15 Times Superheroes Fell In Love With Villains

By virtue of being superheroes, these men and women have tough jobs, and they deserve to do whatever it takes to make them feel great because we could never pay them back for what they do. Some of these people have to live two lives: one as a normal human being trying to blend in with the rest of us, and another as a superhero who swings into action as soon as disaster strikes.

Therefore, whenever their performance falls below what we would expect at times, we should just understand and move on, since without their input, situations would turn out far worse.

Just like you and me, these superheroes want to love and be loved, or they just want an exciting experience on the rooftops or between the sheets with someone. Often, superheroes will fall in love with each other, because a normal human being won't understand why their partner can never keep an appointment or stay through a date to the end without having to rush out for some weird reason.

Most of these superheroes have to keep their identities a secret, not only for their security but for the security of everyone around them. So, most of them choose to date their kind or get into short-term relationships with normal people.

However, the heroes on this list not only chose to get intimate with their kind, they went to the dark side and got themselves a villain to love. Yeah, such a relationship would be weird on so many levels, but these guys found a way to make them last, for as long as they did anyway. Here are 15 superheroes who got intimate with villains and loved it.


15 The Hulk With Umar


The Hulk is one of our favorite Marvel characters, in addition to being one of the most powerful. He doesn't talk too much, but he can sure smash anything on his way, regardless of size or strength. For many people, finding The Hulk on this list is a surprise, but this is a sign that even superheroes and villains crave to love and be loved.

Umar, on the other hand, isn't the kind of woman you would allow to date your son since, although she is attractive, she is on the extreme end of evil. She is an alien magician from the Faltine race, exiled to the Dark Dimension for killing her predecessor. She doesn't hesitate to hurt anyone who stands in her attempts to become even more powerful and has her way with men, especially the Hulk.

In Defenders #3, we saw The Hulk and Umar getting intimate. To our disappointment, this extremely powerful Avenger barely made Umar feel anything, since he was out and satisfied within six minutes. This goes to show size and strength don't necessarily translate into a better experience between the sheets. Regardless, we still love the Hulk.

14 Ant-Man With The Beetle


We all got to see Ant-Man in a film for the first time in Ant-Man, and we all loved everything about the film, especially the humor, the CGI sequences, and even the actors. His appearance in Captain America: Civil War was also great, so we are waiting with bated breath for the Ant-Man sequel titled Ant-Man and the Wasp, which will hit the big screens in July 2018.

The Beetle is a title held by several super villains in the Marvel universe, but the one we are referring to here is Janice Lincoln. She is one of Spider-Man's superior foes, and she became a criminal following her father's footsteps, despite being a successful defence attorney.

In Ant-Man: Last Days #1, Ant-Man had gone to have a few drinks in a bar, where he met Janice Lincoln and decided to bring her in since he knew she had attempted to kill Tony Stark. Janice proposed they spend their final moments in a different way, leading to the next scene where the two woke up the next morning next to each other in bed. Although Janice claimed to have had worse, Ant-Man didn't deny she was the best he had ever had.

13 She-Hulk With Juggernaut


Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner's cousin, who acquired Banner's condition when she received blood from him following a serious wound that would have resulted in dire consequences. This led to Jennifer having the ability to transform into She-Hulk, arguably the strongest female character in the Marvel universe. However, unlike her cousin, she can retain her intelligence, emotions, and personality even after turning green, which is an advantage.

Juggernaut, on the other hand, is Professor X's cousin, who is a super villain who often appears on Magneto's team, part of his Brotherhood of Mutants. Juggernaut is one of the X-Men's worst contenders since, in addition to being immune from mental attacks thanks to his helmet, he has superhuman durability and strength, and he is virtually unstoppable when he is in motion.

Since these two are super strong, their encounter made sense since there was no chance of killing each other throughout the exercise. At this time, She-Hulk was Juggernaut's lawyer and his act of self-defence impressed her so much she invited him to her bedroom.

12 Iron Man With Madame Masque


Iron Man is arguably the coolest Superhero in the Marvel universe, thanks to his numerous suits. Unlike all other superheroes we can claim are on the same level as he is, he doesn't have any superhuman abilities, and heavily relies on his suits and his supercomputer called J.A.R.V.I.S. In addition to being a genius inventor and a superior crime fighter, he is a billionaire and a ladies' man, so we aren't surprised to see him on this list.

Madame Masque, on the other hand, is a villain, whose birth name is Giulietta Nefaria, the daughter of Count Luchino Nefaria, a master criminal from Rome. Although she had a complicated childhood, she became a professional criminal, having been trained by her father to take over his role in the family business.

