15 Times The Hogan Family Surprised Us With Their Fashion Choices

In the mid-80s, the Hogan last name started to make headlines, specifically stemming from Hulk’s career in the wrestling business. Vince McMahon had a vision for the direction of the company moving forward once he inherited it from his father. The biggest part of his vision was getting a viral attraction on board, and that man turned out to be Hulk Hogan. The two worked magically together and completely changed the landscape of pro wrestling, turning it into sports entertainment.

In the early 2000s, the Hogan family name expanded as we were introduced to ex-wife Linda, daughter Brooke and son Nick, through one of the first ever reality shows, Hogan Knows Best. The show did record setting numbers at the time for VH1 and it became a massive hit.

Since then, we’ve followed the family. In terms of their fashion choices, they are no Kardashian, that’s for darn sure and this article will prove that. From Hulk’s green-highlighter-color Speedo to Linda’s disturbing 4th of July ensemble, these are 15 instances of the Hogan family taking their fashion choices too far. Enjoy and likes always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started!

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15 Hulk’s Ed Hardy Days

We never associated Hulk with being a fashion icon, however looking back, some of his outfits haven’t been the greatest. Who can forget Hulk’s stage of rocking Ed Hardy attire on the regular (as you see in the photo above)? Perhaps he liked the brand for its funky designs and for that reason, his shirts usually matched his bandanna color of choice perfectly on the day.

We saw Hulk rock the attire particularly during the Hogan Knows Best program. For those that tend to forget, the reality show spanned four seasons and 43 episodes. We hope Ed Hardy sent the Hulkster a royalty cheque for rocking their attire on the norm. Hulk would eventually put his Ed Hardy days in the past but he really hasn’t upgraded since in terms of his every day wardrobe; after all, he’s a simple dude.

14 Linda & Her Charlie Hill Days

Similar to Brooke and Nick, Linda became a household name during her time on the Hogan Knows Best reality show. Oh, how things would change in her life just a couple of years later. Hogan and Linda would get a divorce after a story leaked out pertaining to Hulk having an affair. Hulk would get ripped apart in court by his ex-wife as she walked away with 70% of Hulk’s assets. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Hulk had the embarrassment of watching his ex date a teenager.

At the time when they started to date, Linda was two years away from turning 50 years old, while Hill wasn’t even in his 20s (he was 19, if you can believe) yet. Trying to look younger, Linda rocked some edgy attire throughout the relationship, most regarded as fashion disasters. Thankfully, the couple did not withstand the test of time and the relationship fizzled out.

13 Nick’s Tacky T-Shirt

Similar to his father Hulk, Nick is all about the Jersey Shore-style, rocking a pair of jeans along with a t-shirt. Now he’s not rocking Ed Hardy, however this shirt might be worse than that as the t-shirt reads: “Miami Hates You”. Tacky? Yes. Worthy to take a selfie with? No.

So why a Miami shirt, you ask? Well, the Hogan family loves the Miami area, in fact, the Hulkster is a resident in Florida and even has his own shop in Clearwater. Both children love the location and are often seen in the area. As for Linda, she lives in the California area nowadays, another hot spot that both Linda and Nick both visit. Not a bad gig for the children, spending time in both the California and Florida areas.

12 Brooke’s On-Stage Ripped Jeans Outfit

Brooke’s viral fame took shape during the Hogan Knows Best program. After all, the show was centered around Brooke’s music career and Hulk trying to get her gigs and a record deal. Say what you must about Brooke, but she became increasingly popular with the show and was even given her own spin-off, Brooke Knows Best, once the Hogan reality show was taken off television.

Her music career started off looking promising but after the show came to an end, so did her popularity in the music business. Her second album The Redemption, tanked and she even lost record deals as the likes of SoBe Entertainment pulled out of their four-year deal with the singer. At the time, her outfits weren’t any better as her jean ensemble looks like it was created by an elementary school student.

