15When He Became An Actual Lord

After Scott, or should I say, Lord Disick, purchased his British royalty title over the Internet (yes, apparently you can do that), he decided to take his title a step further and participated in an authentic knighting ceremony during a family trip to London in season 7.

During the ceremony, Scott

pledged his allegiance to the laws of England and Wales. So if you're wondering why he calls himself the "Lord" or "LD" that's because he is technically a Lord. And once he pledged his allegiance to a country he was no longer a foreigner to, he declared, “I don’t have to be walking around like some peasant. I’m royalty!”

Welcome to the royal family Lord Disick! With this stunt, Disick had us laughing again. This guy is the very thing that keeps the Kardashians and their reality TV show so popular because he's constantly doing stupid sh*t on television that's worthy of making people laugh. Thanks, LD!

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