15 Times One Direction Fans Proved They Were Certifiably Insane

When One Direction broke onto the scene, no one expected them to blow up the way they did. Especially considering the fact that Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn were shoved together on X-Factor without any previous knowledge of each other. It was incredible to see not only how well the five-some worked as a group, but how quickly people all over the world became consumed with them.

As time passed, the obsession and love for One Direction only grew. Their fans started becoming more and more comfortable showing exactly what kind of power the boys had over their entire lives, and we found ourselves questioning the sanity of these people on a daily basis. Over the past couple years, we have learned that if there is one thing that can be definitively said and agreed upon in regards to One Direction, it's the fact that their fan base tends to go a little cuckoo bananas.

Directioners, as they call themselves, have gone above and beyond anything that should be considered acceptable behavior and, at times, have even turned the world into a very scary and uncomfortable place to live in. While the list of insane acts committed by this fandom is never-ending and constantly being added to, there are 15 particular things that Directioners have done to prove just how certifiably insane they have become. Warning! There is some potentially triggering and disturbing content within this article. Proceed with caution.

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15 Candlelight Vigils for Zayn's Departure

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2015 saw a very devastating event for Directioners. Zayn Malik (one of the "dreamboats" in the group) not only abandoned the other guys during a tour, but ended up leaving the band all together. As you can imagine, the event brought about chaos in many different forms — some of which we talk about a little later on. However, there were some that treated this event as if someone had died and decided to have a candlelight vigil for the former member. Yes, you read that correctly. There were several groups of Directioners who lit a bunch of candles that surrounded the image of Zayn Malik as a way of mourning his decision to leave the group. This is an act that is done when someone passes away, but apparently that feeling is the equivalent of Zayn Malik pursuing other endeavors. To add even more crazy, apparently there are fans that actually wear all black on the anniversary of Zayn's departure. Completely rational, right? Don't worry, we don't think so either.

14 The Alex Gaskarth Situation


All Time Low's lead singer, Alex Gaskarth, took to Twitter at one point to express his distaste for a One Direction song called "Live While We're Young." He described the song as "horrendous," "carelessly written," and "gross." Obviously this didn't sit too well with the One Direction fans and they launched a full blown attack on the singer. Even after he explained that he wasn't saying the band as a whole was bad, just the song, the hate continued and reached levels that it never should have. Alex had a brother who committed suicide while Alex was in high school. That had to be and likely is still a very hard thing for him. His one statement about his personal opinion on one song led fans to tweet things at him about how the reason his brother committed suicide was because of Alex. They also told him that he needed to go kill himself. If you really want to talk about horrendous, this kind of behavior is just that. What kind of a person would say that to anyone for any reason, let alone because they didn't like one song? Not anyone that was sane, that's for sure.

13 Declaring War Against Other Boybands And Fandoms


In the age of the 90s and early 2000s, we saw several different boy bands who were constantly pitted against each other. The biggest one was *NSYNC vs the Backstreet Boys. However, the majority of those arguments went along the lines of "I like your choice, but mine is better." With Directioners, any music act who is compared to or has something to say about One Direction sucks and should die. Again, we wish this was a joke. But when we say that they declare war against other boy bands and fan bases, we are not kidding. There have been several occasions where another musical group has beaten 1D out for an award and the Directioners raised hell over it. Fifth Harmony and their fans have felt the wrath. Little Mix has as well. But the biggest recipients of this kind of behavior have been Justin Bieber and the Beliebers. Then there's Nick Jonas, The Wanted, All Time Low... the list is never ending.

12 Shrines


Anyone who is a fan of anything knows that buying a poster or two to put on your bedroom wall is completely acceptable. However, when every inch of your walls are covered in the faces of a band and you throw in things like candles and alters, that's when you really need to take a step back and wonder whether your obsession has become a serious problem. This is actually an extremely common thing among Directioners, and even something that they are actually proud of. As you can see in the image above, one fan even made a poster to honor the place where Harry Styles had apparently been seen throwing up. I don't know why these people's parents allow things to go this far. If you walked in on your kid sitting in a room covered from ceiling to floor with their faces and illuminated by candlelight, would you be okay with that? Probably not because it's not normal.

