15 Times Politicians Cheated On Their Wives (And Upgraded)

Politics and scandal go together like peanut butter and jelly. The peanut butter being the conniving congressman (or someone else in a high-powered position) who lays it on thick, and the jelly being the naïve sweetie who finds herself in a compromising position and thinks Mr. President is, in fact, “ready for this jelly.” Like the pieces of bread they find themselves in between, the sticky layers always seem to become exposed.

From local assemblymen to international world leaders, present or past, the presence of mistresses has been a part of politics for as long as a politician had a desk for her to sneak underneath. Many of these indiscretions fly under the radar while others become front page news for the world to gossip about. Who knows if the wives knew about their husband's cheating ways or swept their stupidity under the rug, but most stand and have stood by their man’s side and continue to vow to forgive their adulterous partners who always promise to never make that mistake ever again. Until the next time, of course.

Interns, actresses, or everyday gals, these politicians will go for and usually land whomever they want. If they can win the office, they can surely win any woman’s heart (and their other body parts), no? With position comes power, and many of these broads are overtaken with desire.

These 15 mistresses became infamous for their misbehavior with political figures. Blame them or blame the fellas, but it takes two to tango and just one slip up to get caught.

15 Ashley Alexandra Dupré and Governor Eliot Spitzer

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Call girls and governors seem to be a match made in political heaven or some may call it hell, when former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer got caught with his pants down with the young and sexy Ashley Dupré. They met through an escort service called Emperors Club VIP, especially useful for the rich and powerful, where Dupré went by the name Kristen. And Spitzer was famously known as “Client No. 9.” Spitzer’s humiliated wife stood by her hubby when the affair was brought to life, but they eventually split. Dupré went on to post nude for Playboy and landed bit TV roles. Next, Spitzer moved on to his former campaign spokeswoman, Lis Smith, who seemed to have no issue with his philandering past with young call girls. There’s a lid for every pot! Spitzer has three daughters, so let’s hope he’s not ok with them following the path of his former VIP lover. Dupré eventually married and had a baby girl. Hopefully, she didn’t name her Kristen.

14 Sydney Leathers and Anthony Weiner

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When your congressman is sharing bulging “d*ck pics” online under the alias, “Carlos Danger” you know you voted for the wrong person. But for Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s wiener was just what she was looking for in a politician… or at least in his underpants. The married Weiner sexted frequently not only with Ms. Leathers, but kept the perverted practice going for years, up until 2016 when he checked himself into sex rehab after allegedly sexting with a teenage girl. His humiliated wife, Huma Abedin, an integral player in Hillary Clinton’s camp, finally separated from the philandering fella, but she stayed with him during the Leather’s incident, and likely many others. Perhaps she held on for her young son, political gain, or true love, but when you man’s showing the world his frank, you may want to leave the Weiner for something more fulfilling. Admittedly, the Weiner jokes are the gift that keeps on giving.

13 Gennifer Flowers and Bill Clinton

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That good old horn dog, former President Bill Clinton. He can charm the pants (or skirt) off any gal, can’t he? The blonde and attractive model/actress, Gennifer Flowers claimed she had a 12-year affair with Clinton and came forth with the sizzling allegations during his 1992 presidential campaign. Interesting timing, Ms. Flowers. Wasn’t the illicit romance budding well before this pivotal moment in his political career? Naturally, at first, Clinton denied any hanky panky, but eventually admitted to the adultery after “gotcha” taped recordings surfaced. Clinton’s poor wife, Hillary, surely was displeased by her hubby’s indecent actions, but bringing her a bouquet of flowers to apologize would be ironically unhelpful. So just like the rest of her husband’s affairs, Mrs. Clinton hung by her man’s side, allowing for more indiscretions to come about in the years following. Once a player, always a player, but this time he picked the wrong flower!

12 Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

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While former President Bill Clinton maintained that he “never had sexual relations with that woman” for as long as he could keep the jig up, all of America along with the rest of the world were well aware of the obvious - that Clinton and Monica Lewinsky had dabbled in some risky and frisky business while she interned at the White House. That famously stained blue dress and rumors of oral gratification were subjects for endless tabloid and mainstream news fodder and the jokes and jabs continue to this day. Lewinsky has recently claimed she was the first to be bullied online, but she surely wasn’t the first to get it on with a married political figure. Hillary tried to turn a blind eye, but eventually her hubby spilled the beans and made it known that he did, in fact, cheat on his wife with a barely 20-year-old. Lewinsky’s name is now infamous for doing wrong, while Bill seems to have won back the hearts of many Americans. Must be good to be the former leader of the free world!

