15 Times Selena Was The Ultimate 90s Babe

We can all agree that the late singer Selena (full name Selena Quintanilla-Perez) was a natural beauty! From her two-piece sparkly ensembles to never

We can all agree that the late singer Selena (full name Selena Quintanilla-Perez) was a natural beauty! From her two-piece sparkly ensembles to never ever having a bad hair day, Selena is the one all the guys were crushing on and the one all the ladies wanted to be friends with back in the 90s. Stars like The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon and former reality star Erica Mena are just a couple of the Latina ladies who have dubbed Selena as their queen.

We can’t forget about Jennifer Lopez’s amazing and flawless portrayal of the singer in the biopic Selena back in 1997. Let’s just say the movie was a hit and brought in $35.5 million in the box office. The film allowed current fans to see what a sweetheart she was and even caused her to have a whole new fanbase after her untimely passing in 1995. While she is now an angel, we can’t overlook the times she slayed before slayed was even a trendy term to describe someone’s flawless appearance. It seemed like Selena could do no wrong when it came to her image and the ways she carried herself. It might even be safe to say she did no wrong all. She was never caught up in any drama or epic scandals throughout her life and was able to pull off the girl-next-door image while maintaining her sex appeal. So take a look at the top moments that made Selena Quintanilla-Perez the ultimate babe of the 90s!

15 #NoBadHairDays


Selena always managed to rock whatever hairstyle was popular at the moment. But she also had a way of making it her own. From the soft forehead bangs to the big and blown-out hair that surrounded a middle or side part (and we can’t forget about the shoulder-length bob that made her sex appeal shine even more), Selena looked amazing at all times. She is still a style icon to this day as her hairstyles have become the inspiration behind countless YouTube tutorials, whether it is the half-up, half-down style or the high bun for more formal occasions. Her most talked about hairstyles to date include the slicked back low bun, any kind of curl, whether it was natural and loose or tight, and of course the high ponytail. Her side updos and low ponytails are nothing to scoff at either. It’s no wonder she never had any bad hair days.

14 Let’s Not Forget Her Hats

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If we’re going to talk about Selena’s hair, we can’t forget her stylish hats. She literally rocked almost any kind that you can think of. She was most known for rocking a hat with animal print and other times with large rhinestones. She could would even bling out a baseball cap every now and then.

Whether it was for a major performance or just being spotted out and about, we are convinced that Selena had a hat for every occasion. The newsboy hat she is most known for made her high waisted jeans and rhinestone-covered bustier outfits complete. We can’t forget the gold hat she wore with a matching outfit for a Coca Cola commercial. She was the brains behind many of the popular styles of the 90s and trends that are coming back in full effect today. So we couldn’t forget about her hat accessories that made her unforgettable and brought her to the ultimate 90s babe status.

13 Let's Talk About Her Flawless Makeup

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Selena could rock an amazing face of makeup on any given day. Her red lipstick was one of her most popular looks that stood out and made her an ultimate 90s babe without question. She was the front woman for Selena y Los Dinos but she never overdid it when it came to her need to stand out as one of the only females in the group. Even though the red lipstick is what she is still most known for to do this day, she also looked gorgeous when she switched it up and embraced the less is more method with nude lipstick. She even had the contour game down before it became a popular makeup technique.

And she never hesitated to let her natural highlight share the spotlight. Her makeup skills still live on today as beauty brand MAC recently released their own Selena inspired collection. It was so popular that the company plans to have a second release of the products.

12 Here Comes The Ultimate 90s Bride


We’re not surprised at all that Selena Quintanilla-Perez looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day. It definitely upped her status as an ultimate 90s babe without question as she showed us just how elegant she really was. She donned a beautiful white gown on her big day on April 2, 1992. She was only 22 years old. Her father made it clear he didn’t approve of their relationship at first as the two dated in secret for eight months before tying the knot. But that didn’t stop Selena and her husband Chris Perez from following their hearts, falling in love, and becoming husband and wife. There aren’t many photos of Selena and her husband’s wedding day, but a photo of Selena wearing a wedding gown is said to be the dress she wore on her and Perez’s big day. Perez later released a book about his relationship and romance with Selena called To Selena, With Love.