11 Knowing Things About 1D That Even They Don't Know


It's no surprised that a very large majority of One Direction fans know where they were born, when their birthday is, who their families are, and other personal information about the boys. These days, that has become extremely normal and as long as the information isn't used in any sort of weird fashion, it's not something that would bring up any sort of concern. What is concerning is the fact that fans know things about the boys that even they don't know. Somehow fans have gotten their hands on copies of the boys' birth certificates and know the exact moment they were born. What possible reason would anyone need to know that information? I guess it paid off for this particular fan because she got a reply from Niall himself, but aside from that, the only thing this accomplishes is making them look like stalkers.

10 Claiming To Know The Measurements Of 1D's Genitalia

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First of all, let me point out that there is no reason to believe that these numbers are true. In fact, you could put money on the fact that they are not accurate. So why is this one even on the list? Because this means that a fan sat there one day and decided to try and estimate the size of each member's genitals. That's creepy and disgusting. Hands down, there is no reason for anyone to be thinking that hard about the private areas of anyone. As if that isn't enough, the post which included this information also had the apparent ultrasounds of each members and their blood types. Again, why do you need to know this information? You don't. However, anyone can Google just about anything about One Direction, and this fan base has an answer. Want to know what their passports look like? They're on the internet. Want to see their parents' yearbook photos? Also on the internet. These boys literally have every detail of their lives available at the touch of a button. That has to be extremely unsettling for them.

9 Getting Braces Because Niall Had Them


Braces are a painful thing to deal with. People who have to get them don't want them and those who never had to experience them like to brag about it. So why in the world would someone choose to get braces when they didn't need them? In this fan's case, the reason was because Niall Horan from One Direction had them. There are people who buy certain clothes, shoes, or haircuts because a celebrity they like has them. Then there are people who get extremely painful and unnecessary procedures done to themselves just because their favorite boy band member had it done. Why not, right? Would you also jump off a bridge if One Direction did it? Listen closely because you should be able to hear the distant and collective roar of Directioners saying "YES!" If you need to get braces and Niall having them made it easier for you put up with getting them, that's fine. That's great, even. However, getting them solely because he had them at one point is a crazy thing to do.

8 Sexual Behavior And Incestual Thoughts


We know that there are plenty of One Direction fans who are around the age of 12. They range to all age groups and genders, but none of that makes this particular occurrence an acceptable act. When you are talking about people you don't know, describing what sexual acts you would like to do with them or want them to do with you is absolutely disgusting. Those thoughts need to stay in your head. But they're being posted all over the internet and written on signs for their concerts. Plus, they're doing it in the most vulgar way they possibly can. The most sad thing about this is that it isn't just the 18+ fans who are saying things like this. There are pictures of very young fans bending over in front of their posters to insinuate something they probably shouldn't even know about yet. There have also been several fans who have outwardly claimed that if the members of One Direction were their brothers, they would still want to have sex with them. Not only is this illegal in most places, but it's also highly disturbing and very uncomfortable.

7 The Larry Stylinson Theory


In case you aren't aware, Larry Stylinson is that "ship name" for two of the group's members, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The two have always had a fantastic bromance and fans could tell that they were very close and both meant very much to each other. Well things started getting weird when fans started believing that the two were in an actual, real-life, and secret relationship. If it were the case, it wouldn't be a big deal. Most everyone would be very happy for them, but the level that this has gotten to is absolute insanity.

If you don't believe that Larry is real, Larry fans will attack you. There are full blown explanations that are supposed to "prove" that this relationship exists and that One Direction's management refuses to let them come out together. People write fan fictions about it, people claim to have personally seen Harry and Louis engaging in romantic kisses when they thought no one was watching, and they constantly hound them on every social media site about this ship.

They won't stop going crazy about this even after Louis has stated that the whole thing is "f***ing annoying" and "the biggest load of bullsh*t" he's ever heard. It's weird, it's creepy, and it obviously isn't something they like hearing about all the time. There are many other fans who are hardcore convinced that members of the group are in a relationship, but none of those even come close to the crazy level of Larry Stylinson believers.

