15 Times Sarah Hyland Revealed Too Much!

The show Modern Family on ABC is a huge hit.

The show Modern Family on ABC is a huge hit. It’s been on for eight seasons now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, one of its stars, Sofia Vergara, is the highest paid actor on TV, man or woman. It’s that big. Everyone knows about Sofia, of course. She's quite the Colombian bombshell. And everyone also knows about Ariel Winter, another leading lady on the series. Both of those ladies are rather “specially endowed,” shall we say, and that obviously always garners them attention.

I don’t think, though, that people remember to stop and appreciate another one of the show’s major stars, Sarah Hyland, as much as they should. Maybe it’s because Sarah checks in at a tiny 5’2” and just doesn’t have quite the “gravitas” that the other two have, if you know what I mean. Or maybe it’s my job to bring the world news of Sarah, which I’m happy to do. The petite actress certainly has a lot going for her and seems poised for a huge breakout if she can ever get the right movie role to go along with her stellar work in Modern Family.

Something else Sarah is stellar at, just like her costars, is rocking her bikini body at the beach, in the pool, or generally, everywhere in and around the water. The 26-year-old may not be the tallest in stature out there, but she can definitely bring it, every day, all day. You say you don’t believe me? Check out these 15 pics of her doing precisely that. You won’t be disappointed.

15 Hot in Leopard Print

Let’s start off with an “officially approved” shot, shall we. There’s no sense in getting into trouble just yet. Here we have Sarah rocking a leopard-print one-piece during the actual filming of an episode of Modern Family. The episode took place in Hawaii, which is a good place to go if you intend to get heavy use out of a leopard-print suit. Just in case you were wondering, and I know you were, Sarah’s measurements are 34-24-34 (I told you she was tiny) with a 32B bra size. Sarah certainly looks hot here, but I guess I never got what the fuss was with leopard-print swimsuits. What’s the big deal? I mean, sure, I get that it’s probably supposed to symbolize the wild and powerful “tigress” lurking inside every woman -- but seriously? Point me in the direction of the chick wearing a classic black or white bikini. That’s where I want to be.

14 Purple Little Number

Here's the first in a series of extremely hot but also fairly odd shots of Sarah by the pool. Let’s not kid ourselves -- she looks damn good in that purple little number, doesn’t she? But let’s go below the surface here for a moment (“go below the surface” and there’s a pool right next to her -- I’m good, I must say). What, precisely, is Sarah doing here? I mean, it looks like she might be meditating, but her facial expression would suggest otherwise. Her facial expression actually makes her look like she just saw someone drop a giant turd in the pool. Maybe she’s throwing her hands up in the air in disgust. Or maybe she’s just never meditated before. Whatever the case, her reaction is pretty odd. Not that it necessarily distracts from the star of the show, which is, again, that purple little number.

13 With Another Friend This Time

Well it sure was fun seeing Ashley hang out with Sarah for a while, but eventually Ashley had to go her own separate way. Fortunately for us, Sarah doesn’t seem to be shy in front of the camera (she is an actress, after all!) or shy of friends. In fact, as you can see, Sarah is right back at romping around in a bikini right away. This one might seem a little more steamy and sultry than the pics before it, but don’t get too excited about it guys. Sarah dated some actor named Matt Prokop for a long time before she got a restraining order against him because he was a total abusive jerk. She's been dating actor Dominic Sherwood for a while now, who, at least, is not an evil dud. Kudos to you, Sarah, for getting out from under a bad mess.

12 Happy Leopard

Back to the leopard-print look we go. I had to put this one in even though it’s not the absolute hottest swimsuit pic of Sarah’s I’ve ever seen simply because she looks so happy. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in an abusive relationship with a total loser who threatens not just you with verbal and physical abuse, but even your dog! Here we see Sarah during the Modern Family shoot in Hawaii enjoying some fun times in the sun and surf. I think that’s great, that she can enjoy her professional life so much and also be putting her personal life back together. Although I’ve got to be honest here -- I’m still not feeling the style of the swimsuit. Maybe I’m just a closet animal rights activist at heart. If Sarah has a tiger or polar bear skin rug in front of her fireplace at home, I’m gonna be very disappointed!

