15 Times Prince Harry Wasn't Worthy Of His Royalty (And The Photos To Prove It)

When you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, the world expects a lot, and Prince Harry definitely has not lived up to the world's expectations.

Prince Harry, or Dirty Harry, as the Tatler has dubbed him, has been in trouble more often than he has been out of it for most of his adult life. For a long time, the British media remained reverent to his title and legacy, as well as sympathetic to the loss of his mother, the much loved Princess Di. His teen troubles were often brushed away with, let’s just say, a royal wave of the hand, and were attributed to his childhood loss as well as a "boys will be boys" attitude.

But once the media was pushed around a tad too much, it lost its reverence and the royal Prince Harry began to be known as Dirty Harry to all and sundry. From splashing cute photos of this cherubic boy, the newspapers went on to make his antics the front page embarrassment for the British royalty! Frankly, the man clearly wanted to live his life, unencumbered by his title and his titular legacy. But once you are born with a silver spoon, a prince you shall remain all your life. When you are a royal family member, you are public fodder for the world to snigger and guffaw at. And there have been instances where Prince Harry really behaved like Dirty Harry! So here go 15 times prince Harry wasn’t worthy of his royal title, and the photos to prove it, in case you weren’t all that convinced!

15 That Time He Was Accused of Animal Cruelty


Apparently, when you are a prince and end up scratching your royal horse on its royal flanks with those royal spurs on your royal boot, it kind of becomes a royal mistake. Let's ignore the fact that your royal highness may not even have been aware of that royal faux pas! This happened in 2010, when Harry was playing a polo match and his polo pony ended up with a bloody flank. Some say that Harry stopped playing as soon as he saw that his steed was hurt, while other reports stated that he carried on playing. Animal welfare groups dubbed him “Heartless Harry” and the Hurlingham Polo Association launched an investigation, since any and all spurs able to draw blood are banned. Any competent rider and able polo player does not need vicious spurs. Needless to say, he was exonerated of the charges, though his team did lose the match that fateful day.

14 The Time A Teacher Had To Ghost-Write His Art Essay


When this young princeling was slogging away at Eton, getting by with admirably good grades and a whole lot of vodka, a teacher accused him that it was she who had written his essay on art. Truth? Lies? We don’t know. Except that he was royally exonerated of all charges and everything was neatly fudged up, as is the royal habit. Sarah Forsyth, the teacher who had accused him of cheating, on the other hand, was sacked from Eton for tarnishing the royal name with a tarred brush! She then filed an unfair dismissal case against Eton, along with several other charges including s*xual discrimination– and ended up winning the case. She was awarded £45,000 in damages. The employment tribunal investigating the claims found no evidence of “cheating,” though they did accept that the prince had received “help” from Sarah in preparing his A-level project, which he had needed to pass to get into Sandhurst. Both Harry and Eton ended up with a slightly tarnished reputation after this.

13 That Time When Papa Sent Him To Rehab


Prince Harry may have agreed with Amy Winehouse’s lyrics about going to rehab, but when his Papa ordered him to toddle off to get rid of the nasties, well, he dutifully did. Plus he was a minor at 16, so there wasn’t much he could do, in any case! Not that His Highness remained high all the time (and excuse me if I fudge on the titles cause frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn). He apparently drank heavily in a pub where he was also spotted doing drugs. When news reached Prince Charles, he confronted his younger son about it, who confessed to it all. Charles decided that the little princeling would benefit from a short, sharp shock at a rehab center and roped in his elder son to recommend the same as well. As per daddy dear’s instructions, Prince Harry was sent to a rehabilitation clinic for a day so that he could fully realize the dangers of drugs. The world stood by Charles and his tough love that day.

12 When Prince Harry Was Caught With The Crown Jewels In His Hands


No, he didn’t try to steal the crown. He just had his own princely jewels in his hand! During a wild night out in Vegas, Prince Harry started to play str*p poker and lost. Rather than face being called a loser, he did what he needed to do, and the camera clicked. All of it. And it went viral. When it comes to royalty, what happens in Vegas never actually stays in Vegas. This young royal scion went to Vegas for a wild party and met up with some hot chicks at the bar, who were then invited up to his high-rolling hotel suite. While there might have been plenty of people in the hotel room that were baring it all because of the game, none were as royally exposed as Harry was, and the photographic evidence was leaked. When the news made headlines, a rep for the Royal Family said, "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time..." Facepalm!

