15 Times Psylocke Cosplayers Have Looked Better Than The Character

Have you ever been to a cosplay event or a fan convention where some diehard fans wear the costumes of their favorite superheroes or villains in comics, film, manga, anime, or even video games? If you have never been, you should go. Cosplayers are truly creative and fun, and if you share their interests, you might find yourself dressing up as your favorite character and joining this community.

Psylocke is one of the hottest female superheroes in the Marvel universe, and she usually appears in X-Men comics and films, since she is a mutant. She originally had precognitive and telepathic powers, but her merger with Kwannon made her an expert martial artist, and she later developed telekinetic abilities. Psylocke can construct weapons of her choice using psychic energy, although her most preferred weapon is the blade.

Psylocke is one of those characters cosplayers love to portray because she is so hot, and many of them do a great job at it. Since many cosplayers, especially the ones on this list, make their costumes from scratch, they end up looking slightly different from the real character, which is acceptable. However, depending on how many events these cosplayers attend in a year and the number of costumes they need over a period, it might not be practical for them to make all of them from scratch.

Here is a list of cosplayers who look so hot we would love to see them play the role of Psylocke on TV or film, we only hope their acting would be as good as they look.


15 Jennifer Kairis


This is the beautiful Jennifer Kairis, a professional cosplayer, who is posing for this image on a rooftop parking lot. Although we could say so much about her, she just describes herself as a geeky girl who loves cosplay, playing video games, and reading comics.

Her portrayal of Psylocke is one of the best out there because everything about her look is perfect, and her photographer knows exactly what he or she is doing. In this image, we can clearly get the impression she is ready to cut you if you make one false move, but if all you want is to admire her beauty, you can continue to stare.

In addition to cosplay, Jennifer is a film and TV actress who has appeared in Excess Baggage and CSI Miami, among other films and series. Therefore, we are sure she would do an amazing job playing Psylocke in a film or on TV, since in addition to acting, she is a well-trained stage combat fighter and a great dancer.

14 Deadpool Game Psylocke


This beautiful cosplayer is Oniksiya Sofinikum, and she is wearing what Psylocke wears in the Deadpool Game. You must have noticed her name is a bit difficult to pronounce, which is because, according to her Facebook profile, she is Russian and lives in Moscow. What truly stands out about Oniksiya is her beautiful face, since she truly is stunning.

Depending on how you look at the image, she is either zipping up or unzipping her top, and you are free to imagine what she will do next. Since she isn't holding any weapons, she makes us feel as if it would be safe to approach her, but even if she were to beat us up, we wouldn't mind receiving any kind of attention from a beauty like her.

Oniksiya is one of the best cosplayers in Russia. She describes herself as a creative person, and she loves gaming.

13 Yaya Han


This is the beautiful Yaya Han. Her portrayal of Psylocke is amazing. We only wish we could see her from head to toe because everything we are looking at so far is wonderful. Her hair, makeup, costume, and psychic energy blade look great, and since she makes costumes and props, we can bet she personally made everything she is wearing.

You would be surprised to learn that apart from the numerous costumes she has made for customers, she had made at least 350 complete costumes for herself and her friends. When you visit her galleries, the range of costumes she has will leave you breathless, since she makes anime, manga, comics, video games, unique design costumes and more.

Yaya is one of the best cosplay costumes and accessories designers in the world, since her work has earned her nationwide acclaim and awards. In addition to appearing as a judge, guest, and panelist in shows, she has appeared in more than 100 conventions around the world to host or perform.

12 Viva Valentina


Here is Viva Valentina playing Psylocke. Just by looking at this image, you know you want to see Viva more often on TV or in film, and it doesn't really matter which role she would play, as long as she gets enough time on the screen.

Viva says she has found love, joy, friendship, and empowerment through cosplay, which is why she loves it so much and is so good at it. Viva has been altering, sewing, and even up-cycling clothing for Halloween since she was 12, and she loves it. However, when she discovered the comic cons, she knew she wanted to take her passion to a new level, and she did.

