15 Times Scott Disick Was Savage AF

Ah, Scott Disick. Everyone knows his name due to his ability to make Keeping Up With The Who Gives A F*ck so entertaining for everyone to watch. Sure, at times he can be a total douche, but it's no secret that the public loves him for being able to make an ass of himself and not being afraid of keeping it real while being surrounded by totally spoiled brats... but that doesn't mean he's not also a spoiled brat.

His rise to fame was, as we all know, through his rocky and emotional relationship with his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian in which viewers have been able to witness their entire journey. However, Scott makes it worth their while.

I mean, what would we do without Scott Disick? Okay, okay it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but he sure does make the Kardashians a lot more interesting with his sarcasm and witty humor. Between his royal status, that he takes very seriously, and his remorseless behavior, you can't deny that this guy makes a pretty lasting impression and he's certainly made a lot of them. And you can check out how he's done so on screen and off with these 15 Times Scott Disick Was Savage AF.

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15 When He Became An Actual Lord

After Scott, or should I say, Lord Disick, purchased his British royalty title over the Internet (yes, apparently you can do that), he decided to take his title a step further and participated in an authentic knighting ceremony during a family trip to London in season 7.

During the ceremony, Scott pledged his allegiance to the laws of England and Wales. So if you're wondering why he calls himself the "Lord" or "LD" that's because he is technically a Lord. And once he pledged his allegiance to a country he was no longer a foreigner to, he declared, “I don’t have to be walking around like some peasant. I’m royalty!”

Welcome to the royal family Lord Disick! With this stunt, Disick had us laughing again. This guy is the very thing that keeps the Kardashians and their reality TV show so popular because he's constantly doing stupid sh*t on television that's worthy of making people laugh. Thanks, LD!

14 The Time He Trashed A Hotel Room And Beat Up Rob

This makes me laugh just thinking about it. Scott Disick is so entertaining and it all has to do with the fact that he really just doesn't care that there are cameras constantly filming him, it's the least of his worries. Lucky for the viewers, they get to witness the moments like the one in this particular scene, when Scott decides to trash his entire hotel suite and punched Rob Kardashian (the youngest Kardashian) in the face.

This wasn't his last time causing chaos while staying in a hotel (if you can believe it). Five years after trying to throw down with Rob on camera, he apparently trashed a hotel room in Aspen, and racked up a $1840 bill just for drinks. But his bill continued to grow when he had to pay $500 in repairs for the room. Oh to be rich and stupid...

13 When He Ditched Bella Thorne In Cannes

Classic Scott Disick, he's only with a young hottie until the next young hottie rolls around. This guy is a good time Casanova that everyone loves seeing splashed across the headlines. And he did it again when he took Bella Thorne to Cannes. The two caught the waves together in France for a few days, until the Lord decided to ditch the young Disney star for something a little more grown-up.

Their flame died out once Disick jumped back on the wagon, or rather, a different girl's wagon. In less than a week after the two were first spotted together vacationing in paradise, Disick was caught canoodling with an ex-girlfriend and British model, just barely hours after enjoying the same company with Thorne. The thing that was so savage, I mean other than how he totally ditched Bella for another woman, was how Bella blasted him about it all over social media and then was found days later in the arms of her ex... Yikes! Sorry Bella, but the Lord has proved he can only be tied down by one woman and we all know that's his baby mama.

12 When He Shaded Kourtney For Hooking-Up With Justin Bieber

It's no secret that this man knows how to throw some shade, but when he did it to his ex-girlfriend and former lover Kourtney Kardashian, it seriously made it all the better. The two of them had split in the summer of 2015 and soon after, Us Weekly exclusively reported that Kourtney was hooking up with a younger and perhaps, even better-looking dude.

It was obviously no secret to the rest of the family that Kourtney was getting involved with the artist, and in a game of Cards Against Humanity with the family in an episode on season 12, Kourtney drew the card “Why am I sticky?” and if you know how the game works, each player had to put down a card that best-made sense with the phrase. Scott offered up his card that read "Justin Bieber." Nice dig, Lord.