11 Babe Bridesmaids

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If Selena slayed at her own wedding, she definitely looked gorgeous at the wedding of her sister, Suzette. Selena was in the wedding and donned a white dress and jeweled choker. A portion of the dress draped around Selena’s shoulders that brought an even more elegant appearance for the Grammy Award winning singer. She wore a high bun with none other than red lipstick. Selena’s husband, Chris Perez, didn’t look too bad himself as he rocked a black tuxedo. There are rare photos of Selena and Perez together at the gorgeous ceremony. Her sister is the operator of Q Productions that features many Selena-inspired products such as Selena Radio and special apparel. She has been vocal about wanting Selena’s legacy to live on after her passing. She also has given fans an even closer look at who Selena was as she often has described her as funny, goofy, and humble.

10 The Time She Won A Grammy

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Selena took home the award for Best Mexican-American Album for Selena Live! at the 37th Annual Grammy Awards in 1994. Let’s just say she looked stunning while doing so! She also made history as the first Tejano artist to win the coveted Grammy award. As for the white beaded gown, it draped around her neck and she paired it with diamond earrings. Her hair was in a high up-do with pieces of hair framing her face. She completed her outfit with her iconic red lipstick. In her speech on the pre-telecast show of the awards, she thanked her family, including her sister, father, and her brother who produced her music. She also saluted Los Dinos, and of course her fans for their support. The dress is now at the Selena Museum in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas along with her Grammy Award and a doll wearing the same dress.

9 Nobody Sells Coca Cola Like Selena

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Selena was also an ultimate 90s babe when Coca Cola took notice of her as a major voice for the young, Latino audience. The soda company named her its official spokesperson in Texas. She was also featured in a commercial that has now become one of her most talked about moments. She rocked a blown out, curly hairstyle as she sang about Coca Cola in English and Spanish. In the English version she sang, “Can’t beat the rhythm, the one that you get from Coca Cola Classic. It’s that beat that’s coming your way. It’ll move you if you give it a chance. The feeling that makes you want to dance. Can’t beat it, can’t stop it. Can’t beat the feeling of Coca Cola Classic.” She showed off her sass as she tilted her head and sang the last line, “Can’t beat the real thing!” It didn’t hurt that she had a little bit of eye candy dancing with her throughout the commercial.

8 Now We're Dreaming Of Selena

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This is one of Selena’s most amazing moments and definitely one that needs to be on the list of times she was an ultimate 90s babe. "Dreaming of You" is arguably Selena’s most popular song. It was a huge hit in the Latin community but it also was one that sung throughout that mainstream scene as well. She captivated her audience and fans anytime she performed the beautiful ballad. Unfortunately, she was never able to record an official music video for the song as her life ended much too soon. A music video was released on Selena’s behalf but featured an actress instead of the singer. Still, there have been countless compilation videos played as well as one featuring Jennifer Lopez, who sang the song in one of the final moments of the Selena movie. The song itself is a classic hit that never fails to remind fans of Selena’s beautiful voice, personality, and style.

7 Blinged Out Sequin Jumpsuits Were All The Rage

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No one can rock a sequin jumpsuit like Selena! The purple crisscross jumpsuit has become a staple when it comes to performance outfits and even when fans want to channel their inner Selena for a Halloween costume. Selena herself wore the now epic piece at a performance at the Houston Astrodome in 1995, a place where she often sold out shows. She rocked the jumpsuit in front of more than 60,000 people. She paid tribute to other artists and belted out hits like “I Will Survive,” “Funkytown,” “Last Dance,” and “On The Radio,” before she sang her own popular songs. The jumpsuit became so iconic that Jennifer Lopez wore it in the opening of the Selena film. The jumpsuit featured sequins that Selena could not get enough of; it showed off her belly and was complete with pants that flared at the bottom. We’re waiting for that style to make a huge comeback.