Madame Masque got involved with Tony after he cared for her regardless of the scars on her face. She even worked as Stark's personal secretary, and they got involved romantically, despite knowing each other's secret identities. They broke off their relationship following her father's death.

11 Captain America With Diamondback


Captain America is one of those superheroes that are the definition of all that is noble and good, which is the reason many will be surprised to find him on this list. However, as is the case with all other superheroes out there, the heart does what it pleases. It seems we have little control over whom we like and eventually get intimate with.

Underneath her mask, Diamondback is actually Rachel Leighton, a woman who grew up in New York, joined the wrong crowd, and even joined a gang. Rachel got her training from a Taskmaster's Academy and later took on the name Diamondback. On a mission to kill MODOK, she saw Captain America and was smitten.

These two started going out after Diamondback abandoned her evil ways and they developed a strong relationship. The Serpent Society decided to kill Diamondback since they feared she would reveal everything about their secret society to Captain America, but he helped her to defeat them. Captain America showed up a few other times whenever Diamondback got into trouble, but deep down he knew she wasn't right for him.

10 Spider-Man With Black Cat


When we think of Spider-Man and his love life, we only imagine him with Mary Jane Watson or with Gwen Stacy. However, even before he married Mary Jane, Spider-Man was in a relationship with Black Cat, a villain who at one point brought him so much bad luck it could have cost him his life.

Black Cat is actually Felicity Hardy, a former cat burglar who decided to become the queen of thieves. She was determined to let nothing stand in her way of becoming the best thief, but when she met Spider-Man, she fell in love with him and decided to win over his affection.

Spider-Man finally realized just how much he loved her as she was recovering in the hospital after Doctor Octopus and his men shot her multiple times and wounded her. These two got into a relationship after she recovered, even after they both revealed their secret identities. When these two broke up, Spider-Man got in a relationship with Mary Jane Watson.

9 Supergirl With Lex Luthor


This is one of the most offensive relationships on this list, especially for people who believe The Man of Steel is one of the most powerful superheroes out there. Supergirl is Superman's cousin, whereas Lex Luthor is Superman's mortal enemy. It's funny how Supergirl was sent to earth to protect her younger cousin, only for her to end up hooking up with the man who would do literally anything in his power to kill him.

Although this encounter didn't involve the Supergirl you might be thinking of, it still doesn't make it right. This Supergirl was a protoplasmic shape-shifter made by Lex who not only looked exactly like Supergirl, but also possessed her powers. Supergirl fell in love with Lex, but later learned he was using her to make numerous clones just like her, but thankfully, she put an end to the operation. These events unfolded in the Supergirl comic books.


8 Cyclops With Dark Phoenix And Goblin Queen


We all know about Cyclops' relationship with Jean Grey, and it's unfortunate she had to turn into the Dark Phoenix. Since these two had dated for quite a while and even got married, his relationship with her when she became the Dark Phoenix had to continue in a weird way. However, most people usually forget that the Goblin Queen was Cyclops' first wife.

Goblin Queen's actual name is Madelyne Prior-Summers, and she is a super villain who often faces off against the X-Men. She fell in love with Scott Summers, who is Cyclops, and as a result joined the X-Men and fought for the good side for a long time.

However, the series of traumas she went through, including Scott leaving her, the death of her infant child, and discovering she was Jean Grey's clone led her to become a super villain. What can we say about Scott and the women he chose to marry? At least when he was falling for them they hadn't yet become villains.

7 Green Lantern (Alan Scott) With Harlequin


It's important to note that there is a difference between Harlequin and Harley Quinn, with the latter commonly associated with the Joker and the Suicide Squad whereas the former is the character we will talk about here. Since we have seen many characters receive the title of the Green Lantern, the one we are referring to in this case is Alan Scott, the first superhero we came to know as the Green Lantern.

The original Harlequin's name is Molly Mayne, and she is a villain who appeared in the Green Lantern Golden Age comics. Molly had a serious crush on Alan, to the extent of becoming a villain in order to attract his attention. Alan felt the same about her, but at first, he didn't get into a relationship with her, leading her to give up. However, the two gave into their feelings after the death of Alan's first wife, and they ended up getting married.

6 Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) With Star Sapphire


Did you watch the 2011 film Green Lantern? If you did, then you cannot forget Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of Hal Jordan in the CGI costume, which gave fans so much material with which to criticize the film. Regardless, this film was one of the best portrayals of Green Lantern anywhere. Therefore, Hal is arguably the most famous Green Lantern today, and one of the most powerful members of the Justice league.