11 When He Was Caught In Bed With Kendall Jenner

The step-sister to Kourtney Kardashian, that is. Scott and Kendall snapped a pic of themselves "in bed" together. This is how it played out. Jenner was sleeping on Scott's chest while rumors speculated for a few broad moments...but don't get your hopes up because these two did not do the deed. There's nothing to be too excited about because the two had actually just been playing a practical joke on everyone. Scott had turned over and shouted, "April Fools" which was actually rather hilarious because for those few moments, it was very believable.

And Scott has certainly had his fair share of jaw-dropping moments on and off the camera over the years. But I'd still easily categorize this one as savage, I mean C'mon! He used his baby mama's little sister to prank everyone, priceless!

10 When He Attempted Karate To Literally Fight For Kourtney’s Love

When Scott and Kourtney's therapist had suggested Scott find a hobby, he agreed and decided to take a karate class during season 9 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But in reality, when showing up to the studio, Scott decided to just skip class and create some of his own moves instead.

Taking rich people like the Lord anywhere is always a challenge because they never fail to complain: "Ew, I think there is sweat on this chair," he moaned at the Martial Arts Center. This is a prime example of why Scott doesn't have a hobby in the first place because he resembles an uptight gay older Jonas brother. Eventually, however, Kourtney offered to come along to one of the classes, and she was not let down by what the Lord and his moves had in store for her.

9 When He Snuggled Up To His Ex

Nowadays, this free-spirited and single Scott Disick may not be so savage or even held accountable for this sort of behavior, but taking off to go on vacation and getting caught with his ex-girlfriend had really blown up into a big deal when he was still together with his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian.

It was a huge scandal for the Lord, and all it took was a picture of the proof. I wouldn't say this is my favorite Scott Disick moment, but I would say it was pretty savage of him. To have flown halfway around the world just to have gotten caught getting comfortable with his ex, Chloe Bartoli in Monte Carlo, all the while, Kourtney had been sitting at home with their kids and catching a glimpse of the truth as it trickled down onto each major tabloid in town.

8 When He Fat Shamed Kourtney

No, I'm not cool with this one at all. Now I'm a huge fan of the Lord, but I'm not a huge fan of disrespecting a woman, especially when it comes to her weight. But everyone is aware that Scott speaks what's on his mind without thinking first, so this isn't some crazy bombshell.*

However, it's pretty f**ked up to be able to tell the mother of your child that she's not fitting the weight you'd prefer she'd be at, when she just recently gave birth to your daughter. Yeah, this is "savage" but it's a pretty big d**k move. Saying, "If I would have [fallen] in love with you a couple of pounds overweight, this would be my ideal weight, but I fell in love with you when you were super skinny," he told her. Classy, my dude.

7 His Rude Response To His Breakup With Kourtney

Breaking up isn't anything new for Kourtney and Scott. They've been on and off since the public first started watching the hit reality TV show. But with their recent split in September of 2015, the media had been all over the couple, trying to receive the scoop on why they had broken things off, as usual. Scott reacted to all the press by posting a meme of himself on social media, which showed him sipping tea with the caption "Stop Talking Peasant."

It hasn't ever been clarified if he had been sending the message to the media or to Kourtney herself, because no one really cares that much. Yet, it was still pretty funny. And I can guess that most likely, the former Kardashian thought his recent Instagram post was in poor taste and not very much appreciated.

6 When He Bought His Own Bachelor Pad...Right After His Son Was Born

Buying a Bachelor pad for yourself is really no big deal at all, especially when you can afford the luxury to do so. But what makes it so damn amusing to the press and the public, is that Scott went out and purchased his very own $3million dollar pad... just after his third child had been born, Reign.

