15 Times The Duggars Were Worse Than The Kardashians

The world of reality television can be a tricky thing to navigate since it can build a person up and it can also break people down. One of the biggest criticisms against reality television is how it can bring to light some of the little tensions within a marriage, which can later lead to divorce. There have been an astounding number of couples that have divorced after being on reality television from Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson to a multitude of Real Housewives. Yet, it's not just the relationships that have been destroyed by reality television since sometimes, it's the entire persona of a family.

In the case of the Kardashians, it seemed like a dream come true when they got the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim had only been known for being Paris Hilton's friend and Ray J's lover from the infamous sex tape, so turning into television stars overnight was definitely a good thing. Yet, their sudden rise to fame also brought on a huge amount of criticism over the way they lived their lives. Another family that was finding fame on television was the Duggars, even though they were living a completely different lifestyle. Their fan base was predominantly Christians who wanted to see a wholesome family being portrayed on television (for once). Yet, Jim Bob and Michelle having a brood of children wasn't the only story to be told since there were a number of secrets they had been hiding behind the scenes. Whether you're a fan of the Kardashians or just interested in all of the drama concerning the Duggars, check out our list of 15 times the Duggars were worse than the Kardashians.


15 Caught Lying To Law Enforcement

While the Kardashian/Jenner clan haven't exactly been innocent when it comes to their individual brushes with the law, there has never been any sort of deceit that has gone along with their incidents. Khloe Kardashian was arrested in 2007 on a DUI charge, but she didn't drag out the incident or try to cover it up in any way. Instead, she served her time, performed her community service, and moved on from it in a way that shows that she had learned her lesson. It showed that real people make mistakes and that they're able to learn and grow from them. Yet, the Duggars have had multiple allegations of lying under oath during the sexual abuse investigation and also during a civil lawsuit where they were accused of fraudulent activity during an insurance claim.

14 Deceiving Their Fan Base


One of the most redeeming qualities of the Kardashians is the fact that they put it all out there for all to see. They aren't passing themselves off as the innocent and sweet women who are hoping not to be tainted by the rough and tumble life of Hollywood. Instead, they flaunt what they have and don't seem to have any qualms about having to shamelessly push their "brand" out to the world. There may have been some that were irritated with Kim's constant self-promotion via her social media sites, but it was on par with the way she and her family had represented themselves on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so it really wasn't all that bad. Yet, it's a sharp contrast from how the Duggars represented themselves as the perfect Christian family but were really keeping some deep dark secrets from the public eye.

13 Children Taking Care Of Children

With a family as large as the Duggars', there definitely had to be some extra hands pitching in through all of the raising of children. Yet, they had so many children that it was often the older kids that had to do the raising of some of the younger kids. There was an episode in 18 Kids and Counting where Jim Bob made a comment to one of his older children about how he had to help because he would change his diaper when he was little. The response he received was priceless because he said that he also had to change diapers, but it was for all of the other children. The Kardashians may be criticized for some aspects of their lives, but at least they didn't have to raise and change their siblings' diapers for years on end while they were just trying to grow up themselves.

12 Housework At An Early Age


When this photo of Josh and Jessa's children popped up on the Internet, it created some controversy over the fact that the children were seemingly put to work at such a young age. While it could be argued that they were just playing around or that they were just posing for the photo, the chemicals within these mops aren't exactly kid-friendly, and the handles can be heavy enough to do some damage if dropped on a toddler's toe. While the Kardashians may be criticized for having a bit too much or for flaunting their excess, putting their infants to work at cleaning their mansions definitely isn't on the list. In contrast, this is something that's quite typical for the Duggars since they've given all of their children strict "chores" since they were little.

11 Violating Child Labor Laws

When the Duggars were first introduced to the world, they were quick to emphasize the fact that they weren't receiving any public assistance. While they did have an astounding number of children, they were able to financially support them, and their house was a size that suited their family, regardless of the amazing number of kids. Yet, there was something that caught the eye of TV audiences since a lot of the work for the home was actually done by the children. On top of the never-ending chores that seemed far too excessive for the small children, they actually taught the children how to lay tile, and it was the kids that did the work in creating the home that they lived in. There's definitely got to be some sort of child labor laws that were violated with this home build.

10 Limited Exploration Of Sexuality


While the Kardashians have definitely been criticized for their promiscuous ways and their multiple marriages, no one can say that they've been stifled in their exploration of their sexuality. In contrast, the Duggars have a strict rule about touching when it comes to their children. There is no chest-to-chest contact until the wedding day, and that includes hugs. The only hug that's allowed is a side hug, and it's always in the presence of the parents. While there's something to be said for saving one's self for marriage, there has to be some sort of compromise between these two very extreme families. Holding hands and creating that intimate bond that comes from a great slow dance or a longing embrace is the stuff that creates true romance, which has been forbidden for the Duggars.