11 Hulk In Court

Poor, Hulk. At the time of this photo, things weren’t going the best for the WWE legend. Not only was he released by the WWE for being caught on tape using racial slurs, but he also got private footage leaked out to the public. The result? Hulk getting intimate was released for the world to see.

Hogan ended up getting the last laugh in the matter winning a court case against Gawker. Hulk walked out of the ordeal winning a massive $115 million. Hogan also got full control of the tapes; it was at least some redemption for the Hulkster. That was the good, however the bad was his outfit and bandanna during the trial period. We weren’t sure if Hulk was going to a funeral with his all-black attire along with his cross chain. If he wasn’t attending a funeral, some would assume he was bringing back the nWo dressed in all black.

10 Mother & Daughter 4th Of July Ensembles

Let’s make things clear, there is nothing wrong with a mother and daughter wearing matching bathing suits. However, in this particular case, Linda might have taken things a little too far with the size of her American inspired bathing suit.

We give Brooke the pass on her choice of bikini, however Linda gets an F. We admire her love for the USA, however most Americans would agree that her bathing suit choice is way too tight and one of the “Not So PG” variety. Seriously, would you show your kids such a picture? Probably not due to the fact that Linda’s chesticles are almost completely out of the attire. It wasn’t the first time she worse such a tightly fitted bathing suit and we have reason to believe it isn’t the last time either – even though she’s in her late 50s.

9 Brooke Dressed As Harley Quinn

Oh, Halloween. Remember when it was that time of year that was all about getting scared? Well, the older we got, the more that began to change. Once you reach your teens, on that particular day of the year, things becomes more edgy and a lot less frightening. It’s like a free pass once a year for women to openly play dress up and rock whatever floats their boat. For Brooke, she stuck with the trends, dressing up as Harley Quinn, a costume we’ve seen time and time again. Sadly, her take wasn’t the greatest and many would call it a disaster when you compare Brooke to the actual character.

She did her part in the cleavage area and did a good job at making the costume appealing to the eyes, however the validity of the costume is certainly a failure; she got the hair kind of right but everything else just doesn’t match - she looks more like a punk than the actual character.

8 Linda’s Rap Video Attire

If you ever wanted to see a woman in her 50s dance in skimpy attire, then search the video MILF by Ricky Romance. No, it wasn’t done as a parody... the video was actually legit and one that looks as though it was edited by a high school student. Making matters worse, the video clip actually received more than 140K views, though not surprisingly, the YouTube audience gave the video more dislikes than likes.

Watch the video for yourselves and you’ll be cringing at what Linda Hogan wears throughout the video. It might not get any worse than Linda rocking leopard inspired undergarments while buttering up her toast. Seriously, talk about a more random scenario. The video seemed like an SNL parody more than a legitimate music video. It’s safe to say we won’t be seeing a part two of the song.

7 More Brooke Hogan Concert Outfits

We kind of feel for Brooke, she isn’t a bad looking gal and many consider her to be quite steamy, especially considering she’s Hulk’s daughter. However, when it comes to her music career, not only were her songs pretty terrible but her outfit choices might have been even worse. This photo above is no exception as she rocks the black short shorts and matching top. The black Nike sneakers should solidify the horribleness of the entire ensemble. The attempt was a major fail, but perhaps the very worst part of the costume were those custom made sleeves... Oh, goodness!

To Brooke’s credit, she would change genres and outfits later on. Making the jump to country music, Brooke improved her outfits rocking some steamy leather-type outfits, ensembles that seemed a lot more suitable and relevant compared to such attires like you see in the photo above.

6 Linda & The Twitter Outfits

Sadly, Linda Hogan recently deleted her Instagram account. However, she remains active on social media through her Twitter page. Linda uses the social media platform similarly to Instagram, posting various photos of herself on the regular. If you happen to follow Linda, you’re likely well aware that most of her ensembles are of the “Not So PG” nature, even if she’s nearing her 60s.