6 When She Doesn't Recognize Her Own Hotness

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Selena proved she was an ultimate 90s babe inside and out on a very memorable appearance on Latin talk show Christina. While Selena was definitely able to pull of the sultry look, she explained on the show why she felt uncomfortable being referred to as sexy. “I don’t see myself in that way,” she admitted. “It’s a natural thing. Whatever person feels ugly or pretty are sexy depending on how a person receives them or sees that person, it’s an opinion.”

While the audience made it clear she had sex appeal, Selena admitted she didn’t see herself as sexy. Christina then had her stand up so at least the crowd could embrace her sexy. On the appearance, Selena wore a high bun, black leather vest with tight jeans topped with a white shirt. We definitely agree with the audience and Christina that Selena can be sexy if she wants to, and even without trying!

5 Can You Say "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom?"

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Selena couldn’t help but show off her babe status when she sang out the iconic Bidi Bidi Bom Bom lyrics. Even those who never listened to Selena’s music or understand the Spanish language have most likely sang these fun words once in their life. Selena was able to release a music video for this hit before her untimely passing. And to say it’s just as fun and lighthearted as the hit song is an understatement. The popular tune gives listeners a carefree attitude that Selena often displayed in any situation. In the video, Selena rocked a jean vest with a crop top and high waisted shorts. Her big hair was simple but something that made her entire look complete. She’s seriously giving us all kind of cute outfit ideas for the summer. That’s more than enough reasons to dub her the ultimate babe from the 90s.

4 Whenever She Hit The Stage

Selena Queen Of Tejano

Selena never failed to disappoint when it came to her performances, not just in her singing, in her looks as well. One of her best looks is when she sported an all red outfit that included a flower applique bra and of course high waisted red jeans. She later wore a similar outfit but opted for white and paired that with a pair of tall fringe boots. She was just as sultry when she covered the outfit up with an oversized varsity jacket. Like seriously. Who would ever put that combination together? She might not have considered herself sexy but she definitely was when she wore a sheer top that showed her lingerie underneath. And we can’t forget about the time she rocked a newsboy hat, black sparkly bustier, and jeans. We’re convinced Selena would have been one of the major style icons if she was alive today. But she’s still an ultimate 90s babe!

3 Selena Loves The Kids


Selena is also known for her humble and down-to-earth personality. So it’s no surprise she often gave back to her community. And for this, she will always be a babe in our eyes. She was never a stranger to visiting local schools and reminding students how important it was to receive an education and get a high school diploma. She also told them to embrace their dreams and any aspirations and say no to drugs and alcohol. She went as far as putting her money and her talent into the students’ future when she performed a free concert for students in Texas. She took it a step further when she donated $2,500 to educational programs. This is pretty major considering Selena was not only an icon in fashion and music, but was considered a hero to those in her hometown and around the nation as she broke barriers.

2 We Have To Mention The Selena Movie

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We’ve mentioned the Selena movie a couple of times but we definitely had to give it its own spotlight. The film, starring actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez gave fans a look into Selena’s story line never before. The idea that J. Lo portrayed her so eloquently and accurately has often been used as examples as to why Selena was close to perfection. Lopez was able to display the grace, affection, and poise that Selena carried with her. It has helped young women who were not even alive during Selena’s career fall in love with her for the first time, and given her fans something to remember her by. The film hit theaters in 1997 and showed many of Selena’s major life moments from her childhood all the way up until her shocking passing at the hands of the founder of her fan club. It’s now known as one of the best biopic movies of all time.

1 Eggs On Eggs On Eggs

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Only Selena can bring eggs to a new level of popularity. Most fans already know about Selena’s lavish egg collection that she had in her living room. But did you know she kept more than 500 of them? Yes, 500! And they were pretty vast when it comes to variety, from gold to diamond and big to small. Her family has said that her love for eggs comes from the idea that Selena was born on Easter Sunday. Her sister Suzette confirmed that while there are dozens and dozens of eggs, each one has a special meaning to Selena, including the one that her husband, Chris Perez, purchased for her just before she passed. Fans can see the eggs at Q-Production’s Selena Museum located in Corpus Christi, TX. The special eggs are placed in the exact same order and design that they were in the case in Selena’s living room.

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15 Times Selena Was The Ultimate 90s Babe