15 Times Rashida Jones Was Too Much To Handle

Some women in the entertainment industry are constantly in front of the media, and their face can be seen on virtually every magazine on the planet. Websites frequently write about them, and people can't seem to get enough. Then, you have performers who are gorgeous, talented, and somehow manage to fly under the radar, despite reaching incredible levels of success. Such is the life of the beautiful Rashida Jones. Despite appearances in hit films and television shows, Jones is not an actress that seems to thrive on living in the public eye. Her impressive career has been built by stellar performances, and her personal life is hardly on display for the world to consume. This reclusive nature is one of her most attractive qualities, and when she does appear in magazines, people just can't help themselves. She has been outspoken about famous women overexposing themselves, and she is someone who practices what she preaches.

Though she may choose to stay out of the public eye most of the time, fans can't help but notice that Rashida is one of the hottest women in Hollywood, and her beautiful green eyes and tan skin drive people crazy. The daughter of legendary music producer Quincy Jones has a beauty that is too hard to ignore, and it keeps fans begging for more. Whether she is on the big screen or making fans laugh with her comedic performances on television, Rashida Jones is insanely gorgeous, and these 15 photos will have you rewatching Parks and Recreation in no time.


15 Ann Perkins Is Too Fine

Despite initially being known as the daughter of Quincy Jones, Rashida worked diligently to establish her own identity in the entertainment industry. The actress was only 21 when she landed her first television role on the miniseries The Last Don in 1997. The series was based on the novel of the same name, and it was written by the same man who wrote The Godfather. This role would be the last that Rashida would find on television for several years, and in 1998, she would try her hand at acting on the big screen. Her first role was an uncredited appearance in the film Myth America, and the film never saw a formal release. Needless to say, things were moving at a slow pace for the young performer, but that wouldn't stop her from pursuing her dream. In 2000, after two years away, Jones would be back at it, and she would continue to try and break into both film and television.

14 Bedroom Eyes


Rashida Jones didn't exactly set the world on fire with her first two roles, and she took a break from acting for several years. In 2000, she appeared in the film East of A as the character Emily. The film did little to help her career, but she landed several roles on television that changed everything for her young career. She started off by appearing in the television film If These Walls Could Talk 2 as a feminist character. Her next television role that year would come in the cult classic series Freaks and Geeks as the character Karen. It is still mind blowing that Freaks and Geeks was cancelled, and it has since gained a massive following. Rounding out her year in an impressive way, Rashida landed the recurring role of the character Loissa Fenn on the hit series Boston Public. Jones would stick around for the first 2 seasons of the series, and she appeared in a total of 26 episodes. She wasn't a household name, but her role on Boston Public was huge for her career.

13 Stripes For Days

After landing the role of Loissa on Boston Public Rashida would continue finding work on other projects. In 2001, she would appear in the film Roadside Assistance as the character Lucy. She had yet to find success in the film industry, but her role on Boston Public kept things rolling for the actress. In 2002, her time on Boston Public came to an end after an impressive 26 episodes of 2 seasons. After the conclusion of her time on the series, she would land a role in the film Full Frontal, though this film only generated $3 million during its theatrical run. She would follow this up with a role in the small-budget film Now You Know, which was written and directed by Clerks star Jeff Anderson. Now You Know also featured several performers from the film Clerks II. Jones was still finding her footing in the film industry, and she would have a relatively small output in 2003.

12 That Smile


2003 saw Rashida Jones remain relatively quiet in the entertainment industry. Her biggest appearance that year came in the Comedy Central series Chappelle's Show as a character in one of the show's sketches. Jones only had one appearance in film that year, and her small role in the film Death of a Dynasty further stunted her career. Jones had been plugging away for several years now, and her success in the entertainment industry came solely from her time on Boston Public. She had a much better year in 2004 after appearing in 7 episodes of the series NY-LON as the character Edie Miller. She appeared in another episode of Chappelle's Show, and would also act in the television film Strip Search. On the big screen, she appeared in the movie Little Black Book, which only gained $22 million, but was her biggest film success at the time. Things were looking up for the beautiful actress, and her success would continue the following year.