11 When This Escort Decided To Follow Up With A Tell-All


Despite all these major errors in judgement, the famous guy still remains famous. While you get relegated back into anonymity after your mistakes, Prince Harry stays in the limelight. Once the buzz died about Harry’s Vegas show, his companion at the time decided to write a 500-page book about her misadventures with the likes of Dirty Harry. We don’t know if the book made it beyond just an idea, but the lady in question, Carrie Reichart, was pretty voluble about the goings-on in that wild party. She said to the media: "Harry was wasted – a gentleman all through, but the alcohol really had affected him. He was already [fully exposed] when I reached the suite and was trying to get everybody [exposed as well]." Needless to say, we think he must have turned red all the way to his toes after the royal scolding he got from his grandma, the Queen!

10 That Time When He Decided To Punch The Paparazzi


Prince Harry is not a fan of the media, and considering the violent loss he suffered as a child due to the darn shutterbugs, no one is surprised. So when he took a wild (and drunken?) swipe at a photographer whilst he was weaving out a club, most of the population commiserated with him. This incident happened way back in 2004, pretty soon after the Eton cheating scandal. Prince Harry was getting into the car whilst photographers were busy clicking away. According to media reports, he lunged out of the car and deliberately lashed out at one photographer, literally smashing his camera into his face. The photographer in question ended with a cut lip, while the royal bodyguards hauled the royal fool away. Royal reps turned it around and said that it was Prince Harry who had been hit in the face with a camera by a rather overenthusiastic photographer.

9 That Time When He Decided To Punch The Paparazzi And Fell Down Instead


So whilst the world sympathized with his first brawl with the press, the second was not viewed so kindly. Perhaps mostly because he was too drunk to connect and missed instead. No one wants to see a royal sprawled inelegantly on the curb in a drunken stupor. In 2007, Prince Harry was exiting Boujis, a rather popular celebrity haunt, when he apparently lashed out at yet another paparazzi. This time, though, he was a tad inebriated, and instead of shoving the other guy down, ended up tripping on the pavement instead. The shot of him about to plant his face on the ground became front page news, all over again. This time, though, daddy dearest covered up and Prince Charles’ London office denied that Prince Harry was involved in a scuffle with a photographer as he left a nightclub. The royal spokesperson just called it a slipping accident instead.

8 When He Consumed A Beverage In A Strange Manner


The British royalty and James Bond have seemingly profiled the average British man all wrong. Brit dudes are only fictionally handsome, muscled, chiseled, and can hold their drinks. Harry definitely does not fit this, as he was inebriated most of his teenage years, to the point that his friends would get together and snort vodka instead of drinking it. Video footage of his 2008 trip to Namibia with friends showed that Harry first slugged a capful of vodka and swirled it around his mouth. He then spat it back in the cup and then proceeded to snort it up his royal nose, with background noises of his friends egging him on. Experts have warned that snorting vodka up a nose, royal or not, is very dangerous and can, in fact, prove to be fatal. We wish we could have witnessed the royal punishment Harry got after yet another photo leak!

7 That Time When He Skipped The Royals And Began to Date Meghan Markle


The Queen might just have suffered her worst palpitations ever now that Harry went on and did the unthinkable– started dating an actress, who once filmed a scandalous scene in a car (remember 90210?). Dating an actress with Hollywood links could be too much of a bitter pill to swallow. But then again, Katy Perry once said she had a crush on Prince Harry– and undoubtedly, the queen thanks her stars that it's Meghan and not Katy! Official reports state the Queen was very happy that Harry was in a loving and stable relationship with Meghan, and apparently, her family is over the moon as well. There were some reports of William not being particularly happy about Harry making his relationship with Ms. Markle public, but later on, he released a formal statement to clear the air, stating, “The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him." More of the royal gobbledygook!