The example above is surprisingly tame compared to some of her other outfits, though this is a family friendly website so we couldn’t post such edgy photos. Linda is photographed alongside her hairdresser in the photo rocking another questionable outfit. Though the picture really isn’t as bad as some of the others (which include some of the skimpiest bikinis you’ll ever see). If you thought the 4th of July bathing suit earlier in the article was tight, wait until you see some of the others on Linda’s Instagram account.

5 Nick Hogan LAX Hoodie

In terms of fashion disasters, Nick is quite tame in comparison to the rest of his family. The dude is pretty basic; he wears jeans and plain t-shirts with nothing on them most of the time. However, his LAX outfits from years ago don't get the pass, as most of us wouldn’t wear such a hoodie if we were paid to do so. Sorry Nick, but you failed on that terrible choice. We give sister Brooke the pass in the photo however.

Nowadays, for those of you that are wondering, Nick continues to maintain a low profile away from the spotlight. Gone are his reckless days, instead today, he’s quietly performing as a DJ and staying out of the spotlight. Looking at his behavior throughout the years, we can all agree that this is what’s best for Nick – props to him for laying low and kind of restoring his name.

4 Brooke’s Skin Tight Dress

A dress that doesn’t look suitable enough for a causal walk, Brooke Hogan had many of the onlookers turning around as she rocked a tightly fitted dress that looks as though it was painted on. There’s truly nothing wrong with her figure, however many would make the claim that the dress was way too short and way too tight. As if her walking in it wasn’t enough, she even stopped to dance at one point; as you can imagine it must have been quite the sight.

Similar to Nick, Brooke has decided to lay low as of late. However, she is currently working on a couple of projects. She’s even rumored to be interested in starting her own wrestling promotion alongside DDP’s daughter. Given the fact that women’s wrestling is on the upswing, such an idea really isn’t all that bad.

3 Linda Hogan Rocks Ed Hardy

Yes, it was only fitting that like her ex-husband, Linda Hogan rocked Ed Hardy attire in the past. The dress was a fashion nightmare and one we won’t see again. Hell, she even had the matching hat to go with it, while her ex Charlie Hill, had a freaking matching sweater. Not too shocking, she wore the ensemble during her Charlie Hill days.

The two tried to milk the situation as much as they could, even appearing on reality shows together such as Couple’s Therapy. It appears as though Linda was trying to take a little more advantage however, as Hill tried suing Linda for failed payments (he was put to work in her beautiful home, renovating a couple of features in the house). Not a shock at all, his claims weren’t met and he walked away from the relationship with very little, aside from a blue Ed Hardy shirt...

2 Hulk’s Green Speedo & Headgear

One of the biggest nightmares on the list, we aren’t sure what’s worse; Hulk’s highlighter color bathing suit or his vacation hat? For once, he’d be better off with a damn bandanna or hell, even nothing at all (even if he has a noticeable bald spot). The poor guy can’t even catch a break from us when he’s on vacation but seriously, you’re asking for it hulk, by wearing such an ensemble.

Surprisingly, like the rest of his family, Hogan has remained on the down low in the last couple of months. Without a doubt, he’s trying to restore his public image, especially with the WWE. Triple H has stated that the company is open to bringing him back, however it’s up to the WWE’s investors to decide when the time is right for such a return.

1 Brooke Hiking In Skin Tight Yoga Pants

We close off the article with a shot of Brooke taken by the sneaky paparazzi. Taking a jog with a couple of friends in Los Angeles, Hogan was photographed in Studio City. Perhaps it was the timing of the photo, but it looks like even her male counterpart is impressed with the tightness of her ensemble as well. We don’t have an issue with yoga pants, though we question why she wore such an outfit for an uphill jog... Seriously, long pants in LA while jogging uphill? Hmm, that doesn’t seem to be right. But then again, she is rocking tight yoga pants, so who really cares (fashion disaster or not)?

You can still follow Brooke and her everyday life via multiple social media platforms nowadays. She’s even taken part in a couple of interviews lately - to her credit, she still looks pretty darn great.

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