15 Times The Illuminati Appeared In Kids' Favorite Cartoons

Disclaimer: The article is based only on speculation and not on factual evidence or inside sources.

The Illuminati is spotted everywhere, especially in pop culture. Any time a celebrity (e.g., Disney star) starts using drugs, shaving their head, or ranting about Raven-Symone's chest (yes, I'm looking to you Orlando Brown), people are quick to blame the Illuminati. After all, why would they blame psychological or s*xual abuse? When the possibilities of the elite and prestigious acting as puppeteers over middle America, the rumors are too loud to be ignored.

However, Disney's Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez are just two women gone AWOL. While their freak-outs could be explained, there are other things that go beyond psychiatric evils. For example, just watch your favorite cartoons. They're littered with innuendos, and only the "woke" would spot the eerie, creepy, and unsettling within their childhood favorites.

Even though G-rated shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, seem A-OK, the relationships between the quirky sea creatures go much deeper than "The pineapple under the sea."

Signs of the Illuminati are everywhere, and your children could be exposed to the perils of brainwashing. You may think that sounds downright ludicrous, but the subliminal hints and messages are broadcast everywhere, including in your own home. While the fifteen examples below are just based on pure speculation, try to keep an open mind. At the very least, you'll gain a deeper insight into just how deplorable cartoons can be.

So, grab your buttered popcorn and Diet Coke, and don't forget to turn on your lights. The conspiracy theories you're about to read may sound insane, but who knows? They could be very much the truth.

15 'The Suite Life' Of Hidden Propaganda


When you get to grow up in a hotel, the best part is the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

For twins Zack and Cody, they got all of the cinnamon buns and pancakes they wanted. However, they had to pay a price. In one of the show's episodes, the boys were in class.

Of course, they were their usual selves—happy-go-lucky class clowns. Don't let their jokes and wisecracks fool you, though. They were learning much more than proper grammar. On the chalkboard behind the protagonist, the word "Illuminati" was written in cursive. Zack and Cody might've been in an English class, but their audience was learning a much darker lesson.

14 'DuckTales' About Illuminati


You go to the doctor for an eye examination, and not for a mindf*ck.

One of America's classics has exposed the Illuminati in a place nobody would ever think to look—a doctor's office. According to Movie Pilot, the words on the eye chart made a subtle message and not a rambling of letters.

"A sign in the back can be seen with the phrase, 'Ask about Illuminati,' on it," the article says. You have to wonder why that crystal clear statement was placed in a movie made for little boys and girls. Are the cartoon's creators just trolling their viewers, or are they trying to forewarn their audience? The world may never know.

13 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' Is An Eyeful

Unless you've seen South Park's version of Mickey Mouse, you're probably a fan of the lovable rodent. However, if you're a die-hard fan of Disney's poster child, then you may want to skip this section.

In the popularized television show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Goofy was meeting the main character for some fun in the sun. He decided to bring his skateboard to the party. Their hangout seems normal, right? Well, take a closer look at the image above.

The underbelly of Goofy's skateboard has the all-seeing eye boldly displayed, as if he was proud of the suggestive stamp. Maybe their clubhouse is more than friendly get-togethers, so keep your kids far away from their warped playhouse.

12 'The Ant Bully' Is Satanic!?


Every kid's stepped on an anthill, but few kids can say that their punishment goes beyond ant bites.

Well, The Ant Bully explores how one boy, who has terrorized an ant colony, was made as small as an ant in order to right his wrongs. The cartoon sounds about as sweet, innocent, and cute as Inside Out. However, the difference between the movies lies within the covert symbolism. Here's what Movie Pilot had to say.

"The Ant Bully had one particular scene that almost blatantly revealed itself to have a version of the 'all-seeing eye' on an old woman's sweater. And also has a satanic symbol engraved on the back of her chair," the article says. No wonder the bully had problems. He was exposed to evil from the start.

11 'Arthur' Is Watching You...


Regardless of what animal Arthur was supposed to be, he was cute, nerdy, and kind. In my seven-year-old brain, that was all that mattered. I could've cared less about the intricacies of the show.

However, now that I'm almost at the age of a legal drink, my eyes are more focused on not the characters, but on the backdrop. In one scene, Arthur's seen with an Illuminati symbol. He's sitting in his bed with fear in his eyes, but maybe he's afraid because of the all-seeing eye.

He looks like he's being watched, so no wonder the poor guy's so afraid.

10 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Pulls A Plankton


One of Nickelodeon's top-grossing cartoons of all time is SpongeBob SquarePants.

However, parents have a mixed bag of emotions about the quirky TV show. After all, the characters show much more than "a pineapple under the sea." They can slip in a couple innuendos from time to time, but the audience has to pay special attention. Otherwise, the messages can be missed. Just look at the above picture.

It shows how proud Squidward is to be a part of such an exclusive club. He's so gung-ho about his membership that he fails to see the creepy and disturbing of the group. He still wants to be there, anyway. With the Eye of Horus represented in his garb and clubhouse, though, Squidward's already gone to the dark side, which doesn't sell cookies...or Krabby Patties.

9 'Gravity Falls' Into Illuminati Control


To be honest, I've never seen the cartoon Gravity Falls, but, after seeing a few pics of the show, I'll swipe left.