6 The Million Times He Has Been Photographed Partying


Well yeah, Prince Harry is no ideal idol for the young British generation because he has been partying and womanizing as soon as he could get away from the nanny and other watchful eyes. And he isn't sorry about it! He’s brash and outspoken, and up to a point, his rebellion is well-received. It’s okay to want to live your life on your own terms, never mind the golden cradle and the silver spoon. The loss of Princess Di at such an early age softened the public and made them love their princes even more. And when Prince Harry is being all heroic in the army, or cuddling up with his pets, or being a funcle (fun-uncle) to his nephew and niece, the world does love him. But when he is constantly being photographed with a cigarette, a drink, or a half-naked young lady next to him, he stops being a good British role model.

5 The Time He Didn’t Want To Be The Royal Prince Harry Anymore


Prince Harry has never been shy of calling the British Monarchy restrictive and the British media an arse. And he has admitted that sometimes the royalty of it all has left him so disillusioned that he didn’t want to be a prince anymore. He also has said that after the Queen, no one in the family wants to ascend to the throne but they will do their duty. Isn’t that great, Britain? To have a monarchy that rules as is their duty, but not their birthright? But to be fair, he is the son of Princess Di who took great pains to make sure that her sons knew of the ordinary life as well. In an interview, Harry said, “We are involved in modernizing the British monarchy for the greater good of the people. I don’t think anyone in the royal family wants to be king or queen, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.” He also said that he wished to be something other than Prince Harry!

4 That Time When He Partied, Fell Into The Pool, Got Out And Partied Some More


The British monarchy has been a tad clueless as to how to handle their favorite wild child, and they haven't really had much success in doing so. Whilst the elders of the family have wondered what to do, Dirty Harry has partied, seemingly for all his life. At a rather wild party in 2011 at Croatia’s high-end Hvar Island, a visibly high-spirited Harry partied on the pool parapet and fell in. He then popped right back up and continued to party, albeit now drenched. His dance moves could politely be described as less than stellar, and in all honesty, pretty embarrassing. So when he lost his balance, he decided to continue to boogie in his drenched shirt, jeans and cap! Everyone thought it was funny and Harry, soaking up the spotlight, laughed his head off as well.

3 That Time When He Used Racist Slurs Whilst In The Army


For Prince Harry, the army was an escape from the (mundane?) royal life. It’s just so boring to have so much money, and be good-looking, and be fawned upon by all and sundry, and drive in expensive cars, and gorge on great food and drinks… No? So he joined the army and all was good until he opened his mouth, and in went his foot. In an online video, Harry is seen calling one of his Sandhurst colleagues a  racist term. Amid the furor, the prince issued an apology, stating that this reference was friendly and without malice. The Army didn’t take too kindly to it, and pulled up Harry. They also sent him to attend an Army Diversity course, in case diplomacy and polite language had escaped him.

2 The Time He Was Super Protective Of His Girlfriend 


A British Royal dating an American actress? This story has all the makings of a torrid romance novel, only the British media trolled Meghan for dating Harry and printed articles with, according to Harry, racist undertones. The man took a stand and lashed out at the media, this time against racism. The media, after getting sucker punched one too many times, lashed back. Ah, Harry, when will you learn the intricacies of diplomacy? In 2016, Prince Harry condemned the racist and s*xist abuse of his girlfriend Meghan Markle, and a spokesperson issued a statement. According to the spokesperson, Harry has rarely taken action over fictional stories and has worked hard to develop a professional relationship with the media but “a line had been crossed,” and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment.

1 That Unfortunate Time Harry Chose An Awful Costume


Why would a member of the British monarchy attend what was supposed to be a costume partyin a Nazi uniform? We may never know because we don’t think the perpetrator knew either. He wore the darn costume, and once his pictures were splashed all over, he duly apologized. And since he is Harry, well, he was forgiven. Of course, all this is history now, considering the unfortunate incident happened way back in 2005. It was clearly in bad taste, especially in the run-up to Holocaust memorial day in the very same month, which the Royal Family was taking great pains to commemorate. At a "colonial and native" birthday party of a friend, Prince Harry turned up in a German desert uniform and a swastika armband. But frankly, he was all of 20 years old, and not thinking all that much about propriety in those days. Anything a royal does ends up making royal headlines, which in turn can turn into a royal pain in the royal butt.

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15 Times Prince Harry Wasn't Worthy Of His Royalty (And The Photos To Prove It)