Here, Star Sapphire was Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan's boss who took over her father's Aircraft Company after he retired. At first, Carol was attracted to Hal, but she couldn't date him because he was her employee, but she fell in love with the Green Lantern, not knowing his identity.

The Zamarons, an immortal race of women warriors, chose Carol to become their queen, but she declined because of her feelings for the Green Lantern. They hypnotized her to make her think Green Lantern was an enemy, and this led to fierce battles between the two.

5 Daredevil With Elektra And Typhoid Mary


Daredevil is one of the best superheroes in the Marvel universe, and he is so fascinating because he fights crime, yet he is blind. The man behind the mask is Matt Murdock. He once pushed a man to safety from the path of an oncoming vehicle, only for a radioactive substance to fall on him, claiming his sight but heightening all other senses. When gangsters killed his father, he decided to avenge his death and in the process became the superhero we know and love.

However, when Elektra, who is an assassin and a bounty hunter, crossed paths with Daredevil, she fell in love with him. Although Daredevil didn't approve of the profession she chose for herself, he still had feelings for her as well.

Typhoid Mary, on the other hand, is a super-villain with dangerous powers and is usually Deadpool and Daredevil's enemy. However, Daredevil has fallen for her several times, as well.

4 Magneto With Wasp And Rogue


Deep down, Magneto is a great guy, especially if you are familiar with his earlier years. It's safe to say he is so hostile towards human beings because they all want to kill him, and he is hostile towards the X-Men because they prevent him from executing his plans successfully. However, he is still a villain and he is on this list because he has gotten intimate with at least two superheroes.

On one occasion when the Avengers were fighting the Battleworld Secret Wars, Magneto seduced Wasp and they shared an intimate moment. We came to learn later that she was pretending all along in order to discover what his plan was.

On the other hand, Magneto and Rogue have a weird relationship, since, despite fighting on opposing sides, they have gotten a number of opportunities to share romantic experiences. These two got intimate during the period when they were fighting Zaladane, and they later spent a night together when Rogue was trying to decide whether she preferred Magneto or Gambit.

3 Sue Storm With Namor

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It's heartbreaking to see Sue Storm appearing on this list because it's almost impossible for us to imagine her with anyone other than Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic). Although Sue and Reed are perfect for each other, at some point, she got intimate with characters that were nowhere near her league, and these are Doctor Doom and Namor.

One reason why Sue has been tempted, on several occasions, to seek comfort in other men is the nature of her husband's work. Reed is always busy in the lab doing something, and he often neglects his wife. Since Sue is hot, it's not just villains who want to have her; even superheroes and mortals would love an opportunity to call her their own.

On one of the occasions when she got intimate with Namor, she was feeling as if her powers were useless compared to the other three members of the Fantastic Four, so she took advantage of the mutual attraction she shared with Namor. Thankfully, these episodes never seemed to break up her marriage to Reed.

2 Wolverine With Viper And Mystique


This year's film, Logan, was possibly the saddest film most Wolverine fans watched, because both Professor X and the Wolverine died in the end. We always thought we would never see Wolverine die since his regenerative healing factor made him almost immortal. However, although we might see Wolverine and Professor X again on the big screen sometime in the future, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart won't reprise these roles.

We know how madly in love Wolverine was with Jean Grey, and although she had feelings for him as well, she was committed to Scott, her husband. However, Wolverine has had a few encounters with Mystique in the comics, since these two were lovers. There is also a future where these two end up together and even have a son called Raze Darkholme who has both their powers.

Viper is another villain who has been involved with Wolverine to the point of marriage. Although their marriage was a sham, they consummated it.

1 Batman With Catwoman And Talia


It's hard to come across anyone who doesn't love Batman, regardless of whether he or she is a DC or Marvel fan. However, one thing we know about Batman is his love for the ladies, especially when he isn't wearing the mask. We cannot list all the names of the women he has been with, whether as Batman or Bruce Wayne, since it's too long and we are only interested in the villains.

It's important to understand Bruce cannot have a serious relationship with a woman for too long because he has a secret life he needs to keep secret. Also, he won't always be there to meet the needs of a stable relationship because of his life of fighting crime.

The villains we can confidently say Batman has fallen in love with are Catwoman and Talia al Ghul. Although both these women will fight by his side at times, they are villains like most others on this list, but the Dark Knight still loves them deeply.


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