11 Purple Little Number With Alcohol

Well, our girl Sarah is still rocking the purple little number, but now, she’s added booze to the mix. You would think that would make her happier, right? Unfortunately she doesn’t look particularly happy. In fact, now she looks like she swallowed a lemon. What the heck is going on in the pool? Or maybe Sarah had one sip too many. (I would never dare to impugn on a celebrity’s behavior, but she does look a little out of it.) Nah, that can’t be it… Hey wait, I’ve got it! Poor Sarah is remembering how her first pet, “Goldy the fish,” passed away when she was little. That must be it. She’s just sad, not confused. At any rate, at least she doesn’t have her hands up in that meditating position, so we can get a better look at her ahh… top. That makes me happy even if Sarah herself seems a little down.

10 Happy With a Cocktail

OK, I’ve finally figured it out. Sarah wasn’t sad, confused, or tipsy in the previous set of photos. Nope, not at all. It’s just that, like many young ladies, Sarah doesn’t really like beer. So when the pool boy brought her a beer, she felt like she had to drink it just to be nice. But really, she didn’t like it. See how much happier Sarah is here? Hmm, I wonder why… Oh, I know! Because she’s got one seriously yummy-looking exotic cocktail in her hands. Sarah is looking a lot more relaxed and happy by this particular pool, isn’t she? It’s good to see Sarah so happy. That’s what Frou-Frou drinks and pools are for. Sarah’s first major role was playing the daughter of Howard Stern in Stern’s movie Private Parts. That must have been a uniquely weird experience as well as Stern is not known for his “normal” behavior, on or off the air.

9 Roller-skating With Ashley

I’m sure everybody is looking at the two guys in the back of this picture, right? OK, maybe not. While I don’t see any water in Sarah’s immediate vicinity, she sure is rocking that two-piece. This pic is taken from a photoshoot that Sarah did a few years back in Venice Beach (which is most definitely by the water, so we’re safe). Her fellow celeb in the pic, in case you can’t tell, is none other than Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame. I must say that when you’re doing an article about a hot celebrity starlet in a bikini and you stumble across pics of not just her but another hot celeb as well, you’ve struck gold. I wonder why Ashley is doing the whole matching bikini, socks, and roller-skates thing, while Sarah is stuck with yellow skates and a blue, pink, and white bikini? It doesn’t seem right, somehow, that Sarah would get short shrift.

8 In Deep Thought in a Purple Little Number

Here’s our final shot in this truly bizarre but strangely hot series of pics that I’m calling “Odd Sarah in a Purple Little Number.” If you thought the first two pics of this particular afternoon were strange ones of Sarah, check this one out. I guess she’s Carnac the Magnificent or something. Right now, Sarah’s going “I’m thinking of a Jack of Diamonds.” Who knew that she had ESP or was a fortune-teller or whatever. I thought, from her official bio, that Sarah attended the prestigious Professional Performing Arts School in New York City, which also features alumni like Britney Spears and Jesse Eisenberg, to name just a few. The school is located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of the city, which is weird to me. I thought the only people who lived in Hell’s Kitchen were Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and a bunch of criminals. (I guess you shouldn’t get all of your knowledge from Netflix.) In any case, maybe Sarah should've just run off and joined the circus instead.

7 In Shorts This Time

Here are our two hot ladies again, this time showing off their frontal assets. I think I can speak for everyone out there when I say I’ve decided it’s not worth obsessing over what Sarah is wearing and whether it matches. I think we should all just revel in the fact Sarah and Ashley have chosen to give us this look. Besides, Ashley’s changed her outfit around a bit, too, so it would be unfair to Sarah to harp on it. I must say, though, that the ladies don’t seem very confident about their skating skills, do they? I mean it’s super-hot that they are holding hands and all, but I think that's more out of desperation than anything else. You can just tell that one of them is about to go down and not in a good way either. There’s quite a crowd behind them, and nobody seems to be paying attention. I can guarantee I would have been, if I were there.