9 Completely Dependent On The Men In Their Lives

While you may not agree with the way the Kardashian women treat the sanctity of marriage, it's important to note that the females within their brood aren't completely dependent on the men in their lives. The Kardashian sisters are encouraged to make money on their own and they're thought of as successful business women who are a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, the Duggar women seem to be obsessed with the roles that are placed upon them, whether it's being a daughter, a mother, or a wife. They aren't encouraged to go out and get jobs to have their own sense of self-worth, and instead, they're pushed to adhere to the typical roles of simply being the "little woman" that bears children.


8 Not Supportive Of Social Issues


Even before Bruce Jenner transitioned from a male to the female Caitlyn Jenner, the entire Kardashian/Jenner brood was supportive in many different social issues that are present in the world. They've all been hugely supportive of the LGBTQ community, and that didn't change when Bruce transitioned into a woman. While it was definitely a hard time for their family, each and every one of them came out in solidarity to offer their support to Caitlyn and were even featured on her spin-off reality series. In contrast, the Duggars have openly lobbied against homosexuals having equal rights and have been strongly against gay marriage. Rather than simply stating their opinion on the matter, they have actually gone to lobby against it and to seek out a spot on ultra-conservative political action committees.

7 Approval From Husbands

The Kardashian/Jenner clan have evolved into true trendsetters over the years, with each of them having their own unique look when it comes to how they style their hair and makeup. While Kim has definitely dabbled in some different looks over the years, it's Kylie Jenner that has really been adventuresome in her hair tones. People think of it as a way of self-expression, and they also commend her for daring to be different. She doesn't seem bothered by what anyone else might have to say about it. Instead, she does her own thing and lets her freak flag fly. In contrast, the Duggar women don't exactly have that luxury because they're expected to adhere to their father's or husband's approval on whether or not they're allowed to change their hair.

6 Way Too Many Kids


In the world of the rich and famous, it's not unheard of for celebrities to have a big family, but five children are actually pushing it. Kris Jenner was able to pull it off since three of her children came from a previous marriage, and it was actually cute to see the big sisters interact with the young, Kendall and Kylie, during those early seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yet, the Duggar family has taken the notion of having a big family to a whole new level. Many people have criticized them for the sheer selfishness of having a family of that astounding size. Even in the Kardashian brood, there were accusations that some of the children weren't getting as much attention as some of the others. That had to be the case in the Duggar household.

5 Modesty Taken Too Far

The Kardashians have been heavily criticized for their openness when it comes to revealing their bodies. From the low-cut ensembles worn daily to the nude selfies they post to social media, it’s hard to even remember a time when at least one of them wasn’t being thrust into the headlines over their provocative wear. Yet, they've come out to say that they feel empowered by the way they show off their bodies and that the female form is beautiful in the way it's expressed. In contrast, the Duggar women have been forced to dress modestly in a way that's reached a whole new level. Not only are there strict rules on pants, hemlines and the fit of their shirts, but there also doesn’t seem to be much allowance for self-expression in their clothing.

4 Serial Cheater In The Family


No one is saying that the Kardashian family members have been utter saints in each and every one of their relationships. There have been plenty of allegations of infidelity, and even Kris Jenner has a few skeletons in her closet. Yet, at least none of them signed up for a sex website and went around having relations with strangers while they were married. Josh Duggar was supposed to be the happily married man with Anna (newly pregnant) by his side. Yet, he was caught up in the hacking scandal that happened with the Ashley Madison website. This wasn't just a dating website that hoped to match people up; instead, it was a guarantee for extramarital affairs with Josh having multiple women throughout the time of his marriage.

3 Addicted To P--------hy

It's almost comical that a man raised as an ultra-conservative Christian would actually grow up to claim that he has an addiction to p---------y, but that's exactly what happened with Josh Duggar. While Kim Kardashian actually became famous for making an infamous sex tape, the situation was actually quite different. Kim had been in a long term relationship with Ray J, and the video was never meant to be viewed by anyone else. She's since learned her lesson, and it doesn't look like there will be any more porn videos in her future. On the other hand, Josh had to go to a rehab facility because he was actually addicted to porn and did a six-month stint in order to kick him of this habit.

2 Fondling Siblings


When it was revealed that Josh Duggar had fondled four of his sisters and a young babysitter, people were completely shocked. The fact that this happened when Josh was just 14 years old meant that they had been keeping this a secret for the entirety of their time in the limelight. While they were portraying themselves as a wholesome family, they actually knew that Josh had these tendencies and never thought to tell people in order to help safeguard small children who may come to know him. One of the girls that Josh fondled was under 10 years old, and the family said they went and sought out help for Josh as well as the girls. Yet, that scandal was big enough where it really did bring down the Duggar family in the eyes of the public.

1 Cover Up And Deceit

There are a number of shady dealings surrounding the "investigation" that occurred back when Josh Duggar was found to be fondling four of his sisters and a young babysitter. Jim Bob was a former state representative in Arkansas and undoubtedly had relationships with people in law enforcement. It just so happened that the police officer that took the report on the sex abuse involving Josh Duggar later went on to serve 56 years in prison for his own child pornography charges. Also, the Arkansas police stated that they had destroyed a record outlining the abuse and the investigation. Many people felt that the Duggars didn't take immediate steps, and that's why the abuse occurred more than one time, and their later actions were proof that they were trying to further hide this shameful secret.

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