11 Rielle Hunter and Senator John Edwards

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Democratic U.S. Vice Presidential nominee and North Carolina Senator, John Edwards hadn’t even made it to office when a titillating scandal broke that he was doing the dirty deed with film producer, Rielle Hunter. She was hired to produce some behind the scenes footage of the campaign, but instead got some behind the behind footage of Edwards, and vice versa. To make matters worse, his wife, Elizabeth was suffering from breast cancer and he fathered a child with Hunter! Allegations were reported in ’07 and by the next year, the cat was fully out of the bag. At first, Edwards denied paternity, but in this day and age, finding out “who’s the daddy” is as easy as tuning in to an episode of Maury Povich. Sadly Edward’s ex-wife passed away in 2010. Like any other fame-hungry woman scorned, Hunter wrote a book about the affair after breaking off the relationship. May as well have something to look back on when you’re old and gray!

10 Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy

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From a “Plain Jane” Norma Jean to the busty bombshell better known as Marilyn Monroe, the stunning blonde beauty had her fair share of male suitors, from athletes to authors to married U.S. Presidents. Yes, Ms. Monroe was rumored to have had a lusty affair with President John F. Kennedy as well as his brother, Robert. Well, at least she kept it in the family! Surely the leader of the free world could have any lady he set his sights on, so picking Monroe as his conquest was not but a dream for the handsome Kennedy. Women from all over the world swooned for a taste of his power and prowess and only a dame like the marvelous Monroe could tame the tiger. Who knows if Jackie knew of this alleged infidelity, but by the way Monroe crooned “Happy Birthday” she’d have to be deaf to think things were purely PG-rated.

9 Alina Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin

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What do a rhythmic gymnast and a world leader have in common? Sex, apparently. In the early 2000s and throughout the decade, allegations of an affair between the brunette beauty and the Russian Prime Minister swirled throughout the country and beyond. They first met when Kabaeva was only a teenager and had just won an Olympic bronze medal. Putin was married, but rumor had it that he married the gymnast too, and they had a child in 2009. To add fuel to the fire, the gymnast became a member of Russian parliament in 2007. Wonder if Putin had anything to do with that? Youth is appealing to an older gent, and power is intoxicating to a money- and status-hungry politically-minded lass. Put the two together and an extra-marital affair may be the result. And, these two may still be seeing each other, but it’s kept hush hush. While Kabaeva may no longer do flips gymnastics-wise, she surely flipped over Putin!

8 Marla Maples and Donald Trump

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Sure, she eventually became his second (of three, so far) wife, but before they were pronounced man and wife, Marla Maples, a perky blonde model and actress, and the soon-to-be President of the U.S.A., businessman and reality TV star, Donald Trump had an illicit affair while he was still married to his first wife, Ivana. In fact, tabloids had a field day when Maples declared that sex with Trump was “the best she ever had!” Hold the applause, or the vomit. Either Maples hadn’t had much sexual experience, or Trump knows his way around the bedroom as well as he does the boardroom. While their marriage did not make it “’till death,” the short-lived couple did produce one daughter, Tiffany. Perhaps Maples wished she made it to the finish line so she could have become America’s First Lady. But alas, she will just have to be Trump’s “Second Lady” for all eternity.

7 Barbara Walters and Senator Edward Brooke

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Barbara Walters is well-respected in the world of television journalism, but back in the mid-‘70s, she made headlines herself by having an affair with Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts. She revealed this indiscretion in a tell-all book penned in 2008, but rumors swirled at the time of the cheating scandal, not only for the affair itself, but for the interracial relationship – something not as mainstream as it is today. Politics and affairs have “made for TV” written all over them, so if this scandal were to have happened today, Walters would be the juicy topic on her TV show, The View! Let’s hope no families were broken up and no one got hurt – although Brooke reportedly fessed up to the cheating to his wife to avoid things from getting even worse. Surely Walters has no desire to get with any of the current political bigwigs... those frisky days are behind her.

6 Jayne Mansfield and John F. Kennedy

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JFK sure gets around, and blonde beauties seem to be his weakness. The late U.S. President reportedly bedded the beloved actress – even inside the White House. Talk about hospitality! The star of films such as Primitive Love, Too Hot to Handle, and The Girl Can’t Help It, seemed to have brought art to the real world by acting out her roles on the most powerful man in the world at the time. Falling for the President is understandable, and she was one of the hottest and most desirable women in Hollywood, so the makings of an affair were just like a movie script. Of course, one would expect the President to have some decorum and decency, but with looks like Mansfield’s and a charisma oozing from the both of them like lava, passion outweighed principle. Jackie may not have known of this affair or knew her hubby was such a playboy, but with babes like Mansfield coming and going from the White House, she must have had an inkling of the naughty behavior going on in the Oval Office, or wherever the two got down and dirty. Perhaps JFK should have watched Mansfield’s film, A Guide for the Married Man!

