15 Times The Cast Of Modern Family Revealed Too Much

One of the most popular shows on television, Modern Family, is a ratings juggernaut with an audience that adores it.

One of the most popular shows on television, Modern Family, is a ratings juggernaut with an audience that adores it. A show that is based around an ensemble cast, it has rejuvenated a few actors of yesteryear, like Ed O’Neill or Sofia Vergara, and also introduced a few new ones, like Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter. With the increased attention that these actors have received with their newfound success comes moments in which parts of their lives that were previously private have been revealed to the world. Sometimes, these are the things that they or their audience may have wished stayed hidden from view.

When there are legions of photographers following your every move, there may be instances in which a bit more flesh than you intended has been captured on film. When you give interviews to a long list of people and start to go a little stir crazy, you may make the choice to say something that may have been better to have kept bottled up. When a star has access to social media on their phones constantly while simultaneously having alcohol around or being young enough that we may not have the proper perspective, anything can happen. These examples and several others are reasons why actors like those that star in Modern Family may have had moments they wish were taken back or the rest of us may prefer never went down in front of us. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen times the cast of Modern Family revealed too much.

In order for a photo or moment to be up for consideration to be included here, it first needs to feature one of the stars of Modern Family. Next, it needs to include an image of them, a statement they’ve made, or a public relations blunder they or their fans would probably prefer to forget. This list was not designed in order to shame anyone for wearing clothes that show off their bodies or anything like that. Instead, you may find images where these actors revealed more than they intended.

15 Sofia Vergara’s Emmy Wardrobe Malfunction

A woman that doesn’t have to try very hard to have all eyes on her when appearing in public or in private. However, we’re sure that Sofia Vergara’s wardrobe choices can only make people remember her even more. A former model who has taken part in many photoshoots over the years, including starring in her own annual calendar at one point, she doesn’t seem to flinch at showing off some cleavage. On the other hand, when she put on a designer gown in order to attend the Emmys and it failed to contain her body as it was meant to, she had a moment that she never expected. Only ending up in our fifteenth slot because she took it in stride and even shared it with the world on social media, it still wasn’t something she wanted or planned for. The very fact that she had to have a seamstress repair her garment in the middle of her night alone, taking her away from all the fun, shows she wasn’t happy to reveal so much the rest of the night.

14 Ty Burrell’s Lady Problem

An actor that was previously known for supporting roles in movies like Dawn of the Dead, The Incredible Hulk, and many more, Ty Burrell truly became a star when cast on Modern Family. Playing the patriarch of one branch of the titular clan, his character, Phil Dunphy, is the fun-loving dad that seems to see the world as a perpetual funhouse. Apparently, according to the actor, his sticky sweet and goofy character has caused the women of the world to lose interest in him despite being a good-looking man. Quoted as saying he doesn’t “get hit on as Phil Dunphy,” he made it abundantly clear that the character doesn’t help him when it comes to the ladies. We’re not quite sure what context in which this came up. Was he asked directly about the topic? Maybe yes, maybe not. But considering he has been married since 2000, it seems like an odd question for him. That leaves us with the possibility that he was bemoaning that women no longer lust after him and while he seems charming, we really don’t want to imagine him horn-dogging around.

13 Rico Rodriguez Boring Anecdotes

When this popular show began, Rico Rodriguez’ Manny Delgado was among the best elements of it. He was a boy who acted like an old man and had the interests of a Lothario, seeing that the juxtaposition of his body and attitude was lovable. Unfortunately, as he has grown into a young man, he comes off like a stick in the mud more and more and some fans seem to enjoy his shtick less than before. Those people should definitely stay away from his book Real Life Lessons I’ve Learned…So Far, which has one of the most tedious paragraphs we can imagine.

If he wants people to read any other books, look forward to seeing him in interviews, or anticipate his next role, he’d better hope they don’t read these words: “While we were filming our season one wrap episode in Hawaii, there was a dinner scene in which I just happened to be sitting next to Sofia. Although the director usually tells us not to eat the bread, I usually go ahead and do it anyway. You’re not supposed to eat the props! I usually peel off the crust before eating the bread because I like the inside part better. Sofia asked me why I was doing it, so I went about explaining the reason to her- it was mainly because I wanted to get to the soft bread inside.”

