15 Times Reddit Got Out Of Hand

One of the things that we adore about the internet is that it allows pretty much everyone in the world to have a say, and yet, that's also one of the things that we absolutely hate about the internet. No matter how liberal you are, you have to accept that the negative reality of a true democracy is that it gives a voice to everyone, even the people that arguably shouldn't have a voice.

Now, that may sound pretty fascist, but if you really don’t have a problem with what a lot of people are spewing onto the internet, you’ve clearly not spent a lot of time on it. While Reddit may seem like one of the more liberal and rational sides of the internet, some of the subreddits can get pretty crazy. We decided it's about time that somebody compiled some of the most insane stuff on there so that the world could see what we’re dealing with.

We’re not going to get too NSFW with this one, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see some of the more morbid subreddits, but trust us: even some of the SFW ones can get pretty ridiculous if you ask us!


15 r/MandelaEffect/

Far from just being a phenomenon on Reddit, the Mandela Effect is something that lives within the minds of the kind of people who think the world is flat and dinosaurs coexisted with man. The Mandela Effect is named after Nelson Mandela, a man who died in 2013 despite the fact that this surprised many people who were sure they remembered him dying in prison during the 1980s. Most people would think that they must've been mistaken and just move on from there, but the people who believe in the Mandela Effect think that this means that we all live in different universes/realities that are regularly overlapping, thereby making some people remember things or events that just didn't happen. Pretty insane, right? The subreddit is just a chance for people to post what they consider to be different examples of the Mandela Effect, never realizing that they’re clearly experiencing one of the ways their brain can regularly fail them.

14 r/picturesofiansleeping/


What likely started as a way for one friend to mess with another friend spiraled off into this subreddit, which has now become a chance for a bunch of people to stalk a single man as he sleeps. This subreddit started when someone decided to start taking pictures of his friend, Ian, as he slept before posting them on the internet, something that was probably a mild annoyance to Ian. Rather surprisingly, this spawned quite the movement of people who continue to visit this site in the hope of seeing yet more pictures of the sleeping Ian. Before long, people started to add their own pictures of their own sleeping Ians but have decided to keep the subreddit as pure as possible. What we're trying to say is that this poor Ian continues to be photographed as he sleeps, arguably when he's at his most vulnerable. We couldn’t imagine anything worse.

13 r/controllablewebcams/

This one really messes with our heads. We're not entirely sure how it works, but this subreddit lets complete strangers on the internet control webcams from around the world. Yeah, it's as terrifying as it sounds. While the subreddit is usually party to mostly public webcams at zoos or on building sites, it's just a terrifying reminder that there's a way for people out there to see you through the webcam that you didn't even buy but came integrated into your laptop before you could even choose to not have it added. All it takes is a virus or for you to stupidly bring a webcam into your home without properly setting up a security system, and you could find yourself on this subreddit. Now, can you really tell us that this isn’t the internet going way too far? This one made us more scared than any other on this list.

12 r/ketchuphate/


Honestly, we just feel like spending the next paragraph talking about how ridiculous this subreddit is, not because of how pointless it is, but because tomato ketchup is quite easily the greatest condiment to have ever been invented. Sure, it's full of sugar, it stains everything it touches, and it can drown out flavor if you use too much, but that's why we never wear white and only use it in moderation! Who can have a burger without ketchup? That isn't a burger if you don't use ketchup. Don't any of you dare start to talk to us about mayonnaise, or else, you're going to be seeing a new subreddit called r/mayonnaisefreaks. We think it’s about time that Reddit stepped in and shut this subreddit down. We’re all for free speech and everything, but sometimes, these people just have to take it too far and ruin the fun for everybody else.

11 r/blasphemy/

Okay, so there are a lot of bad things around the world that have been perpetrated in the name of religion, and that still continues to this day, but it's the sort of insane atheism that you see over at r/blasphemy that can really turn you off on the idea of there being no God. Even if you aren't a believer, this subreddit makes you want the world to confirm there's a God just to shut up the sort of people who hang out at this subreddit. Whatever happened to live and let live? By trying to look smart and cool to people online that you'll never meet, you essentially galvanize 99 percent of the religious in this world who are peaceful people just trying to live a normal life. There may be problems with organized religion and it certainly isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a total tool about it either.

10 r/WhiteNationalism/


Is there even anything funny we can say about this? Honestly, we're amazed that this sort of stuff exists in the real world, never mind on Reddit. Just, don't go anywhere near this sort of thing unless you want to start getting depressed about the state of the world around you. You'd think with the amount of anti-racist stuff out there that these people would realize by now that they're probably not going to end up on the right side of history if they keep trying to rob people of their civil liberties, incite racial hatred, and potentially cause the deaths of innocent people. There are literally no times in the past century or two when the racists have come out on top and stayed on top, and this is because it’s very clearly the wrong opinion to have. We hope that nobody reading this is interested in visiting such a vile subreddit that's definitely gotten out of hand.

9 r/popping/

You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when you pop a spot and some pus oozes out? No? Well, then you should probably stay as far away from this subreddit as possible. For those that do get that feeling of satisfaction, this subreddit allows you space to really get into it, sharing videos and opinions on the very real pleasure that comes from popping your own spots or watching someone else's be popped. There's actually a doctor who's made an entire social media presence out of the fact that she spends most of her time attending to people with dermatological conditions such as cysts, blackheads, and spots. You may not like it, but people in the thousands watch this sort of stuff, and they absolutely love it as well. We guess it may be harmless, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t gone way too far with this sort of stuff.


