15 Times Storage Wars Lied To Us

When we think about auctions we typically think they are boring and uneventful, because most of them usually are. The show Storage Wars, however, has found a way to make plain and simple everyday auctions seem fun and dramatic. A storage auction occurs when someone defaults on the payments of their storage unit and the owners put it up for auction in order to get back some owed money and dispose of the things that are inside. Storage Wars focuses on a specific group of people who supposedly make a living out of buying storage lockers and selling the items that they find inside. Sometimes they make the big bucks off of these lockers, while other times they flop and end up losing out on some money.

This sounds like it would a boring show to watch, but there is always drama to be seen along with the auction, which is what most people watch this show for. The buyers always seem to be finding cool high value items in the lockers that they win and it often makes us wonder how it is that every locker bought has something worth a lot of money magically hidden inside of it. That being said, would it shock you if we told you that the producers of this show are not always honest with us on the subject of how exactly the show is made? Well, no surprise here; there are many lies that we have been told by the creators of this show, and here are 15 of them.

15 High Value Finds In Every Locker

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This might come as a shock to some people, but all of those special items that the buyers find in every episode are actually placed in the lockers on purpose before the auction takes place. News of this came out when one buyer, Dave Hester, sued the show and stated that the appraisers who value the items actually supply the stuff to put into the lockers before the show is filmed and the producers then put them in lockers that they assign a certain buyer to win that day. Did you really think that they were able to find that much cool stuff each time they went to an auction? Seems a little unrealistic now that you think about it, doesn't it? We think that this goes with saying that you cannot believe everything that you see or hear on television, because everyone who appears on TV gets paid for a reason.

14 Who Really Pays For The Lockers?

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Sometimes the lockers on this show go for thousands of dollars and this can make the viewers wonder how these people can afford to dish out so much money during each auction, especially when they do not always make their money back. It turns out that they do not actually pay for the lockers at all; in fact, the producers do. One of the biggest lies told on this show is that the buyers are legitimate buyers, when in fact the producers give them the money to buy the lockers that they place the high value items in. We bet this show is beginning to seem pretty fake to all of you loyal Storage Wars viewers. Well, that's because it is. In fact, not only do they not pay for the lockers, but they also get paid upwards of $30,000 per episode. So they are not spending any money at all, but rather raking it in.

13 The Fight Between Dave And Dan

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Remember that drama we talked about earlier? Well, one of the dramatic moments that we witnessed on this show was when Dave and Dan broke out into a physical altercation over what seemed to be a simple bidding mistake. It turns out that the executive producers of the show were very angry about Dave’s accusations in the lawsuit, so they paid Dan and Laura (the auctioneers) a little extra money to rig the bids so that Dave would no longer win any of the auctions and when Dave caught onto this, he was furious. He was seen taking his anger out on the two auctioneers as he started to physically assault Dan. Dave was fired from the show not too long after that and upon being fired, he added unlawful termination to his lawsuit and the show eventually accepted him back.

12 Good Looks Get More Views

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Maybe the fact that good looks generate more views does not come as a surprise to most people, especially in today’s society. However, what Storage Wars producers did to make this happen may be a little shocking to some. We all know Brandi to be the cute blonde of the show that gives her husband Jarrod a tough time, but what a lot of us did not know is what she looked like before appearing on the show. It turns out that the show would not allow Brandi to be on film for them unless she went through some slight cosmetic procedures. Of course, she did not have the money at the time to do this herself, so the show actually paid for Brandi to have Botox injections and a chest augmentation in hopes that a pretty blonde with a big chest would gain them a lot of male viewers. Brandi has come out and admitted to the fact that she has had this work done, but she refuses to comment on who really paid for it. Perhaps she is embarrassed that she was willing to change her appearance just to be on a television show.

11 The Truth Behind Jarrod's Past

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On the show, Jarrod is portrayed as a real family man and people love him, but would they love him if they knew the whole truth about him? It turns out that our beloved Jarrod is actually a criminal. Sorry to break it to you, but Jarrod was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, transportation of illegal substances, and a DUI. Jarrod wound up spending sixteen months in jail, which does not seem like that much considering the amount of charges piled up against him. It is hard to say whether or not Jarrod’s life turned around after being on the show, but it must be nice to be able to go from having nothing and spending some serious time in jail to suddenly being a TV star and making more money than most people could ever even dream about.

10 Mark Belelo's Death

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Mark Balelo was best known on the show for his stylish sense of fashion, but he did not appear on the show for very long. Many people may be wondering what exactly happened to this lovable man, and the show never really acknowledged his disappearance from the set. They instead just acted like he was never even there to begin with, which is troubling when you find out exactly what it was that had happened to him. It turns out that while Mark was on the show, he was struggling with a severe drug addiction. Shortly after the last season that he was seen in, he was found dead in his garage after he took his own life. Mark was definitely gone too soon and it is a shame that he did not get the help that he deserved.

9 The Show Is Scripted

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You know all of that drama we talked about earlier? Well, it turns out that it is all scripted. That's right. Those arguments and fights that break out that draw you in and leave you coming back for more each episode are totally faked. There are a lot of things on TV like Storage Wars in which everything is laid out and scripted, but who would have ever imagined that a show about storage would be scripted? That’s a little ridiculous, but it definitely draws you in and makes you want to keep watching. That’s because we love drama as long as it’s not our drama. We have never been to a storage auction where people burst out fighting and yelling at each other.

