15 Times Star Wars' John Boyega Floored Us With His GQ Worthy Suits

John Boyega was a bit of a surprise when he first landed that starring role in the Star Wars films. Those who were in the know had already seen that he was capable of pretty impressive acting chops, but even they were blown away by his fashion choices when it came to the red carpet. He proved that he seriously knew how to rock a suit, and he continues to prove it as time goes on.

He’s a man who dresses well in almost all situations, although we’ve seen enough of his Instagram to know that he also occasionally takes the day off and chills in sweatpants. He manages to look stunning in those as well. However, where he really impresses is when he suits up for a special occasion, whether it’s a Hollywood event, an interview, or just a family gathering.

He has already been compared to a young Denzel Washington, and with his good looks and great acting skills, we’re likely to be seeing him grow old in the spotlight just as Denzel is doing now. If so, we’ll expect that his list of style highlights will eventually be so long that it can no longer be contained within one single page of the internet. Until that day comes, let’s enjoy 15 times that John Boyega was GQ.

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15 Mismatched Prints And A Hammock

Where do you wear your suits? You mean, you don’t have one specially reserved just for hammock use? Well, apparently John does, and it’s a corker.

This suit pairs mismatched prints for a strong visual effect, playing on tones of green and grey to make an impact. Those little flashes of red and yellow also bring the outfit to a new level, creating a palette which could only be carried off by someone with confidence. The good news is, John is not short on that. As an actor, he pretty much has to have it in spades – or at least pretend that he does! This is one of his typically cool shots that you will see littered amongst his Instagram posts, between red carpet snaps and Snaps with his friends.

14 Blue For The Red Carpet

How do you make a big contrast? Throw in blue and red together, that’s how. John really stands out on this red carpet for the Last Jedi premiere, and he definitely knows it. We love all of the little details on this suit, which was designed by Versace.

There’s the contrasting blue and black panels on the lapels, matched up to the buttons, pockets, and even a line down each leg. We’re also a big fan of how John has styled it with a roll neck top under the jacket, and shoes which match the tone of the suit and the material. This is a seriously put-together look, with every element executed deliberately for effect. We have to say bravo to him – there aren’t a lot of men in the world who would pull off this ensemble quite so well.

13 Walking In Grey Zegna

This grey Ermenegildo Zegna is perfectly suited to John’s style. It features a grey jacket with loose and simple styling, matched up with a pair of lounge pants. They have enough detailing about them to fool the eye at first, but these are definitely comfortable trousers.

That has to be a great bonus when you’re walking around in them all day. John has gone for a plain grey tee in a slightly lighter shade to match, creating an outfit that is not quite monotone. He has also continued the casual styling element with blue Converse on his feet, but kept it smart with sunglasses and a sharp watch as his only accessories. He looks like a man who knows where he is headed, and knows exactly how to look getting there too.

12 Going Modern On Jimmy Fallon

When he went to visit Jimmy Fallon, John busted out a thoroughly modern look which is in keeping with menswear trends around the world. Wearing this suit, starting with a modified traditional Chinese jacket, was a great way to show that he knows what’s hot right now.

The red leather piece is a great splash of colour, and adds a lot of interest to his look in general. He then shows restraint by partnering it with a plain black tee and trousers – any more colour and it would definitely start to feel a bit overwhelming. It was a great choice for a show which tries to be a little more relaxed, though most guests stick to suits. While he looks amazing, we won't comment on the dance move.

11 Burgundy On The Detroit Carpet

Here’s John dressed up for the red carpet for one of his recent films, Detroit. He definitely looks thrilled to be there, and we aren’t surprised. He received a lot of critical applause for the film, and he apparently got along with his co-stars and the crew pretty well. He’s all smiles here in his burgundy suit – a colour which he chooses fairly often as it suits his tone nicely.

He has gone for a more traditional look this time, pairing the suit with a plain white shirt, as well as a tie and a pocket square in matching colours and patterns. The slight sheen of the suit fabric adds enough interest to this look that it really doesn’t need anything else, so this works great.

10 Green On The Stairs

Here, John is cutting a seriously dapper figure. This was obviously taken for a photoshoot as it has a bit more of a stylized look to it, but the suit is so good we couldn’t pass it by. It’s classic John to wear a smart suit like this with sneakers, and he really pulls it off well.

The open shirt lends a casual vibe to the look even whilst still retaining the style and respectability. Now, all of that’s out of the way, let’s get on to what really caught our eye: the colour. This is a fantastic green suit, and it’s such an unusual choice that it really stops you in your tracks. It suits him very well and the outfit works great as a whole.

9 Plain Burgundy At Variety

Here’s John posing next to a print of his Variety photoshoot, and he’s obviously very proud of the achievement. He’s taken a more leisurely approach with this suit, even though it is still dapper enough for the occasion. He has eschewed a tie but still wears his shirt buttoned right up to the top, and has chosen a colour which goes well against the bright burgundy of his jacket.