5 Donna Rice and Senator Gary Hart

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Senator Gary Hart of Colorado won the heart (and more) of aspiring actress and model, Donna Rice when he was running for U.S. President in the late ‘80s. Originally, the two reportedly met at a party thrown by musician Don Henley of the Eagles and then found one another again in Miami, Florida a few months later. Allegedly, the Senator invited the then-29-year-old onto his yacht and the rest is history. Rice didn’t keep the affair a secret and blabbed about the scandal until Hart eventually pulled out of the race. His time with Rice may have been nice, but was a few moments of passion worth his entire political career? Yacht or not, Rice was more than willing to romp around with the politician, but was it love or the limelight she was after? And what about Hart’s wife? She was no doubt steaming to throw the both of the cheaters overboard!

4 Paula Broadwell and Director of the CIA David Petraeus

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Even four-star generals can find themselves in hot water, steamy, in fact, especially when they are behaving improperly, i.e. having an illicit military-level affair. While Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, David Petraeus started up an international fling with Paula Broadwell, a writer and former military officer. Broadwell’s affair with Petraeus came to light after an FBI investigation regarding threatening emails sent to a friend of Petraeus’ family, Jill Kelly. While it’s unclear how long the alleged affair went on and to what extent it went to, something certainly went down, because in 2012, Petraeus officially resigned from his high-ranking position as Director of the CIA. Certainly not the legacy Petraeus had hoped or planned for. For someone heading up the Central Intelligence Agency, horsing around to get your rocks off is less than smart. Too bad what happened in Iraq didn’t stay in Iraq. He’d been better off flying to Vegas for a one-night stand.

3 Chandra Levy and U.S. Representative Gary Condit

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The case of the late Chandra Levy and former U.S. Representative Gary Condit ultimately ended in utter tragedy when Levy was found dead after she’d gone missing post-alleged affair with the politician. He was never an official suspect in the crime and the murderer was eventually prosecuted. At first, Condit denied any adulterous encounter with the much younger Levy, who was an intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and even criticized President Bill Clinton for his widely-publicized shenanigans with Monica Lewinsky. While Condit finished his term, he never ran for any political position thereafter. With his reputation made so public, he’d have a hard time getting elected anyhow. Many people thought Condit had something to do with Levy’s disappearance and eventual death, but this question may never be answered. Sadly, this affair led to nothing good and Condit must regret his poor choices. Interns are there to learn the business of politics, not monkey business.

2 Marla Belen Chapur and Governor Mark Sanford

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Mark Sanford, a former Governor of South Carolina told his unsuspecting wife that he was taking a hike on the Appalachian Trail, but little did she know he fled to Argentina to meet his mistress, Marla Belen Chapur for an affair that spanned the oceans instead. He was reported missing for days and caused a national frenzy until the truth came out. Plus, it was discovered that Sanford used public funds improperly in order to help him carry out his affair! He left his wife (or she left him) and now Ms. Chapur is engaged to Sanford. For Chapur’s sake, let’s hope when Sanford says he’s going to the store for some milk he can be trusted not to fly off to another country to meet another gal for a risqué rendezvous. At least this affair seems to have resulted in true love, but Sanford’s ex-wife must not be too thrilled. Hiking must be one outdoor activity she no longer has the stamina for.

1 Mimi Alford and John F. Kennedy

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Man, this former President sure got around! For a fella who seemed to have the perfect wife, John F. Kennedy was never satisfied with just one woman. Allegedly, one of his first affairs as President was with a White House Intern, Mimi Alford, who was only 19-years-old at the time of the indiscretion. Of course, Alford must have thought this was the best experience an intern could have, but Kennedy obviously wanted more, and as we know, went on to have a bunch of additional affairs over the years to come. Rumor has it that the liaison between Kennedy and Alford went on for a good 18 months, but by then, perhaps she was too old for him! While hitting the sheets with the President of the U.S. surely isn’t listed as one of the job’s responsibilities, it seems that far too many interns are all too well-prepared to satisfy the Commander-in-Chief.

Sources: washingtontimes.com; en.wikipedia.org

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