6 Tying Up And Torturing People


This one seems to be an isolated event, and we all really hope that we don't see it happen anymore. According to the tweet sent out with the picture, a Directioner's little sister had stated that Justin Bieber was better than One Direction. Anyone else would likely respond by arguing why their favorite was actually better, but this particular individual went straight to Looneyville and decided that torture was the way to go. They tied the offender to a chair, complete with duct tape over her mouth, and forced her to listen to "Gangam Style" on repeat. We wish we were making this up. If it wasn't for the picture proof, we probably wouldn't allow ourselves to believe that someone would take this course of action against someone who simply believes that one musician is better than the other. It's insanity. This is not normal, and it's just one of the reasons that the fan base has become something that actually scares us.

5 The Holy Bible of Zayn


Now, of course we can assume (and really hope) that this was done as a joke. As far as we know, there has not been any sort of religion circulating around any member of One Direction that has been started. However, this Twitter post is enough to make us question the thought process that led to the idea of defacing a religious book in the name of Zayn Malik — or anyone for that matter. We've all seen their fans refer to them as gods, but it has always been assumed that they meant singing or performing gods; not in the literal sense of the word God. At least, that wasn't the case until this happened. I think we can all understand doing something outrageous to be funny, but this is more creepy than anything. It's a very loud proclamation that when they say "I worship One Direction," they truly mean it.

4 The Mitch Lucker Situation


Continuing on from the previous entry, this one gets particularly more unsettling. When Suicide Silence's lead singer Mitch Lucker passed away after a motorcycle accident, One Direction fans took it upon themselves to act like complete fools. They started tweeting about how his daughter needed to commit suicide if she missed her dad so much. They stated that Lucker was ugly, cut himself, and even went so far as to say he committed suicide because he was jealous of One Direction's success and that he deserved to die. Why? Because apparently Mitch had said some bad things about 1D's songs. So basically his taste in music made him deserving of death and because of the fact that his then 5-year-old daughter was related to him, she needed to die too. There isn't even a word to describe what this is. Disgusting, horrifying, and disturbing don't even begin to cover these people who participated in this whole ordeal.

3 Death Threats Against Girlfriends/Friends/Enemies/Other Fandoms/Pets


This particular entry goes along the lines with number 12, but there is a huge difference between declaring war in the sense of a Twitter war and actually threatening to kill someone. Do you know how many death threats people like Taylor Swift, Danielle Peazer (ex-girlfriend of Liam), and Eleanor Calder (ex-girlfriend of Louis) received during their time with and even after the boys? Too many. There was also an instance where a fan threatened to kill Liam's dog if he didn't break up with Danielle as well as another instance where a fan threatened to kill her own dog if Liam didn't follow her on Twitter. That last one came complete with pictures where she tried to pretend that she actually had committed the act, but later decided to finally come out and say she hadn't actually killed her dog. If you're not convinced that a large majority of this fan base needs some psychological help yet, this should have done it. It's never okay to threaten to kill a person, an animals, or to tell someone that they need to kill themselves. Do they realize that there have been people who have been arrested for doing things like this? If a band has consumed you to the point where you don't have any value for life outside of theirs, it's a problem.

2 Cardboard Cutout Wedding


Spending thirty-some odd dollars on a cardboard cutout in order to put on a fake wedding between you and your favorite celebrity, you can guarantee that people are going to question your sanity. This person took it to the next step when they bought all five members of One Direction in cardboard cutout form, took the time to set up a proposal from one of the cutouts, decorated for a wedding, and had friends over for the wedding where the rest of the "band" acted as groomsmen. Wow, right? To this individual, it may have been all in good fun. We get that, but the whole thing was entirely too elaborate for it to qualified as anything more than a really disturbing obsession. In case you were wondering, the lucky member that was married to this overzealous fan was none other than lead man Harry Styles. Oh, and naturally, all the boys were also dressed in wedding-appropriate clothing as well.

1 Self Harm/Suicide Threats


To top it all off, Directioners have been known to threaten and even participate in self-harm for the most outrageous reasons. Obviously Zayn leaving was one that really brought on a bunch of suicide threats and acts of self-harm. There was also an incident where video footage of Louis and Zayn smoking weed leaked onto the internet that drove people to cut themselves and/or threaten to commit suicide. That's crazy enough as it is, but people also take part in this simply to try and get a follow or a tweet from the boys. How in the world have these people not been institutionalized yet? There are people who have been institutionalized for far less than some of the stuff listed above. Yet they act like this is completely normal behavior and don't even bother trying to reel it in, at least a little. It's insanity and it's extremely terrifying to know that these people are the future of our world.

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