15 Times The Paparazzi Went Too Far

Celebrities have it tough when it comes to evading the paparazzi. Every moment of their life is captured on camera and there is no such thing as privacy for them. Some people may think that it does not matter because these celebrities knew what they were signing up for, but sometimes the paparazzi can take things a little too far when it comes to capturing pictures of celebs. Sometimes lines are crossed and lives are risked, which seems a bit extreme for something as simple as a photograph.

Some say that money is what drives these people to do such extreme things to get the perfect photos, because some people can make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of one simple photo. Other people think that the paparazzi are just obsessed and crazy fans who will do whatever it takes to get a peek at their favorite actor, actress, or singer. It seems like they would do whatever it takes to get the pictures that they need, not even thinking about what type of consequences they could face for taking the photo in the first place. Whatever the case may be, things have been going too far, lives have been lost, cars have been totalled, and people have even been assaulted. Hopefully one day the madness will end and celebrities will no longer have to fear for their safety every time they go out. Until that happens, though, here is a list of fifteen times that the paparazzi went way too far to get some good pictures.

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15 Leave Britney Alone!

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Back in 2007, Britney Spears was going through a bit of a rough patch in life. She had gotten into drugs and alcohol to help her self-medicate when she was feeling down and as an act of rebellion, she even shaved her head. Britney did, however, seek help and when this incident with the paparazzi took place, she had just gotten out of rehab. Upon getting out of rehab, Britney was bombarded by the paparazzi trying to catch photos of her at her worst, during a time when privacy was very much needed. The star pleaded with the paparazzi to please leave her alone, telling them that she needed some privacy in this very sensitive part of her life, but despite the star’s plea for them to leave her alone, they persisted to take photos and the star became enraged. She then took the tip of her umbrella and began to attack their vehicle, smashing it into the windows, angry that they would not stop. Britney got a lot of bad press for what had happened, but given the circumstances and how nicely she had asked them the first couple of times, it is understandable as to why she became so angry.

14 Lindsay Lohan's Scary Car Accident

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In 2005, Lindsay Lohan was driving around with one of her friends when suddenly the paparazzi began to trail her. The star had already had enough of their crazy ways and attempts to get pictures of her, but what was about to happen next was the last straw for her. It was a warm California day when photographer Galo Ramirez was trying to snap some photos of star, Lindsay Lohan, when suddenly he smashed his mini van right into the back of her very expensive Mercedes Benz. The accident played a part in California making an anti-paparazzi law, and although this case did make it to court, the man was not charged because they could not prove that he intentionally rammed his van into the back of her car. Neither Lindsay nor the friend that she was with at the time sustained any injuries; unfortunately, we can not say the same for her very expensive car.

13 Kate Middleton Photographed Baring All While Sunbathing With The Prince

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Kate Middleton was on a vacation back in 2012 in a very private lodge with Prince William when the paparazzi, who was camping out nearby, snapped some pictures of the couple that took things a little too far. Kate and William were sunbathing on the balcony of a 19th century Hunting Lodge in France and paparazzi, using a very long lens, were able to capture pictures of Kate removing her bathing suit top and rubbing lotion on William, and he rubbed lotion on her. This was a clear case of invasion of privacy and the couple did sue the paparazzi, who had published the invasive photos of Kate in a French magazine. The front page of the magazine read “World Exclusive” and inside it featured a five-page spread of photos from the couple's vacation that were completely uncensored. The editor of the magazine has stood by his words saying that the photos were not inappropriate in any way, but rather that they were actually full of joy and tasteful.

12 Man Pursuing Justin Bieber Meets Tragic End

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Chris Guerra was a paparazzi who was obsessed with getting pictures of Justin Bieber, and his obsession turned deadly after following a bad lead. One day in 2013, Chris was under the impression that Justin Bieber was smoking weed while being pulled over by cops. After receiving word of this possibility, he proceeded to run across the highway to try to capture photos of the star being pulled over in his very expensive Lamborghini. This, however, was not the smartest idea, because the man, who clearly was not paying attention, was struck by an SUV and died at the scene. It turns out that Justin was really only pulled over for speeding down the highway in his $200,000 car and this man died chasing a bad lead. This was a tragic event that took place and could have been avoided if Chris had not been so caught up in trying to capture the perfect picture to make money off of.