The darker trousers still work well too. He usually has a little more detail on his suits, so this one is actually notable for being plainer – though it still has plenty of flourishes as well. There’s something charming about the fact that he hasn’t managed to do the bottom button up, though if you’re a perfectionist it probably annoys you no end.

8 Geometric Lines On Gold

Now, this is a suit. It’s pretty amazing, actually. First you have the stripe down the leg, bringing in that athleisure reference without compromising fit or style. There’s the button-up shirt with a unique style that would stand out even on its own. Then – the piece de resistance, which probably prevented you from even noticing the other things – the jacket.

It is lined all over with gold and black in wider and thinner stripes, forming a seemingly random geometric pattern. This is a real showpiece jacket, something that only a bold man can pull off. Yet John manages to make it look as though this is just part of his casual wear. That’s fashion. We have to salute him for looks like this.

7 The Respectable Blue

There’s something really respectable about a blue suit. This is definitely one of those looks that really reminds us of Denzel Washington. He has the plain blue tailoring which fits him perfectly, and the white open-neck shirt which defies the need for a tie. Then, almost hidden away, that white pocket square which just subtly calls back to the shirt and ties everything together.

While he may be standing next to his taller co-star, Will Poulter, we barely even glanced twice at what Will was wearing. He almost blends into the background when compared to John. John also fills his suit out better, which is really important when it comes to creating a look - a well-fitted suit over a body that you take care of is most of the battle.

6 Black Velvet With Loved Ones

Even when attending an event with loved ones, John really manages to blow everyone else out of the water. Well, perhaps it’s unfair since he’s a famous actor these days, with stylists and designers lining up to work with him! This black velvet number is a really great choice. Although we might not be able to see much of it, we already love what we can see.

The lapels and the pocket detail of the suit jacket are matched perfectly to his shirt, so that it almost seems to blend in. This is a great approach to the look, and definitely brings it to a new level. John seems to be very careful about his colour choices, and this always pays off when it comes to elevating every suit that he wears.

5 Bright Blue With Pocket Square

Another day, another talk show, another great suit. This vibrant blue colour really suits John well – he seems to feel at home in it, and often chooses it when attending events. We can see why, as it works very well for him in the style stakes. This kind of suit really does well at balancing the simple with the attention to detail.

Yes, the cut may be simple with no flourishes – but adding the detail of that pocket square, and ensuring that the fit is perfect, makes it a suit to remember. He’s gone for smarter shoes this time, no doubt motivated by the knowledge that he would be sitting down and thus showing them off a lot. Shinier shoes allow the outfit to feel more special, rather than matte leather which may appear scuffed or tired if you aren’t careful.

4 Black With A Very Special Lining

We love this shot of John getting ready in his suit. It just goes to show that it doesn’t take one single person to keep him looking good. In fact, he has plenty of help, and he’s not afraid to show them off, often tagging his stylists and other helpers in his Instagram posts.

In this shot, they are helping out by putting the finishing touches to his look, including doing up the buttons of his suit and straightening his lapels. He takes this very seriously, as you can obviously see. But enough of that – let’s talk about the suit, and how a simple, dark cut can be elevated immediately with a pop of colour and pattern in an unorthodox place. The bow tie also really stands out here – he tends to wear both types of ties interchangeably, and the occasion here obviously called for the bow.

3 Patterned Blue For Detroit

Here, John has opted for a blue suit again as he poses on the red carpet in promotion of his film Detroit. However, this is not just any old plain blue suit. You can see a lined pattern across the surface of the fabric, paired up with diagonal lines on his tie. That little hint of texture brings the suit to a new level without having to be too dramatic or obvious.

It’s clear why he has chosen this shot to put on his personal Instagram account: he looks like a man ready to meet his eager press, fresh on the scene of one of his recent successes. Dressing to be powerful gets you halfway there. If you don’t look the part, doors rarely open for you.

2 Burgundy With A Black Trim

In this shot posed with actress Lupita Nyong’o, John proves that you don’t have to be boring even if you like coming back to the same colour and cut time and time again. He has opted for his faithful burgundy, but has mixed it up with a few key details.

The black satin lapels are one of these features which instantly elevates the suit to a new level. He is also wearing a black dress shirt, which keeps the suit as formal as possible, and a black bow tie to match. Having that monotone area really adds interest to the look as a whole. He has also opted to wear a waistcoat which matches the fabric of his jacket, providing a small bridge between the black lapels and the black shirt.

1 Pure And Formal Black

When you need a classic shot, a classic suit works. A tux is a classic for a reason. There’s nothing more classic than the black suit and bow tie paired with the white shirt and pocket square. Here, John even wears the traditional patent black shoes to make the whole outfit as formal as can be.

This is the kind of suit you could wear to the Oscars, a black tie dinner, or any other formal event. It’s good enough for a photoshoot too, as you can see here. We wouldn’t recommend singing in the rain in most suits, but then hey – John is known for doing what he likes and remaining true to himself. Plus, he can probably afford to get a new one if the rain ruins it.

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