In 2012, Viva competed in the Annapolis Comic Con as Red Lantern Bleez, and came in second place. Since then, she has appeared as cosplay guest, model, panelist, and costume contest judge in numerous events in the United States. She is the brand ambassador for The Spoils Card Game.

11 Juby Headshot


This is the beautiful Juby Headshot, wearing her version of the Marvel's superhero Psylocke. Juby is from Spain, and her love for cosplay stems from her desire to bring her favorite anime, video games, and of course, comic characters to life, which she does so well.

Her interest in Asian cultures, stemming from her love of manga, anime, and video games, led her to pursue a degree in East Asian Studies. Soon after graduating, she enrolled in a dressmaking course, a passion she has had for a long time. Her degree and dressmaking skills contributed to making her the amazing and creative cosplayer she is today.

Since she is confident, strong-willed, and exceptionally beautiful, she finds herself attracted to playing characters just like her, which is one reason her portrayal of Psylocke comes so naturally to her. She would definitely make one of the best Psylockes, since she already has the sword, the costume, and of course, the stunning beauty.

10 Katy DeCobray


This beauty here is Katy DeCobray and we can see just how perfect she is as Psylocke. The fact that she is part of a team of cosplayers called Cobra North, and she dressed up as G.I Joe's Baroness the first time she cosplayed, explains why her nickname is the Baroness of Cobra North.

Katy lives in British Columbia, Canada, and describes herself as an artist, a cosplayer, and an adorable badass, which is a description we fully agree with, judging by what we see here. Although she loves playing the villain most of the time, her portrayal of Psylocke is outstanding and creative despite not going out of her way to look exactly as the comic book character does.

Katy's passion for cosplay stems from the fun and joy she derives from it. She does most of her costumes herself, and over the years has learned a lot about making costumes and working with different materials.

9 Nadyasonika


Here is the beautiful Nadya Anton, but people know her better as Nadyasonika. Her interpretation of the Psylocke costume looks great, and she definitely has the body and the beauty to play this role on TV or in a film. Nadya hails from Mexico, and she is an international cosplayer, an industrial designer, and of course, a model.

Over the last few years, Nadya has learned the art of making costumes from the best materials, since she has made over 60 cosplay costumes herself, based on movie, comic book, anime, and video game characters. Her skill and experience have led her to become a host, panelist, and cosplay guest in numerous events in many countries. Nadya is also a TV host and is CD PROJEKT RED's community manager.

This image is one of the most popular Psylocke cosplay images online, mainly because it’s a great photo that captures the model's beauty.


8 Freddie Nova


Have you ever seen Psylocke look this gangster? We would definitely want to watch this character, played by Freddie Nova, on TV or in a film. If you were to go up against her, she wouldn't even need a weapon, she would just expose her tattoos and you would run away from her as fast as possible. For some reason, we always associate tattoos with tough people, so we assume Nova is definitely a tough girl.

Although she is definitely a hot cosplayer, her tattoos are possibly the reason she stands out from the rest so much. Those tattoos are real, and you can see them when she is wearing other costumes that expose parts of her body.

One of Nova's most famous cosplay collections was her Venom photos, which made their rounds online a while back, and became a viral sensation. For a few years now, Nova has become a household name in cosplay and the world of geeks, since many people from different countries recognize and admire her.

7 Veronika Black


This is the beautiful Veronika Black showing us her version of Psylocke. Her Psylocke is so hot she wouldn't need any weapons to fight male villains because no man would remember how to fight after laying eyes on her. Like all the other women on this list, Veronika would make a great Psylocke on TV or in film.

Veronika is a beauty from Canada, and she is a professional makeup artist, cosplayer, and model. Working as a makeup artist led her to become a model, and she has achieved great success and toured many countries because of her involvement in the beauty industry. She likes making videos, modelling in photoshoots, and doing cosplay, which are some of the reasons why she has so many followers on social media.

6 Joanie Brosas


This breathtaking image is of Joanie Brosas and her portrayal of Psylocke. First, she has the perfect body for the character, and her creative costume is unique and lovely in every way. She is definitely hotter than the character herself, and we would definitely love to see her play the role if that were possible.