11 Nicole Kidman Knocked Down By Paparazzi Chasing Her

via: popsugar.com

Nicole Kidman was in New York attending Fashion Week in 2013, when paparazzi was chasing her as she attempted to return to her upscale New York hotel. The guy was riding on his bike chasing after Nicole when he failed to stop and ran directly into her, knocking her down in front of her hotel. The man, who was riding the bike, was also knocked down, but of course there was another person there to capture the moment as it happened. She ended up pressing charges against the man for assault, but that might have been going a little too far seeing as how it really was an accident. Nicole was very shaken up by the incident, but she was completely unharmed by the run-in and went back to her day like nothing had happened. This man, however, will probably think twice before he chases after a celebrity on his bike again.

10 Daddy Wants To Express Some Rage

via: justjared.com

You probably guessed by the Deadpool quote in the title that this next entry is about Ryan Reynolds. One day in 2015 after a long day of shooting Deadpool, Reynolds got into an altercation with a paparazzi. The two began to argue in a gated parking lot because apparently he had been stalking Ryan and even threatened one of his family members at one point. After the argument, the man got into his car and deliberately hit Ryan with his car, although the star did not sustain any serious injuries from the accident. This is probably one of the craziest incidents of paparazzi crossing the line that we have ever heard and it really makes us wonder why they get so crazy over something as silly as a simple photo. The man was arrested for the crime that he had committed and has been charged with several other criminal acts.

9 Paparazzi Costing Princess Diana Her Life

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In 1997, Princess Diana lost her life in a tragic car accident. Some people blame the driver, who had been slightly under the influence of alcohol at the time, and others blame the paparazzi who had been chasing her before the accident occurred. Princess Diana was being driven across Paris with her boyfriend, but before leaving to do, so they made sure to send out a decoy car in hopes to evade the paparazzi, who were notorious for following her around everywhere that she went. This, however, did not work, because despite the decoy car, they were still being followed. This soon turned into more of a chase and in an attempt to get away from the crazed paparazzi car behind them, they wound up crashing into a cement wall. The Princess died at the scene and this has been the worst case of the paparazzi going way too far.

8 Trespassing On Halle Berry's Private Property

via: USweekly.com

In 2008 actress, Halle Berry was out and about in her own backyard with her husband, her mother, and her four-month-old daughter, but little did she know that someone was lurking on her property trying to steal pictures of her and her baby for their own gain. A man managed to capture photos of Halle holding her daughter and sold them to the tabloids with the caption, “Halle Berry out and about with daughter.” The problem with this though, was that she was not out and about like the man had said, and she was able to prove that by the background of the pictures. Halle Berry said that the reason that she was so outraged with this was not just because the man had trespassed onto her private property, but also because she was doing everything that she could to keep her daughter out of the public eye in order to protect her from people like the paparazzi. Criminal charges were brought against this man for his actions.

7 Paparazzi Terrorizes Children's Day At Disneyland

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In 2005, Reese Witherspoon was on a family trip to Disneyland for her daughter’s sixth birthday. The celebrity and her family were surrounded by children and their friends when all of a sudden chaos broke out. A man named Todd Wallace, who was desperate to capture photos of the actress with her family, began to push his way through the children, hitting a five-year-old boy in the face with his camera. The man then began to scream and curse around all the children, and although he did not get to take the pictures of Reese that he was so desperate for, he did get a shiny new bracelet around his wrists after he was arrested on six counts of battery. This is probably one of the worst cases of the paparazzi going way too far that we have ever heard, next to Princess Diana’s death, of course.

6 Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver Trapped By Paparazzi

via: huffingtonpost.com

In 1998, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver were in their car getting ready to go out when suddenly two guys in separate cars trapped them in with their cars so that they could not leave. The people then got out of their cars with cameras and began taking pictures of Arnold and his wife for an extended period of time, keeping them there against their will just to take photos of them. Arnold had just undergone heart surgery a few days prior to the incident occurring and his wife was pregnant. The celebrity couple was fearful for their lives, thinking that they might get kidnapped. After the incident had ended, the cops were called and the paparazzi men were arrested and charged with false imprisonment. This is one case of the paparazzi going too far that could have ended horribly, and could be considered stalking. Luckily, though, the two were okay and justice was served.

