15 Times South Park Went Way Too Far

Off the wall, on the edge, and over the top. All of these terms can be used to described Comedy Central's animated series, South Park. If you have never heard of South Park, you must live in North Korea or something. The show follows a group of ill-mannered, undisciplined children in South Park, Colorado.

When addressing controversial issues that really pushed the envelope, you could make a list of 100 individual instances where this show offended large groups of people, acted politically incorrect, socially irresponsible, and caused global controversy.

Now that we have mentioned the good qualities of the program, let's address the negative aspects. Seriously though, South Park is without question the most extreme of all the animated series. This is partly because it airs on cable TV. Therefore, they face fewer regulations as The Simpsons, American Dad's Smith Family, or the Griffins from Family Guy.

Let's examine some of the biggest "OMG, did they just go there?" moments from South Park. In our list, we may seem a little hard on South Park, but we are actually fans and watch the reruns several times a week as we compose other lists and quizzes. We are simply providing another point of view and advocating for the minorities and offended masses.

15 Body Shaming

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Kyle is the main culprit here. He is constantly body shaming Eric Cartman. The other boys also participate in the ridicule on the little porker. Kyle's favorite nickname for the pleasantly plump tyke is "fat a**". Granted, this show does not really target an audience of children, but you have to think that some children could be watching this show. Some of those kids could be chubby little buggers like Cartman. It probably does not make them feel good about themselves and in contrast, makes them more self-conscious and insecure than they probably already are. Cartman usually snaps back that he is not fat, he is just "big-boned." This type of behavior was more common in the 1980's but is frowned upon today. In a social media-driven age, it has often pushed children to take their own lives. So, lighten up on the overweight kids, will ya?

14 Jew Jokes

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An alternate title for this show could be Anti-Semitic Park. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. As much as Kyle makes fun of Cartman's weight, Cartman pokes fun at Kyle's Jewish heritage. Kyle asked his frenemy for some candy once, and Cartman responded by telling Kyle there was no Jewish candy there. Of course, Kyle retorted with cracks on Cartman's weight. Cartman often sings a song about Kyle's mother, Sheila, titled Kyle's Mom's A B*tch! It's quite a catchy tune, too. Let's not lose sight of the fact that Cartman is an Anti-Semite. Those of Jewish faith have been through a great deal, and we are quite sure they do not appreciate having to hear these kinds of jokes.

13 Mr. Garrison

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Mr. Garrison, the boy's teacher, is a flamboyant homosexual. At one point in the series, the educator had a s*x slave all clad in leather, in his classroom. While this type of behavior does convey the message that it's okay to be gay and we should accept the differences of others, it is stereotyping gays as being flashy and non-masculine. Garrison had even gone crazy before and used the offensive gay word that starts with the letter "F". Garrison once called for Syrian refugees to be s*xually assaulted. He even proclaims it is acceptable for him to use it because he is a "F****T." If he were a real person, this might be acceptable, but since he is an animated character, broadcast over the air, by a network, it is just wrong on many levels.

12 Timmy

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Timmy is a disabled boy on the show who is drawn with accentuated physical disabilities. His speech is indicative of a physically challenged child. Making fun of those with these limitations is one thing, but making fun of a child who is unable to fully experience the joys of childhood, is another and can be considered as going too far. As we have said before, the show is probably not being watched by many kids. But like any overweight kids who see the show and feel bad, it must make disabled children think they are being mocked and ridiculed. It would make them feel helpless and while even we are guilty of watching the show and laughing at their antics, think of how a child would feel if they were YOUR disabled child, and how you would view the show. Not so funny now, is it?

11 Towelie

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It seems the one person that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show's creators, don't want to make fun of is drug addicts. Therefore, they depict the drug-abusing characters as a walking, talking towel named Towelie. They make fun of every other physical defect, character flaw, religion, and s*xual orientation, but they don't have a drug-abusing person. Maybe this subject hits too close to home. Perhaps the boys are hitting the bong themselves. We aren't kidding about that, though. Parker and Stone did attend the 2015 Academy Awards dressed as women. Their drug usage could explain a lot of the material on the show. No reasonable, sensitive, empathetic person would write this kind of stuff and put it on TV.

10 Mr. Hankey

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Mr. Hankey is a piece of crap. No, literally. He is a walking, talking piece of human feces. On top of that, he is known as The Christmas Poo. The show promotes Mr. Hankey as a symbolic holiday figure on the same level of Santa Claus. Are they sending us a message? Do they think that Christmas is just a crock of you know what? If you are writing content for a program and you find it amusing to include a talking piece of excrement in your program and connect him to what is revered as a joyous holiday, you might be the piece of talking fecal matter. Is this how the boys see themselves? They obviously have a fetish. They also once had a human Apple product designed like a worm. Quite disgusting!

9 Cartman Probe

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In an episode where aliens visit Earth, they abduct and invert the innards of cows. They also give Cartman an an*l probe. This is quite insensitive to individuals who have been abducted by aliens and had foreign objects crammed up their nether orifice. Okay, this one really isn't that bad. However, the thought of having large objects shoved up your butt should make you cringe. It makes us cringe for sure and brings back bad memories of the time our entire staff spent in a Turkish prison. This incident just adds more fuel to the fire that burns behind the theory that these boys are seriously disturbed folks. Talking bowel movements, an*l probes...we are starting to notice a pattern here.