12 Sarah Hyland’s Vulgar & Clumsy Side

The eldest of the younger generation of Modern Family stars, Sarah Hyland has grown up in front of the world. Most of us can attest that during our times as young adults we are at our most clumsy as we still are getting used to our bodies. We can’t say that is what was going on when she tripped on her way up to the Teen Choice Awards stage. However, it is certainly something nobody imagines happening when thinking of a public appearance. Throw in the fact that she swore in reaction and this couldn’t have been a moment she loved, especially considering she has gotten heat from fans' parents for naughty language in the past.

11 Julie Bowen’s Instagram Posts About Barron Trump

Arguably, there isn't a single person alive that is as divisive as the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. While that is certainly fair considering he chose to put himself in this position and make statements that brought on the controversy, his youngest son, Barron, didn’t ask for this kind of attention. That is why so many people were offended when Julie Bowen posted a series of images of the youngster during his father’s inauguration while making comments about his behavior. Her words weren't overly offensive, as was the case with an SNL writer who got a lot of heat for her posts. But the fact that she touched on the boy at all brought on unnecessary anger.

10 Ed O’Neill’s SAGs Joke

Ed O’Neill seems to be at that point in his life where it seems like he can get away with a lot and he knows it. Both a TV legend for his work on Married with Children and an older person, something that often grants a great deal more social immunity, he still has managed to ruffle feathers a few times. One such instance took place at the 2014 Emmy Awards when he made a joke about the relationship between his young co-star Ariel Winter and her mother who she fought with in a bitter lawsuit. When the cast of the show won the award for Outstanding Comedy Ensemble and were being questioned by the press, the women were asked if their mothers gave them beauty tips. An awkward question in and of itself, Ed made it worst by remarking that Ariel should take this one. An insensitive joke about his onscreen granddaughter’s real-life family situation, it went against everything the show seems to stand for.

9 Sarah Hyland’s Wardrobe Malfunction

The second wardrobe malfunction to make it to this list, it seems as though Sarah took some inspiration from her onscreen step-grandmother. With the back of her dress splitting at an awards show, which is what happened to Sofia previously on this list, this time around, the incident took place on the Golden Globes red carpet. Also able to repair the dress in question instead of being forced to escape the watchful eye of the press and paparazzi, the incident could have been much worse. Still, the look on her face in this picture alone gives away a certain level of mortification on the inside.

8 Sofía Vergara's Rear End Comments

As groundbreaking as Modern Family is for its depiction of a type of family the media previously ignored, some of the controversy it has suffered goes to show that it is still seen differently than other shows. For instance, the lack of kissing early on by Cam and Mitchell was a point of contention which wouldn’t have been the case if people didn’t feel like the network may be trying to avoid a same-sex kiss. Another example is the discussion that Sofia’s character, Gloria, gives off a certain feel that perpetuates stereotypes which is a bad thing. When the actress in question appeared on the Golden Globes stage and pretended to be incapable of pronouncing the word annual, replacing it with anal and then anus, it had a similar effect. Resulting in a firestorm of Tweets from offended fans and articles from journalists covering the reaction, she eventually felt the need to defend herself, her character, and seemingly the not-so-golden moment.

7 Original Lilys Hated their Experience

A show with an ensemble cast, Modern Family introduced a slew of actors and characters in the first episode that remain the focus of the show today with one notable exception. The character of Lily, the adopted daughter of Cam and Mitchell, was originally played by Ella and Jaden Hiller before being replaced by current actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. A change that went largely unexplained, eventually the parents of the twins revealed that they turned down an offer of thirty-four thousand dollars per episode because they hated working on the show. While they didn’t take any shots at anyone else involved or make it seem like they were mistreated at all, there is still no doubt producers were happy this story got very little traction.