LD thought he'd treat himself for having another kid, and it's pretty easy to guess that Lord Disick was probably doing his best to get out of his new responsibilities like diaper duty, and it sure did cost this new daddy. However, it's still pretty f**king sweet that this dude just up and bought a whole new place for him to be able to get away and spend time by himself just because he could. Scott Disick, you're kind of my f**king hero, dude!

5 When He Reacted To Kourtney Getting Pregnant For a Third Time

Scott Disick knows how to keep everyone on their toes and that especially goes for Kourtney and the rest of the Kardashian family who know him so well. And maybe he doesn't always say the right thing, but for the most part, he makes everyone laugh at what he does say, and that's what counts, right?

Well, maybe. I thought his reaction to Kourtney announcing her third pregnancy was pretty entertaining, but parts of the rest of the population didn't exactly agree when the Lord responded by saying, "You just keep suckering me into all these kids. I just can't handle all this responsibility." He sure as sh*t cannot handle all that responsibility that's for sure, but that's why he bought himself his own bachelor pad, right? Perhaps a simple "congrats" would've sufficed, but that's not the Scott Disick we all know.

4 When He Asked Kourtney For Birthday Sex

I'm sure each time Scott and Kourtney allegedly "break up" they're still casually carrying things on by keeping things under the radar in the bedroom. I mean it would make sense why they're getting along so well and this way no one has to pay the price of their pent-up anger. And I find it sweet that he's not ashamed to admit he still has a sweet spot for Kourtney.

Sure, it makes a lot of sense to me. But Scott has absolutely no boundaries, which is probably my favorite part about him, but I'm sure it became a bit much for Kourtney and the rest of her family on her birthday knowing that the two were exclusively broken up and he asked her if she wanted to have "birthday sex" in the front of everyone. That's Scott for you, entirely shameless.

3 That Time When He Ragged On Kim's Marriage

Scott often says what everyone is thinking and this isn't the first time he's ragged on Kim for anything, he's actually pretty honest with (and about) this one Kardashian sister in particular. Making side comments about the size of her ass, her fame, and even at other times, her fortune. On one hand, he always has something to say, on the other he always has the viewers laughing. Because he says what we want someone to desperately tell these spoiled sisters.

In an episode from earlier years, he completely shades Kim to Kourtney when they're having a conversation. Kourtney engages with Scott by saying, "I think Kim and Kris (Humphrey) got into a fight." Scott's response? "It's tough when you're married that long... a week or two." Thank you, LD, for ragging on your baby mama's clueless sisters, I applaud you.

2 When He Called Out Kris Jenner

This definitely lands somewhere at the top of my list for one of my all time favorite Scott Disick moments. As we've seen coming down the countdown, Scott calls everyone out and isn't afraid to totally shade them, including the worst of them all, the mother of the Kardashian clan, Kris.

Yes, Scott Disick can be a d*ck, but most times it's Kris Jenner who is the immensely displeasing one of each episode. We all know this from watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Fortunately enough, Scott isn't afraid to point it out. In a Christmas special that aired a few years ago, Kris had told everyone that her "favorite day of this past year, was the day Oprah came over." Apparently, she had forgotten that something even bigger and better had happened, so Scott cleared up the mishap: "Not the day when Penelope was born? You heartless wench."

1 The Time He Shoved $100 Dollar Bill In A Waiter’s Mouth

Back in the day, Scott Disick was a total nightmare due to his drinking problem, which eventually landed him in and out of a few rehabs for a couple years. But this guy loves to flash his money around, there's no doubt about it. He even used dollar bills as toilet paper one time... But this incident is a different story, and evidently took place the same night he had trashed the hotel room and beat up Rob Kardashian.

Who can forget one of Scott's most embarrassing yet most famous moments ever, the time he shoved a $100 bill into a waiter's mouth to get him to stop talking. I mean it's not a terrible way for someone to passively tell you to shut the hell up, but it was still pretty horrible. Everyone was in utter shock and Kourtney was so embarrassed she couldn't even look at Scott. Yikes.

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