15 Times The Paparazzi Got BODIED Trying To Snap A Photo

It's easy to forget that celebrities are people too. We see them on television and in movies, so it's easy to think of them as superhuman figures. They are, however, people with emotions. They get angry and annoyed just like the rest of us, and if any of us were followed by photographers 24/7, we might want to throw some hands as well.

Some celebrities have hilarious interactions with the paparazzi. But sooner or later, someone is going to freak out. It's impossible for us to know what's going on in these celebrities' private lives, and they're often not in the mood to joke around and play to the crowd. When the paparazzi catch a celebrity at the wrong time, they have the potential of getting knocked down.

Although a lot of celebrities restrain themselves, sometimes, the pressure is too much. The paparazzi seem to generally think, "What are they so mad about? They should be happy." But, this is an ignorant way of thinking. Most of the people in the profession seem to have a low sense of morals, so it's always nice to see them get what they deserve. In these 15 incidents, you will see just that.


15 Kanye Attacks 1


We'll start this list with a relatively tame Kanye West paparazzi story. Kanye is one of the most prolific paparazzi bashers on the planet. He has a short fuse, and the paparazzi know it. It's kind of a double-edged sword for the photographers. A freak-out will net them a big payday, but they also risk catching hands if Kanye gets too angry.

The gang was waiting outside his house one early morning/late night at 4AM. As he was closing his garage, one of the photographers even stuck his hand in so that the sensor would stop it.

Despite Kanye telling the photographers to "shut the f**k up," they continue to pester him with questions. Eventually, Kanye walks up to one of the men and slaps his camera. You can tell he's about to swing but thinks better of it and walks away.

14 Chris Martin Lays The Boom


Chris Martin is usually thought of as a mellow guy because of his songs. He sings a lot of love songs. But one paparazzo learned that the passion can be used for hatred as well.

An Australian paparazzo was following Martin around all afternoon. Finally, Martin had enough of the man's presence and decided to act. Martin knocked the guy down with ease and took his camera away from him. He made off with the man's camera as the man filming peppered him with "jerk" insults. The other paparazzo even said, "You're supposed to be a father."

Martin didn't like that last comment, and he allegedly smashed the window of the man's car and slashed his tires.

13 Alec Baldwin Smashes Phone


Alec Baldwin is a very likable guy, and the way he handles this paparazzi encounter show why. He was being followed by a group of photographers while he was walking down the street. Everyone seemed to be giving him personal space, except for one guy who got right in his face with a cellphone.

Initially, Baldwin just pushes him away. When the man continues to pester him, Baldwin smacks the phone out of hand and keeps walking. Still, the man hadn't had enough. He came up to Baldwin and started complaining about the star smashing his phone and pushing him around.

Baldwin just continued to emasculate the man time after time, as he backed him down and laughed in his face when the man complained about the "assault." It's hard to look like much more of a coward than this guy, as Baldwin walked across the street. If you look closely, you can see a little pee running down the paparazzo's leg.

12 Justin Bieber Runs Over Paparazzi

Justin Bieber is one of the most followed celebrities of our time. The paparazzi are constantly trying to snap a juicy photo of the singer, and this has been the case since he was a kid. He hasn't always handled it the best, but in this situation, it's hard to fault him.

Bieber was leaving a church even in California when the paparazzi swarmed him. He was calmly ignoring them as he got in his truck, and most of the surrounding masses parted to let him leave. He accelerated off-camera, and the next thing we hear is a snap and a shout.

Bieber had hit one of the paparazzi with his car. He got out and tried to make sure the guy was okay, but some of the other onlookers were heckling him about driving too fast. From the video evidence, this is all on the paparazzi. Hopefully, the snap he got paid for his medical bills.

11 Mike Tyson Punches Stalker

Getting followed around by a paparazzi wielding a camera must be exhausting. This guy was following Mike Tyson all over the airport, and eventually, Tyson had enough. When the man started to follow Tyson into a restricted area, Tyson saw his opportunity to retaliate.

He told the man not to come through, but then, he saw the camera. He started walking closer to the man, telling him to put the camera away. When the man kept rolling, Tyson pounced. You can't see exactly what happened, but all you hear is pushing and a quick "I'll kill you" from the champ.

Tyson struck the photographer and wound up in court after he pressed charges. They eventually settled the lawsuit, and Tyson wasn't sentenced to any jail time.

10 Kanye Smashes Camera


The paparazzi, including those from the popular site TMZ, don't seem to like Kanye West. The feeling is mutual, and the paparazzi intentionally antagonizes Kanye whenever they get a chance. To be fair, Kanye makes himself an easy target with his over-the-top reactions, but sometimes, they are warranted.

On one occasion, Kanye was sick and tired of looking at the camera. After telling the camera man that he didn't want to hear him speak, he got in his face and stole the camera. He smashed the camera right in front of the paparazzo and walked away.

His bodyguard, though, thought that smashing equipment looked like fun and wanted to get in on the action. He took a TMZ reporter's camera and smashed it right in front of him. The Kanye paparazzi feud looks like it will never cool down, but is that such a bad thing?

9 Sam Worthington, Lara Bingle Tag Team


Sam Worthington, of Avatar fame, and his wife, Lara Bingle, were walking down the streets of New York City when they were confronted by a paparazzo. The man began asking them questions, but the couple wasn't having it.