According to a Movie Pilot article, the program's contaminated with Illuminati references. "Gravity Falls is one of the more promising cartoon shows, from what I've seen nowadays. However, it too has several Illuminati symbols hidden within it," the magazine relays.

The protagonist, a boy with brown hair and bulging eyes, can be seen reading a book in a room with visible all-seeing eyes. What makes the animation even more scary, though, is the fact that he's in a dimly-lit red room. Are people sure the cartoon's kid-friendly? The poor guy looks like he's trapped in an animated horror film, like Monster House.

8 'Tom And Jerry' Fall Prey


The cat-and-mouse game could be blamed on Tom and Jerry's own warped relationship.

While the cartoon seems innocent (well, aside from the constant violence, of course), a few references are enough to sound viewers' alarm. In one scene, Tom and Jerry are competing in a race, and the boss of the scam had more than one eye on the prize. On his desk sat a golden pyramid with an eye smack-dab in the middle.

The animals and their audience were concerned with the competition, so nobody cared for the indiscreet details of the cartoon's scenery. However, more people should pay attention to what is shown behind the scenes. They give more away than any script ever could.

7 'The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy' Are Grim


Cartoon Network's perfect duo came from imperfection, but that's why Billy and Mandy were so iconic. That's why everybody tuned into the show. Not only was the pair full of misadventure and comedic relief, but their sidekick "Grim" was like the cherry on top of the already doomed trio.

However, even the cartoon showed signs of a power much greater than civilians could comprehend. During the cartoon's Christmas episode, Mrs. Claus wanted Billy to be the leader of the "New World Order," a ruse to get him into enslavement and captivity. Wow. Who knew Santa Claus, his wife, and the elves could be a part of world domination? My childhood's officially ruined.

6 'Dilbert' Demons


Another cartoon in the form of a comic strip, named Dilbert, brings the word "h*rny" to a whole new level.

In one of the clips, a character, with hair representing horns, is talking to a red miniature demon. They're talking about hiring an assassin, but with comedic undertones to their conversation. In another clip, they're talking about how the market crash and how they could capitalize off of unemployed men and women. Their ingenious plan was followed by the demon's "evil dance," as the other character would say.

While Illuminati symbolism escaped the snippets, Dilbert's subtle hints are worthy enough to be included on this list. After all, nobody should see greed, power, and "evil" as a show's headliner. Expect to soon see, with your own eyes, the all-seeing eye itself.

5 'Ever After High' High-Key Illuminati-Infested


Even cartoons about the high school life are suspect.

In the series Ever After High, there are quite a few examples that show just how prevalent the Illuminati is in television. Just look at the high school's flooring. "We see the checkered Freemasonry floor," an article says.

While you can see that floor and think, "Well, my schools had that, too. Who cares?" Well, the creator of the content is a proud Mormon, a faith that was founded by Joseph Smith, a man who was a Freemason himself. However, Ever After High had more examples than a flooring design. Take a peep at the show's skeleton keys.

4 'South Park' Selling Entertainment...Or Souls?


If you're ever "going down to South Park," don't expect yourself "to have a time."

In one episode, Stan and Kyle (along with their mothers) are shopping for food, yet they get much more than they bargained for. An Eye of Horus can be spotted near the clerk's desk. How can you not see the prop? It's really hard to miss.

"The scene shows a Whole Foods store and focuses on buying organic food and items. The hanging pyramid has an eye in the middle resembling the Eye of Horus," according to an article of The Richest. Even though South Park's a classic, fans have to wonder.

Is the show selling entertainment, or souls?

3 'The Simpsons' See Into America's Future


When you have an episode that predicts Donald Trump as president, then you've got to wonder.

Are the higher-ups trying to tell us something they can't say themselves?

Sixteen years ago, The Simpsons devoted an entire thirty minutes to Trump's election. "The internet broke down when people found out that Trump already was the president of the United States 16 years ago on an episode of the famous cartoon TV Show 'The Simpsons,'" a Parhlo article states.

So, did Trump take a page from the cartoon's playbook, or was the TV series able to predict far into the future? The question's shuddering.

2 'Johnny Bravo' Broadcasts A Terrorist Attack


"I am Johnny Bravo, the one-man army!"

Well, he forgot about his part-time job as a fortune teller, too. The guy predicted 9/11 just five months before the Twin Towers went down. Unfortunately, Johnny Bravo's not the only show to make the accurate prediction. The Simpsons, yet again, accurately foretold the same attack.

While you could just cry pure coincidence, you have to wonder why television would be able to make such a prediction, and then be right. At the very least, the thought's scary, and maybe that's why nobody wants to question further.

1 What Do You Believe?


Do you think the Illuminati's real?

Between the Eye of Horus and Freemasonry, it seems like all of the shows have been a part of spreading Illuminati propaganda. However, nobody can really know for sure. Maybe the creators of television just like to screw with our heads. People can look too much into stuff.

Then again, nothing's ever done by accident. Maybe shows are really trying to warn us, or, at the very least, educate us. However, regardless of the situation, the speculation's fun to dive into and, in the entertainment industry, that's all that matters.

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