6 Beach Time With Ashley

Aha! We finally have both ladies on a beach with the ocean somewhere nearby. And we have them off the skates and looking much more comfortable in their “natural” environment. That’s it. My work here is finished… Well, maybe not. There are still plenty more hot photos of Sarah on, in, or by the water to browse through. It sure was nice of her friend Ashley to drop by and liven up the exercise, though, wasn’t it? I know I certainly enjoyed seeing both ladies together. In case you were wondering -- and how could you not be? -- the two did this photoshoot as spokesmodels for Ocean Pacific, hence all of the costume changes. Apparently, there were two sort of famous actor guys who were the male models for the ad campaign, but I don’t really care, and I doubt you do either.

5 Wide-eyed in Floral

I had to put this one in because it’s another great shot of Sarah looking relaxed and happy. I know, I know, guys -- she’s not wearing a swimsuit in this pic. What gives? Well, she is by the water after all, and I personally think the casual hippie dress look works pretty well on her. I mean, does anybody really have a problem that she’s letting the ladies breathe, as they say? I sure don’t. This is a very cute pic of a very sexy lady. In case you were wondering, Sarah has two nicknames. The first one is SJ, which makes sense, as her middle name is “Jane.” It’s a little bland though. The second one is “Kitty” which is way cooler, in my opinion. That is, unless she’s called that because she has a predilection for wearing leopard-print clothing all the time. Then we’re gonna have a little problem…

4 Snow Cone Time

Sarah seems to be much happier when she’s got something exotic to sip on lying around her, doesn’t she? What a looker she is -- am I right or am I right? Another reason to enjoy how hot Sarah is would be that she was actually diagnosed with a bad kidney ailment, kidney dysplasia, back when she was just a youngster. That could have totally sucked for her, but in 2012, her Dad volunteered to donate one of his kidneys to her. That was a pretty cool move by Dad, and I’m sure his daughter is grateful. We are grateful that she is happy, healthy, and wealthy. Another interesting note about her Dad is that, he, like his daughter, his wife, and his son, is an actor as well. Edward James Hyland was most recently in the 2015 Tom Hanks thriller Bridge of Spies.

3 Sunbathing at the Park

Whoa, Sarah... What’s happening here? While we are definitely not by any water, Sarah is for sure rocking a summery, shall we say, “casual” look. I’m sure she is aware that any guy walking by her in the park is going to have to do a double-take, even if at first he doesn’t recognize her for the famous actress she is. Sarah has done some other movie work in the past few years since her sojourn with Howard Stern back in ’97. Her most famous movie appearances would probably be in the made-for-TV-movie remake of Annie and for her role in Blind Date. She was also in Scary Movie 5. (I didn’t even know they had a Scary Movie 5. I’m not sure any of the actors who were in it know that either, to be honest.) Fortunately for Sarah, Modern Family is a mega-hit, and she, a household name. After all, Scary Movie 5 just wasn't gonna cut it.

2 Relaxed and Happy

How about one more casual and candid pic of Sarah sitting poolside? Do you think you can handle it? I’m sure you can, and I know you want to. I will say, the lady doesn’t seem to be afraid to laugh; that’s for sure. I’m sure that helps when she stars in such a long-running sitcom. It surely can’t hurt. They say laughter is the best medicine, and Sarah almost certainly knows that, given some of her experiences. Modern Family actually won the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series four years in a row from 2011-14. That's quite an accomplishment for any show in any genre. Although SAG might want to do something about shortening that particular award title up a bit. It seems awfully wordy, doesn’t it? Maybe I should write them a letter…

1 Matching Pink Ice Cream Cone

So this last picture is, I’m pretty sure, a candid paparazzi-shot from that Ocean Pacific shoot Sarah did with Ashley Tisdale. The style of the clothing looks right, anyway. Sarah’s pretty hot scarfing down that pink ice cream cone while wearing a pink bikini. I wonder if the ice cream cone was a prop, or maybe she just had a craving for some ice cream and someone ran out and got it for her. I also wonder where Sarah puts all of the ice cream and tropical drinks she wolfs down. Her bio lists her as 106 lbs. She must have the metabolism of a werewolf. If I was throwing back Daiquiris, Mai Tais, and vanilla ice cream chasers, everybody would want to see my beach body even less than they already do. I guess all of that roller skating must keep Sarah in shape.

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15 Times Sarah Hyland Revealed Too Much!