15 Times The Duggars Broke Their Own Rules

The Duggars are the kind of family that like to pretend to the world that they are perfect. They do see no wrong, they hear no wrong and they certainly don’t do any wrong, either. They present themselves as a picture-perfect family with impeccable morals and values. They will sure as heck judge you for the things that you do and say, but they won’t even mention their own faults. That’s just the way they operate, and the world is starting to see their hypocrisy.

As we all know, Michelle and Jim Bob have a very strict set of rules that they expect their 19 children to abide by at all times. There are no exceptions to the rules, ever. You are not allowed to dress in a suggestive way, dance, cheat on your spouse, or touch your boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage. What’s more, you can’t go to the beach, you can’t have any impure thoughts (supposedly) and you certainly can’t make any impure or suggestive and inappropriate jokes, either. These rules are meant to preserve the moral purity of the family.

Yet, we’ve seen the Duggars break their rules with our very own eyes. In fact, this family seems to be the shadiest family around. All they seem to have are secrets that they cover up with lies. And we can’t believe that they’ve gotten away with breaking their own strict rules so many times, too. Yet, they still manage to judge everyone else. Here are 15 times that the Duggars have broken their own family rules.

15 Josh Was Unfaithful To His Wife And Viewed Risqué Content

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As I’m sure the entire world knows by now, Josh Duggar cheated on his wife, Anna, during their marriage. And he did it while using an Ashley Madison account, too. He was outed only after the big Ashley Madison hack that happened back in 2015.

And wouldn’t you know, reports at the time said that Michelle Duggar blamed Josh’s cheating on his wife Anna. That’s because she wasn’t fulfilling her duties as a wife, apparently. Michelle once explained, “Ladies, your husband can get his laundry done by other women, he can have his meal cooked by other women, he can have all kinds of things done for him by other women, but there’s only one woman who can meet that strong need he has that God put in him, and it's you. Only you, lady.” Moreover, Josh viewed adult content online, despite the fact that it is seen as sinful by the Duggar clan.

14 Anna Was Pressured To Get Divorced (But Didn’t)

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For the longest time people couldn’t help but wonder if Anna Duggar would divorce Josh Duggar after it was reported that he cheated on her with multiple women. And while Anna was reportedly very close to pulling the plug on their marriage, she didn’t. In fact, she stayed by his side and even visited him while he was staying at a faith-based rehab center to be treated for his addictions.

Not only is Anna a very faithful wife, but she’s one that won’t say a bad word about her husband to anyone. Sure, she might have been completely humiliated by her husband, but it’s not like she would admit to it. Nope. She did what many people were surprised to see her do and that’s give Josh the gift of another child. Can you believe it?

13 Jinger Broke Courtship Rules

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Jinger Duggar just couldn’t contain herself while she was in a courtship with her now husband, Jeremy Vuolo. In fact, she seems like the one Duggar sister who was really, really, really eager to get things going and break all of the Duggar family rules, if you know what we mean. That’s why fans weren’t surprised when there were reports indicating that she was getting very touchy and feely with her man before their wedding. As we’ve mentioned before, Duggars are not allowed to touch their girlfriends or boyfriends until after they get married. Well, Jinger apparently couldn’t help herself.

While we don’t know what Jinger was doing behind closed doors during her courtship with Jeremy, we are kind of surprised that she’s not pregnant yet. You’d think that something would be going on by now…

12 Josh Duggar’s Gross Jokes About His Sister

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While there’s no doubt that you can say a million things about Josh Duggar, we definitely didn’t see this coming at all. We all know that Josh is the gross Duggar that needs to be kept hidden in a shed somewhere, but for some reason Michelle and Jim Bob don’t know what to do with him. He keeps on popping up and photo bombing the family even though we would rather not see him.

With that being said, a lot of TLC viewers were shocked when Josh made an inappropriate joke about his sister during a past episode. When someone suggested that he go on a double date with one of his sisters, Josh replied with, “Well, we are from Arkansas.” Facepalm. Yes, we know the dude is gross and disgusting.

11 Amy Duggar’s Bikini

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Amy Duggar might not technically be part of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s family, but she is a cousin. And she sure is a Duggar cousin that is in the spotlight, too. That’s why so many people were literally shocked when they saw her break rule after Duggar rule, including wearing a bikini in public. A Duggar female showing skin on the beach? OMG!

And while Amy isn’t the kind of person who will apologize for her bad behavior, she has kind of made a career for herself by being the bad Duggar girl. In fact, we can even go as far as saying that she enjoys all of the attention that she gets for it, too. Plus, the girl looks pretty hot in a bikini, right? There’s no denying she’s got some dangerous curves on her.

10 Jessa’s Suggestive Pout

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A lot of people have been comparing Jessa Duggar to Angelina Jolie for years. That’s because the two women share a lot of distinct features, including their signature pouts. Angelina Jolie has one and there’s no denying that Jessa has one, too. And while the Duggars have long said that they like to be as demure and pure as possible, Jessa has a good number of selfies she posted on social media with that pout that she has. I mean, you can’t help but wonder if the woman is trying to send a message out to the world, right?

As we all know, the Duggar sisters can do whatever they want and post whatever they want after they get married. Yet, we are pretty surprised that Jessa has gotten away with her rather suggestive (and hot, if we can say it) pouts for this long. Um, Michelle? Where are you?

9 Jim Bob On Not Reporting His Son Josh To Authorities

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After the world found out that Josh Duggar violated his younger sisters when he was just a teen, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t want the world to put the blame on them. In fact, if it were just up to them, they would continue to sweeping things under the rug like they always do. That’s just the way they work. They do no wrong, according to their rule book.

