15 Times People Took Their Love For Christmas Too Far

Christmas is the time to be festive. Nothing helps to get into the Christmas spirit more than surrounding yourself with red, green, and gold. Even the biggest of Scrooges get in the spirit every once in a while. Not everyone celebrates Christmas for religious purposes, either. Sometimes, people just like to enjoy the festivities that come along with the season. It’s a time for giving and sharing. Whether it’s throwing the biggest party, getting the most extravagant gift, or decorating every inch of their house, some people just know how to celebrate harder than others.

Sometimes, that celebrating can get a little overboard. If you start to take the holiday season too seriously or forget the point of it in the first place, you can really lose sight and do some damage. Although this time of year is certainly about being a little more gluttonous and having fun before winter gets too crazy, there are people who go over board. We’re sure you know someone who takes things a little too far every Christmas. Tag them to see what they think about this season! For now, here are 15 times people took Christmas too far!

15 When Decorating Goes Overboard

One of the best parts of the holiday is being able to decorate your house as much as you want to celebrate the season. Most of us just go for a tree and some lights. Maybe you like to decorate outside as well. Whatever you choose to do is up to you, and most of us like a modest amount of decorations. If you do too much, it just makes it harder to take them down. This guy decided he would go all out and not leave any empty space. The holidays are a tough time for some of us financially because we feel the need to spend money on gifts for others. How does this guy have any money leftover after decorating his home this extravagantly? Would you be able to hang out in a house that looks like this? Maybe you know someone who decorates more than this guy does.

14 The Woman Who Pepper Sprayed Other Christmas Shoppers

Christmas shopping can be stressful for a lot of us. Getting out of the house during the cold winter to spend money on other people isn’t always the easiest of things to do. Sometimes, it can be fun to get a festive drink and look at all the decorations that the stores put up for the holidays. What ruins it is the other crazy shoppers clogging up the hallways and being rude to the salespeople. One North Carolina woman decided to take things to an entirely new level when she pepper sprayed shoppers who got in her way. This incident occurred during a black Friday deal, where shoppers are known to get a little crazy. No customer has the right to harm other shoppers like this, however. The woman did end up serving jail time and likely spent her shopping money on bail.

13 The Things We Buy For Our Pets

Everyone loves to indulge in different festive things when it comes to the holidays. There’s nothing better than getting a holiday twist on normal products. It’s fun to get in the spirit and just be a glutton once a year. It seems like whoever decided to bring their cats in on the festivities might have gone a little overboard, however. Do you really think your cat needs to countdown the days until Christmas? Perhaps cats are aware of the holiday season, but only because their environment is slightly changing, and they’ll have new things to chew on and play with. We love to spoil our pets as much as the next person, but this calendar just takes things a little too far.

12 Disposable Decor 

One thing we’ll never not have to buy in our lifetimes is toilet paper. One day, you’ll be finished paying off your cars, houses, and credit cards, but you’ll never be free of the toilet paper bill. When buying toilet paper, it’s important to get something you deserve, even though it's a bit hard spending money on something you know you’re literally flushing down the toilet. Someone decided to take things to the next level with this toilet paper and make it holiday themed. We guess it makes sense to those who care about decorating their toilet paper for the holidays. This just seems a bit extra, though. Anyone who complains that we’re losing touch with the true meaning of Christmas would probably lose it if they saw this while shopping.

11 The People Responsible For The Texas "Merry Christmas" Law

Have you heard? There’s a war on Christmas. Apparently, people have been going around saying the extremely horrifyingly offensive phrase, “Happy Holidays,” instead of “Merry Christmas!” How dare they! They want you to have all the happy holidays instead of just one merry Christmas! Monsters! In all seriousness, some people are offended by how people choose to wish someone a happy holiday so much so that Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a bill protecting your right to say "Merry Christmas." It seems like a waste because no one ever made it illegal to say it in the first place. Some people just thought it would be a little more inclusive to use a blanket term like “Happy Holidays” for anyone who might be celebrating a different religious holiday or those just celebrating New Year’s Day. You can still choose to say “Merry Christmas” without worrying about legal persecution regardless of this waste-of-time bill.

10 This House Is A Little Much

It’s always great to see a house get a little festive around the holidays. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you must admit that white and rainbow-colored lights around someone’s house are pretty to look at. However, houses like the ones about might take that a little too far. There doesn’t seem to be an inch that's not illuminated on the house in the photo. Their electric bill must be off the charts. Sure, they’re paying the bill but the environment’s paying too. We’re not here to judge anyone or even define where the line gets drawn on how much someone chooses to celebrate the holiday season. We’re just saying that if you think you might be a little too festive, take a step back before you get tangled in lights.