8 r/hematolagnia/


There's a serious amount of weirdness on this subreddit that really freaks us out. Essentially, hematolagnia is an obsession, usually a sexual obsession, with blood and vampirism. That may sound a little weird to you, but we're not here to start shaming anyone for whatever sort of kink. We honestly think all people should be allowed to sort out their own fetishes amongst them and their loved ones, as long as it’s all consensual and legal. However, we all know that anyone can go on the internet and see what people are putting out there, which means that a complete maniac could come across this subreddit and end up doing something pretty unpleasant. What we’re trying to say is that while we trust that there are a lot of people out there using this particular subreddit for wholesome means, there’s a chance that somebody could see it and take it way too far. Judging by some of the posts, it already has gone too far.

7 r/Cannibalism/

It actually surprises us that this subreddit has yet to be banned because this sort of stuff really doesn’t belong in a modern world. The people who use this subreddit are, if you hadn't already guessed, people who like the idea of eating human beings. We'd be surprised if a lot of the people on this subreddit haven't already decided to give human meat a try, which makes this whole thing quickly go from a bit of a weird laugh to downright terrifying. Seriously, the way that some of these people talk about human beings is absolutely bone-chilling, and we don't think it's the kind of thing we should just be brushing off. One person supposedly asked where he could find human meat on this subreddit, to which someone replied that all one has to do is look at all of the people around to find it. That's genuinely worrying.

6 /r/birdswitharms


Okay, we'd be lying if we said there isn't a part of us that loves this sort of thing. The ridiculous juxtaposition that can happen with a little tweak from Photoshop is something that should be admired in all of its forms, and this is no different. However, all it takes is looking at this subreddit just a minute or so too long before you realize it can actually look a little bit unsettling. We're not sure why, but it's the muscular pictures that really put us off. We think it might be the fact that people can turn pretty much anything into a kink or a fetish on the internet, and we wouldn't be surprised to find out that this was the reason some people enjoyed these photographs. We're turning up for the laughs, but somebody else is turning up for the cheap thrills. Maybe we’re wrong, but we’re pretty sure we aren’t…

5 r/ToastersGW/

For those of you who may not frequent Reddit and the internet as much as we do, GW stands for Gone Wild, as in "Girls Gone Wild." The GW initialism is used widely throughout Reddit, with many different subreddits claiming that they have some form of Gone Wild goodness just one click away. However, it's also been used to make a long running joke, such as ToastersGW. Apart from the odd post that's marked as NSFW, you could spend as much as time as you want on this subreddit at work, although we're not sure why you would want to do that. We think what surprises us most about this subreddit is the fact that it still exists. How far can the internet take a joke? Well, the answer to that is well after it starts to get stale because this stuff has been going on for way too long at this point.

4 r/taylorswiftarmpit/


As we said before, we're not trying to kink shame people here, but there's something weird about this subreddit that really rubs us up the wrong way. First of all, how does this make Taylor Swift feel? Like most famous people, we wouldn't be surprised if Taylor has Googled herself at some point, so how do you think she felt when she found this subreddit? It must be weird to know that there are a whole group of people on the internet who are obsessed with your armpit. Can we just ask, in case one of the people who frequent this subreddit is listening, what is it about Taylor Swift’s armpits that really rev your engine? Surely, any armpit would work for you. Shouldn’t it just be a subreddit of armpits that people really find attractive, rather than this obsession with what Taylor Swift has got going on?

3 r/MGTOW/

It's no secret that the internet is filled with men who take misogyny to whole new levels of depressing. Sure, this world has some real sexism problems that need sorting out, but they pale in comparison to some of the stuff you can find on subreddits like this one. Sometimes, it feels like the point of social media -- and Reddit, in particular -- is to highlight how toxic the male mentality has come since women have started fighting for their right to equality on a grand scale. We're not saying that people shouldn't be allowed to discuss whatever they want, but when it gets to the point that r/MGTOW has, you really have to start questioning how this sort of unhealthy thinking can be allowed to continue breeding on the internet. Seriously, if we’re not careful, this sort of thing will spread to the point where we can no longer stop it.

2 r/JohnCena/


As people who spend way too much time on the internet, it's always been a wonder to us how people end up dealing with becoming a meme. It just doesn't seem like something you could ever explain and would have to go through to have any idea what it's like. As we're sure you already know, this whole meme thing can get pretty weird, as the internet has a way of making anything seem like it should make sense, even when it wouldn’t make any sense anywhere else in the world. Seriously, when you check out this subreddit, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Essentially, it’s a bunch of people who come up with interesting and funny ways of showing you pictures of potato salad with the title "John Cena." We really wish we could say there was more to it than that, but there really isn’t. It makes no sense…

1 r/CucumbersScaringCats/

Look, we all like to watch cat videos on the internet. That's pretty much what the thing was invented for, or at the very least, that seems to be what it was invented for, if you take a look at most of the content cluttering up the internet! That being said, we're not big fans of some of the obvious cruelty that takes place, with some people using their cats to gain fame and fortune on the internet, never thinking about how their actions are affecting the poor animal. r/CucumbersScaringCats is the one form of online cruelty that we reckon we're actually okay with. Why are cats so scared of cucumbers?! It seems like we may never answer this question, but watching them freak out at cucumbers is quite possibly one of the funniest things you can do with a cat. Beyond the idea that they just don’t like vegetables, this one has us stumped. Seriously, though, please don't do this to your cats...

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