhaps weird, right off the bat, to write an article about how she's the hottest TV teacher, but then again, people love looking at the "Hottest Final Fantasy Characters" and they are, of course, all animated, so...there is really no apology for that. Beyond the animation though, the quality of her voice, though sometimes grating, with her obnoxious laugh, does find its way to attracting all manner of men, young and old, short and tall, big or small, and they all desire her because she is what they think they can't have: an honest, strong, outgoing woman, who knows what she wants, and will take it as well.

2 Forget The Boys' Room: Smokin' In The Classroom!

The number of times Edna would have been fired from Springfield Elementary, were it a real school, is absolutely mind-boggling, and no exception would be the unknown number of packs she must have smoked in her own class throughout the years. Of course so many people are attracted to the bad girl, and what's more bad than smoking and drinking, and picking up men in your own classroom, having sec in the janitor's closet, and dancing covered only by balloon in front of the entire student population as well as their families? That puts Varsity Blues to shame where several of the students find their high school teacher stripping to Hot For Teacher by Van Halen at a strip club not far from their little town. She's got it, and she flaunts it, and no one is going to tell her different. Not even her brief husband Ned.

1 Still Going Strong At Seventy!

Now take a look at the very first photo of this article, circa 1970-something, and then look at this photo! At seventy years old, Marcia Wallace was still a vibrant, stunning, and imposing woman. She dealt with a lot of issues growing up, worked many jobs, was herself a teacher for a time, and after her breast cancer diagnosis in the mid eighties, became a huge activist, educating people on the importance of early cancer detection which won her the Gilda Radner Courage Award from Roswell Park Cancer Institute for helping educate Americans and inspiring others through her 20 years as a breast cancer survivor. Wallace lost her husband to cancer, suffered through bulimia, had a nervous breakdown, survived cancer through the eighties, nineties, and well into the twenty first century, and it is clear that that depth of character has been immortalized in the crass, clever, tumultuous, and titular character of Mrs. Edna Krabappel— the hottest teacher to have graced TV. Rest in Pea-didily-ce.


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15 Times The Simpsons' Mrs. Krabappel Was The Hottest Teacher On TV