5 Kim Kardashian Gets Brutally Attacked

via: dailymail.com

In 2012, Kim Kardashian and her family, including husband Kanye West, were attending Fashion Week in Paris when Kim became the victim of an assault. Their car was surrounded by paparazzi and there was little room to move, Kim stepped out of the car and while she waited for her bodyguard to escort her through the crowd, one of the photographers lunged at the start, tackling her legs and pulling her down to the ground while pulling her hair. The entire incident was captured on video and the man responsible was arrested right there and then. It turns out that this man was a prankster and did the same exact thing to multiple other celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and even Will Smith, but the joke was on him this time, because he ended up facing some serious charges in court and was held responsible for his actions. I think it is probably safe to say that he will not be doing that again, because he picked the wrong celebrity to mess with this time.

4 Lily Allen Rages At Disrespectful Paparazzi

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In 2009, Lily Allen was driving about, getting her normal everyday things done when paparazzi began to chase her. The paparazzi following her wanted the star to stop so that they could capture a few photos of her in her car, but when she refused to do, so they took matters into their own hands, crashing into the back of her car and forcing her to stop. The star then got out of her car in a complete rage. Who wouldn't be after being rear-ended intentionally? The photographer also got out of his car, camera in hand, and ready to finally get his photos when Lily started to approach him. Instead of posing for some photos, though, like this guy might have hoped for, she began to punch and kick the man, furious at him for what he had done. She then threw a bottle at the man and her own bodyguards had to peel her away from him.

3 Chris Brown's Car Gets Totalled By Paparazzi

via: CNN.com

Singer Chris Brown was in L. A with his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna, driving his $200,000 Lamborghini when the paparazzi began to chase them. Yes, another instance of the paparazzi chasing after a celebrity in their vehicle and making them crash; when will it ever end? Chris crashed into a wall and completely totalled his car, while paparazzi got out of their cars and just began to take picture after picture, not even checking to see if they were okay. There was no word on whether charges were filed against the car that was chasing him, but it is probably safe to assume that there were, seeing as how his $200,000 car was completely destroyed in the wreck. Both he and Rihanna were able to escape the accident completely unharmed and the car – well, that can be easily replaced. Especially for a man like Chris Brown, who definitely has enough money to replace it.

2 Tori Spelling Chased While Picking Up Her Kids

via: thesuperficial.com

Actress Tori Spelling was on her way to pick her kids up from school when she began being followed by the paparazzi. You probably can guess this by now, but they caused her to crash. This is starting to seem like a common tactic to get pictures by the paparazzi. Tori was trying to evade the guys, who were tailing so close behind her that if she would have braked, they would have crashed anyways. She wound up crashing into the wall of her children’s school. Talk about embarrassing for the kids, although it is a good thing that no one was injured. Tori said that they had crossed a serious line and that she would do whatever it takes to make sure that they cannot do it to her again. She has since gotten an order that protects her from being followed by the paparazzi, but it seems as though that order came a little too late, as the damage was already done.

1 Paparazzi Sneaks Up On Sean Penn And He Thinks He Is Getting Robbed

via: thedailycaller.com

Sean Penn was heading back into his hotel room with his security guard when they were caught off guard by a man dressed in black. Perhaps they did not notice the giant camera around his neck at the time, because instead of realizing that it was paparazzi, they thought that they were being robbed. Since they thought that the guy was about to rob them, they took matters into their own hands and brought the man into their hotel room where they then dragged him out onto the balcony, picked him up by his ankles, and dangled him over the balcony for a while, thinking that would teach him a lesson. The joke was on them, though, because after they realized who the man really was, and they let him go, he called the cops. The two were then arrested and the bodyguard posted bail for the both of them and that was the end of that story. I'm sure that guy will probably think twice before sneaking up on someone for some pictures again.

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