6 Ariel Winter’s Papparazzi Invasion

Ariel Winter started out her run on Modern Family playing Alex, a shy and nerdy character that seemed to prefer her books over being the focus of attention. In real life, the actress that brings her to life, Ariel Winter, has gone a different way, clearly trying to adopt a body positive perspective on life. Oftentimes going out and about in dresses that leave little to the imagination, it is still up to her what parts of her body she wishes to share with the world. That is why we’re sure she was disgusted when paparazzi photographed her while exiting a car, including several from the same night this photo was taken in which people could see up her dress to her undergarments below.

5 Ed O’Neill’s Prank

When Jesse Tyler Ferguson appeared on Conan in March of 2017, he revealed an admittedly pretty funny story of a prank that his co-star, Ed O’Neill, played on him while filming. It turns out that during a scene in which the two men were meant to be in a steam room, Ed seemed to be getting physically excited under his underwear. If you know what we mean. Taking note of it, his co-star, Jesse, did his best not to draw attention to it until the amused reactions of the others on set tipped him off and before too long, he found out Ed had stuffed his drawers. A funny anecdote on the face of it, there is one major problem with the story. It forces you to imagine it, which brings to mind Ed’s most private of areas. We know that he has the same parts as all of us, but since he’s been a television dad for the majority of his career, and a lot of our lives, we’d prefer not to think about that, ever.

4 Sarah Hyland On Lea Michelle

The show, Fashion Police, featured a group of people sitting in a room together and either critiquing or praising the looks of stars at various events or on red carpets. An environment in which brutality was sometimes encouraged, it got more than one star in hot water over the years, including Sarah Hyland who mocked Glee star, Lea Michele. Resulting in Lea revealing that her feelings were hurt from her depiction, it didn’t make Sarah look very good, especially because she made comments about her peer’s so-called attempts to “look skinnier.” Also resulting in the wrath of some fans of Glee, it eventually went away when Sarah spoke about her meaning the moment to be in jest. Still, it wasn’t her best moment.

3 Ed O’Neill’s Emmy Comments

From one Modern Family star getting wrapped in drama with a star of Glee to another. In this case, actor Ed O’Neill caught a lot of guff for his reaction when Jane Lynch won an Emmy in a category that his co-star, Sofia Vergara, was also up for. Calling Jane’s performance as Sue Sylvester “one-note” while also saying of Sofia that she “is just so funny,” the resulting controversy sent some bad press at Ed’s way. Fortunately for him, his castmates defended him, saying he didn’t mean his remarks the way they came out, and Jane seemed to have no interest in stoking the fires of outrage. That does nothing, however, to quell the fact that it angered many at least briefly and didn’t seem like comments worthy of an actor with as long and fruitful of a career as him.

2 Sofia Vergara Dance Floor Mishap

Sofia Vergara seems to have no luck when it comes to the dresses she wears at awards shows doing their job and covering her body up. The worst instance of a circumstance like this came at the 2014 Emmys after-party in which she was pictured hitting the dance floor at the center of an adoring crowd. Unfortunately, when her dance partner, Derek Hough, picked her up, it resulted in her nipple slipping out of her dress just barely. Seemingly unaware of what had happened, as evidenced by the huge smile on her face and no notable attempt to cover herself up again in the moment, she still looked totally radiant. We can only imagine how it must have felt to find out about the pictures that were taken that night the very next day. That would have been totally awful.

1 Sarah Hyland’s Alleged Leak

Over the last several years, a large number of celebrities have had private images of them stolen by hackers and released online against their will. Something that is criminal and immoral, nobody should have to deal with images of them in such a state viewed by millions of people against their will. If some reports are to be believed, this is a fate that has befallen Sarah Hyland in one of these incidents. While we aren’t sure if the pictures are real or not, the fact that someone has tried to pass off pictures of her in a compromising position is disgusting in its own right. That is why we have chosen to give this incident our top spot. It should be noted, however, that we’ve chosen to include an image of Sarah she shared of her own accord in an effort to respect her privacy.

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15 Times The Cast Of Modern Family Revealed Too Much