15Green Arrow Shoots Prometheus

The tale of Prometheus is not a pleasant one. After his criminal parents were killed by cops, he swore vengeance against the justice system and became an anti-Batman of sorts. Starting out as a villain of the Dark Knight, the powerful Prometheus would eventually move along to other heroes. Another

hero that he tormented was Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. He began targeting those close to Queen and pushed the Emerald Archer to his limits.

Their battle was fairly epic, but as you might expect, Oliver Queen came out on top. However, he knew that if Prometheus lived, it would only be a matter of time before he returned. To add fuel to the fire, Prometheus was taunting him, stating that he would live on. Because of this, Green Arrow had a bit of a surprise in store. He pulled back his bow and put an arrow through the villain's head while stating, "I'm no hero. I'm a hunter." Considering the fact that Prometheus is the current villain in Arrow, it would be an amazing scene to witness Oliver shoot him through the head. Don't let us down, CW.

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