The video from the paparazzo's view doesn't show much, but a video from across the street shows the two beating the man after knocking him on the ground. When police came, the couple claimed that the paparazzo kicked Bingle. The video doesn't show any of this and only shows how the two beat down the photographer as he continues to try to shoot.

Worthington was arrested for the ordeal, but the paparazzo claimed he didn't even know who Worthington was. All he wanted was a snap of his wife.


8 Hugh Grant Throws Beans


Hugh Grant traditionally plays the awkward love interest in romantic comedies. He's had a few aggressive run-ins with the paparazzi during his career. In one such occasion, a paparazzo refused to leave him alone while the actor was out shopping one day.

Grant warned the paparazzo multiple times that he would retaliate. He went up to the man and grabbed his camera, telling him to get a better job and once threatening physical violence if the paparazzo didn't back off. Still, the photographer disregarded the warning and continued to stalk the actor.

Eventually, enough was enough. Grant exited a store and saw the man standing there. Exactly what happened was not filmed, but Grant allegedly threw a can of beans at the photographer and kicked him. He finished it off with a classy "I hope your kids get cancer" for good measure.

7 Sean Penn Kicks Paparazzo


Sean Penn is no stranger to altercations with the paparazzi either. The actor has been in the spotlight since he was a young man, and at some point, the attention must get to a person.

It's not clear what prompted Penn to get physical here, but it appears that the photographers were close to his home. He approached the men with cameras, and without warning, he kicked the first man against the car. When the man refused to back down, he kicked him again and continued to push forward.

As he backed one paparazzo into a corner, the man filming showed his true colors. He left his friend to take a potential beating and got in his car and locked the doors. What a real man's man there.

6 Justin Bieber Gets Handsy


Justin Bieber has had countless interactions with the paparazzi over the course of his career. He's been aggressive with them, and he's talked to them like they were human beings. In 2013, though, he was fed up while trying to get to his car in London.

The photographer was in his way, and when Bieber's bodyguards pushed the man out of the way, he started chirping Bieber, who got out of the car to confront him. Bieber then fought through his bodyguards to take a swipe at the man, who feigned bravery as the star got closer.

They were eventually separated, but this was the closest that Bieber has come to laying out one of the paparazzi (on purpose, that is).

5 Britney Spears Bashes A Car

via:Us Magazine

The Britney Spears umbrella attack was a hallmark of the singer's breakdown in the mid-2000's. The highlights of the breakdown included the pop star shaving her own head and walking into a bathroom at a rest-stop with no shoes on—probably the most disturbing of all.

Spears has come back in recent years, but she was clearly done being the focal point of so much gossip when she experienced her meltdown. The paparazzi was harassing her one night, and it took her to her breaking point.

Spears got out of her car and grabbed an umbrella. She took out her frustration on one of the paparazzi's cars. The singer did quite a bit of damage to the car, denting it in multiple places. Thankfully, Spears recovered and went on to hit a paparazzo with her car (accidentally, this time).

4 Kanye Attacks 2


This video got Kanye in some trouble. If you watch it, though, it's pretty clear that the photographer milked the situation for a potential paycheck.

Kanye was exiting the airport when he was confronted with a crowd of photographers. One of the men was chirping at him, and Kanye was not having it. He later revealed that he had just found out his grandfather was going to die, so it's no wonder why he had a short fuse that day.

After a bit of back-and-forth, Kanye went over and tried to grab the camera from the photographer. They wrestled for a bit, and Kanye let him go. The photographer flopped like a pro and limped away with a fake injury. He was even taken away in an ambulance, milking it for everything it was worth.

3 Quentin Tarantino Almost Swings


Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to violence. Following him around must be nerve-racking; knowing the kind of twisted mess that's going on in his head.

One photographer was following the director when he was getting a coffee. He wasn't doing anything interesting, and Tarantino seemed confused and annoyed by the man. He went to grab the camera as he was yelling, and he moved to throw a punch at the man.

The paparazzo ran away like a coward, but later decided that he could use a juice settlement. He went back to bait Tarantino into punching him, but the director just laughed and told him to turn his camera off if he wanted to get hit.

2 Hugh Grant Love Tap

via: Youtube

As we've seen, Hugh Grant isn't shy about assaulting the paparazzi. If you follow one man for long enough, eventually, he's going to react. Throwing a can of beans and wishing cancer on someone's children is nothing compared to hitting someone with your car, though.

One night, Grant was leaving a restaurant when he was swarmed by paparazzi. He signed some autographs for fans but wasn't having the paparazzi attention. He was clearly agitated as he slammed the door to his car, but the paparazzi didn't back up.

Instead of waiting for them to leave, Grant started the car and went. He even turned the wheel a bit and gave the closest photographer a solid love-tap that sent him falling backwards. Unlike Bieber, Grant wasn't waiting around to see if the man was okay. He sped away without looking back.

1 Britney Spears Runs Over A Foot


Britney Spears has had quite a few run-ins with the paparazzi, including the previous story about her bashing a car with an umbrella. This time, her assault on the paparazzi was accidental.

As Spears was leaving a parking garage, the paparazzi mauled her car. There was another car in front of the singer, and she seemed to panic a bit. Instead of waiting for the other car to move, she veered into the other to try to get around.

One of the paparazzi was too close to her car and got his foot stuck under Spears' tire. She stopped initially, but continued so that the man could get his foot free. After that, she just sat there for a moment, stunned. It was clear that she never intended to hit anyone. Spears went on her way, and the paparazzi was fine. He was able to walk away and harass another celebrity in his socks/sandals combo.


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