8 A Load Of...

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In an episode titled "It Hits the Fan," characters on South Park said the tabooed "S" word 162 times during the 30-minute episode. Mr. Garrison even goes as far as to explain the context in which it is acceptable to use the profane word. You can say "this is a load of sh*t" but you cannot say "I have to take a sh*t." The word is also written 38 times during the episode, bringing the total up to an even 200. It turns out that the continued use of the word causes the town to get sick and start dying so they must tone things down or meet the end of South Park as they know it. Everyone is talking sh*t in this one, and a lot of sh*t is going around.

7 Let's Talk Religion

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The show is infamous for mocking all religions and not just Judaism as we have mentioned early on. The show has continuously mocked Christianity, and there was an episode ("Bloody Mary") in which a statue of the Virgin Mary begins to bleed from a heavy cycle. There was also an episode that heavily ripped into Scientology. Isaac Hayes quit the show over this episode, and it is reported that Tom Cruise, who is shown in the episode, threatened to pull out of a Mission Impossible III publicity tour. The episode was canceled but aired after Mission III was released partly due to Parker & Stone threatening to leave the show if Comedy Central did not air the episode. Muslims threatened violence when the show was going to show an image of their prophet Muhammad. Comedy Central censored the image as this was right after the incident where a journalist was killed for showing Muhammad.

6 The "N" Word

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When you shoot at everything, you will eventually get a hit. Who would have thought it would have been here? Stan Marsh, the father of Stan, is on Wheel of Fortune. The puzzle category was "People Who Annoy You." The play board displayed N_GGERS. The correct solution was naggers. The actual "N" word was said 43 times during this episode, and it got critical praise for it. The NAACP applauded the show for its humorous way of showing how other races perceive the way African Americans will handle the word when spoken. The only group who did not find this funny was the Parents Television Council. They are a bunch of uptight people who would want this article censored.


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In one episode, Cartman, didn't know that NAMBLA is a pedophile advocacy group of potential child molesters. The men are excited to death that young boys want to willingly be a part of their North American Man/Boy Love Association (that is just really shameful that such an organization exists). However, there is one comedic aspect of this episode. There is another NAMBLA meeting in the same building. This NAMBLA is the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes. Authorities raid the wrong NAMBLA meeting as the perverts are chasing the boys around the hotel. Both habits are bizarre, but there is nothing harmful or illegal about looking like Marlon Brando. However, the exploitation of children is a very serious matter.

4 Terrance & Phillip

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Terrance & Phillip are a Canadian comedic duo who have a show within the South Park show. The boys are big fans of Terrance & Phillip. The northern neighbors are big on fart jokes; not only jokes about farting but the actual act of farting. The pair constantly lets the wind flow as they rip them on their show. Cutting the cheese is often the punch line to their jokes. Stuff like, "Hey Phillip, guess what?" "What, Terrance?" The punchline is "That's what!" as he relieves some gastrointestinal pressure by way of a fart. This is one of those few cases that isn't as bad as the rest. The only people getting offended here would be the rich and snobby old folks who would never be watching South Park in the first place.

3 Assaulting Indiana Jones

Trey Parker and Matt Stone were so displeased with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; as were we, that we approve of the episode where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are seen r*ping Indiana Jones as the boys watch in terror. While Harrison Ford certainly deserves punishment for filming this cinematic atrocity, no one deserves to endure such a life-altering tragedy as r*pe; it is a horrific crime and act of violence. Many victims have even stated that they would have rather been murdered than enduring the lifelong stigma that haunts them for the remainder of their time on Earth.

2 Shot Through The Heart & You're To Blame

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The show was labeled insensitive and classless for an episode in which Satan threw a big costume party in Hell. Among the A-List celebrities who showed up was Steve Irwin. Irwin has a stingray stuck in his chest. Satan asks Irwin to leave the party once he realizes it is not a costume but not before saying the costume was not cool. Irwin's widow, Terri, feared that her daughters might one day see the episode. This episode aired just a matter of days after that tragic and sudden death of the Crocodile Hunter. Many thought it was way too soon and South Park presumably lost a few viewers over this inhumane and insensitive gesture. It really is amazing that after 20 years, the show still has viewers who have not been turned away by the controversial material.

1 South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

The South Park full-length animated feature film was without question one of the most offensive pieces of cinematic works ever. So, of course, it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for Blame Canada. In the film, the song is the anthem behind enticing Americans to support a war with Canada. The really offensive song was sung by Terrance & Phillip, Uncle F'a (without the ‘). The boys, even a baby, repeat the profanity there in the Terrance & Phillip movie. Every American curse you can think of is said in this movie—even the F-bomb. Jesus Christ is referred to as a homosexual, among other things. Satan is depicted as having s*xual intercourse with Saddam Hussein. A list of 15 offensive things from this movie alone could be the topic of another list-style article.

Sources: Comedy Central, TV Guide

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