8 Bid Rigging

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Another thing that came out with Dave Hester’s lawsuit against the show was that all the bidding is rigged. It just so happens that the producers pay the auctioneers, Dan and Laura, to always give the highest bid to the person that they selected to win the lockers with the high value items in it. Is anything in this show even real? So far, the high value items are faked, buying the lockers is faked, the fights are fake, and even the bids are faked. What does that even leave us with? Well, apparently a lot, because we still have eleven more items to discuss. After finding all this out, we would be surprised if anyone would want to watch this show anymore.

7 Brandi And Jarrod Not Making Money

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There was one episode in particular where Brandi and Jarrod are filmed driving to an auction. On their drive they discuss how if they do not bid wisely at this auction, they could wind up losing out on money, and their budget is way too tight for that. Obviously, this was a lie, since we now know that they do not actually pay for the lockers and that they actually make about $3o,000 an episode. Perhaps it was just a way to make the show seem more legitimate, but now that we all know the truth, there is no fooling us. Brandi and Jarrod may have tried to seem broke and trying to scrape by, but we all know that is the farthest from the truth that it can get. Them talking about being broke is obviously scripted, too. They were just trying to make them seem like everyday people, when in reality, they probably have more money than the average person.

6 Non-Cast Members Bidding

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In the show, it would appear that there are regular everyday people who also attend these auctions, but we never really see them bidding on anything, and when they do bid, it is only about once or twice, and they never seem to win anything. This is because they are not actually bidders; they are extras put there by the producers to make everything look real. We bet even if they would put real people in it, they literally would never stand a chance, since it’s all rigged. So, our question to you is: What is the point? There were a lot of people that probably thought of going to the auctions to claim their five minutes of fame, but they should know that is not a possibility anymore.

5 The Real Pirates Chest

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In a 2011 episode of Storage Wars, the buyers found what was discovered to be a real pirate's chest loaded with treasures. It was from the 1500s and described as eight pieces of Spanish gold. Fans were led to believe that the find was completely legitimate and that whoever had bought the locker made serious cash off of it. This, however, was not true. Big surprise, right? Apparently, the chest full of treasures was actually donated to the show by a museum and the producers then placed it into one of the lockers shortly before filming in hopes that it would get their ratings to go up significantly. We already knew that they placed the high value items in the lockers themselves, but this one was especially shocking because of all the press that surrounded this story. The producers have claimed that they have since stopped hiding items in the lockers, but there is nothing that suggests that their claim is true. After all, why would we believe them when everything that they have told us so far has been a lie?

4 Brandi And Jarrod Still Have Their Store

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In the show, the whole reason that Brandi and Jarrod buy lockers is so that they have things to sell in their thrift store. Now, while they did own a thrift store, they are portrayed as still owning it, although apparently they had to sell it quite some time ago. It turns out that the used items that they were selling were so overly marked up that the store did very poorly in terms of income, and they were given no other choice but to sell it. This should not even be an issue for them with the amount of money that they make off of the show. Taking into account that they make thirty thousand dollars an episode times an average of 10 episodes per season, collectively they are making $300,000 dollars each for just one season of the show. If that were us, we would not even try to have a job on the side. That is a lot of money to make for simply pretending to bid on lockers and occasionally getting into arguments.

3 Barry Weiss Left The Show

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It is no secret that our favorite character on the show, Barry, left. The reason why he left the show was hidden by the producers. The show led its viewers to believe that Barry left the show so that he could take time to travel, but it turns out that was a complete lie. Barry actually felt that he was simply just too old to be dealing with all the onset drama that had been occurring every episode, so he left and went to try to pursue doing a show of his own. He named the show Barry’s Treasures because it turns out he was an actual antique collector and wanted to do this for a living. Although, the spin-off did not do well or make it past its first season. Poor Barry, always getting the short end of the stick.

2 Auction? What Auction?

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So, we have been over the fact that the valuable items are planted in the lockers, that the buyers never actually buy anything, and that the other people there are merely extras standing in to make the show look real. So is there really even an auction being held at all? Well, it turns out that there really never was an actual auction, just a set with a bunch of actors and actresses trying to play everything off as real. This also came to light as a result of Dave Hester’s lawsuit against the show and it makes us wonder how the show is still being aired and what kind of people are still watching it. If we liked the show before, this definitely changes things for us.

1 The Famous Paris Hilton Locker

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Anyone remember Nabila? She did not get to appear in very many episodes of the show, and she has not been seen in a while. Since we already know that everything here is faked, we won't beat around the bush for you. The Paris Hilton Locker was indeed fake. Nabila had won a locker that apparently contained a large amount of Paris Hilton’s belongings. While we are unsure of exactly how they got their hands on these things, it did not end well for Nabila at all. Paris ended up suing Nabila and her brother because they did not have permission to be using her name or her belongings, which we do not know how they got a hold of to begin with. Talk about drama! It never seems to end with this show.

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