But a lot of people called out the Duggars for not reporting Josh’s crimes to the authorities, especially when it is required by state law. Instead, Jim Bob explained it like this: "The law allows for parents to do what they think is best for the children. We sent him down to this [counselling center]. It’s the best decision we made.” What do you guys think?

8 Jinger Wore Pants

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As many loyal Duggar fans know, the Duggar sisters are not allowed to wear pants, shorts or anything that shows their knees in public. In fact, there’s a better chance that you will win the lottery than you will ever see a Duggar in a bikini, or bathing suit of any kind, for that matter. Modesty is very important to the Duggar family and also their number one rule, especially when it comes to their family wardrobe.

With that being said, a lot of fans were surprised to see Jinger Duggar wear shorts not too long after she married her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. It’s pretty apparent that Jinger is definitely the rebel sister of the family. And she’s also showing everyone that she is going to wear what she wants, when she wants to, regardless of what anyone has to say.

7 Jill Left Her Family’s Reality Show

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After 19 Kids & Counting was pulled off the air thanks to Josh Duggar’s multiple scandals back in 2015, the Duggars were desperate to keep their 15 minutes of fame running. Even though Josh practically cost them millions of dollars in revenue from advertisements and promotional opportunities, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were desperate to keep things going by launching a new spin-off show, Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

Unfortunately it will just be Jessa that will be counting on from now on because Jill just left the show. She left because her husband, Derick Dillard, pretty much got fired from TLC after he made controversial statements about fellow network star Jazz Jennings. Instead of sticking with the Duggar family, Jill chose to stand by her man and leave reality television instead.

6 Joy-Anna Had A Pregnancy Scare

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As many Duggar fans know, the Duggars are not allowed to engage in any kind of silly stuff before they get married. In other words, no kissing, no hugging, no holding hands and definitely no behind grabbing and hair pulling (of course, we are kidding about that last part). When you are courting a Duggar sister, the only thing you can do is side hug. The first kiss comes after the two of you get married.

Yet, reports indicated this year that Joy-Anna Duggar and her boyfriend Austin might have been doing stuff they shouldn't have been doing for a very long time and under the radar, too. Some reports even suggested that Joy-Anna might have had a pregnancy scare, too. Wow. If Joy-Anna were indeed pregnant (and not married) that would have been a scandal that could have easily rocked the boat for Michelle and Jim Bob.

5 Going To The Beach

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The Duggars can basically go anywhere around the world (but prefer to stay away from sinful cities like Los Angeles and New York City) but if there’s one place that they know they need to stay away from, it’s the beach. That’s right. The Duggars are not allowed at the beach. That’s because Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t want their boys seeing women in bathing suits and bikinis because it might taint their young minds with “impure thoughts.”

However, the Duggars did take an impromptu beach as a family back in 2016. It was even documented on the family’s official blog. It looks like Jim Bob and Michelle are bending the rules just a little bit for their family. That, or they just couldn’t stand sitting at home on a hot summer day. Either way, we can only wonder if any young minds were tainted that day.

4 Jeremy Got A Tattoo

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We’ve already said that Jinger Duggar is the rebel of the family. I mean, we’ve seen the girl wear shorts, distance herself from the rest of the Duggar family and basically live by her own set of rules. Well, it looks like when she married her husband Jeremy Vuolo, it was a match made in rebel heaven. That’s because he’s a bit of a bad boy himself.

As a matter of fact, Jeremy might have broken one of the biggest Duggar family rules: and that’s get a tattoo! Of course, Jeremy wasn’t born a Duggar, so the rules don’t directly apply to him. Yet, we can’t help but wonder how he got away with his Duggar family inspection when he first met Jim Bob and Michelle. Surely, he was probably made to disclose the tattoo, right?

3 Derick Got Caught Dancing

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As many Duggar fans know, Derick is the controversial Duggar husband. He loves to do things and say things that will get people to talk, even if it gets him in trouble. In other words, he’s got opinions and he’s not afraid to use them. Also, he’s got some fancy footwork and he’s not afraid to show it off, either.

From what we’re seen, Derick was caught getting his boogie on during a bonfire with a group of men who were not part of the Duggar family. To make things worse, the song that he was dancing too was also pretty provocative, too. I mean, did Jim Bob and Michelle not do their background check on the guy? He’s basically a Justin Timberlake, but with a bible in his hands. Derick apologized for his behavior by posting a Bible verse about adultery on his Twitter account. Not that quoting the Bible will fix Derick’s dancing, but whatever.

2 Jill Got Caught Hugging

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I’m sure a lot of people will probably laugh when they read this, but yes, Jill Duggar got caught side hugging her husband Derick Dillard while they were still courting. And it was caught by none other than Jill’s mother, Michelle Duggar. It happened when Jill and her parents went to pick up Derick from the airport. Jill was so excited to see him that she gave him an impromptu hug without realizing that her parents were right behind her. Hey, we all make mistakes, right?

"Bless their hearts, they just gave a big hug but I think intentions were to do a side hug," Michelle said after the scandalous incident. "Needless to say, I'm sure they won't let that happen again." And as we know, it didn’t happen until after they got married. Phew, that was a close one...

1 Jessa’s Private Conversations

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If there’s one person who is probably dying to rewrite the Duggar family rule book, it’s Jessa Duggar. You can practically tell that she’s wanting to break free. That’s perhaps why she secretly had private phone conversations with her husband Ben Seewald while they were still courting. That’s a huge Duggar no-no.

Jessa even let the cat out of the bag herself by admitting to the calls. She once said, “The day Ben and I started courting, we began our tradition of calling each other on the phone every night! These were such special times. We would talk about everything from how our day went, to what we had been learning from our Bible reading, and then just anything else that we wanted to talk about. These calls were not 'chaperoned.' They were private — just between the two of us.”

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