11 A Sensual Stare

Jones started off her 2005 campaign by appearing in the pilot episode of the short-lived series Stella, which aired on Comedy Central. Her appearance on the series did little for her career, but her next role that year was a nice boost for the actress. She appeared in all 13 episodes of the series Wanted, and while the series wasn't a huge success, it proved that Jones was capable of holding her own in a larger role on a television series. Wanted seemed poised to do some big things on television, but this was not to be the case. The series was pulled, and Rashida would dust herself off and continue making moves. For the first time in several years, Rashida made no appearances in any film, choosing to focus all of her time and energy on television projects. Little did she know that this would be instrumental in her breakout success that happened to be right around the corner.

10 Ravishing


Following a 2005 that saw Rashida land a role on the ill-fated Wanted, the talented actress stayed away from the film industry, choosing to push forward with roles on television. After all, her biggest roles had come on television, and she saw this as an opportunity to make a big splash. What followed was Jones landing a role on the beloved series The Office as character Karen, and with that, she finally had her breakout role. The Office is considered one of the greatest comedy series of all-time, and Jones' role as Karen did wonders for her career. Her casting in the series came during a time that she was considering abandoning the entertainment industry, and her time on The Office changed everything. In total, she would appear in 24 episodes of the series. The Office would be Rashida's only appearance on either film or television that year, and we can't really blame her.

9 Showing Off Some Leg

Now that Jones was a regular performer on The Office, her career had just begun to take off. She was a regular cast member on the show's third season, but she would only make small appearances during the rest of her time on the series. By appearing less frequently, Jones, with some steam behind her, was able to secure roles in other projects to help further her budding career. In 2007, Rashida appeared in the small-budget film The Ten, which only made $785,000 at the box office. The film would be her only appearance that year, and her 2008 was relatively slow as well. Jones stayed away from film, and only made television appearances in 2008. She was cast as a lead character in the series Unhitched, but the series would last for only one season. Jones appeared in all 6 episodes of the series, and after its cancellation, she would look to bounce back in a major way.


8 All Legs, All Day


After her run on the series Unhitched came to an abrupt end, Jones continued pursuing other roles. In 2009, Jones would land roles in two films, one of which would be her first real hit on the big screen. Starring alongside Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, Jones' appearance in the film I Love You, Man turned out to be a huge success for her career. The hilarious comedy hauled in $91 million at the box office, and Jones now had a hit film under her belt. But, it would be her television role that same year that truly stood out. I Love You, Man was great, but Jones getting cast as the character Ann in the series Parks and Recreation is what truly made 2009 a great year for her. The show was a smash hit, and Jones was now an even bigger name than before. Unlike her time on The Office, Jones was part of Parks and Recreation for 106 episodes.

7 Gorgeous Green Eyes

Now that Jones was in the midst of another successful television series, she continued to work in other projects, much to the delight of fans. She started her 2010 campaign by appearing in the film Cop Out, which was directed by Kevin Smith. The film pulled down $55 million at the box office, and was another success for the actress. Next, Jones knocked it out of the park by landing a role on the critically acclaimed film The Social Network. The film had huge buzz around it, and when the dust had settled, it hauled in $224 million at the box office. While she had been in successful films before, The Social Network was in a different league than her past films. Jones rounded out her year by appearing in the small-budget film Monogamy. On television, she continued her dominating run on the series Parks and Recreation, and the series continued to be a hit.