9 Who Uses These?

There’s nothing worse than getting cut off by a car accessorized with this reindeer gear. Could you imagine having road rage while driving around in a car like this? Maybe this isn’t too festive, maybe this is just what we need. If everyone had cute little antlers, noses, or other cheeky ornaments on their cars during the season, do you think there would be less road rage? Or perhaps there would be just as much as there is now, only everyone just looks a little more ridiculous waving their fist out an open window with Rudolph's nose shining bright in front of your car.

8 The Real-Life Grinch

Even though Halloween is the time for people to dress up and become different characters, some people like to dress up during Christmas, too. Old men get the chance to dress up as Santa, and family members like to dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters. Some people take dressing up for Christmas a little too far, however, like the man in the video who dressed up like the Grinch. He was caught on a surveillance camera stabbing Frosty! You must really hate Christmas, and probably yourself, to do something so heinous! Hopefully, this guy's heart will grow a couple sizes by the time the holidays come around!

7 Family Christmas Card

It seems like more and more people are trying hard to have the most interesting Christmas card of all their friends and family, and each year, it gets more and more intense. This family thought they had something clever that would really cause a great laugh. They were wrong. Things went a little too far when they taped up the girls of the family and the boys rejoiced, holding a sign that says, “peace on Earth.” People were quick to criticize the photo saying that it was insensitive to domestic violence and that silencing women is no joke. The family and photographer of the card were quick to get defensive, stating they meant no harm by the picture and were just trying to be funny. Either, way, it's kind of a disturbing image to see a woman and her daughters tied up while a little boy celebrates next to them. What do you think, offensive or funny?

6 Does Your Dog Need To Be Festive? 

As we already discussed, things can get a little ridiculous when it comes to pets. It’s cute to dress them up like little reindeer or elves, but let’s be honest, that’s for our own entertainment. When it comes to feeding them festive treats and food, we have a harder time trying to find a reason to do this. It’s not like they know any different, and sometimes, it’s not always good to give your animals different food than what they’re used to. It can disturb their digestive system and cause them to get sick. This one just seems to be taking it too far. Just give your dog normal food.

5 The Black Friday Shooter

Christmas shopping can get a little heated every now and then. There was one black Friday incident that turned deadly before the shoppers even got in the store. Apparently, two people got into a bit of a fight over a parking spot and eventually, weapons were drawn and fired. Clearly, the shooter has more issues than just a parking spot that would cause him to kill another human. Even though this holiday is supposed to bring out the best in us and bring us closer as friends, family, and neighbors, it can certainly bring out the worst in people. We feel pressure to buy fancy new things for people we don’t see that often and it can really cause a person to break.

4 This House Needs To Chill

Christmas decorations can certainly be fun, but the person who decorated this house seems to have taken it a bit farther. Some people don't seem to understand that sometimes, less is more. Do you really need an army of plastic lawn ornaments in your front yard to show that you have Christmas spirit? This holiday season is about being extra and a little more gluttonous than usual, but do you really have to be this extreme? Even half would have still been too much.

3 Would You Eat This? 

The best part of the holidays must be the food, right? No one can manage to maintain their weight throughout this holidays, which is why people start their diets in the new year. All the Christmas candy and sweets that the stores release every year are one of the best parts of the holiday season. Who can forget about the delicious Christmas meal your family indulges in every year. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience a Christmas dinner, so this company thought they would make the Christmas meal in a can for those who still want to experience every course. This makes no sense, however, and really seems like more of a gag gift. It might be good if all the things were canned separately, but why does it have to be eaten all at once? Would you eat this canned dinner if you didn’t have anything else to eat that year?

2 When Christmas Shopping Becomes Dangerous

Christmas can seriously make some of the people crazy. Shoppers rush through doors to ensure that they’re getting the best gifts. Unfortunately, shopping can sometimes get dangerous around the holidays when shoppers are trying to get the best products for the best prices. There was one incident in which a Black Friday worker got trampled to death by people trying to make it into the store quickly. Imagine just doing your job, getting paid very little, working a terrible shift, and getting trampled to death by greedy shoppers. It's stories like these that really make us skeptical about celebrating the holidays sometimes. No one deserves to have to go through something so horrific.

1 Would You Poop On Santa?

Everyone who celebrates Christmas likes to decorate at least a little bit for the holidays. It seems like for most of us, that stops in the bathroom. For those who aren’t afraid to get a little bit too festive, however, you can also dress up your toilet as Santa. Although you’re not directly pooping in Santa’s mouth, you still must touch and lift his head to do your dirty business. If you want to dress your toilet up so bad, why not just do a nice little bow or garland around the top? Making the place you poop and pee in your home look like one of the biggest icons of the holiday season seems counterproductive. Would you be able to poop on Santa?

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