Despite winning the title of the new queen of cosplay last year, which she totally deserves, she describes herself as a computer geek, a major bookworm, a real-life cheat code, a nerd girl next door, and a model. Who would have thought anyone so hot would consider herself a nerd, geek, or bookworm?

Obviously, Joanie loves gaming as well as reading comic books, two things all cosplayers seem to have in common. She has been a model in a Star Trek convention, and appeared on the cover of calendars and many international magazines, including Men's Magazine.

5 Kaorious


This steamy portrayal of Psylocke is by the beautiful cosplayer Kaorious. This girl from L.A sure is hotter than all the Psylockes we have seen in comics or on TV, which is the reason why she makes it so high on this list.

You will realize her costume is a bit different from most other cosplayers on this list since apart from her thin waist sash, the rest of her costume is nothing but paint. If you scroll through Kaorious' cosplay profile, you will absolutely love her work and appreciate all the effort she puts into doing what she loves.

This is definitely one of the hottest portrayals of Psylocke out there, but I don’t think we are ready for another member of the X-Men to appear on screen wearing nothing but paint; Mystique is enough for now. Besides, paint costumes take hours to put on, and the smell can be unbearable for a character who has to wear it often, which we learned from Jennifer Lawrence's experience.

4 Sally Leung


Here is Sally Leung, one of the fittest women on this list, and the most beautiful as well. Some people would kill to have a body like her's, but she is a fine example of how anyone can achieve any fitness level with the right training and diet.

Her portrayal of Psylocke is amazing, and you would easily assume she is the one who originally plays the role since she looks so natural. Although Psylocke is a bit more covered up, Sally here looks tough enough to beat up any villain.

When Sally isn't dressing up as a comic book, film, manga, or anime character, she usually dresses up in designer clothing on runways as a model. In addition, she is a fitness trainer with a personal signature fitness program called the Bikini Fitness Method. Because of this program, people have gone from being out of shape to fit and fab.

3 Harvi Monroe


This is Harvi Monroe's version of Psylocke, and it's nothing short of outstanding. Harvi's costume doesn't look exactly like the one Psylocke wears, but that doesn't matter, because she looks amazing. In addition to the costume, she has the perfect body to play this character because, in addition to cosplay, she is what we would call a fitness queen.

If you were to look at Harvi's images online, you would be convinced that she is one of those few extremely fit women that are still feminine and extremely beautiful. She also has a beautiful face, and that's great for this overall look.

The photographer responsible for this beautiful image has done a great job capturing this moment. In this image, Harvi's Psylocke looks as if she wants to fight, and although we know she can take care of herself, we wouldn't want her to come out of it with even a scratch.

2 Geek Girl


This geek beauty is Dani Dosser, but she models under the name Purelight Cosplay. There is no question about how breathtaking and beautiful she is and how amazing her portrayal of Psylocke is. Some of the reasons why Dani has the perfect body for this character could be that she has been dancing for over 13 years and has been a model since she was nine years old.

Dani is a cosplayer and model from Ontario, Canada, and her main interests revolve around gaming, comics, and designing costumes. According to an interview, Dani said the geekiest thing about her was her love for cartoons and cartoon movies, which is pretty normal for comic book fans and cosplayers.

Dani is one of those amazing cosplayers who make her costumes from scratch, meaning you won't find what she is wearing anywhere in a store.

1 Marianne Black


This is Marianne Black, and she is undoubtedly the definition of flawless beauty. Her portrayal of Psylocke is so good we would love to see her play the role. Her makeup, costume, and her pose are all perfect, which are some of the reasons she is so high up on this list. Although her experience in cosplay might not match up to others out there and on this list, the quality of work she offers is so good, other cosplayers could learn from her.

Marianne describes herself as a model, a makeup artist, a fashion designer, cosmaker, and a wannabe cosplayer on her Patreon profile. We can all confirm she's not a wannabe but a professional cosplayer, judging by the work she does.


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