6 Modeling At Its Finest


Rashida Jones clocked in 3 films during her productive 2010, and the following year, the beautiful actress would make it an even 4. Her first film appearance that year came in the comedy The Big Year, which was a big flop, despite having an impressive cast. Jones would follow this up with a small role in the film Friends with Benefits. Unlike her first outing, this film was a big success, and it would go on to make $150 million. Next, she would have a role in the comedy Our Idiot Brother, and the small-budget film made a decent amount of money while in theaters. To finish out her year, the actress appeared in The Muppets, which made over $160 million during its run. Overall, we would have to say that having 2 hit films in one year is pretty solid. Toss in appearances in the shows Wilfred and Web Therapy, and you have yourself a solid year.

5 A View Of The Other Side

Seven movies in two years while balancing a smash hit series as well as other appearances on television can be pretty taxing on a performer, and Rashida had a much slower year in 2012. That year, she only appeared in one film, and it just so happens that the talented actress co-wrote the film as well. Celeste and Jesse Forever may have only made $3 million at the box office, but seeing Jones take on writing duties was truly impressive, and she is incredibly talented. Her television schedule was a little bit busier, but it was still relatively quiet. Outside of Parks and Recreation, Jones also appeared on the series Who Do You Think You Are?, which saw her trace back her family tree. She would also lend her voice to one episode of The Cleveland Show. Things had never been better for the actress, and she was now reveling in a career that had found plenty of success.

4 Sun Kissed


Much like the year prior, Rashida was content with primarily focusing on television, and her big screen output was once again down to just one film. Her lone film appearance came in the movie Decoding Annie Parker which saw a very limited release and left virtually no impression on fans. On television, Rashida had a much larger output. After lending her voice to The Cleveland Show a year earlier, Jones landed a one-off role as the character Portia on the series The Simpsons. She followed this up with an appearance on the show Comedy Bang! Bang! for one episode as well. Her final television role would come in the Hulu series The Awesomes. Jones lent her voice to the animated series as the character Hotwire. As if acting on the big screen and on television wasn't enough, Rashida was finding plenty of success in voice acting, effectively adding another weapon in her arsenal.

3 Sipping And Relaxing

For the third straight year, Rashida Jones would leave fans wanting more after only appearing in 1 film the entire year. Her lone appearance was in the British comedy film Cuban Fury, which made several million while in theaters overseas. She would go on to be on the series A to Z in the role of Whalen. More importantly, Rashida was the executive producer on an episode of the series, further showing that she is just as talented behind the camera as she is in front of it. She would follow this up by appearing on the hit comedy series Key & Peele for one episode. The show was a massive hit on television, and seeing Rashida Jones land a role on the series was a treat for her fans. Her time spent producing and writing was time well spent, and seeing another side of the actress was truly remarkable.

2 As Hot As They Come


Rashida Jones had slowed things down with her film career for several years, and in 2015, she would hop back on the horse. Parks and Recreation had run its course, and the beloved series had finally come to its end. Because of this, Jones had much more time to pursue other roles, and she would have a hand in three movies during 2015. She was the producer of the film Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary about the adult film industry. She would then use her voice acting talent in the Disney film Inside Out, which was one of the company's biggest hits to date. Inside Out made an astounding $857 million at the box office, and it was a massive hit for the company. She rounded things out by appearing in the Netflix movie A Very Murray Christmas. Despite Parks and Recreation ending, Jones had herself one heck of a year in 2015.

1 Baring It All

After finding a ton of success on television, Rashida Jones found herself cast in another successful series in 2016. Jones landed the lead role on the series Angie Tribeca which has already aired a total of 30 episodes over the course of 3 seasons. She made appearances on a few other series, and her next film appearance will come in 2018 in the comedy Tag. More importantly, Rashida Jones is in the process of writing a film that is sure to generate a fortune at the box office. She has been tasked with penning the film Toy Story 4 for Disney, which is no simple task. The film has three immensely successful films already to live up to, and people are excited to see the end result. She is also the executive producer of the series Claws, which has just been renewed for another season. It was a slow start, but Rashida broke through, and hasn't looked back since.


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